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Book Two

Unit 1 Someone Waiting

1. I don’t like to see people off at the railway station.

2. The company is giving a farewell party for you on Monday evening. A car will Pick you up at your hotel at half past seven.

3. She was so excited that she couldn’t help giving me a warm embrace.

4. I never quite succeed in overcoming the sense of being out of place.

5. She glanced round the room to see who was there.

6. His big shoes look like small boats.

7. You should fold the eggs into flour instead of doing it in the opposite way.

Unit 2 Football

1. He thinks that the marriage between them is no more than a business deal.

2. He used up all the money he had.

3. The young man saved your daughter from drowning.

4. She had absolutely nowhere to go, so she read some old books at home.

5. “Will I ever be as good a player as Geoff?” “Perhaps, but you still have a long way to go before that day comes.”

6. He is in danger of losing his job.

7. The practice of employing children to work in factories has nearly died out in many countries. UNIT 3 The Snake Bite

1. It started raining, so she made for the nearest shelter.

2. She picked out a cap to match her dress.

3. I waited for an hour, but he didn’t sh ow up.

4. They figured it was better to stay where they were.

5. The earthquake that struck the little island caused 23 deaths.

6. He returned home at length after being away from the village for 20 years.

7. She managed to hold on to her job while many of her colleagues lost theirs.

Unit 4 He was my father

1. My teacher told me that the liquid in the bottle could remove stains from metal and china.

2. The student sitting beside me looked around the examination room with apprehension.

3. He is now out of college and lives on his own.

4. They took turns staying awake in case anything went wrong.

5. The elder daughter will probably follow in her father's footsteps, and take over the family business when she's old enough.

6. He had to get off his bike and push it up the hill.

7. This pair of gloves will protect your hands against the cold .

UNIT 5 The English Countryside

1. Her bedroom has large windows overlooking a beautiful lake.

2. He collapsed into the armchair, stretching out his legs in front of him.

3. I simply could not live there; it rained day in and day out when I went there on holiday.

4. A dry warehouse is important especially in the case of these medicines.

5. The people in this village, for the most part, are quiet and well behaved.

6. We tend to get cold winters and warm, dry summers in this part of the country.

7. It’s a simple dish to prepare, consisting mainly of beef and vegetable.

Unit 6 Suffering to Be Beautiful

1. I find it difficult to keep up with the changes in fashion.

2. He doesn't go in for outdoor sports much.

3. My English is poor so I'm not up to translating the poem.

4. People usually judge a person by his/her appearance.

5. She looked as if she hadn't slept all night.

6. He was determined to go to great lengths to fulfill his ambition

7. He sat in the front so as to hear clearly.

Unit Seven Waiting for a Call

1. I’ll do it my own way if you don’t mind.

2. John couldn’t have been in the classroom. We were there just a few minutes ago.

3. Such rude behavior cannot be excused.

4. My salary went up by half when I changed companies.

5. The workers smashed the bottles with the hammer.

6. I don’t think it hurts (anybody) to get up earlier.

7. You are asking too much of me.

8. I keep making the same mistake. It’s really annoying.

Unit Eight Secret Messages to Ourselves

1. Judy had a right to come and go as she pleased.

2. He leapt to fame overnight with the success of his first film.

3. I sometimes have difficulty distinguishing Australian English from American English.

4. I didn’t want to come here in the first place.

5. Miniskirts are out of fashion, while long skirts have come into fashion again.

6. She was always criticizing others, so her friends got tired of her.

7. Her manner was cold and indifferent.

8. Nancy and John have fallen out of love with each other and they split at last.

Unit Ten Teenager’s Nightmare

1. Everyone supposes him to be poor, but he is actually quite rich.

2. I wouldn’t put up with his arrogance if I were you.

3. There is plenty of paper on the desk if you need it.

4. In order to pass the exam, she is resigned to not watching TV this weekend.

5. The scientists are carrying out some interesting cloning experiments.

6. They often quarrel over trifles for hours on end.

7. When you get down to the task, you won’t feel it is that easy.

8. As some guests were coming, she spent all morning tidying up her room.

Unit Eleven Understanding Your Owner

1. At first, he refused to accept any responsibility but he ended up apologizing.

2. Sometimes it is not easy to pick out an acquaintance in a crowd.

3. Some convenience foods can fit in with ideas of healthy eating.

4. Your carelessness might put us into danger.

5. He tried to force his opinion on us, but we didn’t accept it.

6. They spent hours working out the result for the survey.

Or: It was hours before they worked out the result of the survey.

7. If you can’t make it this way, you can try doing it another way.

8. Her illness kept her off work for several weeks

Unit Twelve Transforming Mars

1. A new bridge having been built, and crossing the river by ferry has become a thing of the past.

2. Once you pick up a bad habit, it is difficult to get rid of it.

3. Doctors are still trying out this new medicine to see if it is effective.

4. All the new products of this company were on show at the exhibition.

5. The color of brass is similar to that of gold.

6. Oxford Street is known as one of the busiest commercial streets in London.

7. The old building which survived the earthquake was retained in the newly-built district.

8. Children are often fascinated by the toys displayed in shop windows.

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