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1. bare

2. empty

3. empty

4. bare

5. empty



1. shortly

2.track down



5.at the sight of

6.feel like


8.rang out


10.made for




1. host

2. sprang up/rang out

3. impulse

4. came to

5. track down

6. unexpected

7. outgrow

8. widened

9. shortly

10. emerge / spring up

11. at the sight of

12. made for

13. crisis

14. colonial


1. Jimmy has outgrown the shirts his aunt made for him a few years ago.

2. Does the doctor think the elderly lady is likely to survive the operation / it is likely

that the elderly lady

will survive the


3. The other day your

cousin paid us an

unexpected visit.

4. Don't you see the nurse

motioning us to be silent?

5. Her face lit up with

joy at his return.

6. The sound of her

footsteps grew fainter as

she walked farther away.



Additional advantageous

Anxious conditional

Courageous curious

Dangerous educational

Emotional famous

Industrial intentional

Medical mountionous

Musical mysterious

National occasional

Personal practical


Heated colored

pigtailed gifted

bearded pointed

experienced aged

skilled diseased


1.The people questioned

gave very different

opinions on the issue.

2. Can you see the man

climbing on that rock?

3. Several days passed

before they came up with

a satisfactory solution

to the problems discussed.

4. We were woken early by

the sound of the birds


5. The chairman made it

clear that those

objecting should explain

their reasons.

6. After a day’s work, I

felt I had little energy


7. I knew of some of the

athletes taking part.

8. The success obtained

surprised those who had

given up the project as



1. During the time that

2. As long as

3. Although

4. as long as

5. whereas

6. Although

7. whereas

8. Although

1. They frightened the

child into telling the


2. He tricked her into

marrying him by

pretending that he was

the son of a millionaire.

3. My tactless words

forced the old gentleman

into buying something he

could not possibly afford.

4. He finally talked me

into accepting his terms.

5. The girl persuaded her

father into giving up


6. Their severe criticism shocked her into realizing her selfishness.

1. Guests are to be back in the hotel by twelve o’clock.

2. An investigation is to be made next week.

3. I am to meet them at the airport.

4. You are to finish your homework before you watch TV.

5. The medicine is to be taken three times a day after meals.

6. Bob and Susan are to get married in October 八)





















12.however 13.do

















1.do the cooking

3.hardly thought so

3.settled down

4.half expected


6.boiled over

7.why things were so









Their argument ended when

she slammed the door and

left without a word.

2. 出席晚宴的客人对那个



The guests at the dinner

party were slightly

surprised at the

commanding tone of the


3. 约翰尼已长大成熟,不


Johnny has outgrown the

fear of staying at home


4. 当全部乘客都向出口处

(exit) 走去时,他却独自



While all the other

passengers made for the

exit, he alone remained

in his seat as if

unwilling to leave the


5. 这封信必须交给威尔逊


The letter is to be handed

to Dr. Wilson himself.

6. 南希虽然很想参加辩


While she felt like

joining in the argument,

Nancy was too shy to open

her mouth.

7. 你觉得什么时候最有可


What do you think is the

likeliest time to find

him at home?

8. 猎人一看见有只狐狸从


(lay) 的陷阱 (trap) 方



The hunter’s face lit up

with excitement as soon

as he saw a fox emerge

from among the bushes and

run in the direction of /

make for the trap he had



1)Besides Except Besides

2)Have received Accepted Received Accept

3)Discovered Was invented Discovered Invented

1) alike

2) asleep

3) alive

4) awake

5) alone

6) astir

1) conflict with

2) superior to

3) resented

4) left behind/left (my car keys) behind

5) error

6) rejected

7) created

8) obtained

9) above all

10) perpetual



3)in existence


5)owes to

6) Acting on

7) leaving to

8) went out of her way

9) has been appointed

10) judgments

11) influence

12) humble

1) Many authors use a false name when they publish their books. 2) The origin of human

life on earth is now

believed to have been in


3) The book was

translated from Chinese

into English under the

personal super vision of

the author

4) In spite of the

personal participation

of the President, the

conference failed to

produce agreement.

5) Many Americans prefer

to travel by car over any

other means of


6) Watches made in your

factory are far superior

in quality to those

turned out in theirs.

1) a wait-and-see


2) a life-and-death


3) a down-to-earth spirit

4) an out-and-out lie

5) an out-of-the-way

mountain village

6) a face-to-face talk

7) a divide-and-rule


8) up-to-date machines

9) word-for-word


10) a



1) self-conscious

2) self-sufficient

3) self-educated

4) self-respecting

5) self-supporting

6) self-made

1) frightened

2) be heightened

3) strengthen

4) lengthening/

5) to be lengthened

6) hastened heartened

1) In his youth

2) A 17-year-old youth

3) The youth of our

country have

4) Some youths

5) Youth is

6) The youth of the 21st

century have

1) Although advanced in

years, Thomas Edison

remained as active and

creative as many young


2) While still at college,

Miss Leacock had her

first novel published.

3) A tiger cannot be tamed

unless caught very young.

4) The old lady carrying

a basketful of eggs was

run down by a taxi when

crossing the street.

5) I am sure Mr. White's

latest play, once staged,

will prove to be a great


6) Ben is fully aware that

if not properly managed,

his shirt factory will have to close down in less than a year.

1) Paul could not dance, nor could he sing.

2) I was not satisfied with her explanation, nor were my classmates.

3) My brother Joe never learned to swim, nor does he intend to start now.

4) They didn't invite me, nor did they invite my parents.

5) Cathy had hardly said

a word since supper, nor had her husband.

6) Mr. Owen didn't know then what had happened, nor did he ever find out.

1) It was Jefferson who wrote the Declaration of Independence.

2) It is with genuine feeling that the author praises all that is progressive.

3) It was on the beach that Miss White found the child lying dead.

4) It was because the water had risen that we could not cross the river.

5) It was Jim, a heartless fellow, who was heard shouting at his mother in the dead of night.

6) It was not until I told her that Mrs. Williams knew anything about it.

1) Paul considered himself fortunate to have

been admitted to Harvard


2) Don't you think it good

for us to remember

Jefferson's emphasis

upon knowledge as a basis

for action?

3) Today people find it

impossible for one person

to learn what needs to be

known about all subjects.

4) His duty fulfilled,

Henry felt a great weight

taken off his mind.

5) Alice considered

herself lucky that she

was not injured in the


6) The Chinese working

class made its strength

felt by playing the main

role in the

May 4th Movement.

1) action

2) obtain

3) humble

4) origins

5) go out of one's way

6) conflict

7) acted on

8) owe much to

9) left behind

1) before

2) aged

3) following

4) Now

5) lying

6) for

7) that

8) as

9) in

10) that

11) might

12) life

13) away

14) saved

15) was

16) given

17) does

18) the

19) done

20) more

21) in

22) and

1) guided

2) In fact

3) a second term

4) shape

5) independence

6) served as

7) Constitution

8) honored

9) The nation's capital

10) celebrated


1) 会上有人建议任命一个



It was suggested at the

meeting that a committee

of eleven be appointed to

make a new constitution.

2) 这些青年科学家通过现



By making on-the-spot

observations, the young

scientists obtained

first-hand information

they needed in their

research work.

3) 他很可能会因视力不好


It is very likely that he will be rejected by the army because of his bad eyesight.

4) 委员会成员在新机场最佳选址 (location) 这一


The committee members have conflicting opinions as to the best location of the new airport.

5) 亨利创作的艺术品在许多方面比他兄弟的要好。Henry's works of art are superior in many respects to those of his brother's.

6) 我们产品质量的稳步提



The steady rise in the

quality of our products

owes much to the

improvement of our


7) 吉姆本想按照自己的判




Jim would have preferred

to act on his own judgment,

but he didn't because as

a soldier he had to obey

the order.

8) 如果让我来决定我们是





Were it left to me to

decide whether we should

have a city without bikes

or one without cars, I

should not hesitate a

moment to prefer the



1)were short of

2)attached any importance to

3)have applied for

4)consists of



7)Judging by






1) salary

2) prospect

3) in turn

4) smelled of

5) depressed

6) suburb

7) stale

8) protested

9) incompetent

10) interview

11) Having little in common 12) disapproval

13) advertise

14) plus

1) A résumé generally

consists of personal

information, work

experience and

educational background.

2) In today's job market,

importance is attached to

practical experience as

well as formal education.

3) The pay for this type

of work ranges from ten to

fifteen dollars per hour

4) The thought of having

to take the exam again

depressed me./ I was

depressed at the thought

of having to take the exam


5) Tony and his brother

have little in common

except that they share

the same interest in

cricket./ Tony and his

brother have little in

common except their

shared interest in


6) England, Wales,

Scotland and Northern

Ireland constitute the

United Kingdom.

1) unlock

2) unpacked

3) undo

4) unfolded

5) unsay

6) undressed

1) a blue-eyed girl

2) a kind-hearted woman

3) a simple-minded young


4) a double-faced guy/a

double-faced fellow

5) a long-haired rabbit

6) a white-haired girl

7) a left-handed person

8) a red-tailed bird

9) a narrow-minded man

10) a short-sighted woman

1) smells lovely/smells sweet

2) could smell cigarettes

3) Smell the milk

4) smells stale

5) smells of wine

6) can smell something burning

7) was smelling a ball of wool

8) smell of fish/smelt of fish/smelled of fish

1) surprising/surprise

2) surprised

3) excited interested

4) frightened

5) bored closing

6) closed

7) frightening

8) winning

9) amusing thinking

10) lost

1) The rumour proved (to be) true.

2) The experiment proved (to be) a success in the end.

3) The student proved (to be) much brighter than he had first appeared.

4) His experiences on the farm proved (to be) a turning point in his writing career.

1) I could say "Thank you"

2) I had time to look over my answers 3) most of the students

understood the first


4) I could stop him

1) the letter must have

been written by a small


2) they are probably


3) he might have failed in

his English exam

4) the performance must

be a great success

1) advertised

2) local

3) slim

4) apply

5) disapproval

6) consisted of

7) attached importance

8) Obviously

9) in common

10) salary

11) prospect

1) Out

2) apply

3) others

4) know



6) single

7) a

8) at

9) behind

10) careful

11) to



13) when

14) questions

15) polite

16) rest/others

17) floor

18) placed

19) turn

20) When

21) noticed

22) brushed

23) nails

24) excellent

25) more

1) hiring

2) link

3) college graduate

4) somewhere

5) find out

6) checked with his


7) he'd be right for the


8) eagerness

9) left me with only one

other question

10) call on


1. She got a post as a

cashier at a local bank.

But she was soon fired

because she proved to be





2. It is

obviously/clearly his

young assistant who is

running the book store.



3. No sooner had the

proposal been announced

at the meeting than she

got to her feet to protest.


4. Bill has applied to Harvard University for a teaching assistantship, but his chances of getting it are slim.



5. Being short of funds, they are trying to attract foreign capital.



6. The room smells of

stale air. It must have

been vacant for a long




7. As far as hobbies are

concerned, Jane and her

sister have little in





8. It is self-evident

that the education of the

young is vital to the

future of a country.





1) few

2) A little

3) little

4) few

5) a few little

6) a few few

7) little

8) few

1) function

2) corresponded with each other

3) immune to

4) at ease

5) displayed

6) approach

7) puzzle

8) a household word

9) capable of carrying out

10) so much so that

1) a series of

2) approaches

3) are pursuing

4) ambition

5) fame

6) come to terms with

7) work out

8) singled out 9) personality

10) taken apart

11) at ease

12) observe

13) modest

14) application

15) curiosity

16) solutions

1) He writes exclusively

for the "Washington Post".

2) The friendship your

people have for our

people impressed me

deeply during my visit in

your country./ I was

deeply impressed during

my visit in your country

by the friendship your

people have for our


3) It took Joe a long time

to come to terms with the

fact that he would no

longer be able to go

sailing again.

4) Jim's grandfather

believes more in fresh

air and exercise than in


5) Owing to his poor

education he was

frustrated in his attempt

to find a good job.

6) Most American cities

are relatively small in

terms of population when

compared to Chinese

cities like Shanghai and


1) emotional

2) angry

3) atomic

4) exclusive

5) famous

6) jealous

7) safe

8) simple

9) important

10) valuable

11) central

12) delightful/delighted

13) feasible

14) fortunate

15) personal

16) capable

17) sandy

18) original

19) curious

20) easy

1) typewriter

2) honeymoon

3) airport

4) schoolmaster

5) necklace

6) eyesight

7) loudspeaker

8) sunrise

9) heartbeat

10) blood-test

11) motorcycle

12) crossroad

13) spaceship

14) superpower

15) lifeboat

16) rainstorm


handbook/handmade/hands aw/handshake/handwork/h andwriting


housebreaker/housekeep/ housekeeper/house arrest/housemate/housew ork


workbook/workday/workma te/workshop/worksite/wo rktable


bookkeeper/bookmark/boo k

review/bookseller/books helf/bookstall


riverside/roadside/beds ide/dockside/inside/out side

6) classroom/living room/reading room/waiting


room/dark room

1) a drop of blood

2) a grain of wheat

3) a length of rope

4) a lump of sugar

5) a ball of string

6) a block of marble

7) a roll of toilet paper

8) a helping of pie

9) a blanket of heavy mist

10) a slice of beef

1) Joe's father was seen

to return after dark.

2) The wind was heard to

roar through the trees.

3) I don't think Tom can

be made to take the boss's


4) The young man was seen

to enter the building

next to the bank.

5) When she was in

Shanghai the actress was

heard to say she had long

thought of this city as

her second home.

6) After the minister of

education had finished

speaking at the press

conference, he was made

to answer all sorts of


1) The doctor advised

(that) Mike (should) stay

in hospital until he was

fully recovered.

2) Cathy's father

insisted (that) she

(should) take a two-week

rest before going back to


3) The chairman of the

Trade Union suggested

(that) a special

committee (should) be set

up to look into the

problem./ The chairman of

the Trade Union suggested

(that) they set up a

special committee to look

into the problem.

4) The commander ordered

(that) our company

(should) start the attack

before dawn.

5) Knowing Jack to be

dishonest, I demanded

(that) he (should) tell

me nothing but the truth.

6) The dean of the

philosophy department

requested (that) the

visiting scholar (should)

give a lecture on Sartre.

1) bewildered

2) impressed

3) modest

4) profound

5) displayed

6) ambition

7) singled out

8) puzzle

9) capable

10) at ease

1) by

2) with

3) listened

4) gave

5) told

6) lecture

7) sure

8) Why

9) for

10) agreed

11) two

12) hall

13) before

14) place

15) began

16) single

17) success

18) people

19) shaking

20) followed

21) before

22) stopped

23) a

24) listened

25) not

26) nodded

27) did

28) thought

29) but

30) order

31) was

32) answer

1) childhood

2) a slow start

3) mathematics

4) grew up

5) devote himself to research

6) world-famous

7) explain

8) you think it's two hours

9) the physical world

10) conquer


1) 那小女孩跑得太快,身


The little girl ran so

fast that she was thrown

off balance and fell over

/ down.

2) 他致力于研究工作的精

神 (devotion to research)




I was impressed by his

devotion to research but

I did not have the

slightest interest in his

profound theories.

3) 千万别说可能会被人误


Be sure not to say

anything capable of being


4) 我被他们互相矛盾的意



I was so bewildered by

their conflicting advice

that I did not know how to

act/what to do.

5) 起初,这个复杂问题使




At first this complicated

problem frustrated them,

but after thinking it

over carefully they

finally worked out a


6) 体育代表团团长在少先



The head of the sports

delegation beamed with

delight when a young

pioneer presented him

with a bunch of flowers.

7) 这学期我们都学习得不




I really don't see why our

English teacher should

single out our monitor

for praise since we have

all done quite well this


8) 我相信比较高级的|

(higher) |动物是由比较低


而来|(develop from)|的


I believe in the theory

that the higher animals

developed from the lower









7)b 8)c

1)makes up


3) perspectives

4) from year to year

5) poisonous

6) liberate

7) crept

8) transparent

9) to make matters worse

10) consume

11) be replaced

12) interior

13) has disappeared

14) came about

1) has served as

2) may do harm to

3) makes up

4) convert them into

5) in all likelihood

6) from year to year

7) compete with for

8) is essential to

1) poisonous

2) joy

3) treacherous

4) religious

5) prosperous

6) spontaneous

7) humorous

8) mysterious

9) jealousy

10) curious

11) cautious

12) ridiculous

13) ambition

14) generous

15) virtue

16) error

1) fast-growing

2) fast-moving

3) good-looking

4) far-reaching

5) outstanding

6) ill-fitting

7) high-sounding

8) everlasting

1) ill-planned

2) well-paid

3) well-designed

4) well-read

5) newly-wed

6) well-meant 7) widespread

8) far-fetched

1) at first

2) firstly/first

3) First of all

4) first of all/first

5) firstly

6) first

7) at first

8) at first

1) A ballet dancer who

does not practice every

day loses a lot of skill,

as does a musician.

2) Almost all the

teachers at the training

centre were women, as

were the majority of the


3) The first lines

gripped him; as did the

next verse; and then the

whole poem.

4) Isaac watched her

winning smile, as did

every man in the group.

5) Anyone a ccompanying a

disabled person will be

admitted to the meeting,

as will guide dogs.

6) The second individual

session began with a

review of the homework

assignment, as did all


1) It is believed that

between 50,000 and

100,000 people in this

country, who are free of

symptoms, are likely to

be carrying the HIV virus.

2) During this period, it

is estimated that half a

million people were

killed in the communal

violence that flooded the


3) When it is discovered

that a substance harms

women's reproductive

health, women of

childbearing age are

usually kept from jobs

that might expose them to


4) Official figures give

average class sizes as

forty to fifty, but it is

reported that in the

rural areas there are

often seventy to eighty

children in a class.

1) apparent

2) disappear

3) pressure

4) widespread

5) collapse

6) alternative

7) does us no harm

8) tissue

9) liberate

10) visible

11) radiation

12) by itself

13) consume

14) in all likelihood

1) grow

2) hotter

3) seem

4) run

5) fall

6) melt

7) means

8) away

9) retreat

10) to

11) necessarily

12) possible

13) so

14) exist

15) gained

16) though

17) found

18) another

19) piled

20) stay

21) causing

22) flooded

23) farther

1) planet's

2) average

3) directly

4) temperature

5) too cold for most life

6) In fact, it is frozen

7) thick

8) hot enough to melt lead

9) The Earth absorbs most of the energy that reaches its surface and re-emits it as heat

10) In doing so, we are setting the stage for a warmer Earth


1) 如果富有的国家多花些钱搞绿色工业,而不是去建立军事机器和制造核武



If the rich countries

spent more money on green

industries, instead of on

building up military

machines and nuclear

weapons, many of today's

widespread pollution

problems would gradually


2) 烧煤的时候,不仅消耗



The burning of coal not

only consumes the oxygen

in the house but also

gives out poisonous gases.

3) 显然,找到替代能源对



Apparently, finding

alternative energy

sources is essential to

the steady development of

our economy.

4) 太阳能电池(solar



Solar cells can absorb

sunlight and convert it

into electricity.

5) 如果地球上的温度继续






If the temperature on the

Earth continues to go up

from year to year, the

polar ice caps will begin

to melt and, in all

likelihood, half of the

buildings in coastal

cities will disappear

beneath splashing sea


6) 因为这些生物很小并



Because these creatures

are small and tend to hide

beneath leafy plants,

they are not always

visible to the naked eye.

7) 由于受到原子辐射,他


As a result of exposure to

atomic radiation, he

finally collapsed at work.

8) 有明显的证据表明工作



There is distinct

evidence of the

connection between heavy

pressure of work and some

disorders of the body.


1) live with

2) resolve

3) encounter

4) sole

5) drawing to a close

6) anticipated 7) dwelt on

8) sat on

9) had butterflies in his


10) conceited

1) open up

2) relaxed

3) emergency

4) concluded

5) live with

6) at one time or another

7) particular

8) surgery

9) was sweating

10) competently

11) in advance

12) in practice

1) I was confident that I would win the race. /I was confident of winning the race.

2) With determination and hard work, you are bound to succeed eventually.

3) The burglar walked very fast in order to avoid being seen by the policeman behind.

4) Driving a car after drinking alcohol will inevitably lead to an accident or arrest by the police.

5) You must take (full) responsibility for losing the money.

6) Great success at such an early age made the young businessman quite a conceited fellow.


1) absence

2) efficiency


independence/independen cy

4) silence

5) confidence

6) patience

7) distance

8) competence/competency

9) frequence/frequency

10) presence

11) importance 12)


13) constancy

14) emergence/emergency

15) evidence

1) efficiency

2) emergency

3) absence

4) confidence

5) frequency

6) distance

7) presence

8) independence

1) have enriched

2) had enjoyed

3) ensured

4) endeared

5) enabled

6) endanger

7) enlarge

8) have been embodied

9) empower

10) entitle

1) I'll get you one

2) I'm thinking of

getting a new one

3) must buy some bigger


4) The one at the front

5) have eaten all the soft


6) decided to catch a

later one

7) I want to borrow one

8) the ones you had on


1) Once a good beginning

is made

2) Once you understand

these rules

3) Once he makes a promise

4) Once they are put down

in black and white/Once

put down in black and


5) once you get into the

habit of smoking

6) Once she began to write

in English

1) I had a lot of trouble

getting the car started

this morning.

2) You won't have much

difficulty getting to

know people in Italy.

3) The conceited young

man said he had no

difficulty whatsoever

reading technical


4) To the teacher's

surprise, most of the

students in his class had

little difficulty

working out the hard

maths problems.

5) Did you have any

trouble finding the

butterfly specimen Prof.

Nolen wanted?

6) The shepherds had a

great deal of trouble

driving the sheep to a

place of safety in the


1) Einstein is so famous

that there is no one who

doesn't know him.

2) There is almost

nothing that his dog

won't eat.

3) There is no one who

doesn't make any mistakes in his lifetime.

4) There is no goal that you cannot obtain so long as you have an honest attitude and a strong will.

5) There is nobody here who won't lend you a helping hand when you find yourself in difficulty.

6) John is called Mr. Fix It because there is almost nothing that he cannot fix.

1) surgical

2) confident

3) dwell on

4) emergency

5) sweat

6) competent

7) at one time or another

8) relax


1) from

2) examined

3) nothing

4) trouble

5) much

6) same

7) ago

8) advice

9) you

10) pay

11) worry

12) followed

13) again

14) quite

15) that

16) tailor B

1) how

2) answer

3) cut

4) surgeon

5) had

6) over

7) only

8) found

9) by

10) got

11) then

12) saying

13) around

1) By most standards

2) distance

3) diseases

4) considered

5) a different way of

practicing medicine

6) show concern for

7) stand apart from

8) grows

9) by my first name

10) satisfying


1) 只要你不断努力,你迟


If / As long as you keep

(on) trying, you will be

able to resolve this

difficult problem sooner

or later.

2) 我们预料我们的计划会

受到抵制 (resistance)。

We anticipate

encountering / that we

will encounter

resistance to our plan /

our plan will meet with


3) 吉姆的朋友说,他们那



Jim's friends said that

the noise pollution in

their city was terrible,

but they had to live with


4) 汤姆起初认为,凭他的




At first Tom thought that

with his knowledge, skill

and experience he was

bound to find a

satisfactory job.

5) 冷静耐心地处理这个微

妙 (delicate) 问题是明


It would be wise /

advisable to handle this

delicate problem with

calmness and patience.

6) 迪克以为,如果他拆不



Dick thought that if he

wasn't able to take the

machine apart, chances

were that no other worker

in the plant could,


7) 你是否认为公共汽车司



Do you think bus drivers

should take full

responsibility for the

passengers' safety?

8) 你不必再去多想那些判



You needn't dwell on your

mistakes in judgment any

more. What's important is to try your best to avoid repeating them. Unit7答案

1) peered

2) right off/right away

3) tough

4) checks on/checks in on

5) take to

6) waging

7) extending

8) impact

9) established

10) abandon

11) confront

12) ran into

13) raged

14) get through to

1) tragedies

2) has


3) cautious

4) took to

5) talk back

6) take a stand

7) exploded

8) have stepped

up/stepped up

9) get through to

10) fuss

11) vacant

12) stream

13) drifted

14) challenges

15) property

1) Famine followed the war, one tragedy after another.

2) We're praying for good weather for tomorrow's cricket match.

3) This sofa can be extended into a bed. 4) The Jackson family

have occupied this gray

row house for two and a

half years.

5) It was reading his

books that prompted me to

write to him.

6) Are you positive the

hospital has no vacant


1) dirty

2) stormy

3) healthy

4) muddy

5) rainy

6) sunny

7) smoky

8) noisy

1) reorganized

2) rearrangement

3) reassembled

4) replace

5) reunion

6) regain

7) repay

8) reconsideration

1) in several different


2) the right way of

saying/the right way to


3) the wrong way

4) the way/the way

that/the way in which

5) way of telling his


6) her way

7) that way

8) his way of helping the


1) speaking

2) to pay

3) being dropped becoming

4) to leave

5) to fight

6) moving

7) spending

8) to be

1) It is / was the first

time (that) Tommy has /

had talked back to his


2) It is / was the first

time (that) I have / had

ever been in a plane.

3) It is / was the first

time (that) John has / had

spoken in public.

4) It is / was the first

time (that) she has / had

ever taken a strong stand

against raising taxes.

1) moved in

2) waged

3) property

4) take a stand

5) drifted

6) tragedy

7) prompt

8) impact

9) took to

10) got through to

11) ran into

12) fussing

1) Judging

2) Confronted

3) change

4) You

5) treated

6) But

7) set

8) never

9) called/named

10) boy's

11) your

12) the

13) on

14) make

15) bring

16) through

17) later

18) showing

1) cigarette

2) two and a half packs

3) lung cancer

4) influence

5) pull a blanket over my head

6) suffering

7) decision

8) affect

9) prospect

10) sharing his experience

翻译1) 在当地政府的领导下,



Under the l eadership of

the local government, the

villagers rose to the

serious food crisis

caused by the floods

2) 这个展览会很受欢迎,


The exhibition is very

popular and is attracting

a steady stream of


3) 妈妈上楼来查看我们这



When Mom came upstairs to

check on us kids, I turned

over and pretended to be


4) 对阿姆斯特德来说,向




Waging a battle against

the drug pushers was a

challenge to Armstead.

She felt rather nervous

but she decided to

confront them.

5) 老太太叫我小心些,不



The old lady told me to be

cautious and not to talk

to the guys hanging out on

the street corner.

6) 一个卫生组织促使地方



A health organization

prompted the local

government to raise a


fund for a new hospital.

7) 那个曾放火烧教堂的男



Opening the door, the man

who had set fire to the

church found himself

confronted by a dozen

policemen with guns.

8) 据报道,燃烧了两个多



It is reported that the

fire which raged for more

than two hours started in

an abandoned warehouse /



1) decrease

2) outside

3) plus

4) vague

5) hard

6) empty

7) thin

8) fall

9) exclusive

10) clever 11) light

12) present

13) false

14) stale

15) pull

16) at least

17) minor

18) alive/living

19) relatively

20) narrow

1) is on the rise

2) numerous

3) was launched

4) come to no good

end/come to bad ends

5) different from

6) go down

7) being hard on/being so

hard on the child

8) an indication

9) possess

10) a case in point

1) out of style

2) In the case of

3) overnight

4) on the other hand

5) evidence

6) clue

7) incident

8) corresponding

9) contagious

10) lay in

11) anyway

12) reinforced

13) behavior

1) We think of the Great Wall of China as one of the wonders of the world.

2) Medical scientists have long recognized that heart disease is linked to cigarette smoking. 3) San Francisco and Shanghai are both major seaports and financial centers, but unlike Shanghai, San Francisco is hilly and surrounded by water on three sides.

4) An increase in investments will lead to a corresponding rise in profits in times of rapid economic growth.

5) The size of the prize tempted many people to enter the competition.

6) All the ca ndidates for the position must meet the requirement of successful completion of secondary school.

1) disagreement

2) disadvantage

3) disappear

4) disapprove

5) misbehave

6) discomfort

7) miscount

8) discontented

9) discontinue

10) disclose

11) misdeed

12) misdirect

13) misfortune

14) misguide

15) dishearten

16) dishonor

17) misjudge

18) mislead

19) disobey

20) disorder

21) misprint

22) misspelling

23) mistranslate

24) misunderstanding

1) overpraised

2) overate

3) overwork

4) overcrowded

5) overweight

6) overloading

7) overanxious

8) Overpopulation

1) shoe repairers

2) clothes shops

3) cigarette packets

4) customs duties

5) child welfare

6) arms control

7) a salesperson/a sales


8) a ticket office

1) Helen will have that

dress altered to fit her.

2) It was Qin Shi Huang

who had all the walls

joined up.

3) I had my meals brought

to me when I was ill in bed

with a bad cold.

4) He had three of his

teeth knocked out in the


5) Bill had his hat blown

off when (he was)

crossing the bridge.

6) The sleeping cat lay

too near the fire and had

its tail slightly burned.

1) Our team is likely to

win the game.

2) Davis is not likely to

get home before dark.

3) These old buildings

are very likely to be

knocked down in a year or


4) As the young man is

very short of money, he is

likely to apply for the

dangerous job advertised

in the paper.

5) The old lady was even

less likely to survive

the operation if she got

any worse.

6) As Nancy is one of the

best tennis players on

the school team, she is

most likely to be singled

out for special training.

1) The wish of the

scientists is to find new resources for mankind.

2) Her goal in life is to work hard for the happiness of all people in the world.

3) The object of my visit was to consult your uncle as to how I could learn English better.

4) Jefferson's / His purpose in making

on-the-spot observations of the James River was to find out whether its South Branch was deep enough to be used by large boats.

5) No. My approach is not to learn everything about something, but rather to learn something about everything.

1) evidence

2) on the rise

3) behavior

4) launched

5) campaigns

6) contagious

7) Numerous

8) linked

9) unlike

10) reinforced

1) pair

2) never

3) very

4) won

5) On

6) happened

7) when

8) along

9) stopped 10) help

11) to

12) station

13) found

14) gone

15) lying

16) this

17) recognized

18) back

19) like

20) strong

21) fists

22) got

23) never

24) on

1) computer games

2) was getting married

3) hesitated

4) Unfortunately

5) Worse still

6) forever

7) positive

8) property

9) learn a lesson

10) it's too bad I won't

be able to replace it


1) 巨额投资(investment)



Vast amounts of

investment have enabled

the economy of the area to

grow rapidly.

2) 他们为新建一所医院开


They launched a campaign

to raise money for a new


3) 成功在于勤奋



Success lies in diligence.

Dr. Nolen is a case in


4) 他们都具有很高的道德



Men of high moral

standards, they are never

to be tempted into taking

such expensive gifts.

5) 有迹象表明,不少工厂


There are indications

that numerous factories

are faced with a very

difficult situation.

6) 警方找到谁是罪犯的重



The police arrested the

criminal on a charge of

armed robbery several

hours after they found an

important clue to his


7) 调查显示,对某些人来



Investigation has

revealed that retirement

tends to cause

psychological troubles

for some people.

8) 医疗队并没有一味抱怨





The medical team did more

than complain about the

relatively poor working

conditions at the local

hospital. For instance,

several doctors bought

simple medical instruments with their own money. Unit9答案

1) make so much fuss over

2) is worthy of

3) for sure

4) granted

5) heartily

6) picked out

7) took it for granted

8) what has gone wrong

9) by my estimate

10) highly

1) complacent

2) academic

3) hastened

4) intelligence

5) tried on

6) devise

7) verbal

8) uneasy

9) explored

10) registered

11) aptitude

12) evaluation

1) We'll win for sure.

2) Do you think the tall buildings in Shenzhen look similar to / are similar in appearance to the skyscrapers in Manhattan, New York?

3) The number of mistakes determines the mark you will receive in an examination.

4) I keep telling myself never to take anything for granted.

5) The final cost of the house was a lot higher than the builder's original estimate. 6) Mrs. Park had an uneasy

suspicion that her son

was really guilty as


1) from under

2) from behind

3) from among

4) except on

5) until after

6) except for

7) except to

8) until after

1) rosy cheeks

2) healthy activities

3) a fussy man/a fussy


4) a cloudy sky

5) a funny story

6) watery eyes

7) hearty wishes

8) wavy hair/wavy curl

9) tasty food

10) a lengthy speech

11) a silv ery voice

12) sunny days

13) a snowy winter

14) a noisy classroom

1) subconsciousness

2) subcommittee

3) subtitle

4) substandard

5) subcontinent

6) subaverage

7) subplot

8) sublevel

1) ad

2) plane

3) auto

4) bike

5) doc

6) dorm

7) exam

8) kilo

9) lab

10) math/maths

11) taxi/cab

12) zoo

1) intelligent

2) intellectual

3) intelligent

4) intellectuals

5) intellectual

1) How long did he tell

you he waited?

2) Which mountain did

they say they tried to


3) When do you suggest we

meet again?

4) How many passengers do

you suppose the boat


5) Where did they say the

ancient coins were found?

6) Who do you think will

be the likeliest

candidate for the


7) Why do you guess he

chose to remain single?

8) What do you expect he

will buy as Christmas

presents for his children?

1) The fact that he works

hard does not necessarily

mean that he is a

competent leader.

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