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1Though Jack and Mike are twin brothers, they behave and speak quite d .

2.It’s usually considered impolite t ask (个人的) questions about others.

3.The CN Tower in Canada is 1815 feet in (高).

1.Drive (径直) on, and you’ll find the museum on your left.

2.This skirt doesn’t fit me; please give me (又一) one.

3.A new movie is on in the c this evening. Do you want to go with me?

4.Yao Ming is 2.26 meters.He’s really t .

5.Don’t put much food in your m at a time.

6.The earth is r ,just like a ball.

7.Mrs. Brown’s son is lost. She’s d her son to the police now.

8.Mr. Wu isn’t healthy.He’s too (胖的).

9.The story isn’t really interesting. I want to know the (结尾) of the story now.

10.There’s a short (人) near the pool.Who’s it ?

11.My sister doesn’t like (直的) hair. She wants to have curly hair.

12.You must finish your homework first,Mike. You can read the story (以后).


13.--I’m afraid that I can’t take a walk with you today, Jack. Maybe time.

---What a pity (遗憾) !

A. another

B. other

C. the other

D. others

14.---Dear classmates, we’ll study in different schools next term and enjoy your time in your new school!

--- .

A.Never mind

B.The same to you

C.It’s OK


15.The old man can’t hear us well because there’s something wrong with his .








唇齿音:f 舌尖音:dtzcsnl 翘舌音:zhchshr 汉语拼音声母表(读法) b[玻]p[坡]m[摸]f[佛]d[得]t[特]n[讷]l[勒]g[哥]k[科]h[喝]j[基]q[欺]x[希]z[资]c[; 雌]s[思]r[日]zh[知]ch[嗤]sh[诗]y[医]w[巫] 汉语拼音韵母表(读法)

f fafofeifoufanfenfangfeng d dadedaideidaodoudandangdengdidiediaodiudianding t tatetaitaotoutantangtengtitietiaotianting

n nanaineinaononennangnengninieniaoniunianninniangning l lalelaileilaoloulanlanglenglilialieliaoliulianlinliangling g gagegaigeigao gougangenganggeng k h j q x ch chachechichaichouchanchenchangcheng sh shasheshishaishaoshoushanshenshangsheng r reriraorouranrenrangreng

z zazezizaizaozouzangzeng c cacecicaicaocoucancencangceng 3. 3.如果也没有o和e,则一定有i、u或ü。如果i和u同时出现,则标在第二个韵母上。这是特别针对ui和iu而言的(这两个音的实际读音应该是uei和iou)。如果i和u不同时出现,则标在出现的那个韵母上。 4.

(译林版)7B Unit 3 达标检测卷-附答案

7B Unit 3达标检测卷 满分:100分时间:90分钟得分:_________ 一、根据句意及所给首字母或汉语提示,完成下列句子(每小题1分,共10分) 1.When the waitresses are on duty,they should wear u . 2.There is a stone b over the small river. 3.We can get out of the underground at E Six 4.Bring me sortie grapes when you walk p the fruit shop. 5.The park is in the_________(西北)of Sunshine Town. 6.This Sunday we are going to have a_________(野餐)in the park. 7.I have little money in my wallet.I want to get some from the________(银行).8.Don’t move_________(向前).Just stand there. 9.Three robbers are walking_________(向)the twin brothers. 10.Would you like to live in a_________(旅馆)tonight? 二、用所给单词的适当形式填空(每小题1分,共10分) 1.They jumped out of the van and ran away________(quick). 2.I was very__________(surprise)to see Mr Green in Paris last Monday. 3.It was dark in the sky._________(sudden),it slated to rain heavily. 4.Walk________(cross)the bridge,then turn left,and you will see my house.5.Look! Some__________(rob)are coming out of the bank.Let’s call 110 at once.6.What’s the__________(mean)of his words? 7.—__________we__________(go)there by bus? —No.Let’s go there on foot.8.They are_________ (have)a farewell party for me next Friday. 9.We would like you__________(bring)your own food here. 10.It’easy_________(walk)from my home to my school. 三、用方框中所给单词的适当形式填空(每小题1分,共5分) 1.I’m_________ to see that there is a snake in the bushes. 2.Some boys are playing_________ in the park now. 3.Run to your classroom__________,or you’ll be late. 4.You can’t swim__________ the river.It’s dangerous. 5._________,he heard someone calling‘Help! Help!’ 四、句型转换,每空一词(每空1分,共5分) 1.Cross the street,and you can find it.(同义句转换) Go________ the street,and you can find it. 2.I don’t know how I can make postcards.(同义句转换) I don’t know how________ _________postcards. 3.We can take another route.(改为否定句) We_________ take another route.


Ⅰ. 根据句意及首字母提示,补全单词。 1. —What’s the m with Jim? — He has a sore throat. 2. John feels s and you’d better take him to see a doctor. 3. — Do you want to go to Harbin? —No. We’ve made a d to go to Sanya. 4. We were tired and we wanted to have a good r. 5. — What does his mother do? —She’s a n. She works in a hospital 6. You shouldn’t(run) out of money. 7. Helen and I found (us) in a very dangerous situation. 8. The doctor didn’t agree(cut) off his left arm. 9. That boy (hit) her on the head with a book just now. 10. His uncle hurt himself (play) football. Ⅲ. 选用方框中适当的短语,并用其正确形式填空。 take one’s temperature, be used to, get off, to one’s surprise, get out of 11. That cat a small box and climbed up the stairs. 12. Those passengers and entered a building. 13. His brother staying up late and getting up late. 14. Lily asked her brother to help her with her homework. But , he said sorry to her. 15. After Mrs. Black , she knew she didn’t have a fever Ⅰ. 根据句意及汉语提示,填入正确的单词。 1. Every Sunday Lucy (自愿做) to work in her father’s store. 2. Please look at these (公告牌). 3. When I got to the park, I saw Lisa and her friends were (募集) money. 4. At last he gave up (修理) his old bike.


为汉语拼音字母表的名称正音 1918年由当时的国民政府教育部公布,1920年进入小学的注音字母是我国第一套法定的汉语拼音注音字母,是《汉语拼音方案》颁布之前最主要的拼音方案,我国大陆在1958年以前,小学语文都是教学 注音字母,台湾一直在使用注音字母。 《汉语拼音方案》自1958年2月11日经第一届全国人民代表大会第五次会议讨论通过,公布并实施以来,结束了“国语注音字母”的历史,将一套更先进、更科学、更完善的汉语拼音体系推向基础教育以及社会的各个领域。由于《汉语拼音方案》具有字母国际通用、表音准确的特点,不仅在我国为推广汉民族共同语发挥了巨大的作用,同时,也得到国际社会的承认。1982年国际标准化组织把《汉语拼音方案》作为拼写汉语的国际标准。近年来,台湾的一些地名也开始使用汉语拼音。美国国会图书馆的中文目录检索已全部改为汉语拼音。新加坡多年来都在汉语教学中使用汉语拼音。可以说《汉语拼音方案》是我国现行 汉语拼音教学的唯一范本。 《汉语拼音方案》几个表中的字母共有三种读法:本音、呼读音、名称音。 本音是字母的实际读音。大多数辅音字母是清音,即读不出声音的音,只有a、o、e、i、u、5个元音和m、l两个浊辅音能读出声音。因此,在初等教育中,不采用本音教学。但在实际教学中,现在倡导的直 呼音节其实就是直接用本音拼读。 呼读音就是读声母表或两拼、三拼音节时的读法,是在本音(辅音字母)后面加上一个元音o、e、i 或-i构成的。如b(bo)、p(po)、g(ge)、k(ke)、j(ji)、zh(zhi)、z(zi)等。加上元音以后,读音响亮,这是一种为教学方便而采取的变通方式,但不在字母表中使用。 名称音是一种为诵读和记忆的便利,专为字母表设计的一套读音。我国的汉语拼音字母表也是参照了世界许多国家的字母表的顺序和读音而创设出来的,因此,它具有读音标准和国际化的特点,同时,考虑民族语言的特点、习惯以及儿童学习的规律,按照汉语诗的格律将26个字母组成四句:前两句各七个字,后两句各六个字且每三个字后加一空拍,句末押韵,相当于七言绝句,非常上口,便于诵读。 为了能够清楚地了解和辨认字母表的名称读音,笔者将汉语拼音字母表的26个字母,分别用“注音字母”和汉语拼音加以标注,并整理出“汉语拼音字母歌”供大家参考和掌握。 本人于1960年上学,在沈阳“东北机器制造厂(七二四)”子弟小学读书。 当时正是《汉语拼音方案》刚刚颁布实施的第三个年头,老师们运用汉语拼音还不是很熟练。如果音节是带有介母并且是第四声读音的话,就要在三拼的基础上,再拼四次声调。如“创”(chùang)字就要拼成“ch-u-ang-窗-床-闯-创”。但是,老师教得认真,学生学得也认真,并且汉语拼音字母表正是按照标准的名称音读法进行教学的,我们也学得蛮有兴趣,学得也很好,至今不忘。 1963年随“下放大军”回到老家---盖县农村后,在小学里仍然是教学这套读音。可40多年过去了,社会科技文化发生了翻天覆地的变化,而汉语拼音字母表的读音不知什么时候被悄悄地改头换面了。如今在许多学校里,学生们读字母表的26个字母都像读声母表一样,读它的呼读音---a啊、b波、c次、d得、e 俄、f佛、g哥---。问老师们,许多老师虽也知道有名称音,但却不知名称音怎么读。当提示老师:《汉语拼音方案》字母表中的字母下面分别有注音字母标注了对应的名称音时,老师们普遍说不认识,不知是啥东西。当我们给学生们做示范读它的名称音时,却引来阵阵好奇的笑声,觉得很好玩。有的老师和学生说:这种读法和拼读音节时的读法也不一样啊,为什么还要这样读呢?乍一听,似乎有这个问题,但他们都忽


专题四、根据汉语意思填词 (2017·广西贵港) 76. Tina is my cousin. She is tall and she has long _______ (直的) hair. 77. Mr Smith is sitting ______(在其中) a group of children, telling the story. 78. Nobody was _______(缺席) from school though it rained heavily yesterday. 79. His uncle is going to ______(参加) a business meeting in Beijing next week. 80. It’s important for young people to make a right ______(决定) for their future. 76. straight 77. among 78. absent 79. attend 80. decision (2017·江苏常州) B)根据句意及汉语提示,写出各单词的正确形式,每空填一词。 45. We must be ▲ (勇敢的)enough to face difficulties in our life. 46. Some wild animals are in ▲ (危险)as the earth is getting warmer and warmer. 47. Mary goes to work every day ▲ (除…之外)Sundays. 48.The general manager always thinks twice before ▲ (回复)to the customers. 45.brave【解析】用形容词brave作表语,表示“勇敢的。” 46.danger【解析】介词后跟名词danger表示“危险。” 47.except【解析】用介词except表示“除……之外,”含有排除关系。 48.replying【解析】动词reply和介词to连用跟宾语,介词before后用动名词形式。 B)根据句意及汉语提示,写出歌单词的正确形式,每空一词。 (2017?江苏镇江)41. The dentist suggests that the girl should brush her _ (牙齿) before going to bed. (2017?江苏镇江)42. The boy threw the ball to the dog and it _ (捉住,搂住) the ball successfully. (2017?江苏镇江)43. When Mr. Jiang got up in the morning, his suit was ironed _ (平整地) by the robot. (2017?江苏镇江)44. In the first half of this year, there are _ (四十) twins among all the newborn babies in that hospital. (2017?江苏镇江)45. —Where’s the city museum? —It’s (在……对面) the front gate of the Grand Hotel. 41. teeth 【解析】“刷牙”用brush one’s teeth表达,tooth用复数形式。 42. caught【解析】前文threw提示用catch的过去式形式threw。 43. smoothly【解析】修饰动词用副词smoothly表示“平整地”。 44. forty【解析】基数词forty表示“四十”。 45. opposite 【解析】用介词opposite表示“在……对面”。 B. 根据中文提示完成单词,使句子完整、通顺。 (2017·新疆建设兵团)71. We’ve got a lot of new ___________ (杂志) in our school library. (2017·新疆建设兵团)72. The glasses can keep the worker’s eyes __________ (安全的). (2017·新疆建设兵团)73. The houses are so expensive that he can’t ___________ (承担得起) to buy one. (2017·新疆建设兵团)74. My parents are always ____________ (严格的) with me. (2017·新疆建设兵团)75. Each different part of China has its own special forms of traditional __________ (艺术). 71. magazines 【解析】句意:我们学校图书馆有很多新杂志。空格前的a lot of说明“杂志”


七年级下 根据汉语提示完成句子 单元10 1.让我们打电话要两份大碗的面条吧 Let’s make a phone call to order ____________ __________ _______ __________ ________ 2.我想吃羊肉和土豆面条 I’d like ________and ________noodles 3.你想听哪种音乐 __________ ________ ___________music would you like ? 4.-----先生,可以点餐了吗 ------是的,一碗饺子 -----______I ____your order ? -----Yes. A bowl of dumplings 5.我想要我的儿子成为像汤姆一样的人 I __________ __________my son ________be a person like Tom 6.饺子15个只卖5元 The dumplings ________ __________5 yuan _______--15 7.我们学校的学生数量非常大 _________ ______ __________the students is very large in our school 8.有流星时人们经常许愿 People often _______ ________ ___________when there is a falling star 9.他一口气喝完了那瓶水 He drinks the bottle of water __________ _________ __________ 10.字母V是胜利的象征 The letter “V”is ______ ________ ________victory 11.你想吃冰激凌还是烙饼 _____you _____ice-cream or _____? 12.我想要一份价值5元的大碗牛肉拉面 I’d like a _________ ___________of beef ___________ _________five yuan 13.为制作水果沙拉,他切碎了两个苹果 To make fruit salad , he _________ _______two apples 14.学生去考试时常常互相祝好运 Students often say “_____ ________” to each other when they have exams 15.这部电影在年轻人中很受欢迎 The movie is ______ ___________-young people 单元11 1.-----你们昨天的旅行怎么样 ----非常棒 -----_______ ______your trip yesterday ? ----It ____excellent 2.最后,我们很累,但是很高兴,我们乘着公共汽车回到了学校 Finally , we were tired _____happy , and _____the bus ______to school 3.昨天晚上他们做什么了


M1-6根据句意及首字母提示补全句子 1.These p_______ are great. 2.It's a p________ of the Great Wall. 3.It's more than twenty t________ kilometers long. 4.Can you tell me s________ about New York. 5.Beijing has got about twenty m______ people. 6.Daming is v______ the US. 7.W_____ is the West Lake. 8.It's in the e______ of China. 9.The US is a big c_______. 10.Haikou is in the s________ of China. 1.What a big m_______ of the US. 2.Harbin is in the n______ of China. 3.San Francisco is in the w_____ of the US. 4.Are there any C__________ in China? 5.I'm s_______ an email to my family. 6.Do you m______ your family?S________. 7.There are lots of Chinese s_______and r_________ there. 8.There is Chinese d_________. 9.You d___ miss China. 10.The Great Wall is s_________. 1.It's more than six thousand k________long.


根据中文提示完成句子 1.刘涛的奶奶正在洗蔬菜。Liu T ao’s grandma vegetables。 2.博比正在捉害虫。Bobby the pests。 3.他们正在教室里读书。They in the classroom. 4.孩子们想要去哪里?Where the children ? 5.这只瓢虫有多少个斑点?它有七个斑点。 How this ladybird ? It 。 6.博比看见萨姆手上有什么?他看见一些葡萄。 What Bobby on Sam’s hand ? He some 。 7.博比的花园里有许多害虫吗?不,没有 Are there pests in Bobby’s garden? No, 。 8.谁来帮助这个男孩?刘涛来帮助的。Who the boy ? Liu Tao 。 9.是这些瓢虫赶走了害虫吗?是的,他们赶走了 the ladybirds the pests ? Yes, they 。 10.这些瓢虫正在吃葡萄。These ladybirds grapes。 11.他妈妈正在烧土豆烧肉吗?不,她正在烧西红柿汤。 his mother meat potatoes? No, she 。 12.孩子们现在正在画画吗?不,他们正在放风筝。 the children now? No, they 。 13.你的父母正在打扫客厅?不,他们正在看电视。 your parents living room? No ,they 。14.他的朋友们正在赏花吗?是的,他们是。 his friends ?Yes 。 15.双胞胎正在干什么,他们正在打乒乓球。 the twins ? They table tennis。 16.他们正在干什么?他们正在超市里买钢笔。 What ?They pens in the 。 17.学生们正在干什么?他们正在上美术课 What the ?They an Art lesson. 18.苏海正在写家庭作业吗?没有,她正在做家务。 Su Hai ?No, she the ?


UNIT 4 Having Fun Topic1 What can I do for you? Ⅰ词汇 A、根据句意及首字母提示补全单词。 1.I'd like some rice and v for lunch. 2.Don't w . I'll help him. 3.I don't like this dress. Give me a one, please. 4.We don't have any milk. We n to buy some food for breakfast. 5.The running shoes look very nice. Please t them on. B. 用所给词的适当形式填空,使句意完整。 6.There are two (hundred) students in the school. 7.How do you like this pair of (run) shoes, Kangkang? 8.Pick up some salt and two (kilo) of eggs. 9.How much (be) these jeans? 10.I think Chinese people are very (friend). C. 根据汉语提示完成下列句子。 11、我想给我女儿买衣服。 I want clothes for my daughter. 12.再另试一条,好吗? Would you like to try on ? 13.你能帮助我吗? Could you me. 14.别担心,我会帮你的。 . I'll help you. 15.哦,谢谢。我只是看看而已。 Well, thanks . I'm looking. Ⅱ、单项选择题 ( )1.The phone is yuan. A.nine hundreds and ninety-five B.nine hundred ninety--five C.nine hundred and ninety--five D.nine hundred and ninety five ( )2.-- is that bike? --About 100 yuan. A.How much B.How long C.How old D.How many ( )3.-- do you like this red sweater? --Not bad. A.How B.When C.What D.Why ( )4.The shirt me. I'll take it. A.fit B.is fit C.fits D.is fitting ( )5.What can I do you? A.for B.to C.with D.like ( )6.There are only apples on the desk. A.a little B.little C.a few D.few ( )7.The coat looks . I like it very much.


声母: b p m f d t n l g k h j q x z c s r y w 翘舌音: zh ch sh 单韵母: a o e i u u(u上边有两点读於) 复韵母: ai ei ui ao ou iu ie ue (u上边有两点) er an en in ang eng ing ong 整体认读音节: zhi chi shi yi wu yu yin yun ye yue 1 / 5

声母表 b p m f d t n lg k h j q x zh ch sh r z c s y w 韵母表 a o e i u ü ai ei uiao ou iu ie üe er an en in un ang eng ing ong 2 / 5

汉语拼音音节表 b ba bo bai bei bao ban ben bang beng bi bie biao bian bin bing p pa po pai pao pou pan pen pang peng pi pie piao pian pin ping m ma mo me mai mao mou man men mang meng mi mie miao miu mian min ming f fa fo fei fou fan fen fan g feng d da d e dai dei dao dou dan dang deng di die diao diu dian ding t ta te tai tao tou tan tang teng ti tie tiao tian ting n na nai nei nao no nen nang neng ni nie niao niu nian nin niang ning l la le lai lei lao lou lan lang leng li lia lie liao liu lian lin liang ling 3 / 5


一.根据句意及汉语提示填写单词,使句意完整、正确。 1.Her mother made some apple ______(馅饼)this morning. 2.it’s important for us to protect the ______(环境). 3.We should eat ______(新鲜)fruit and vegetables every day 4.Your ______(航班)number is CA556. The plane will take off in five minutes. 5.I want to visit ______(自然的)sights this summer holiday. 6.Not all of us have ______(意识到)the important of learning English。 7.They got ______(结婚)in 2011。 8.Have you ever been to ______(山)Tai before? 9.We decided to make an ______(采访)with our principal. 10.He has lived here with his ______(妻子)since 2010. 11.Do you know the ______(主题)song for the 2014 Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing? 12.Li Ping ______(想念)his parents very much. 13.She has gone to the ______(乡下)to visit her grand parents. 14.Do you know what can travel at half the ______(速度) of light? 15.We decide to make an ____(采访)that he was wrong. 句型转换。 1. His father fell ill three days ago.(同义句) His father has ______ ill ______ three days. 2. The old man has been dead for two months.(同义句) The old man ______ two months ______. 3. He has taught English since two years ago. (划线部分提问) ______ ______ has he taught English? 二.单项选择 1.---Did you borrow the comic book from the library? ---Yes. I ______ it for three days. I’ll return it this afternoon. A. borrowed B. kept C. have borrowed D. have kept 2.We ______ six days a week, but now we only work five days. A. used work B. are used to work C. used to working D. used to work 3.______ she is over 50, ______ she looks young. A. Although; but B. But; although C. Although; / D. But; / 3.Steven ______ a present for his friend at this moment last Sunday morning. A. chose B. was choosing C. chooses D. is choosing 4.---Jimmy, there are so much dirty paper on your desk. ---Oh, sorry. I’ll ______ right now. A. throw it away B. throw them up C. throw it on D. throw them down 5.The teacher told the students ______ any food into the computer room. A. not to bring B. not bring C. don’t bring D. not bringing 6.We often play ______ cards and ______ Chinese chess. A. the; the B. a;a C. the; / D. /; / 7.---Have you returned the book to the library______? ---Yes. I have ______ returned it. A. yet; yet B. already; already C. already; yet D. yet; already 8.---You never told us why you were late for class, ______?


根据提示完成句子 一、用所给单词的适当形式填空。 1. Peter often________ (like) to do some sports after meals. 2. Mary's mother ________( go) to the supermarket every Sunday. 3. Sorry, I am late. Because the bus was________ (late) than yesterday. 4. Yesterday, my uncle was very glad ________ (meet) his old friend. 5. Mike is good at________(make) model planes. 6. It's________(child) Day. All the students are very excited. 7. Peter's shirt is white. But ________(me) is black. 8. What ________(do) he usually do after school7 9. It's ________(wind) today. Shall we go and fly kites? 10. Yao Ming is a good basketball ________ (play). 二、根据汉语提示完成句子。 1.Look, the boys________________(打排球)on the play-ground. 2.Lucy gets to school________________(骑自行车)every day. 3. It's warm inside. Please________________(脱下)your coat. 4.We all know that the sun is________________(比……大)the earth. 5.Eating vegetables________________(对……有好处)your health. 三、完成句子。根据中文提示,完成下列各句。 1. I would like________________(四盒鸡蛋). 2.--Is your________________(姐姐的名字)Liu Yun? --That's right. 3. My grandmother________________(去购物)every Sunday morning. 4. Her aunt________________________(没有正在看电视). 5.--What do you have every Monday morning?--We________________(上英语课). 四、用所给单词的正确形式填空。 1. Sometimes Peter________to the park by bike.( go) 2. She can________very fast.( run) 3. Mr. Black________ the students English in the classroom now.( teach)


汉语拼音字母表(标准写法) 声母(23个) b p m f d t n l ɡ k h j q x zh ch sh r z c s y w 单韵母(6个) ɑ o e i u ü 复韵母(14个) ɑi ei ui ɑo ou iu ie üe er ɑn en in un ün 鼻韵母(4个) ɑnɡ enɡ inɡ onɡ 整体认读音节(16个) zhi chi shi ri zi ci si yi wu yu ye yue yuan yin yun ying 汉语拼音音节表 b bɑ bo bɑi bei bɑo bɑn ben bɑnɡ benɡ bi bie biɑo biɑn bin binɡ p pɑ po pɑi pɑo pou pɑn pen pɑnɡ penɡ pi pie piɑo piɑn pin pinɡ m mɑ mo me mɑi mɑo mou mɑn men mɑnɡ menɡ mi mie miɑo miu miɑn min minɡ f fɑ fo fei fou fɑn fen fɑnɡ fenɡ

d dɑ d e dɑi dei dɑo dou dɑn dɑnɡ denɡ di die diɑo diu diɑn dinɡ t tɑ te tɑi tɑo tou tɑn tɑnɡ tenɡ ti tie tiɑo tiɑn tinɡ n nɑ nɑi nei nɑo no nen nɑnɡ nenɡ ni nie niɑo niu niɑn nin niɑnɡ ninɡ l lɑ le lɑi lei lɑo lou lɑn lɑnɡ lenɡ li liɑ lie liɑo liu liɑn lin liɑnɡ linɡ ɡ ɡɑ ɡe ɡɑi ɡei ɡɑo ɡou ɡɑn ɡen ɡɑnɡ ɡenɡ k kɑ ke kɑi kou kɑn ken kɑnɡ kenɡ h hɑ he hɑi hei hɑo hou hen hɑnɡ henɡ j ji jiɑ jie jiɑo jiu jiɑn jin jiɑnɡ jinɡ q qi qiɑ qie qiɑo qiu qiɑn qin qiɑnɡ qinɡ x xi xiɑ xie xiɑo xiu xiɑn xin xiɑnɡ xinɡ zh zhɑ zhe zhi zhɑi zhɑo zhou zhɑn zhen zhɑnɡ zhenɡ ch chɑ che chi chɑi chou chɑn chen chɑnɡ chenɡ sh shɑ she shi shɑi shɑo shou shɑn shen shɑnɡ shenɡ r re ri rɑo rou rɑn ren rɑnɡ renɡ

仁爱版英语七年级下册7B Unit6_Topic3_SectionC_随堂练习(有答案)

Unit6 Topic3 SectionC 随堂练习 一、根据句意及汉语提示补全单词。 1. —What do your parents do? —______(两个都) of them are teachers. 2. When you don’t obey the traffic ______(规则), you may get hurt or lose your life. 3. Don’t drive too fast, or you may be in ______(危险). 4. It’s good for children and old people to be ______(小心的) when they go across the bridge. 5. —Where’s Jane? —She is looking for the ______(票) to the movie in her room. 二、单项选择。 1. We can _____ the street when we see the green “walk” sign. A. go B. walk C. across D. cross 2. — Peter, _____ in the library. —I’m sorry. I won’t do it next time. A. not play B. no play C. don’t play D. play 3. —Please look after your sister _____ I come back. —OK, Mum. A. and B. after C. before D. or 4. It’s good ____ the old ____ the bus. A. to help; get on B. to help; to get C. help; get on D. help; to get 5. —What are your parents? —They ____ office workers. A. are all B. are both C. all are D. both are 三、根据括号内的汉语提示完成句子,每空一词。 1. David ______ ______ (受伤) in a traffic accident. We should be very careful. 2. We should ______ ______ (保持安全) when we ride bikes on the road 3. It’s a ______ ______ (好地方) to visit. We should go to visit it. 1/ 3