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1) on balance5) illustrated9) involved

2) resist 6) budget 10) economic

3) haul7) lowering 11) blasting

4) wicked 8) boundary12) just about


1)cut back/ down 2) pick up 3) get by4) get through

5)face up to6) turn in7) making up for 8) think up


1) pursued his mathematical studies and taught himself astronomy

2) often generate misleading thoughts

3) attach great importance to combining theory with practice in our work

4) be suspected of doing everything for money

5) before he gets through life


1) their indoor, a profit, to invest in

2) device, the improvement, on a global scale

3) stacked, temptation, never dined out

ii confusable words

1. 1) house 2) home3) home, family 4) household

2. 1) doubt 2) suspect 3) doubted 4) suspected 5) suspect

iii. word formation

1) rise 2) final 3) regular 4) cash 5) hows, whys

6) upped 7) yellowed 8) bottled 9) lower 10) search

comprehensive exercises

i. cloze

1. text-related

1) get by 2) temptation 3) get through 4) improvements

5) aside from 6) suspect 7) supplement 8) profit

9) stacking

2. (theme-related)

1) replaced 2) consider 3) quit 4) world 5) tough

6) fuels 7) provide 8) luxuries 9) balance 10) ideal

ii. translation

1. we have a problem with the computer system, but i think it’s fairly minor.

2. my father died when i was too young to live on my own. the people of my hometown took over (responsibility for) my upbringing at that point.

3. the toys have to meet strict/ tough safety requirements before they can be sold to children.

4. radio and television have supplemented rather than replaced the newspaper as carriers

of news and opinion.

5. when it comes to this magazine, it is/ carries a digest of articles from many newspapers and magazines around the world.

a decade ago, nancy did what so many americans dream about. she quit an executive position and opened/ set up a household device store in her neighborhood. people like nancy made the decision primarily for the improvement in the quality of their lives.

but, to run a small business on a small scale is by no means an easy job. without her steady income, nancy had to cut back on her daily expense. sometimes she did not even have the money to pay the premium for the various kinds of insurance she needed.

fortunately, through her own hard work, she has now got through the most difficult time. she is determined to continue pursuing her vision of a better life.

unit 2




1) decades5) slender9) on the side

2) historic 6) web10) authorized

3) imposed7) bade 11) terminal

4) religious8) site12) make the best of


1) went through2) stood up for3) laid down4) take on

5) let (us) down6) draw on7) fall into8) pass for


1) the europeans are fully confident that the americans will not be able to justify their measures to protect the struggling american steel industry.

2) clinton is, in the eyes of joe klein, staff writer of the new yorker and author of the natural, the most talented politician of his generation and the most compelling.

3) theres not much you can do if people are really intent on destroying themselves with drugs.

4) a different experience of the world could forge a completely different approach to life.

5) it is our conviction that cloning of human beings is bound to cause many ethical and social problems in the long run.


1) as for, do not compel, capture of, have forged

2) at huge risk, the mission, shelter

3) who abolished, in the eyes of, racial

ii. words with multiple meanings

1. ill tell you in a minute how i have attained the genuine sense of belonging in america, but first let me hear about your french trip.

2. most mcdonalds look almost the same on the outside, but actually there are about 16 different basic designs.

3. loaning money from the banks is but one of the methods we can use to get through a financial crisis.

4. this second-hand car has been nothing but trouble; its always breaking down.

5. in your resume youve mentioned everything but one vital point.

6. our technicians have discovered a simple but effective solution to the problem.

7. i am sorry, but i think you shouldnt have lingered on over coffee and missed the last bus..

8. the bankruptcy of the company was not caused by evil, but by simple ignorance iii. usage

1) lonely2)friendly 3) weekly, monthly 4)lovely

5) cowardly6)kindly/ saintly 7) lively8)motherly

comprehensive exercises

i. cloze

1. text-related

1)forged 2) stand up3) compelled 4)convictions5)mission

6)abolish 7) intent on8) risk 9)in the eyes of10)threats

2. (theme-related)

1) assistance2) involved3) estimated4)coincidence 5)emerged 6) referred 7) numerous 8) stationed9)concern 10)capture

ii. translation

1. though greatly affected by the consequences of the global financial crisis, we are still confident that we can face up to the challenge and overcome the crisis.

2. under threat of constant sand storms, we were compelled to leave our cherished village and move to the new settlement.

3. according to a recent online survey, a lot of consumers say they may be motivated to consider buying products shown in tv commercials.

4. having spotted a truck driver dumping contaminated waste alongside the river, the old man reported to the police at once.

5. some scientists hold to the firm conviction that people will come to like genetically modified crops someday since they can increase yields and help combat hunger and disease in the developing world.

shortly after he achieved freedom henson became intent on assisting fugitive slaves. he secretly returned to the united states from canada several times to help others to travel the underground railroad to freedom. once some slave catchers closed in on the escaping slaves and henson when they were on the run. he disguised them and successfully avoided capture. later he built a small settlement in dresden in canada for escaped slaves, setting up a chapel and a school. he held to the conviction that slavery would be abolished, and the day was bound to come when racial discrimination no longer existed.

unit 3



1.1) threatens 2) by a small margin3)civilize 4)closed


6) paste 7) without so much as 8) sideways

9) hook up to 10) universal 11) chart 12) bathed in

2. 1)narrowed down2)looked back on 3)cut off 4)fit into

5)wear(the other) down 6)lies in7)put up 8)stand for

3. 1)...which is likely to make people vulnerable to asthma has been found by researchers at the department of clinical medicine in oxford.

2)...with mirrored doors had to be built in so as to make their small bedroom look larger.

3)...feature the space shuttle challenger blowing up in january 1986---killing all seven crew.

4)...threatened to keep the pupils in after school, they were quieted at once.

5)... are a major barrier to the countrys economic growth due to the fact that/because imported oil has absorbed 40% of its foreign exchange.

4. 1) looked back on/ atmosphere/urban life

2)era/ hooked up to the / the electronic

3) the suburb / a sophisticated / system / analyze / make errors ii. 1) away2)inside/in 3)forward/through4)back

5)off 6)home7) back down 8)in...out

iii. 1) internet is not such an unusual word as it used to be

2) most men do not look unattractive in them

3) wealthy as she is, she is not unconcerned by her sudden unemployment

4) the claim is not uealistic in view of a sharp decrease in the citys violent crimes.

5)his poor health is not uelated to his unhealthy way of life.

comprehensive exercises

1. cloze

1. 1) statistics2)rural3)era4)stood for 5)on the latch

6)vulnerable7)barrier 8)electronic 9)reflection 10)civilized

2. 1) together 2)liable3)shift4)electric 5)cautious

6)sophisticated7)thieves 8)break9)chances 10)signs

ii. translation

1.1) the internet is changing the way people live, (no matter) whether they are in urban or rural areas.

2)medium-sized and small companies are more vulnerable to the threat of the global economic crisis than large ones.

3) with regard to our term paper, the professor asked us to analyze the unemployment chart first, and then provide critical reflections on the nations economic development.

4)it never occurred to him that their team would win the basketball match by a large margin.

5) looking back on my twenty years teaching in high school, i attribute my success to patience, talent, and the constant pursuit of knowledge.

2. it is almost impossible to keep a determined burglar out. all you can do is discourage him for a few minutes. thus exposing him to police patrols. common sense tells us that lighting is a barrier to criminal activity. a light should be fixed in the doorway and switched on at night. make sure/assure yourself that you dont leave the door on the latch if you happen to be the last to come in. if you decide to buy a sophisticated electronic alarm system, be sure to ask for its signs and put them up on both windows and doors. in addition you may have it hooked up to a police station.

unit 4



1.1) accordingly 2) loose 3) concentration 4)stimulating 5) fabric 6)if anything7) reality 8) intuition

9) trifle10) at the turn of the century11) mess

12) undermine

2. 1) approve of2) slow down 3) taken in4) sucked into

5) set apart 6) dozed off 7)call forth 8)stretch into

9) keep up with 10)believe in

3. 1)...provided inspiration for many artists and musicians over the decades.

2)...is credited to his powers of imagination

3)...on the foundations of an agricultural revolution

4)...not to make any complaints in the presence of the nurse.

5)...the outbreak of the second world war.

4. 1) flaw/came to the conclusion/would get nowhere

2) in a row/dozed off/a mess of

3) outbreak of/ has undermined / has strained

ii. 1)with christmas only a week away

2) with his physical condition improving day by day

3) with our gdp growing steadily

4) with all the shops closed

5) with her eyes closed

6) with the fog lifting during the night


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unit 1


1 beneath

2 disguised

3 whistles

4 restrain

5 grasp

6 longing

7 praying

8 faithful

9 pledge 10 drain


1 tell ?on you

2 track down

3 work it out

4 picking on me

5 reckoned with

6 call on

7 on his own

8 get through

9 in

disguise 10 revolves around v

g o d i k l b f a n


1 advise

2 level

3 problems

4 necessity

5 skills

6 experience

7 solution

8 value

9 tool 10 manner


1 air-conditioned(装空调的;有冷气的)

2 handmade(手工制作的) 3

thunderstruck(非常吃惊的) 4 heartfelt(衷心的;诚挚的) 5 data-based(基于数据的) 6 self-employed(自主经营的) 7 custom-built(定制的;定做的)8 weather-beaten(饱经风霜的) viii

1. well-informed(对??非常熟悉的) 2 new-found(新获得的)

3 hard-earned(辛苦挣得的)

4 soft-spoken(说话温柔的)

5 newly-married(新婚的)

6 widely-held(普遍认为的)

7 well-meant(出于好意的)

8 well-educated(受过良好教育的)


1 no matter how different it may seem form any other substance

2 no matter what a woman tries to do to improve her situation

3 no matter what excuse he gives

4 no matter what anyone else may think

5 no matter how they rewrite history


1 just as we gained fame in victory, we lost nothing in defeat

2 just as the head teacher plays a significant role in the school, jane plays a significant role f leader in the classroom.

3 whoever was out there obviously couldn’t see him just as he couldn’t see them.

4 she has been searching all her life for the perfect chocolate just as i have been searching for the perfect beer.

5 you can make those kinds of comparisons just as you were doing the analyses a minute ago.


1. no matter how experienced a speaker you are, and how well you have prepared your speech, you will have difficulty making

a speech at such a noisy reception.

2. just as all his sister’s friends cared about him, jimmy cared about them.

3. car manufacturers stamp a vehicle identification number at several places on new cars to help track down stolen vehicles.

4. if you dare tell on me when the teacher gets back i won’t say a word to you any more.

5. some elderly people prefer to live on their own while the great majority choose to live with their children.

6. here is something that needs to be reckoned with: how to get the necessary finances to establish the company.


1. 每当有人帮了你,无论事情大小,无论他地位高低,你都应该对他说声“谢谢”。







1 b

2 a

3 c

4 a

5 d

6 a

7 d

8 d

9 c 10 b 11 b 12 b 13 a 14 c 15 d 16 c 17 a 18 c 19 d 20 a

unit 2


1 moderate

2 consume

3 advisable

4 modified

5 evidence

6 restricted

7 calculate

8 remedy 9 impact 10 sufficient


6 goes up

7 interfere with

8 derived from

9 in general 10 take in v

g k o n j a c d f i


1 cost

2 pollution

3 potential

4 quality

5 chance

6 crime

7 interest 8 efficiency 9 strength 10 creativity


1 appearance

2 utterance

3 attendance

4 hindrance

5 maintenance

6 resistance

7 performance

8 existence 9. occurrence 10. acceptance viii

1. world-famous 2 ice-cold 3 snow-white 4 waterproof 5 waist-deep 6 carefree


1 mr. howe, my favorite professor, has received a distinguished teacher award.

2 y esterday i went fishing, something i hadn’t done in years.

3 some women are normally inactive but then all of a sudden start a program of intense exercise, an action that breaks the laws of sports science.

4 even a brief visit to greece, a modern country with ancient civilization, gives you a deep sense of its culture.

5 the ancient chinese, a people of inventors, discoverers, philosophers, soldiers, poets, craftsmen, gave the world many of its most useful things. x

1 his homework done, his composition written, larry decided to go and see the film.

2 the manager sat quietly in the office, (his) eyes closed, waiting for the telephone to ring.

3 the room was a mess, empty bottles and beer cans (being) everywhere.

4 when i walked in, grandpa was sitting at the kitchen table, the newspaper spread before him.

5 diana stood motionless at the end of the diving board, tears streaming down her cheeks.


1. the defendant, a woman of only 30, kept insisting on her own innocence.

2. all tings considered, dates, beans and some leafy green vegetables are the best sources of iron.

3. no beverages are served with meals because they interfere with digestion.

4. taking the popularity of the region into consideration, it is advisable to book hotels in advance.

5. if you have a feeling of wanting to throw up after taking this drug, stop taking it immediately and consult your doctors as soon as possible.

6. summing up the discussion, he said both parties should consider the most effective way to solve the problem.


1. 作为补救缺铁的一种方法,专家推荐食用肉、鸡和鱼,它们是最好的铁质来源,也是唯一最容易被身体吸收的铁质来源。


3. 耐力运动员,尤其是女性,经常会缺铁,如果增食肉类食物或服用铁质补剂,能够恢复到健康状态。





1 d

2 c

3 c

4 a

5 d

6 a

7 b

8 d

9 c 10 b 11 a 12 b 13 d 14 a 15 d 16 a 17 d 18 c 19 c 20 a

unit 3


1 cultivate

2 comprehensive

3 controversial

4 suspend

5 insulted

6 preliminary

7 conventional 8 reform 9 worthwhile 10 publicity


1. his girlfriend’s father saw him as a man who could not make

a living.

2. the course was canceled over the students’ protest.

3. the problem is so difficult that we cannot work it out without the help of our teacher.

4. children tend to do/try their utmost when they know their parents are making similar efforts.

5. the new teaching program didn’t work well in the school at the outset.

6. i was kind of excited when i received the letter that offered me an interview.

7. the school is scheduled to open on september 1.

8. they appeared to offer a free computer, complete with software and a printer.

9. in spite of hardships, they made real efforts that have resulted in more progress than expected.

10. many people make things more difficult for themselves because they still operate on the principle that you should not ask for help, or you might seem weak.


f m k d c

g l o i b


1 cold

2 competition

3 debate

4 desire

5 fear

6 heat

7 interest

8 love

9 pleasure 10 enthusiasm


1 historic

2 atomic

3 optimistic

4 energetic

5 economic

6 heroic viii

1. responsibility

2. rapidity

3. mobility

4. curiosity

5. publicity

6. complexity


1 in britain, as in america, there is a great demand for educational reform.

2. in greece, as in italy, people use a lot of olive oil in cooking.

3. as in the hyde school, values such as courage, integrity, leadership,

curiosity and concern are the first, most important lesson in some public inner-city schools in maryland.

4. in china, as in japan, a large number of middle school students take supplementary classes in order to get into a famous university.

5. as in the middle of the 1950s, many young people went down to the countryside in the late 1960s and early 1970s.


1 once you’ve practiced a bit, you’ll find that it’s quite easy.

2. once the meal was finished, the discussions began.

3. once you show any fear, he will attack you.

4. once parents make a commitment to the program, they will be daily role models for their children.

5. once customers come to rely on these systems, they almost never take their business elsewhere.


1. in his thinking, as in his behavior, he is very traditional.

2. once the teachers agree to accept the new teaching program, they have to face the strain it puts on them.

3. in the long run, it is worthwhile to pursue one’s study after graduating from university instead of going to work directly.

4. as the school operates on the character first principle,

moral values and academic achievements are stressed equally.

5. it is said that the meeting, which is scheduled to be held

this month, will be put off till next month.

6. the school sees its job as preparing its students for life by

cultivating a comprehensive set of principles that can benefit

all of them.


1. 跟在法国一样,美国在20世纪60年代也发生过文化革命。








1 b

2 d

3 a

4 b

5 d

6 b

7 a

8 d

9 c 10 b 11 b 12 a 13 c 14 c 15 a

16 b 17 c 18 a 19 d 20 b

【篇三:全新版大学英语综合教程3(课后答案)完全版】>unit onechanges in the way we live

text a

content questions ( p10 )

write and live on a farm.

because they grow nearly all of their fruits and vegetables.

they have enough eggs, honey and wood. they are very close

to nature and can enjoy the beautiful scenery. besides, they

can go skiing and skating in winter.

no. sometimes the good life can get pretty tough.

they were buried under five feet of snow from december

through march.

when the first spring came, it brought two floods. the second flood refers to the good harvest in the growing season.

he decided to quit his job and start to freelance.

he has to crawl into black bear dens for “sports illustrated”, hitch up dogsled racing teams for “smithsonian” magazine, check out the lake champlain “monster” for “science digest”, and canoe through the boundary waters wilderness area of minnesota for “destinations”.

as for insurance, they have only bought a poor man’s major-medical policy and the policy on their two cars.

they cut back their expenses without appreciably lowering their standard of living. for example, they patronize local restaurants instead of more expensive places in the

city. they still attend the opera and ballet but only a few times a year. they eat less meat, drink cheaper wine and see fewer movies.

a tolerance for solitude and lots of energy.

they will leave with a feeling of sorrow but also with a sense of pride at what they have been able to accomplish.

they chose to live in the country because they want to improve the quality of their lives. yes, they have finally realized their dreams.

text organization ( p11 )

part one (paragraphs 1—3) the writer views his life in the country as a self-reliant and satisfying one.

part two(paragraphs 4—7 ) life in the country is good yet sometimes very hard.

part three (paragraphs 8—11) after quitting his job, the writer’s income was reduced, but he and his family were able to manage to get by.

part four (paragraphs 12—15 ) a tolerance for solitude and a lot of energy have made it possible for the family to enjoy their life in the country.

happy moments and events

1)growing nearly all their fruits and vegetables

2)canoeing, picnicking, long bicycle rides, etc.

3)keeping warm inside the house in winter

4)writing freelance articles

5)earning enough money while maintaining a happy family life hardships

1)working hard both in winter and in summer

2)harsh environment and weather condition

3)anxious moments after the writer quit his job

4)cutting back on daily expenses



1. fill in the gaps with words or phrases given in the box.

( p15 )

1)on balance 2) resist 3) haul 4) wicked

5) illustrated6) budget 7) lowering 8) boundary

9) involved 10)economic11) blasting 12) just about

2. now use the verb in brackets to form an appropriate phrasal verb you have learned and complete the sentence with it. ( p16 )

1)cut back / down 2)pick up

3)get by 4) get through

5)face up to 6)turn in

7)making up for 8)think up

3. rewrite each sentence with the word or phrase in brackets, keeping the same meaning. (p17 )

1)pursued his mathematical studies and taught himself astronomy.

2)often generate misleading thoughts.

3)attach great importance to combining theory with practice in our work.

4)be suspected of doing everything for money.

5)before he gets through life.

4. complete the sentences, using the words or phrases in brackets ( p17 )

1. their indoor a profit to invest in

2. devicethe improvement on a global scale

3. stackedtemptation never dined out

confusable use ( p18 )



home family







word formation ( p19 )

1) rise 2) final 3) regular 4) cash 5) hows and whys 6) upped7) yellowed 8) bottled 9) lower10) search cloze

1. text-related ( p20 )

1) gets by 2) temptation3) get through

4) improvement 5) aside from6) suspect

7) supplement8) profit 9) stacking

2. theme-related( p21 )

1) replaced2) consider3) quit

4) world 5) tough 6) fuels

7) provide 8) luxuries 9) balance

10) ideal


1. translate the sentences into english( p21 )