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He imposed his company upon her in spite of her repeated hints of hoping to be left alone.

1.2.他的朋友从来拿不准他什么时候会怎么做,因为他总是做些出人意料的事His friends can never count upon how he is going to act under given conditions,as he is always full of surprises.


Don’t make a fuss about such a small thing because that is the last thing I expected.


Besides being an upright and respectable woman Mrs.Baroda was also a very sensible one.


She had never known her thoughts to be so confused,unable to gather anything from them.


From Gouvernail’s talk,Mrs.Baroda came to know that his periods of silence were not his basic nature,but the result of moods.

1.7.令加斯顿高兴的是,他妻子终于不讨厌古韦内尔了,主动提出邀请他再来To Gaston’s delight,his wife had finally overcome her dislike for Gouvernail and invited Gouvernail to visit them again wholly from herself.


Mrs.B aroda felt confused with Gouvernail’s puzzling nature and found it hard to penetrate the silence in which he had unconsciously covered himself.


Other writers might have written stories about London.But only he could have created the character David,who gave his creator permanent fame.


China has provided more applause,more honor and,of course,more profit where this scientist is concerned than any other countries.


He had an urge to execute this skill perfectly.


This physical transformation,plus the skill with which he executed it

again and again,are surely the secrets of Chaplin’s great co medy.


But that shock roused his imagination.Chaplin didn’t have his jokes written into a script in advance;he was the kind of comic who used his physical senses to invent his art as he went along.


He also had a deep need to be loved—and a corresponding fear of being betrayed.The two were hard to combine and sometimes—as in his early marriages—the collision between them resulted in disaster.


It’s doubtful whether she can find her way into perfect acting,though she never loses her faith in her own ability.


It was a relief to know that he finally finished the book before his death,which was regarded as a fitting memorial to his life as a writer.Unit


You are legally entitled to take faulty goods back to the store where you purchased them,but you are supposed to account for why you want to do so.


You only need to fill out a form to get your membership,which entitles you to a discount on goods.


One year ago,the car dealer tried to drum up buyers by offering good services.Now,his business is thriving.


The crime was looked into carefully before he was convicted of murder.

3.5.我的车子在高速公路上抛锚后,我打电话向高速公路巡逻队(the Freeway Service Patrol)求助,20分钟后他们帮我解了围,留下了一张150美元的收据。

I called the Freeway Service Patrol for help after my car broke down on the freeway.Twenty minutes later,they came to my rescue and left a$150 receipt.


Faced with the threat of losing their jobs,these workers yielded to the m anagement’s advice and went back to work.


The middle-aged man who took the boy bled the father for$20,000 as a compensation for the loss of his company.

3.8.这个靠救济过日子的人开始慢慢地建立了自己的市场,生意日渐兴隆。The man living on welfare began to set up his own market,one step at a time and his business is thriving.


By installing the latest wireless transmission systems,a parade of urban centers and industrial zones from Beijing to Budapest are stepping directly into the Information Age.


Widespread access to information technology promises to condense the time required to change from labor-intensive assembly work to industries that involve engineering,marketing and design.


Modern communications will give countries like China and Vietnam a huge advantage over countries stuck with old technologies.


There is little dispute that communications will be a key factor separating the winners from the losers.


The economy of the country is stuck in recession and it barely has the money to scratch the surface of the problem.

4.6.急切想得到可靠服务的企业乐于花费可观的高价来换取无绳电话。Businesses eager for reliable service are willing to pay a significantly high price tag for a wireless call.


Having an operation there is like having an endless pile of money at your disposal.


For countries that have lagged behind for so long,the temptation to move ahead in one jump is hard to resist.


Poets and philosophers all speak highly of themselves for seeking out solitude,from which they can draw inspiration.


A humble person tends to suffer from solitude,feeling himself inadequate company,longing for others to be around.



The widowed old lady was so lonely that she would talk at length to the strangers in the supermarket about her pets.


The condition of loneliness rises and falls,but our need to talk goes on forever—the need of telling someone the daily succession of small observations and opinions.


To a person living alone,it’s important to stay rational and settle down and make himself comfortable,and find some grace and pleasure in his condition.


If you live with other people,their temporary absence can be refreshing.

5.7.科学调查表明,独居的人会对着自己,对着宠物对着电视机唠叨不休Scientific surveys show that those who live alone talk at length to themselves and their pets and the television.


I t’s important to stop waiting and settle down and make ourselves comfortable,at least for the time being.


We would not stand by and let bribery in various forms be on the increase.


While lending you the substantial sum of money,I made it clear to you that if you couldn’t pay it off in time,you might be accused of taking bribes.


Competition of financial power has become a fact of political life;but if you receive questionable political contributions for this reason,you will soon be under investigation.


To secure major arms deal contracts,they have made a substantial donation to the bank account of the party in power.

6.5.他突然想到了一个加速实验进程的好办法,但组里的成员却对此意见不一He hit upon a good method to speed up the progress of the experiment,but opinions differed among members of the group on it.


It’s difficult to enforce the new law because people are no t ready to act on it.


We think it’s the business of the United Nations troops to enforce a ceasefire in that area,while the job of the local government is to prepare to restore law and order.


Having made this decision,she joined the organization,which is in support of woman’s rights.


We have received three anonymous letters from Palestine to date,in addition to one suspicious package.


Their dream was nothing less than a more equal society where there is no racial prejudice.


He read more than Shakespeare’s plays;he liked modern music.

7.4.她说,他在上次选举中的命运将提醒所有的政治家,声望不是持久的His fate in the last election,she said,would serve as a reminder to all politicians that popularity does not last.


In effect,only hard work in combination with proper methods will always give you an advantage over others in study.


Technology itself,and its effective use,is not to be confined to the traditional science subjects.


Since the truth of this report was discounted,I was not in a position to publish it for you.


Many software companies have adapted general programs to the new operating system.


Up to yesterday,we had no idea whether the war would break out or not.

8.2.身边总有人不断使我想到自己是个奴隶的后代,但这并没有使我沮丧Someone is always at my elbow reminding me that I am a descendent of slaves,but it fails to register depression with me.


I do not want to tell you that story;I have just mentioned that in passing.


I prefer his plan to yours in that I think it is more practical.


The disapproval registered on her face was so real that even I would have thought it genuine.


They broke off the business relations with that company as it suffered huge losses in the last financial year and went bankrupt.


Perhaps this was the price that has to be paid for the progress in the first place—who knows?

8.8.她准备行李时,行李包里的物品被装进拿出好几次When she was preparing her luggage,the bag was emptied and refilled several times.


When he shaved his beard off,he looked ten years younger.


The delay is a perfect illustration of why we read a new computer system.


For all her privilege and wealth,life had not been easy and the experiences of childhood sufferings had left a deep mark on her life.


So far,150 have been tested,and the full statistical results will be available soon.


The company has charged some of its working practices in response to criticism by government inspectors.


Tonight’s program focuses on the way homelessness affects the young

9.7.这件事情在一瞬间就发生了,尽管现在回想(in retrospect)起来,此前一切都似乎已在慢慢地发生

It happened in a flash,although in retrospect everything seemed to occur in slow motion


The issue was expected to figure importantly in their discussion.Unit 10.1.我一直在整理这些旧文件,看看能把哪些扔掉

I’ve been sorting through these old papers to see what can be thrown away.10.2.他们继续工作,谁也没有注意到时间的流逝

They went on working taking no note of the passage of time


He had been speaking nothing less than the truth when he put down what he had seen.


As you get older you begin to reflect on business calls alone.10.5.电话的使用仅限于业务往来方面

The use of telephone is confine to business calls alone.


I kept at it and finally finished at 3 o’clock in the morning.10.7.他弯下身子时滑了一下,伤了背

In the act of bending down,he slipped and hurt his back.


Day centers for the elderly make a valuable contribution to the overall public service.

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