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《大学英语精读2》课程考试试题 (A 卷)

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Part I. Vocabulary and Structure (20%)

1. If you love plants, the chances are you buy them on _______ and then wonder where to put them.

A. purpose

B. impulse

C. display D cut

2. Mother ______ my brother to keep his voice down but he ignored her. A. remarked B. motioned C. shrugged D. impressed

3. We should see ourselves as part of nature rather than in ______ with it. A. argument B. connection C. conflict D. crash

4. Don’t _____ to let me know if there is anything I can do for you. A. hesitate B. reject C. puzzle D thrill

5. Traditional Chinese food is far ______ to McDonald ’s or any other fast foods I know. A. immune B. superior C. essential D. Similiar

6. The three men tried many times to sneak across the border into the neighbouring country, _______ by the police each time.

A. had been captured

B. only to be captured

C. being always captured

D. unfortunately captured

7. Although punctual himself, the professor was quite used _______ late for his lecture. A. to have students B. to students ’ being C. for students to be D. for students ’ being

8._______ the help of their group, we would not have succeeded in the investigation. A. Besides B. Regardless of C. But for D. In spite of 9. The advertising campaign didn’t have much _______ on sales. A. effect B. affect C. effective D. stress

10. Pollution poses a threat to the continued existence of this _______. A. specie B. species C. piece D. kind

Part II. Match the phrases in Column I with those in Column II. (6%) Column I Column II

1. 白胡子老头 A. a wait-and-see attitude

2. 生死搏斗 B. New Year ’s Day

3. 元旦 C. a white-bearded old man

4. 等着瞧的态度 D. a skilled worker

5. 心地善良的女人 E. a life-and-death struggle

6. 熟练的工人 F. a kind-hearted woman

Part III. Choose the right word and put it in the blanket. (10%) able, capable

1. John is the most ______ man I have ever known.

2. The room is ________ of seating 20 people.

3. Because I am ill, I will not be ______ to come tomorrow.

4. The company isn ’t ______ of handling such a large order.

5. He is a(n )______ lawyer.

Part IV . Reading Comprehension (24%)

Passage 1

Young Koreans are beginning to do it alone when it comes to finding a partner, though matchmaking is still the most common way for boy to meet girl.

Professional matchmakers can make thousands of American dollars introducing eligible marriage partners to each other, but parents also play a part in the ritual by which young Koreans meet.

In Confucian Korea, where marriage is regarded as more of a business contract than a sacred rite, the scene of the initial meeting is repeated hundreds of times a day in coffee shops in the main hotels around Seoul.

The business of continuing the family lineage and keeping the bloodlines pure is often too important to be left to romance and chance encounters.

Often, the girl will work out a system of discreet signals with her mother, where her parents can tell if she is interested.

For example, if the girl orders an orange juice it might signal that she wants her parents to leave her alone with the boy, while a coffee indicates she wants them to stay.

Sometimes the matchmaking is not always so formal, with the introductions being done by friends.

But whether through friends or families, there is hardly a Korean man or woman in the country who has not gone through this process ——sometimes six or seven times.

年级、专业: 层次: 学习形式: 姓名: 学号:

装 订 线

密 封 线

1. Matchmaking in this passage means________.

A. to produce match

B. to introduce boys and girls to know each other for the purpose of marriage

C. to arrange games

D. a quite formal ritual attended by parents and their children

2. According to the passage, who else in Korea will usually appear in the first arranged meeting between marriage partners?

A. Only a young man and a girl.

B. Their relatives.

C. Their parents.

D. Their colleagues.

3. The reason for the existence of matchmaking is _______.

A. that most people regard marriage as continuing family lineage and romance

B. that most people try to keep the bloodlines pure and chance encounters

C. that most people try to avoid romance and chance encounters and keep family lineage and

bloodlines pure

D. that most people try to break family lineage and bloodlines (血统)

4. From the signals the girl makes in the first meeting, her parents can tell _______.

A. whether she is thirsty or not

B. whether she likes orange juice or coffee

C. whether she is interested in the boy or not

D. whether she is nervous or not

5. According to the passage, which of the following statements is NOT true?

A. Nowadays young Koreans no longer need matchmakers to help them find suitable partners.

B. Young Koreans get to know each other with the introduction being done by their friends.

C. Almost every man or woman in Korean has to go through the matchmaking.

D. Some people even have to go through the matchmaking for more than one time.

Passage 2

Education is not an end, but a means to an end. In other words, we do not educate children only for the purpose of educating them. Our purpose is for life.

In some modern countries, it has been fashionable to think that by free education for all whether rich or poor, clever or stupid one can solve all the problems of society and build a perfect nation. But we can already see that free education for all is not enough; we find in such countries a far larger number of people with university degrees, they refuse to do what they think “low” work. In fact, work with hands is thought to be dirty and shameful in such countries. But we have only to think a moment to understand that the work of a completely uneducated farmer is far more important than that of a professor. We can live without education, but we would die if we have no food. If no one cleaned our streets and moved the rubbish away from our houses, we should get terrible diseases in our towns.

In fact, when we say that all of us must be educated to fit us for life, it means that we must be educated in such a way that, firstly, each of us can do whatever work suited to his brains and ability and, secondly, that we can realize that all jobs are necessary to society, and that is very bad to be ashamed of one’s work. Only such a type of education can be considered valuable to society.

6. The author of this passage thinks that _________.

A. education can settle all of the w orld’s problems

B. free education won't help to solve social problems

C. free education for all probably leads to a perfect world

D. all the social problems can’t be solved by education

7. The author wants to prove that_________.

A. our society needs all kinds of jobs

B. our society needs free education for all

C. a farmer is more important than a professor

D. p eople with university degrees refuse to do what they think “low” work

8. One can learn from the passage ______

A. work with hands is dirty and shameful

B. work with hands is low work

C. work with hands is the most important

D. we can’t regard work with hands as low work

9. The purpose of education is_________.

A. to choose the system of education

B. to prepare children mainly for their future work

C. to build a perfect world

D. to let everyone receive education fit for him

10. The passage mainly tells us about _______ of education.

A. the means

B. the system

C. the value

D. the type

Passage 3

When I was about six years old, my mother came home one day and found that I had collected half a dozen babies of the neighborhood ---- all of them too young to walk ---- and had them sitting before me on the floor while I was teaching them to wave their arms. When she asked the explanation of this, I informed her that it was my school of dance. She was amused, and placing herself at the piano, she began to play for me. This school continued and became very popular. Later on, little girls of the neighborhood came and their parents paid me a small sum to teach them. This was the beginning of what afterwards proved a very lucrative (利润丰厚的) occupation.

My mother took me to a famous ballet teacher, but his lesson did not please me. When the teacher told me to stand on my toes, I asked him why, and when he replied “Because it is beautiful,” I said that it was ugly and against nature and after the third lesson I left his class,

never to return. This stiff and commonplace gymnastics which he called dancing only disturbed my dream. I dreamed of a different dance. I did not know just what it would be, but I was feeling out towards an invisible world into which I guessed I might enter if I found the key.

My art was already in me when I was a little girl, and it was owing to the heroic and adventurous spirit of my mother that it was not stifled. I believed that whatever the child is going to do in life should be begun when it is very young. I wonder how many parents realize that by the so-called education they are giving their children, they are only driving them into the commonplace, and depriving them of any chance of doing anything beautiful or original.

11. According to the narrator, she owed her success in art to ___________.

A. the good education her parents gave her

B. the support of her understanding and adventurous mother

C. her inborn talent

D. her ballet teacher

12. The central idea of the passage is that __________.

A. parents should try to discover the natural gift in their children and help to develop it while they are young

B. the so-called good education parents give their children only drives them into the commonplace and deprives them of any chance of doing anything original

C. mothers should be heroic and adventurous

D. ballet is no good as a form of dance

Part V. Translation (25%)

1. 小约翰尼一见到妈妈下班回来就往前门跑去。


2. 这位老人给我留下了深刻的印象。


3. Because his family couldn’t afford his fee, Tom had to drop out of school.


4. In the U.S.A., a college education is not viewed as a privilege reserved for the wealthy or the academically talented.


5. Several weeks later, I realized that either he or I was wrong.

________________________________________________________ Part VI. Writing (15%)


公司茶话会(Company Tea Party)



地点:员工游乐中心(Staff Recreation Center) 欢迎所有员工(all staff) 参加。


大学英语精读1题库 试题一 Part 1. V ocabulary and structure (30%) Directions: Choose one for the best answer. 1. They _____an enemy guard near the railway station. A cast B arrested C captured D mounted 2. The steps of the old house _____ under my weight. A complained B sobbed C murmured D groaned 3. Young adults ____ older people are more likely to prefer pop songs. A other than B more than C less than D rather than 4. I’d rather have a room of my own, however small it is, than _____ room wit h someone else. A to share B to have shared C share D sharing 5. When in trouble, she always leans _____ John for help. A on B towards C to D at 6. Just as the builder is skilled in the handling of his bricks, ______ the experienced writer is skilled in the handling of his works. A as B thus C so D like 7. It was because the ten major building projects were designed, built and fully completed ____ ten months that it was considered to be a miracle. A in good season B in great demand C in a matter of D in advance 8. No matter how frequently _____, the works of Beethoven always attract large audience. A performed B performing C to be performed D being performed 9. He is such a devoted football _____ that he travels with the team. A player B fun C fee D fan 10. I’m very glad to know that my boss has generously agreed to _____ my debt in return for certain service. A take away B cut out C write off D clear up 11. At first, the speaker was referring to the problem of pollution in the country, but halfway in her speech, she suddenly ____ to another subject. A committee B switched C favored D transmitted 12. There are other problems which I don’t propose to _____ at the moment. A go into B go around C go for D go on 13. I want to buy a new tie to ____ this brown suit. A go into B go with C go after D go by 14. These dogs were _____ after the long chase. A holding their breath B catching their breath C wasting their breath D recovering their breath 15. John said that he didn’t quite ____ and asked me to repeat what I had said. A . snatch up B. summon up C catch on D watch on 16. I was ______ the point of telephoning him when his letter arrived. A to B on C at D in 17. Although architecture has artistic qualities, it must also satisfy a number of important practical _____. A. obligations B regulations C observations D considerations 18. This ticket ____you to a free meal in our new restaurant. A gives B grants C entitles D credits 19. A season ticket _____ the holder to make as many journeys as he wishes within the stated period of time. A grants B promises C entitles D presents 20. It is well-known that the retired workers in our country are ____ free medical care. A entitled to B involved in C associated with D assigned to 21. She always _____ these arguments. A gets the better of B does better than C thinks better of D does her best 22. The carpenter angrily ______ aside his tools and would work no longer. A flung B flapped C patted D tackled 23. When Jim heard the fire alarm he _____ and looked for the nearest exit.


大学英语精读考试试卷 (共计100分,时间90分钟) 一、选词填空(每题3分,共45分) decrease typical whatsoever enclosed gap neighborhood relieve qualifications worthwhile laundry findings proposal current boring recognized 1、A summer day in that area is hot and dry. 2、The houses in our are very expensive. 3、It is true that these herbs(药草)can be used to pain. 4、They are making further efforts to the cost of production. 5、My brother told me that he had met with no difficulty in learning English grammar. 6、The lecture was so that I couldn’t help yawning(打哈欠). 7、We hope that the management will take note of the and improve their products accordingly(相应地). 8、I had not seen him for 16 years, but I him immediately. 9、Enid considered teaching a career(职业). 10、The government is taking effective measures to overcome difficulties. 11、The mayor put forward a to improve public transportation. 12、I am afraid that the between rich and poor is still widening in our country. 13、Mom told me to put my dirty clothes in the basket. 14、Frank a letter with the English novel which he sent to me. 15、Do you think Helen has the right for the job? 二、完形填空(每题0.5分,共计10分) Around the world more and more people are ___1___ dangerous sports and activities. Of course there have always been people who have ___2___ adventure—those who have climbed the ___3__ mountains, explored unknown parts of the world or _4_ in small boats across the greatest oceans. Now, however, there are


ⅠVocabulary and Structure (30%) Directions: This section is to test the use of vocabulary and structure. There are 20 incomplete sentences in it. You are required to complete each one by choosing the most appropriate word or phrase from the 4 choices marked A), B), C) and D). Then you should write the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet. 1.It took us ______ less than three hours to do the work. A. no B. not C. none D. nothing 2.George is ______ Jack. E. as an efficient worker as F. an as efficient worker as G. as efficient a worker as H. an efficient worker as 3.______ hearing the news, all of them jumped with joy. I. At J. As K. By L. On 4.______ during the war, the airport has never been used again. M. Have been damaged N. Having been damaged O. Being damaged P. Damaged 5.The Smith family will have gone ______ by the time we finish summer school. Q. camp R. camp S. camping T. camped 6.Brass is similar ______ gold ______ color. U. to卛n V. in協or W. to協or X. with卛n 7.Not only the society but also the people in it ______. Y. has changed Z. have changed AA. h ave been changed BB. has been changed 8.I asked the secretary if there were ______ tickets but she had only the expensive ______. CC. one卭nes DD. a ny卭ne EE. some卭nes FF. any卭nes 9.Problems can ______ when people have no knowledge of law. GG. rise HH. r aise II. arise JJ. rose


Preview 1 Listen to the recording of the text and Choose the statement that best reflects your understanding. 1. D 2. D 3. D 4. B Vocabulary 1 Become familiar with the rule of word formation. 1 Give the corresponding nouns for the following verbs. 1. improvement 2. endurance 3. success 4. allowance 5. supply 6. provision 7. cultivation 8. nourishment 9. fulfillment 10. attempt 11. elimination 12. refusal 2 Give the corresponding verbs for the following nouns. 1. garden 2. fertilize 3. mix 4. liberate 5. require 6. fail 7. endure 8. alternate 9. result 10. satisfy 3 Translate the following expressions. Point out which –ing form is a gerund and which a present participle. 1.一家建筑公司(gerund) 2.缺少一个环节(present participle) 3.一个动人的故事(present participle) 4.阅读技能(gerund) 5.一件泳衣(gerund) 6.落日(present participle) 7.起居(gerund)室 8.睡美人(present participle) 9.安眠药片(gerund) 10.乏味的讲演/报告(present participle) 11.饮用水(gerund) 12.流血的鼻子(present participle) 13.藏身之处(gerund) 14.太笼统/绝对的话(present participle) 15.狩猎的季节(gerund) 16.最后的润色(gerund) 17.指导原则(present participle) 18.下个星期(present participle) 19.颤抖的双腿(present participle) 20.一张渔网(gerund) 21.一根手杖(gerund) 22.现有的制度(present participle) 23.饮食习惯(gerund) 24.(比萨)斜塔(present participle) 25.一个有前途的学生(present participle) 26.正在增长的人口(present participle) 4 Compare the following expressions and translate them into Chinese.

大学英语精读2 课后翻译题答案

第一单元 1.她砰地关上门,一声不吭地走了,他们之间 那场争执就此结束。 Their argument ended when she slammed the door and left without a word. 2. 出席晚宴的客人对那个美国人威严的语气 感到有点意外。 The guests at the dinner party were slightly surprised at the commanding tone of the American. 3. 约翰尼已长大成熟,不再害怕独自呆在家里了。 Johnny has outgrown the fear of staying at home alone. 4. 当全部乘客都向出口处(exit) 走去时,他却独自留在座位上,好像不愿意离开这架飞机似的。 While all the other passengers made for the exit, he alone remained in his seat as if unwilling to leave the plane. 5. 这封信必须交给威尔逊博士本人。 The letter is to be handed to Dr. Wilson himself. 6. 南希虽然很想参加辩论,但腼腆得不敢开口。 While she felt like joining in the argument, Nancy was too shy to open her mouth. 7. 你觉得什么时候最有可能在家里找到他? What do you think is the likeliest time to find him at home? 8. 猎人一看见有只狐狸从树丛中出现并向他设下(lay) 的陷阱(trap) 方向跑去,脸上顿时闪出了兴奋的表情。 The hunter’s face lit up with excitement as soon as he saw a fox emerge from among the bushes and run in the direction of / make for the trap he had laid 第二单元 1) 会上有人建议任命一个十一人委员会来制定新章程。 It was suggested at the meeting that a committee of eleven be appointed to make a new constitution. 2) 这些青年科学家通过现场观察,获得了研究工作所需的第一手资料。 By making on-the-spot observations, the young scientists obtained first-hand information they needed in their research work. 3) 他很可能会因视力不好而被拒收入伍。 It is very likely that he will be rejected by the army because of his bad eyesight. 4) 委员会成员在新机场最佳选址(location) 这一问题上持有不同意见。 The committee members have conflicting opinions as to the best location of the new airport. 5) 亨利创作的艺术品在许多方面比他兄弟的要好。 Henry's works of art are superior in many respects to those of his brother's. 6) 我们产品质量的稳步提高在很大程度上是由于设备有所改进。 The steady rise in the quality of our products owes much to the improvement of our equipment. 7) 吉姆本想按照自己的判断行事,但他没有这样做,因为作为军人他得服从命令。Jim would have preferred to act on his own judgment, but he didn't because as a soldier he had to obey the order.

大学英语精读1 期末考试卷及参考答案

大学英语专业精读1 期末考试卷 I. Word formation (40%) A. Give the corresponding nouns for the following verbs.给出下列动词的相应名词形式。(10%) 1. discover 2.depend 3.amaze 4.add 5.display 6.renew 7.suppose 8.treat 9.addict 10.accelerate B. Give the corresponding nouns for the following adjectives. (10%) 1.weak 2. angry 3. free 4. quick 5. clear 6. long 7.wide 8. sad 9.happy 10. moderate C. Give the corresponding verbs for the following nouns. (10%) 1. gardening 2. failure 3. fertilizer 4. enduring 5. mixture 6.liberation 7.alternative 8.result 9.satisfaction 10.requirement D. Give the corresponding synonyms for the following words and expressions. (10%) 1.barely 2. chilly 3. now and then 4. many 5. clever 6. turn up 7. keen 8. club 9.handsome 10.sensible II. Translate the Chinese into English. (30%) 1. We’ll stick by you___________________________________________(无论发生什么事). 2. Keep in touch with your cultural roots, ___________________(无论你在世界何地). 3.We’ll bring the hostage home,___________________________(无论有多困难). 4. I feel that you young people should understand____________________(生活中总是充满着机遇和挑战). 5. When she learned____________________(她已经被那所大学录取), she almost jumped for joy. 6.You must admit_________________________(所有这一切都表明我们的努力没有白费). 7.He was running a great risk when he insisted_________________________________(地球是绕着太阳转的). 8. The visitors were greatly impressed by________________________(这个村子过去30年所取得的成就). 9. First-year college students are generally not clear about______________________________(他们应该从大学获取什么). 10._____________________________(农民最想得到的东西)is just one thing. It is land. III. Translate the following sentences into English. (30%) 1. 我们现在缺少人手,你来得正好。 2. 已经有好几个同学在考虑竞选学生会主席。 3. 她警告我不要和那种追求个人名利的人交往。 4.多年来我们学校培养了很多学生,大多数都在各个部门重要岗位任职。 5. 她原以为哲学是非常枯燥的东西,可后来方发现它非常有意思。 6.他父亲刚过五十,可头发已经灰白了。不过,除此以外,他没事。 7.这里的老师和学生都认为学英语没有什么捷径。 8.我知道放弃这个机会十分愚蠢,但我别无选择。 9.有一天,那座新楼突然倒塌,楼里很多人都被埋了。 10.一种长久的友好关系要求双方都十分真诚。


大学英语精读第二册课后习题答案Unit1 一) 1. bare 2. empty 3. empty 4. bare 5. empty 6.empty 二) 1. shortly 2.track down 3.faint 4.motioned 5.at the sight of 6.feel like 7.slamming 8.rang out 9.contract 10.made for 11.heated 12.emerged 三) 1. host 2. sprang up/rang out 3. impulse 4. came to 5. track down 6. unexpected 7. outgrow 8. widened 9. shortly

10. emerge / spring up 11. at the sight of 12. made for 13. crisis 14. colonial 四) 1. Jimmy has outgrown the shirts his aunt made for him a few years ago. 2. Does the doctor think the elderly lady is likely to survive the operation / it is likely that the elderly lady will survive the operation? 3. The other day your cousin paid us an unexpected visit. 4. Don't you see the nurse motioning us to be silent? 5. Her face lit up with joy at his return. 6. The sound of her footsteps grew fainter as she walked farther away. 五) 1. Additional advantageous Anxious conditional Courageous curious Dangerous educational Emotional famous Industrial intentional Medical mountionous Musical mysterious National occasional Personal practical 2. Heated colored pigtailed gifted bearded pointed experienced aged skilled diseased 六) 1.The people questioned gave very different opinions on the issue. 2. Can you see the man climbing on that rock? 3. Several days passed before they came up with a satisfactory solution to the problems discussed.


Vocabulary 1.Bare adj 赤裸的 2.Impulse n. 冲动 impulse on 3.Unexpected adj 意外的 4.Contract v 收缩,合同 5.At a sight of 一看见 6.Appoint v 任命 be appointed 7.Hesitate v 犹豫 not hesitate to do sth 8.Origin n 血统,出生 9.Humble 地位低下,谦逊 modest 谦虚 10.Judgment n 判断 judging by 11.Existence n 存在 12.Superior adj 较好的 be superior to/ in 13.Besides 除….之外还有 except 除….外没有 14.Apply v 申请 apply to sb for 15.Mumble v 含糊的说 16.Attach to 把…联系在一起 attach importance to 17.Capable 有能力,潜力做某事 competent 有能力胜任某事 18.Protest v 抗议,反对 19.Prospect n 展望 20.Consist of 组成 21.Few/a few little/a little 22.Pursue v 忙于,从事 23.Conclude v 推断出 24.Encounter v 意外遇见 25.Anticipate v 预见 26.Conceit n 自负 27.In practice 在实践中 28.In advance 预先,事前 29.Possess v 占有 30.Evidence n 证据 31.Accident 事故,偶然意外,不幸 Event 历史事件 Incident 事件,小事 32.dwell on 老想着 33.rise go down 34.butterflies in the stomach 35.it’s the last straw that breaks the camel’s back. A spirited discussion springs up between a young girl who says that women have outgrown the jumping-on-a-chair-at-the-sight-of-a-mouse era and major who says they haven’t. 席间,一位年轻的女士同一位少校展开了激烈的讨论。年轻女士认为,妇女已经有所进步,


外教社大学英语精读第1册第10单元参考答案 Vocabulary V. 1.j 2.g 3.a 4.i 5.f 6.b 7.h 8.e 9.d 10.c VI. 1. have vanished 2. tightened 3. mysterious 4. handle 5. caught up in 6. pulled into 7. dreamed of 8. retreat 9. stunned 10. would come through 11. made their way 12. take (him)back 13. mask 14. brightly VII. 1. The news of Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor stunned the people of the United States. 2. The wild animals started to run at the approach of the hunters. 3. I was so caught up in the film on TV that I forgot to do my homework. 4. Although the Second World War ended more than fifty years ago, many people still remember it painfully. 5. The cheerful smile vanished from her face when she heard the bad news. 6. In spite of America's high divorce rate, many Americans still dream of a happy marriage. Word Building VIII. 1. healthy 2. dirty 3. noisy 4. smoky 5. stormy 6. sunny, rainy 7. muddy 8. smelly IX. 1. ill-advised 2. well-paid 3. much-used 4. well-informed 5. poorly-dressed 6. well-travelled 7. muc h-handled 8. well-known X. 1. root 2. notice 3. retreat 4. board 5. mask 6. retreat 7. approaching 8. notice 9. rooted 10. board 1 1. dreaming 12. approach 13. mask 14. Dreams Structure XI. Model 1 1. She listened to a continual strange noise coming from the next room, her heart beating fast. 2. The old beggar sat at the corner, tears welling up in his eyes. 3. Jim continued on his way, the dog jumping around in front of him. 4. The girl in the snapshot wore a broad smile, her long hair flowing in the breeze. Model 2 1. Mother insisted that we be back before 6P. M. In the evening. 2. The salesman insisted that the money be paid before the goods were delivered. 3. The prime minister insisted that a committee be set up to look into the matter. 4. His teacher insisted that he read the book once again before he started writing the report. Model 3 1. Red flags were seen billowing in the breeze, as if greeting the soldiers coming home. 2. The brook kept murmuring all the year round, as if telling a never-ending story of sorrow. 3. The young men answered the strangers kindly, as if speaking to good friends. 4. Tom turned round from time to time, as if searching for someone in the crowd. Cloze XII. (A)


大学英语精读预备级课后答案(完整) Unit1How to be a Successful Language Learner Text A Learning to Think All Over Again 1substituted 2analogy 3represented 4associated 5challenge 6converted 7concept 8reduced 9image10bundles11choose12pointed13instead14 various 1get away from 2put together 3getting into 4broken into 5a great deal 6Over and over again 7depend on 1took

2go 3take 4go 5go 1what caused the fire 2what site of shoe your father wears 3what looked like a ball 4what our family and friends do for us 5what she had bought for his birthday1.Translation翻译 1.What the boy likes to do most is putting together building blocks. 2.In terms of previous working experience,John is the best choice for this position. 3.My physics teacher often uses analogy to explain some difficult concepts. 4.With the help of his family and friends,Tom build up his publishing business bit by bit. 5.Linda was not able to go to that famous college,but she planned to start all over again rather than give up the challenge. 6.This company has a very good public image.People always


一,连线 1 extremely a. very 2 hazard b. danger 3 pollute c. make dirty or unfit for use 4 originally d. in the beginning 5 feasibility e. possibility of being carried out6survive f. continue to live7 atmosphere g. the whole mass of air round the earth 8 conclusion h. belief or opinion which is the result 9 procceed i. continue after an interruption10 conference j. a meeting for discussion11 billion k. a thousand million12 humorous l. amusing and funny 1 mysterious c. hid2vanish f. arrive as expected 3 mask j. move 4 pull into i. shock5bightly h. go back 6. come through e. cheerfully and happily7 exclaim b. disappear8 retreat g. cry loudly9 stun d arrive at10 make one’s way a. hard to explain or under 二.填空. 1. Industrial cities such as Chicago and Detroit have severely ________the waters of the Great Lakes. 2. They are studying the ______ of building a new shopping center outside town. 3. Medical researchers reached the _________long ago that smoking is a serious __________to health. 4. George Washington, the first President of the United States, is _________the Father of His Country. 5. The fire that broke out in the plant during the night was still seen ________a lot of smoke the next morning. 6. The World Cup was transmitted around the world by ________. 7. The movie we are going to see is said to be ________the life story of an American general. 8. They are nine _________in the solar system. They are : Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. 9. Supporters of gun control have worked for many years to ban the sale of ___________handguns in American. 10. My native town, which was _________rather small, has now been built into one of the biggest cities in the province. 11. Jinmao Building in Pudong, Shanghai an be seen from miles away,_________ into the sky. 12. The speaker said something about the actors first and then __________to talk about the film. 13. We had a long debate ___________whether we should spend so mush money on space technology. 14. A plate dropped from her fingers and _________into pieces on the kitchen floor. 15. The bad weather __________our building program by three weeks. 16. “Why won’t you to go to Tibet with me ?” “_________,l don’t like fl ying, and _______________,l can’t afford it .”