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Unite 1

一、Words in use选词填空

Explore(v.勘探,探测) transmit(v.传送,传递,传播) resource(n.资源) emerge(v.出现,为···所公认) yield(v.产生,出产,屈从,让步) pose(v.摆姿势,导致) assume(v.认为,假定,假设) confidence(n.信任信赖,自信心) inherit(v.沿袭,秉承,继承) c omprehensive(a.综合的,多方面的)

1. Given the chance to show his ability, he regained confidence and began to succeed in school.

2. It is so difficult to explore the bottom of the ocean because some parts are very deep.

3. It was about 30 seconds before Alex emerged from the water; we were quite scared.

4. We often assume that when other people do the same things as we do, they do them for the same reasons; but this assumption is not always reasonable.

5. There is widespread concern that the rising unemployment may pose a threat to social stability.

6. After a(n) comprehensive physical exam, my doctor said I was in good condition except that my blood pressure was a little high.

7. It is well known that China is a country with rich natural resources and

a very big population.

8. Some people believe that the earth can yield enough food to support at least twice its present population.

9. Sam inherited the gift of imagination from his family, but he lacked the driving power to take action.

10. A bee that has found honey is able to transmit to other bees the information they need in order to collect the honey.

二、Word building字楼











10.accountant 11.notified

三、Banked cloze篇章词汇理解(15选10)



raise提升,增加 passion强烈的爱好,热爱virtually实际上classify分类归类acquire获得,取得,学到fashionable流行的especially特别的sample样品,标本prosperous繁荣的

University students come from different parts of the country with various purposes. However, a closer look at their reasons for studying at the university will enable us to (1)classify them roughly into three groups: those who have a(n) (2)passion for learning, those who wish to (3)attain a bright future, and those who learn with no definite purpose.

Firstly, there are many students who learn simply because they (4) pursue their goal of learning. Some read a wealth of British and American novels because they are keenly interested in literature. Others sit in front of the computer screen, working on a new program, (5)virtually day and night, because they find some computer programs (6)fascinating, and they dream of becoming a "Bill Gates" one day.

Secondly, there are students who work hard mainly for a better and more (7)prosperous future. It seems that the majority of students fall into this group. After admission to the university, they read books after books to (8)acquire knowledge from all of the resources which are (9)available to them, and finally, to succeed in the future job market.

Thirdly, there are still some students who learn without a clear goal. They take courses, finish homework, enjoy life on campus, but don't want to (10)sample anything new or challenging. They have no idea what they will be doing after college. And they may end up with nothing in their lives. 四、Expressions in use表达式使用

open the door to给···以机会in advance 预先,提前all at once 同时,一下子reap the benefits (of)得享(某事物)的好处make the most of最大限度的利用某物over time逐渐地,慢慢地get by过活,活的去stand a chance (of)有(做成某事)的希望remind ... of 使某人想起take pleasure in乐于做某事

1. My family got by on my father's unemployment benefit after he lost his job.

2. Many subway riders read books or listen to music in order to make the most of their time on the way to work.

3. In order to make sure he would be able to attend the meeting, I called him up two weeks in advance.

4. Experts say our company is amazing in that sales have been increasing steadily over time .

5. In order to reap the benefits of the physical exercise, you have to exercise regularly, and for at least half an hour each time.

6. They all tried to talk all at once , but I couldn't hear anything they said.

7. Yellow flowers in the field always remind me of my childhood in the countryside.

8. We have been practicing for so long and so hard that our team should stand a chance of winning the game.

9. Research on genes will open the door to exciting new medical treatments.

10. Every one of you has made a contribution and I take pleasure in acknowledging what each of you has done to make this academic convention such a success


孔子是中国历史上著名的思想家、教育家,是儒家学派(Confucianism)的创始人,被尊称为古代的"圣人"(sage)。他的言论和生平活动记录在《论语》(The Analects)一书中。《论语》是中国古代文化的经典著作,对后来历代的思想家、文学家、政治家产生了很大影响。不研究《论语》,就不能真正把握中国几千年的传统文化。孔子的很多思想,尤其是其教育思想,对中国社会产生了深远的影响。在21世纪的今天,孔子的学说不仅受到中国人的重视,而且也越来越受到整个国际社会的重视。

Confucius was a great thinker and educator in Chinese history. He was the founder of Confucianism and was respectfully referred to as an ancient "sage". His words and life story were recorded in The Analects. An enduring classic of ancient Chinese culture, The Analects has had a great influence on the thinkers, writers, and statesmen that came after Confucius. Without studying this book, one could hardly truly understand the thousands-of-years' traditional Chinese culture. Much of Confucius' thought, especially his thought on education, has had a profound influence on Chinese society. In the 21st century, Confucian thought not only retains the attention of the Chinese, but it also wins an increasing attention from the international community.

六、Structured writing结构式写作

There are some things you can do to succeed in college. First, pursue passions. Your passions will broaden your mind and make your life interesting. Second, never let go of any opportunities that come your way. College is full of unique opportunities, which will enable you to sample new things and meet wonderful people. Lastly, take responsibilities. In college you must learn to be responsible for your own decisions and actions. With the passions, the opportunities, and the ability to take

responsibilities, you will become successful not only in college, but also in your future career.

Unite 2

一、Words in use选词填空

embarrass(使尴尬,使窘迫)polish(擦光,擦亮,修改,上润光剂)emotional (情绪上的,情感上的)efficiency(效率,效能)curb(控制。抑制)await(等待)donation(捐助)dump(丢弃,扔掉)stuff(装满,填满)historical有关历史的

1. He has a special feeling for the brilliant birds, and each spring he eagerly awaits their return.

2. Thanks to the efficiency of air transport, everyone is free to go anywhere at any time.

3. John believes that the donation of food to the hungry is more helpful than giving money.

4. Mary was a careful speaker; every word seemed to have been polished before it was allowed to escape through her lips.

5. When she heard it was snowing in the city they were going to, she stuffed two more sweaters into her bag.

6. During our stay in Europe we visited many places of historical interest, including several castles.

7. The wedding ceremony of my sister was a very emotional experience for our family.

8. He was embarrassd when he discovered that he didn't have enough money to pay for the red wine he had ordered.

9. The local government is pressed to find new places to waste.

10. The new system designed to curb harmful emissions (排放物) from factories will be put into use soon.

二、Word building字楼










9.electron 10 atomic

11.envious 12.vary

三、Banked cloze篇章词汇理解(15选10)

emotional令人动情的,感情脆弱的 romantic浪漫的多情的空想的ridiculous可笑的,荒谬的overwhelmed淹没压倒embarrassment窘迫,难堪appreciate感激欣赏增值curious好奇的awkwardness笨拙粗略难为情cultivate耕作种植reverse反转颠倒parental父母的亲本的therefore因此,所以reduce减少缩小beloved被热爱的,亲爱的otherwise否则另外

Parents and teenagers have different or even opposite things to worry about. For example, while a mother might have a hard time understanding why her teenagers' room is always a(n) (1)embarrassment of dirty stuff, the teenagers are more worried about their next exams and may think it is (2)ridiculous for their mother to insist on keeping a clean room. It is therefore important for you to (3)appreciate the differences and learn to communicate with your teenagers properly. (4)otherwise, your teenagers may say nothing and shut you out of their personal lives. Their refusal to talk with you may even create (5)emotional stress in your life.Learning effective ways to communicate can (6)reverse the situation of a difficult relationship, (7)reduce the stress of your life, and lead to a friendly relationship with your teenagers. First, you should learn to discuss serious problems in daily conversations. So, important topics, such as driving a vehicle and building a(n) (8)romantic relationship, could be dealt with through daily conversations.Second, learn to be an active listener. Many parents are so (9)overwhelmed with their work that they could hardly take some time for their (10)beloved children. Spend your time listening carefully to what your children like to talk about, and make sure your children feel they are being taken seriously. This will increase the chances of good communication.

四、Expressions in use表达式使用

make it获得成功,准时到达with open arms热烈地,欣然strip off揭开去掉

脱掉keep back抑制,控制,隐瞒free of/from无···拜托了···的

after all毕竟终究straighten up直起身,把···弄整洁 throw away扔掉丢弃1. After 10 years of full-time training, she has finally make it as a professional dancer.

2.After all , what is the point in taking part in the competitive event if the result is only to prove how incompetent you are?

3. Redecorating the house is a challenging task. It's necessary to strip off the wallpaper first.

4. I never really had any problems with change. On the contrary, I welcome change with open arms .

5. A lot of what we throw away is made from raw materials which are not renewable.

6. Megan and John realized that their house was too messy for a new baby, so they decided to straighten up their house before the baby was born.

7. Jennifer couldn't keep back her tears when she saw the sick children at

a new blood cancer center in Virginia.

8. We want to give all children a world free of/from violence.


每年农历(Chinese lunar calendar)八月十五是我国的传统节日——中秋节(the Mid-Autumn Festival)。这时是一年秋季的中期,所以被称为中秋。中秋节的一项重要活动是赏月。夜晚,人们赏明月、吃月饼,共庆中秋佳节。中秋节也是家庭团圆的时刻,远在他乡的游子,会借此寄托自己对故乡和亲人的思念之情。中秋


According to the Chinese lunar calendar, August 15 of every year is a traditional Chinese festival — the Mid-Autumn Festival. This day is the middle of autumn, so it is called Mid-Autumn. One of the important Mid -Autumn Festival activities is to enjoy the moon. On that night, people gather together to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, looking up at the bright moon and eating moon cakes. The festival is also a time for family reunion. People living far away from home will express their feelings of missing their hometowns and families at this festival. There are many customs to celebrate the festival, all expressing people's love and hope for a happy life. Since 2008, the Mid-Autumn Festival has become an official national holiday in China.

六、Structured writing结构式写作

Parents may get disappointed when you fail to meet their expectations. They may strongly object to your lifestyle and complain that you are wasting time on unimportant things. To solve this problem, you may try to make them understand that you are a responsible person. First tell them that you have inhertited many of their merits. Then remind them that you have your own thoughts and life goals as an individual. You can also explain how your lifestyle will help you in a positive way. You may not be able to change your parents’ opinions overnight, but if you keep trying, it will eventuall work.

Unite 5

一、Words in use选词填空

substantial大量的多的,物质的 annual一年一度的,每年的amateur业余爱好者,业余爱好的 assemble集合收集,组装装配react作出反应 furnish提供,供应


1. The annual conference which I attend every year is going to be held in London in January next year.

2. According to the terms of your contract , you must give three months' notice if you intend to leave this company.

3. We were honored that so many people of distinctionand talent were present to discuss the issues.

4. The local government has been providing substantial support to them, without which they couldn't have been so successful.

5. The secret agent promised that the information he furnished was obtained from reliable sources.

6. Whether amateur or professional, American football is perhaps the most popular sport in the US. It attracts a total attendance of over 40 million and is watched by many more millions on television each year.

7. Shops try to meet the DIY (do-it-yourself) fashion by offering consumers parts and hardware which they can assemble at home.

8. I wonder how she will react to the news if I tell her she is not going to get a raise this year.

9. It was apparent that the professor's lecture failed to impress the students as some of them had left before it was over.

10. We all admitted that the trip was worthwhile after we saw a(n) magnificent palace and a fantastic museum.

二、Word building字楼


1 assumption 2.fascinated 3.explosion 4.elementary 5.compensation 6.evolution 7.amusing 8.bore 9.contribute


三、Banked cloze篇章词汇理解(15选10)

Amateur业余爱好者,业余的endurance耐久持久,忍耐力Individual个人的,个人 independent自主的,不相关联的Present现在的,目前的despite不管,尽管Developed先进的,发达的 contests争夺竞争Remarkable异常的,引人注目的coined创造Insurance保险inherent固有的,内在的,天生Established已建立的 contracts契约Separate分开分离

For several centuries, cricket (板球) has been a very popular sport in England. It has been enjoyed by both professional and (1)amateur players.

This super-popular game is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of 11 players. It can provide you with health benefits like building (2)endurance, balance, and physical fitness. But for a team sport, cricket also places (3)individual players under unusual pressure because every team player is (4)independent of each other. Cricket might have started in early 16th-century England. Written records (5)present evidence of a game known as creag being played by Prince Edward at Newenden, Kent in 1301; and it is possible, (6)despite no hard evidence, that this was a form of cricket. By the end of the 18th century, cricket had (7)developed into a national sport of England. The growth of the British Empire led to cricket being played abroad and by the mid-19th century the first international (8)contests were held. Cricket has had a(n) (9)remarkable impact on popular culture in England. It has had an influence on the vocabulary of the English language, with such phrases as that's not cricket (10)coined to describe unfair behavior in general.

四、Expressions in use表达式使用

regardless of不管 give away暴露fall ill生病pass away去世up to达到,至多have no intention of doing sth.不打算做某事leave behind把···抛在脑后忘记拿走might (just) as well还不如in attendance出席to this day直到现在1. I felt terribly sorry to learn that his sister passed away after having fought against cancer for three years.

2. The Chinese swimmer was left behind at the beginning of the women's 100-meter freestyle final, but she didn't give up and finally took the lead.

3. The rich man thinks that he will die in disgrace if he does not give away his money for the public good.

4. They had no intention of letting him go and would like him to stay on after his present contract expires.

5.Up to seven million students are graduating from university this year. This will undoubtedly add to the employment pressure in the job market.

6. If he is determined to do something, he will do it regardless of what oth er people will say.

7. The movie was a complete waste of time. I might (just) as well have stay ed at home.

8. The authorities promise to introduce an effective health service so that people do not need to spend too much money when they fall ill .

9. Thousands of people were in attendance at yesterday's strike, which caused great confusion.

10. They got to know each other in their 20s and to this day they are still in close touch with each other.


太极拳(Tai Chi)是一种武术(martial arts)项目,也是一种健身运动,在中国有着悠久的历史。太极拳动作缓慢而柔和,适合任何年龄、性别、体型的人练习。太极拳既可防身,又能强身健体,因而深受中国人的喜爱。太极拳在发展的过程中,借鉴并吸收了中国传统哲学、医术、武术的合理内容(element),成为特色鲜明的一项运动。作为中国特有的一种运动形式,太极拳也越来越受到众多外国朋友的喜爱。

Tai Chi is a kind of martial arts, and a fitness exercise as well. It has a long history in China. With slow and gentle movements, Tai Chi is suitable for people of any age, sex, or body type to practice. It can be used to provide self-defense as well as build the body. Therefore, it has become very popular among Chinese people. During its development, Tai Chi

borrowed and absorbed desirable elements from traditional Chinese philosophy, medicine, and martial arts, and it has developed into a sport with unique features. As a unique sport in China, Tai Chi is also gaining increasing popularity among many foreign friends.

六、Structured writing结构式写作

In 1564, William Shakespeare, the great poet and playwright, was born in England. As a boy he attended a local grammar school in his hometown. At the age of 18 he married Anne Hathaway, and they had three children. Between 1585 and 1592, he developed a successful career in London. By 1592 several of his plays were on the London stage and he had become well-known by acting and writing plays. He appeared to have retired from the theater and returned to his hometown around 1613. In 1616, at the age of 52, he passedaway.

Unite 7

一、Words in use选词填空






e 6.facilitate 7.frustrated 8.appropriate 9.conscious


二、Word building字楼











9.presenc e 10.inqui r e 11.unity 12.intelligence

三、Banked cloze篇章词汇理解(15选10)









9.N 10.A

四、Expressions in use表达式使用

1.not to mention

2.turn in

3.rip off

4.cope with

5.launched a campaign

6.If this/that is the case

7.be confined to 8.descend into




Integrity and harmony are traditional Chinese virtues. "Harmony" is demonstrated in various aspects. In regard to interpersonal relations, traditional Chinese thoughts hold that "Harmony is most precious" and "A family that lives in harmony will prosper". A harmonious social environment can be created based on these principles. As for relations between human beings and nature, people should learn to understand, respect and protect nature. Harmony is essential to interpersonal relations, relations between human beings and society, as well as between human beings and nature. Nowadays, harmonious development is still the way of running the country and managing talented personnel. With the development of China's society, economy and culture, the idea of "harmony" goes even deeper into people's hearts. China is on its way toward the goal of building a harmonious socialist society.

六、Structured writing结构式写作

My dorm is nice to live in. For example, it has a very convenient location. It is close to everything on campus. It only takes 5 minutes to walk to my classes, 8 minutes to the library, 15 minutes to the swimming pool, and only 2 minutes to the cafeteria. What’s more, there are great facilities in the building. There is a laundry room,a gym, a TV room, and even an ATM machine. Most importantly, I like my roommates. We get along very well, and we have a lot of fun together. In one word, I love my dorm.

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