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1.But one of the most telling lessons Ellen and l got in the difference between Chinese and American ideas of education came not in the classroom but in the lobby of the Jinling Hotel where we stayed in Nanjing.


2.He probably got as much pleasure out of the sounds the key made as he did those few times when the key actually found its way into the slot.


3.I soon realized that this incident was directly relevant to our assigned tasks in China: to investigate the ways of early childhood education (especially in the arts), and to throw light on Chinese attitudes toward creativity.


4.我的中国同行,除了少数几个人外,对此事的态度与金陵饭店工作人员一样。With a few exceptions my Chinese colleagues displayed the same attitude as the staff at the Jinling Hotel.


But the critical point was that, in the process, we were trying to teach Benjamin that one can solve a problem effectively by oneself.


In retrospect,it became clear to me that this incident was indeed key—and key in more than one sense.


The contrast between our two cultures can also be seen in terms of the fears we

both harbor.


One way of _______ (1) the American position is to state that we _______ _______ _______ _______ (2) more than the Chinese do.The _______ _______ (3) our two cultures can also be seen _______ ________ ________(4) the fears we both _______ (5) .Chinese teachers are _______ (6) that if skills are not acquired early, they may never be acquired; there is, on the other hand, no _______ (7) hurry to _______ (8). American educators fear that unless creativity has been acquired early ,it may never _______ (9); on the other hand, skills can be _______ _______ (10) later.

(1)summarizing (2)value originality and independence (3)contrast between

(4)in terms of (5)harbor (6)fearful (7)comparable (8)promote creativity (9)emerge (10)picked up

The real challenge to us teacher is combining the best of both worlds into one. Creativity and basic skills need to be considered in terms of being means to an _______ (1), rather than simply as ends in themselves. Some Chinese students may not _______ (2) well in hypothetical settings ,but when it comes to_______ (3) real life challenges and issues ,they are more than _______ (4) in resolving most of them, _______ (5) as they are with their strong skill .The U.S. system may be _______ (6) to aim more at producing top of the cream students ,but that _______ (7) may do damage to the big bulk of the _______ (8) of the student body. The Chinese education system is _______ (9) not perfect ,but it does produce a _______ (10) workforce, And I truly believe that solid basic knowledge/skill focus is the single biggest force driving the rise of Chinese as a country.

postponing perform competent definitely solved

designed fortunate approach facing practically

quality equipped rest purpose end

(1)end (2)perform (3)facing (4)competent (5)equipped (6)designed (7)approach

(8)rest (9)definitely (10)quality



It takes an enormous amount of courage to make a departure from the tradition.

2.汤姆过去很腼腆,但这次却非常勇敢能在大庭广众面前上台表演。(performance, hold)

Tom used to be very shy,but this time he was bold enough to give a performance in front of a large audience.

3.很多教育家认为从小培养孩子的创新精神是很可取的。(creative, desirable) Many educators think it desirable to foster the creative spirit in the child at an early age.


Assuming (that) this painting really is a masterpiece,do you think it’s worthwhile to buy/purchase it?

5.如果这些数据统计上是站得住脚的,那它将会帮助我们认识正在调查的问题。(throw light on, investigate,valid)

If the data is statistically valid,it will throw light on the problem we are investigating.



1.The pressure to purchase is real. It may be true that everybody wants a high-end TV. After all, nobody wants to be a nobody.


2.I was standing just outside the doorway of a Wal-Mart, offering a “thank you” and

a smile each person who dropped a donation into my red kettle.


3.My 1999 car shows the wear and tear of 105 ,000 miles.But it is still dependable.


4. But there is one vital area of my life where I am not so well off. In a society that spends so much emotional energy on the pursuit of possessions, I feel out of place.




Yet I feel nothing more than a passing whim to attain the material things so many other people have.


I’ve enjoyed exceptionally good health for 53 years.It’s not just that l’ve been illness-free, it’s that I feel vigorous and spirited.


When I write a beautiful line of poetry, or fabricate a joke that tickles someone, I feel rich inside. I’m continually surprised at the insights that come through my writing process.


What was most important to her, she told me,was “what’s on the inside.” I thought I had found someone special to share mt life with.


Yet I feel nothing more than a passing whim to_______ (1) the material things so many other people have. My 1999 car shows the _______ _______ _______ (2) of 105,000 miles. But it is still _______ (3). My apartment is _______ (4),but quiet and relaxing. My clothes are well suited to my work, which is _______ (5) outdoors. My _______ (6) computer needs can be met at the library.

In spite of what I don’t have, I don’t feel poor. Why? I’ve enjoyed _______ (7) good health for 53 years. It’s not just that I’ve been _______ (8), it’s that I feel vigorous and _______ (9). Exercising is actually fun of me. I look forward to long, _______ (10) walks. And I love the “can do” attitude that follows.

(1)attain (2)wear and tear (3)dependable (4)modest (5)primarily (6)minimal (7)exceptionally (8)illness-free (9)spirited (10)energizing

How does spending connect to happiness?

One explanation lies in "conspicuous consumption (炫耀式消费)". The idea is that the rich don't accumulate wealth simply in order to _______ (1) it. Rather they accumulate wealth in order to display it, and their happiness is _______ (2) by their neighbors' envy. As a result, the country finds itself in the grips of a "luxury fever" —families with _______ (3) incomes of $50,000 try to emulate (仿效) the

consumption of those with $70,000, who in turn try to emulate those with $140,000, and so on.

It's just _______ (4) common sense. It's _______ (5) impossible for a piece of paper like money to make you happy. Instead, what makes people happy is the feeling of _______ (6) or power money brings.

A recent survey _______ (7) that those from the Forbes list of the 400 richest Americans and the Maasai of East Africa are almost _______ (8) satisfied. The Maasai are a _______ (9) herding people who have no electricity or running water and live in huts made of mud.

It _______ (10) that economic development and personal income cannot account for the happiness that they are so often linked to.

consume security innocent equally destination

traditional physically indicates significance plain

mostly follows annual estimated fueled

(1)consume (2)fueled (3)annual (4)plain (5)physically (6)security (7)indicates

(8)equally (9)traditional (10)follows



The company denied that its donations had a commercial purpose.


Whenever he was angry,he would begin to stammer slightly.


Education is the most cherished tradition in our family.That’s why my parents never took me to dinner at expensive restaurants,but sent me to the best private school.

4.手术康复后不久,他失业了,因此经历了人生的又一个困难阶段。(shortly after, go through)

Shortly after he recovered from the surgery,he lost his job and thus had to go through another difficult phase of his life.

5.与我们的富裕邻居相比,我们的父母就相当穷了,但是他们总是努力满足我们最起码的需求。(affluent, minimal)

In contrast to our affluent neighbors,my parents are rather poor, but they have always tried hard to meet our minimal needs.



1.And it's not just one of us who've felt the heavy hand of interference.Oh, no,all three of us live in constant dread knowing that at any time disaster can strike.


2.Don't know where she got her brains.Her mother,I suppose.


3.黛安娜,你怎么了?我真不明白你们年轻人。唉,在我那个时候……Diane, what has come over you? I just don’t understand the younger generation. Why, back in my day...


If that sort of thing happened only _______ _______ _______ _______ (1),it wouldn't be so bad.Overall,I wouldn't want to _______ my dad _______ (2) anyone else's.He loves us kids and Mom too. But I think that's sometimes_______ _______ (3) .He wants to do things for us,things_______ _______ (4)are good.But he needs to give them more thought...

Can you imagine how_______(5)I was?An honor student, _______ _______ (6) . And Father was out asking people to _______ (7) their sons call and ask me to the prom!But that's dear old dad. _______ (8) ,he is a dear.He just doesn't_______ _______ _______ (9) .And it's not just one of us who've felt the heavy hand of _______ (10) . Oh,no,all three of us live in constant dread knowing that at any time disaster can strike...

(1)once in a while (2)trade for (3)the problem (4)he thinks (5)humiliated (6)class president (7)have (8)Actually (9)stop to think (10)interference

A new research study has found that, _______ (1) what parents might believe, there is an enormous gap between what they think their children are doing online and what is _______ (2) happening.

In one part of the study, over 500 children from a variety of age sand backgrounds

were asked if they gave out personal information online. 73% said that they did. The parents of the _______ (3) children believed that only 4% of their children did so. The children were also asked if they had made face-to-face _______ (4) with strangers that they had met online. 36% from the high school group admitted to meeting with a stranger they had met online. Nearly 40% of these children _______ (5 )to speaking with strangers regularly. Fewer than 9% of the parents knew that their children had been meeting with strangers.

Another part of the study found that 30% of children between the ages of 9 and 18 delete (删除) the search history from their browsers (浏览器) in an _______ (6) to protect their privacy from their parents. Common filtering software (过滤软件) may _______ (7) be effective, since children will access what they are looking for else-where at a friend's house, an Internet café, or school. One problem lies in the fact that parents don't know much about using popular online software and chat programs, and _______ (8) to have no clue about what is really happening online. This lack of knowledge on the parents' part may be no _______ (9) from the situation before the arrival of the Web. Parents don't know what their children are doing on the Net, in the same _______ (10) that they don't know what goes on at class, parties, or clubs.

admitted same despite really attempt

not manner equal regardless certainly

tend contact different given obviously

(1)despite(2)really (3)same (4)contact (5)admitted(6)attempt




Have scientists found proof of water on Mars?

2.计划委员会已经将建核电厂的可能地点缩小到了两个沿海城镇。(location, narrow down)

The planning committee has narrowed down the possible locations for the nuclear power plant to two coastal towns.


Sam not only lost his job but also both legs;he had to live on welfare for the rest of his life.

4.由十二人组成的陪审团(jury)一致表决认为玛丽有罪(guilty)。(consist of, in unison)

A jury consisting of12members voted in unison that Mary was guilty.

5.听到有人质疑他的才能,肖恩觉得受了奇耻大辱。(talent, humiliate)

Sean felt humiliated till hear his talent being questioned.



1. I start to feel as though I've become one with my machines, taking data in, spitting them back out, just another link in the Net.


2. And once you start replacing real human contact with cyber-interaction, coming back out of the cave can be quite difficult.


3. I began to understand why long-term unemployment can be so damaging, why life without an externally supported daily plan can lead to higher rates of drug abuse,crime,suicide.


4. When I'm in this state, l fight my boyfriend as well misinterpreting his intentions because of the lack of emotional cues given by our typed dialogue.



The voices of the programs are comforting, but then I'm jarred by the commercials.


I'd never realized how important daily _______ (1) is: dressing for work, sleeping normal hours. I'd never thought I relied so much on co-workers _______ _______ (2).

I began to understand why long-term _______ (3) can be so damaging, why life without an _______ (4) supported daily plan can lead to higher rates of _______

_______ (5), crime, suicide.

To _______ (6) balance to my life, I force myself back into the real world. I call people, arrange to meet with the few remaining friends who haven't _______ (7) New York City. I try to at least get to the _______ (8), so as to _______ _______ (9) the weekend from the rest of my week. I arrange interviews for stories, doctor's ______________ (10)–anything to get me out of the house and connected with others.

(1)routine (2)for company (3)unemployment (4)externally (5)drug abuse (6)restore

(7)fled (8)gym (9)set apart (10)appointments

I live in a small coastal town of 398 people located halfway between San Francisco and the Oregon border. The nearest traffic light is nine miles north in the town of Mendocino; its closest _______ (1) to the south is over 90 miles away. The nearest four-lane highway is 58 miles east. Federal Express(联邦快递) doesn't _______ (2) here on Saturdays.

But there is Internet _______ (3) here. It enables me to work at home, writing computer books and articles for computer magazines. It enables local students and historians to conduct research. It _______ (4) local businesses—inns, music stores, driving schools —to reach new _______ (5). It enables local people to enjoy the benefits of email and the _______ (6) of websites and chat rooms.

In fact, because small towns have few people, few stores, and few libraries and schools, you could argue that the Internet _______ (7) more benefits to small towns than it does to big cities. But Internet service providers are not interested in _______ (8) markets. What they are interested in is making money. As a result, people in many small towns and _______ (9) areas are unable to keep up with the development of _______ (10) technology.

Information deliver place access carries

enables customers provides urban delights

small remote companion reach software

(1)companion (2)deliver (3)access (4)enables (5)customers (6)delights (7)provides

(8)small (9)remote (10)information



Research shows that laughter can bring a lot of health benefits.

2.互联网连接速度慢真让人心烦。(connection, annoy)

A slow Internet connecting speed is really annoying.

3.法律规定,帮助他人自杀是犯罪。(suicide, crime)

As the law stands,helping someone commit suicide is a crime.

4.玛丽在她的报告中试图从一个完全不同的角度来解释这些数据。(interpret, angle, data)

In her report,Mary tries to interpret the data from a completely different


5.苏是一个很有天分的女孩。她那惊人的记忆力使她在同班同学中显得格外突出。(of great talent, set apart)

Sue is a girl of great talent.Her amazing memory sets her apart from her classmates.



1.The pole vault is truly the highlight of any track and field competition. It combines the grace of a gymnast with the strength of a body builder.


2.Her excitement and passion for details made Michael’s dreams full of color and beauty.


3.He found his pole, stood and stepped on the runway that led to the most challenging event of his 17-year-old life.


4.Then out of nowhere, and from the deepest depths of his soul, he pictured his mother.


5.迈克尔一下子被围住了,人们拥抱他,祝贺他所取得的一生中最辉煌的成就。Michael was immediately surrounded by people hugging and congratulating him on the greatest accomplishment of his life.


The runway felt different this time.It _______ (1) him for a brief moment.Then it all hit him like a wet_______ _______ _______

(2) .The bar was set at nine inches higher than his personal best.That's only one inch _______ (3) the National record,he thought.The_______ (4) of the moment filled his mind with anxiety.He began_______ _______ _______ (5) .It wasn't working.He became more _______ (6) .Why was this happening to him now,he thought.He began to get nervous.Afraid would be a more accurate_______ (7) .What was he going to do?He had never experienced these feelings.Then_______ _______ _______ (8) ,and from the deepest depths of his soul,he _______ (9) his mother. Why now?What was his mother doing in his thoughts at a time like this?It was simple.His mother always used to tell him when you felt tense,anxious or even _______ (10) ,take deep breaths.

(1)startled (2)bale of hay (3)off (4)intensity (5)shaking the tension (6)tense (7)description (8)out of nowhere (9)pictured (10)scared

The Brooklyn Bridge that spans the river between Manhattan and Brooklyn is simply an engineering miracle. In 1883, a creative _______ (1) , John Roebling, was inspired by an idea for this spectacular bridge project. However, bridge building experts told him to _______ (2) it. It just was not possible. Roebling, nevertheless _______ (3) his son, Washington, an up-and-coming engineer, that the bridge could be built. The two of them conceived the concept of how it could be accomplished and _______ (4) to overcome the obstacles. Somehow they convinced bankers to finance the project. They hired their crew and began to _______ (5) their dream bridge.

The project was only a few months under way when a tragic onside _______ (6) killed John Roebling and severely injured his son. Washington was severely brain-damaged, unable to talk or walk. Everyone _______ (7) the project would have to be stopped, since the Robelings were the _______ (8) ones who understood how the bridge could be built.

Though Washington Robeilng was unable to move or talk, his mind was as _______ (9) as ever. One day as he lay in his hospital bed, an idea flashed in his mind as to how to develop a communication code. All he could move was one finger, so he _______ (10) the arm of his wife with that finger. He tapped out the code to communicate to her what she was to tell the engineers who continued building the bridge. For 13 years, Washington tapped out his _______ (11) with one finger until the spectacular Brooklyn Bridge was _______ (12) completed.

touched crash thought tried sharp

accident forget instructions convinced engineer

build finally provided only how

(2)engineer(2)forget (3)convinced (4)how (5)build(6)accident

(7)thought(8)only(9)sharp(10)touched (11)instructions(12)finally


1.是工人和主管人员的创造力和敬业精神将这个公司变成了一个盈利的企业。(it is...that, dedication)

It is the creativity and dedication of the workers and executives that turned the company into a profitable business.


The prices of food and medicine have soared in the past three months.


We plan to repaint the upper floors of he office building.


His success shows that popularity and artistic merit sometimes coincide.


I don’t want to see my beloved grandmother lying in a hospital bed and groaning painfully.




I applied to the program,not because I wanted to be an engineer,but because I was craving independence and wanted to get out of my parents’house for six weeks.


Just because a subject is difficult to learn,it does not mean you are not good at it.You just have to grit your teeth and work harder to get good at it.Once you do,there’s a strong chance you will enjoy it more than anything else.


Why are we so quick to _______ (1) ourselves?I’m not _______ (2) that most little girls love dolls and most little boys love videogames,and it may be true that some people _______ (3) the right side of their brain,and_______ (4)the left.But how _______ (5) is that to me,or to anyone,as an individual? Instead of _______ (6)our differences into _______ _______ _______ _______ (7)about the human brain,why can’t we _______ (8) instead on how _______ _______ (9)we are?Instead of using what we know as a reason why women can’t learn physics,maybe we should _______ _______ _______ (10) that our brains are more powerful than we imagine.

(1)limit (2)denying (3)favor (4)others (5)relevant (6)translating

(7)hard and fast conclusions (8)focus (9)incredibly flexible

(10)consider the possibility

The words "first black woman have been used to describe Shirley Ann Jackson for so long that her name seems incomplete without them. She was the first black woman to earn a PhD. from MIT, the first black woman in the country to earn a physics doctorate, and she was both the first African American and the first woman to _______ (1) the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Growing up in the late 1950's and early 1960's, when the race for space was in _______ (2) , a young Jackson came to see the world around her as “full of _______ (3) “. For years, she collected bees and kept them under her family's back porch, making _______ (4) records of their behaviors as she adjusted variables like heat, light, and diet. It was like reading a great mystery novel," she recalls.

Her parents encouraged her to pursue her passions, and her siblings, two sisters and a brother, all _______ (5) her natural talents for leadership. But it was the assistant principal at Washington D.C.'s Roosevelt High School who _______ (6) her toward MIT. Today, even at such lofty posts as heading the NRC, Jackson says she is _______ (7) doing the same thing she did way back with the bees: studying interactions in the environment around her, making keen _______ (8), and taking constructive action based on what she learned.

Jackson strongly believes that _______ (9) must be true friends"to one another and assist and encourage one another in their efforts, From her youngest days, she took time to _______ (10) fellow women and minority students in their studies. That's because, says Jackson, being a trailblazer (开路先锋) is only a good thing if one does not allow “high weeds” to grow back because no one was _______ (11) to follow. Jackson won't be satisfied to go down in history as the first black woman of anything _______ (12) the familiar phrase is fol-lowed by two more words: “of many.”

inspired observations painstaking essentially unless

steered force brought wonderfully until

recognized secrets tutor potentially chair

women typical scientists

(3)chair(2)force (3)secrets (4)painstaking (5)recognized(6)steered

(7)essentially(8)observation(9)women(10)tutor (11)inspired(12)unless


1.他这人话不多,但要说玩电脑那他就太机灵了,同学们都不是他的对手。(when it comes to)

He is a man of few words,but when it comes to playing a computer game, he is far too clever for his classmates.

2.无知的孩子们可能认为这些动物很可爱并开始跟他们玩起来。(not know any better)

Children who don’t know any better may think these animals are pretty cute and start playing with them.

3.没有办法获得贷款,所以,要购买新设备,我只得咬紧牙关,卖掉我的混合型动力汽车。(grit one’s teeth, hybrid)

There is no way to obtain a loan,so to buy the new equipment,I will just have to grit my teeth and sell my hybrid car.

4.如果猎人没有看到一群象朝他的营地(campsite)走来,他就不会开枪。(a herd of) The hunter would not have fired the shots if he hadn’t seen a herd of elephants coming towards his campsite.

5.我觉得具有讽刺意味的是汤姆的记忆是有选择性的,他好像不记得过去痛苦的经历,特别是那些由他自己造成的痛苦经历。(selective, ironic)

I find it ironic that Tom has a selective memory---he does not seem to remember painful experiences in the past,particularly those of his own doing.

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