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Comprehensive Exercises



1.The boy acted he didn’t know me.

that as soon if

2.I could hardly believe that my son could write this article all himself


3.There is no reason he should refuse to join us.


4.Some of these methods will work, but will not.

A. B. C. D.

5. Respect he held out his hand to greet the old lady.


6.It has long been my custom my visitors to some coffee.

treating treat

They are pulling down the walls of the house.

7.The new book has received attention in China and abroad



1.她很腼腆,不敢在众人面前唱歌(in public)

She is so shy that she dare not sing in public.

2.根据作者建议,我们应该入乡随俗。(according to)

According to the author’s advice,when in Rome we should do as the Romans do.

3.那位男士走在一群女士前面以便为她们开门。(ahead of)

The man walks ahead of the women so as to open the door for them

4.就打招呼的方式而言,中国文化和西方文化之间存在很大的差异。(as far as be ***be concerned)

As far as greeting style is concerned, there are big differences between Chinese and Western cultures.

5.诚实比任何东西都跟能赢得别人的尊重。(more than any thing else)

Honesty deserves more respect than anything else.

6.我们不应该在教室里吸烟。(be supposed to)

We are supposed not to smoke in the classroom.


One important aspect lf good manners is to respect, understand and help others 8.信任对方是保持友谊的金科玉律。(the Golden Rule)

The Golden Rule to maintain friendship is trusting each other.



1.Do you think the film is worth


2.Finally,my sister got a job assistant manager in a bank.

3.It is predicted that the got a job assistant manager in a bank.

4.We became friends quite accident

5.The boss didn’t like was her laziness.

6.Johnson said that the evening party would cost him 200 the expense was 300dollars.


7.It is hard hard to the meaning of”rich”today.

8. A sense,he may be right to say that



1.一般说来,生活在良好环境里的人容易长寿。(in general )

In general,people living in good environment can live longer

2.政府要求关闭那加工厂以确保这一旅游胜地不受污染。(make sure that)

The government required that the factory be closed to make sure that the tourist attraction would not be polluted,

3.我们宁愿搬走,因为这里的噪音太厉害了。(would rather )

We would rather move away because the noise here is too loud

4.小明想到一个处理废水的好方法。(bit on)

Xiao Ming hit on a good idea to deal with the polluted water.

5.这条街一会儿干干净净,一会儿又很脏。(at one time ***at another time)

The street is clean at one time,and very dirty at another time.

6.饭店能否吸引顾客,往往取决于它的环境。(depend on)

Whether the restaurant can restaurant can attract customers depends on its environment.

7.这个城市的卫生环境增添了它的吸引力。(add to)

The city’s clean environment adds to its attraction,

8.我们倾向于在接到的两边种植一些花草。(be inclined to)

We are inclined to plant trees and flowers on both sides of the street.


1.Each key on the board is a different type of function.

2.When he was in danger,nobody came to his .

3.You need to place the carton of fries with message that a customer wanted a special dish

face .

4.The staff in the kitchen has the message that a customer wanted a special dish.

5.When it comes to ,I’m best at preparing fish.

6.Natural foods also vegetables not nourished by chemical fertilizers

7.Modern experts healthy eating suggest we eat more vegetables

8.She had to so that she could be heard by her parents.

up out up out


1.这家小店供应的饮料有茶、可乐、雪碧、矿泉水等等(and so on)

The grocery provides such drinks as tea,Coke,Sprite,mineral water,and so on.

2.就西式快餐而言,我最喜欢汉堡(when it comes to)

I like burger most when it comes to the western fast food.

3.顾客在点菜时应该明白无误地告诉服务员自己需要什么(loud and clear)

The customer should tell the waiter/waitress loud and clear what he/she needs.

4.那家饭馆十分重视菜肴的质量(place emphasis on)

That restaurant ;laces much emphasis on the quality of food provided


The special of our restaurant is Crispy Duck

6.我儿子比习惯吃辣的食物(be unused to)

My son is unused to the spicy food.


Food at the school canteen lacks variety.

8.这道菜看上去像一盆花(look like)

The dish looks like a bonsai flower.



1.Form a very far place I could heat the of my father.

price of paper according to its quality.

young man fooled the old lady saying that the product was imported.

are expected to provide the news

new machine is easy to operate. It is not very expensive


river separates the school his village.

can hardly imagine my old classmate on the street.


have no idea how the computer .

D 翻译


Shopping online is a new experience to me.


Coupons are made available to customers who spend a minimum of 200 yuan.


This brand lf mobile phone is quite popular among youngsters.


At last I managed to persuade my father to buy me a laptop computer.


Purchasers lf refrigerators enjoy free delivery


At the checkout counter there is a queue of customers waiting to pay for their purchases


Please enquire the department manager about the discount details


The amount I spent in the supermarket totals 150 yuan



sold his farm and he had enough money for his journey.

next day when I went to meet John,I almost failed to him in his Australian bush hat.

would like you to feel that I am talking directly to you as you read the book.

4.She is behind with her school work because of her illness

was considered of a hero in the town.

are justified in equal rights at work.

army defended the town the enemy attack.

want pencils,please!

of dozen dozen dozens dozens of


1.商店里陈列着各种型号的手机。(on display)

All types lf mobile phones are on display in the store.


Please read through the manual before starting to use the mobile phone.


You can refer to Zhang Dong’s school website for his phone number.


Yesterday,Xiao Wang was searching online all day long for relevant materials about

a writer.


Online chat should be restricted to adults.


The number lf the Internet users in this city almost doubled last year.

7.我们不能指望因特网告诉我们一切。(rely on)

We can not rely on the Internet to tell us everything.


Telephone is important to the life lf the young and the old alike.



can tell the clouds that it is going to rain.

houses were by a fire.

a sudden,he fell down from the tree.

fact that Taiwan is a part of China.


sat opposite me,lost in .

a new house costs a large of money.

deprived me of the pleasure meeting you.


fitted a new lock to that the bicycle would not be stolen.



The secret o a long life is a balanced diet.


Please follow the directions on the box when you take the medicine.


The near-sightedness deprived Li Ming of the opportunity to join the army.

4.为了保持健康,他平均每天散步一小时。(on average)

He walks for an hour a day on average in order to stay healthy

5.从医学的角度来看,吸烟对肺有伤害。(point of view)

From a medical point of view,smoking is harmful to lung.


Generally speaking, cancer in an early phase is curable.


His blood pressure sank after he took a few tablets


Today,there are many people dying of AIDS everyday in the world.



did not like the house at the beginning but the new furniture all the difference.

stopped smoking for the of health.

should make your bed before you leave for school.

to give you the book today,but I forgot to bring it

poured water all over my album,and it

people like fat meat, others hate it.

often from carelessness.

you said just now is not the best approach this problem



Young people start to like McDonald’s,whereas their patents don’t.


To the old,it means much whether the young respect them or not.


For many old people,health is the first concern.


All the parents have great expectations of/tor their children.


He feared that his parents would be against his choice.


The communication between the young people and their parents is highly rewarding 7.代沟往往是因为两代人缺乏交流而产生的。(lack)

The generation gap often results from a lack of communication between tow



the young should have a sense of social responsibility.



is hard to see how the issue can be resolved everyone’s satisfaction.

plan I mentioned just now is to discussion


I was cooking,it suddenly to me that I had forgot to buy salt.

a boat is not the same driving a car.

don’t want to go out the heavy rain outside.


and buy a copy lf this book,It is still in

’s getting put on more clothes.

to better better

seems that Mare has some trouble this sound.

pronounce pronouncing



Women and men are equally capable in almost every respect.


It suddenly occurred to me that presidents in several countries are women.

3.许多工作目前都有女性承担,如做秘书,照顾孩子,当护士等。(such to)

Many jobs at present are held by wowen mainly such as secretary .


We cannot judge which gender is superior or inferior based on physical strength.


Our ultimate objective is to bring an end to unjust treatment towards women. 6.我们不能简单地将就业(employment)的不平等归咎与性别的差异。(blame***on)

We cannot simply blame the inequality of employment on gander differences.

7.他事先就知道这个会议的话题(topic)是男女同酬。(in advance)

He knew in advance that the topic pf the meting this time was equal pay for equal work


Men and women have slight difference in judging a stranger.

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