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1.The higher the standard of living,____________.D.the greater the amount of paper is used

2._________ the old man's sons wanted to know was __________ the gold had been hidden.

B.What ... where

3.Young ___________John was, he was able to swim across the channel within minutes.


4.The machine is such ____________I have never seen before.


5.Word has come __________ some guests from Canada will visit our school.


6.The village ____________my mother grew up in is not far from the city.


7.I wonder how many years ago____________.

B.your father retired

8.__________ we need more practice is quite clear.


9.________he works hard, I don't mind when he finishes the experiment.

D.So long as

10.A good many proposals were raised by the delegates,____________was to be expected.


11.You can't imagine____________ when they received these gifts.

B.how excited they were

12.Do ____________you are told; otherwise you will be punished.


13.______ is a fact that English is accepted as an international language.


14.The instruments of the older factory____________.

D.are as good as or better than those of the new one

15.Is this the place ____________the exhibition was held?


16.I was sure __________ I would overcome all these difficulties.


17.The time will come ____________ man can fly he likes in the universe.

B.when ... wherever

18.The news____________ to the Great Wall during the summer holidays made us very happy.

C.that we would go

19.Can you find out ____________her pen?

C.where Alice has put

20.Mrs. Lee will move into her new house next Monday, ____________it will be completely furnished.

C.by which time

1.__________he is absent, what shall we do?

A.Now that


3.I didn't remember his name____________after I had greeted him.


4.Most of the stones are____________ a man and weigh about two and a half tons each.

D.higher than

7.___________ is unknown to me.

A.Where he is

9.___________the 1500's____________the first Europeans explored the coast of California.

D.It was not until ... that

10.The two elements ____________water is made are the oxygen and hydrogen.

C.of which

11.This is ____________ I want to tell you.


12.The reason I plan to go is ____________if I don't.

B.that she will be unhappy

13.The water gives up energy and becomes cooler____________the ice receives energy and melts.


14.We don't doubt ____________ he can make a good job of it.


15.— Who 8is John Smith? — He is the speaker ____________ heard last week.


16.__________ you don't like him is none of my business.


18.____________the English examination I would have gone to the concert last Saturday.

B.But for

19.The International Studies University, ____________in 1951, is a military academy.


20.The company official ____________ I thought would be fired received a raise.


1.The music was so loud. That's ____________he left the party so early.


8.I recognized her____________I saw her.

A.the instant (that)

11.I will give this book to____________ wants to have it.


13.The reason we're so late is ____________.

C.that the car broke down

14.No one was aware ____________Jane had gone.

C.of where

17.A student, ____________ name I don't know, came to see me.


18.She is waiting for the doctor ____________ I know will not come.


20.The crime was discovered till 48 hours later, ____________gave the criminal plenty of time to get away.


A.he bought

2.Students in his class cannot understand ____________.

C.what this sentence means

4.Women 8workers wear hats ____________their hair gets caught in the machinery.

B.in case

8.He told me the news ___________ our team had won the game.


12.Do you know ____________?

C.what time the party starts

14.We'll visit Europe next year ____________we have enough money.


5.________the door than somebody started knocking on it.

B.No sooner had I closed

9.Never hesitate to ask about ____________.

B.what you don' t understand

1.I doubt____________he will lend you the book.


2.He was willing to speak to the reporters____________ he was not identified.

A.on condition that

6.I have no idea_________ they have kept in touch with me by E-mail since last year.


14.We must do well____________the boss assigns us to do.


17.Mary is the only one of the team members____________to be transferred.

A.who is going

1.I have not found my book yet. In fact, I'm not sure ____________ I could have done with it.


14.Is this museum ____________you visited a few days ago?

D.the one

16.It makes no difference to me _________ he will come or not.



21.there are several main types of pollution and well-known effects of pollution. one type of air pollution is the 1_________ of particles into the air from 2_______ fuel for energy. another type of pollution is the release of harmful gases in the atmosphere, 3 _________smog and acid rain. the greenhouse effect is also referred to as 4__________ warming. in many countries in the world, 5__________ are being taken to stop the 6__________ to our environment from air pollution. they have set controls on pollution 7__________ for 8__________ vehicles and industry and we must meet the 9__________ in order to 10__________ that a healthy environment will exist for ourselves and our children.

答案:1.release 2.burning 3.forming 4.global 5.steps 6.damage

7.emissions 8.transportation 9.challenge 10.assure

22.1. A government spokesman ____________ that the criminal had been arrested. 2. The Government has _________ an advertising campaign to encourage people to vote. 3. Do you know how much the ring is ___________ ? 4. For many athletes, the Olympics is a once-in-a-lifetime _________ . 5. By age 15, Sean was stealing _________ from his mother

to buy drugs.6 The interview was ___________ live across Europe.7. He _________ the money

on the table as they walked out. 8. We want Taylor in jail where we can __________ him. 9. Most adult education centers _________ computing courses. 10. Young drivers are far more _________to have accidents than older drivers.

【参考答案】:1.announced https://www.sodocs.net/doc/9f574553.html,unched 3.worth 4.opportunity 5.cash 6.broadcast https://www.sodocs.net/doc/9f574553.html,id 8.keep an eye on 9.offer 10.likely

21.the first, and maybe the most important step, is to set a 1_________ for yourself

and 2_________ by it. take a look at your 3__________ income and outgo. set the budget

up to 4__________ your payday schedule. in other words, if you get paid once a month, then you have to budget 5 _________so that you won' t 6 _____________out of money before the end of the month. if you get paid every two weeks, or every week, 7__________ out which of your bills have to be paid on each payday. it is absolutely 8 ____________to set some money aside for 9_____________ . even if it is only $20 per payday, having some cushion will keep you from having to borrow money when something unforeseen

10___________ .

答案:1.budget 2.stick 3.household 4.accommodate 5.accordingly 6.run


8.essential 9.emergencies 10.occurs

22. 1.we ________ copper and silver _________ good conductors. 2. here patience is

__________ .

3 . the company _______ the children in the mountain area ______ a lot of books. 4. these _______ are very common now. 5. these english words ___________ from greek.

6. the storm caused untold ___________ the farmer' s production.

7. the region continues

to ______________ serious pollution. 8. how do _________ you iron into steel? 9. climate change could have serious__________ for africa. 10. the harmful substances

________ into the environment.

【参考答案】:1.refer to… as 2.essential 3.supplied ,with 4.phenomena 5.derive 6.damage to 7.suffer from 8.convert 9.consequences 10.released

21.1 The cruise was ____________ as the " journey of a lifetime" . 2 I think we can safely

________________ their objections. 3 When her husband died, she received $200,000 in

_____________. 4 The airline has _______________ a new solution to the problem of jet-lag.

5 The government has been accused of not responding ______________ to the needs of the homeless.

6 To avoid _____________, please write the children' s names clearly on all their school clothes.

7 Could I have a cigarette? I seem to have ____________ it.

8 This payment is ____________ next Monday, so we have to get the money ready.

9 The government has declared a state of ____________ following the earthquake.10 The company' s failure was mainly due to bad ________________.

答案: 6.run 7.figure 8.essential 9.emergencies 10.occurs

22.1. The church was completely __________ in the last century. 2. Once she stumbled, but somehow she _________ her balance and carried on running. 3. Alan _____________ how he

and Joyce had met.4 . Widowed in 1949, Mrs. Hayes never ________ . 5. The company' s land has been __________ at £16.9 million. 6. Please ____________ and this time you may succeed. 7. Have you __________ the alarm clock? 8. The children were finally _________ with their families. 9. I am sure he would do much better if he were _________ . 10. A shot was fired, and the police ___________ by firing into the crowd.

答案:1.rebuilt 2.recovered 3.recounted 4.remarried 5.revalued 6.retry 7.reset 8.reunited 9.retested 10.reacted

22.The human, economic, political, and security cost of environmental change can be cut down at three stages: 1________ ,2 ___________ and 3 __________, each of which operates at two levels:4 __________and 5 __________. It is worth noting, however, that countries with a strong government 6 ___________ need to be careful to include the population in the 7 ____________ , rescue and recovery process, otherwise it will end up with a population that is incapable of 8 _____________ .There exist a wide range of 9 ___________ capabilities, and some of the richest countries can learn from a few of the poorest. There are also 10 _____________ measures that can be taken during the recovery phase to help long-term stability. In a world of environmental change, limiting loss will be just as important as promoting growth.

答案:参考答案:1.reinforce 2.rescue 3.recovery https://www.sodocs.net/doc/9f574553.html,ernment 5.society 6.response 7.resilience 8.self-reliance 9.adaptive 10.varied

21.1.The city' s road system is ___________ handling the current volume of traffic. 2 If the corporation wants to increase its __________,it must reduce operating expense.

3 The construction of the bridge ___________ due to the snowstorm.

4 Some of them did not get a chance to see the Olympic flame because of the ___________ changes, but we, indeed, feel their passion for China and the Olympics.

5 In general most workers were in favor of a(n) _____________ scheme offering financial rewards.

6 A college-level course of study intended to provide students with general academic knowledge _______________ occupational training.

7 The __________ workers' attention is now turning towards the recovery of bodies from the rubble and providing food, shelter and drinking water for the survivors.

8 He hides behind door or creeps under a table to ________ from his enemies.

9 He sometimes employs students to ___________ samples of their products. 10 This year' s Asian oil demand ___________ will amount to 582,000 more barrels of oil a day.

答案:1.incapable of 2.profit 3.has been suspended 4.route 5.incentive 6.rather than 7.rescue 8.escape 9.distribute 10.in total



答案:They are likely to become angry with him.


答案:What caused the accident is still a complete mystery.

答案:I' ll let you know any new developments, if and when they occur.


答案:She sat by the window, reading a newspaper.


答案:At the height of the storm, I heard someone crying for help.


答案:Having lived in London for years, I almost know every place quite well.

29.那些在办公室工作的人被称为“白领(white collar)工人”。

答案:People who work in offices are usually refer to as “white collar workers”30.我可以向你保证这消息是可靠的。

答案:I can assure you of the reliability of the news.


答案:I could give you a number of reasons for not going.


答案:They cut back on production during the power cut.


答案:We' ll face that problem if and when it comes along.


答案:Will she be available this afternoon?


答案:The system was not only complicated but also inefficient.


答案:She is very likely to telephone me this evening.


答案:Through the years, the scientists have been working on the research of improving the environment.


答案:He assured me that he had finished.


答案:Once printed, this dictionary will be very popular!


答案:Only at the top of the mountain can we see the beautiful scenes of the whole city. 41.一旦你做出了决定,就要努力去实现它。

答案:Once you' ve made a decision, you should work hard to fulfill it.


答案:Exercise, fresh air and good food are essential to the preservation of health. 23.到了巴黎的时候,我迷了路。

答案:Arriving in Paris, I lost my way.


答案:He was then at the height of his popularity.


答案:Once the money has gone, we cannot go back home.


答案:They referred to him as a politician.


答案:Even in small companies, computers are essential tools.

32.到十岁时,他已学了约1 000个英语单词。


答案:They had finished their work by the end of last week.


答案:He communicated with me via various channels.


答案:We oppose any plans to cut back on the education budget.

38.他们向受洪灾地区(the flood-stricken area)的人们提供了食品援助(aids)。

答案:They supplied the people in the flood-stricken area with food aids.


答案:Only after the children grew up could they understand their parents' hard working. 40.这家公司的任务是向周围的住户供应煤气。

答案:The task of this company is to supply the homes around with gas.


答案:Once you leave this place, you can never be back again.


答案:A number of students were absent yesterday.


答案:What we can' t get seems better than what we have.


答案:Shakespeare was not only a writer but also an actor.


答案:When will the information be made available?


答案:I' d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their hard work on the project.


答案:All night long he lay awake, thinking of the problem.


答案:They had fled via China to Thailand.


43.(2) Write a composition based on the topic "My Favorite Person".

答案:my favorite personnowadays, many teenagers have idols of their own, some of them like movie stars, some like pop singers. i also have an idol, but the person i admire is not a star, it's my mother.

she is a generous, good natured and warm-hearted woman. when she smiles, her whole face lights up; her eyes sparkled; her smile makes me feel good, at ease, somehow reassured. she is good at cooking. she often treats me with delicious dinners. when i have trouble, i often turn to her for help. she always listens to me patiently and encourages me to do my best. she used to say "it doesn't matter if you win or not. the important thing is to do your best and keep going."

my favorite person, an ordinary traditional chinese woman, but she is the greatest woman in my mind. i wish my mother has a happy life every day. i love my mother

43.(2)Write a composition based on the topic " An Unforgettable Trip" .

my friends. It was a hard and unforgettable trip. On the first day, our bus broke down on halfway there. We felt we were nearly burnt because of the hot weather. During the following days, we couldn' t get enough sleep and we climbed the mountain for at most 8 hours. It is said that strange pines, absurd stones, sea of clouds and hot springs are the four wonders of Yellow Mountain. Unfortunately, we didn' t see the sea of clouds or hot springs. But on the top of the mountain, we all enjoyed ourselves and amazed by the beautiful scenes there.

43.(1) Write a composition based on the topic "The City in Which I Live".

答案:the city in which i livei live in beijing. it is china's second largest city in terms of population, after shanghai. it is a major transportation center, with dozens of railways, roads and expressways entering and leaving it in all directions. beijing is recognized as the political, educational, and cultural center of china. there are such plenty of beautiful buildings and spotlights as the great wall, summer palace, and olympic park.

with the modern, developed traffic system, we find it quite easy to live in this city. there are also many shopping centers, supermarkets and entertainment centers, which lead to a comfortable life in beijing. but the population of the city is increasing rapidly. sometimes, the traffic is busy. it may bring you some disappointment. it is obvious that the air pollution is being worse and worse. the living environment isn't as nice as before.

43.(1) Write a composition based on the topic" Positive and Negative Respects of Sports" and the following outlines. 1. 体育运动的好处。2. 体育运动可能会带来的副作用3. 我参加体育运动的体会。

答案:Positive and Negative Respects of Sports Sports benefit us in many respects. When taking part in sports, we get the chance to train almost all parts of our bodies. There is no doubt that proper sport activities can keep us physically fit. Furthermore, sports can enrich our life and maintain our psychological health. Through participation, we learn on the playground that we not only struggle for ourselves but also fight for our team. Sports teach us about consideration, cooperation and optimism in the face of failure.

But sports can harm those who don’t plan their activities properly. Excessive training may hurt their bodies, exhaust their vigor, and even cause them to be sick.

In general, I love sports, and I enjoy sports. I feel that I gain a well-balanced life through participation in sports, and get more chances to be closer to nature as well. Sports activities add happiness to our everyday life when done in a balanced way.

43.(1) Write a composition based on the topic " Mid-Autumn Festival" .

答案:Mid-Autumn Festival The Mid-autumn Festival, also called the Moon Festival, is one of the traditional Chinese festivals. It is on August 15, in the Chinese calendar, when, in the evening, the moon is supposed to be quite round. It is a festival for family reunions.

When the Mid-autumn Festival is near, all of the Chinese people will buy moon cakes. People send presents to their friends and relatives to express their wishes. In the evening of the day, all the family members try to get home to have a feast together. After the feast, they will enjoy cakes and different kinds of fruits and go out to appreciate the moon. The children will light their pretty lanterns. The Mid-autumn Festival is a

43.(1)Write a composition based on the topic " A Book Which Affects Me Most" .

答案:A Book Which Affects Me Most I enjoy reading different kinds of books, but Gone with Wind is a book which affects me most. I' m deeply touched by Scarlett, who is a dark-haired, green-eyed girl. She struggles through the hardship of the Civil War and Reconstruction. She is clever and brave. Determination defines her and drives her to achieve everything she desires by any means necessary. She never gives up to difficulties. It is her strong belief that makes her success in the end. She does her best tot rescue her home. She teaches me a lively lesson that where there is a will, there is a way.

43.(2) Write a composition based on the topic " Water Pollution" .

答案:Water Pollution Water is viewed as the source of life. The quality of water directly influences our health and water resources are limited on earth. However, water source is polluted seriously now. With the development of industry and agriculture, more and more waste water, for example, water coming from the paper-making factories, is being poured into rivers and seas. The poisoning water not only kills animals and plants but infects our drinking water. It is harmful to our health that many people get sick because they drink the polluted water. We should fight against the water pollution. The effective measures should be taken to cope with the harsh situation to secure our life. Our government should start building various facilities such as sewage treatment plants and encourage scientists to work out more and better ways to reduce the pollution of water. Water is the source of lour lives. It is very important to protect water.

43.(2) Write a composition based on the topic " City Life" and the following outlines.1. To live in a city is a great fortune itself. 2. There are other more important conveniences. 3. However, there are also some disadvantages.

答案:City Life To live in a city is a great fortune itself. One enjoys the benefits of the latest scientific achievements in every respect. One travels by car or bus and saves the trouble of walking upstairs by taking a lift. When one wants to go to other cities in the shortest time, he telephones the airline agents for a ticket and flies wherever he likes.

There are other more important conveniences. There are modern hospitals in a city where experts are available to take care of almost all kinds of illnesses. One can

go to the cinema, the concert or the night club. If one likes to stay at home, he can also enjoy himself by watching TV. However, there are also disadvantages. The air in the city is usually polluted and there is too much noise. Because of heavy traffic, it is very dangerous to travel in town by car or on foot. These problems have to be solved before a change can be brought about in the city life.

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