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新视野大学英语2 读写教程答案


Unit 1—Unit 7

Unit 1

Section A


1 The attitude is that if one is not moving ahead, he is falling behind

2 Time is treated as if it were something almost real People budget it, waste it, steal it, kill it, cut it, account for it; they also charge for it They do this because time is a precious resource

3 Everyone is in a rush—often under pressure In the writer’s eyes, city people always appear to be hurrying to get where they are going, restlessly seeking attention in a store, or elbowing others as they try to complete their shopping

4 Don’t take it personally This is because people value time highly, and they resent someone else “wasting” it beyond a certain appropriate point

5 This is because Americans generally assess and enquire about their visitors professionally rather than socially They start talking business very quickly Time is always ticking in their inner ear

6 Americans produce a steady flow of labor-saving devices: they communicate rapidly through faxes, phone calls or emails rather than through personal contacts

7 The impersonality of electronic communication has little or no relation to the significance of the matter at hand

8 It is taken as a sign of skillfulness or being competent to solve a problem or fulfill a job with speed in the U S


1 Budgeted

2 acute

3 restless

4 surroundings

5 competent

6 assessing

7 elbowed

8 conducting IV 1.behind 2 for 3 to 4 out 5 of 6 to 7 in 8 into

V 1 commitment 2 attraction 3 appointment 4 impression 5 civilization 6 composition 7 confusion 8 congratulation 9 consideration 10 explanation 11 acquisition 12 depression

VI 1 advisable 2 desirable 3 favorable 4 considerable 5 remarkable 6 preferable 7 drinkable 8 acceptable


1 much less do they take them out for dinner

2 much less a big company

3 much less carry it upstairs

4 much less spoken to him

5 much less ( to ) read a lot outside of it


1 Having meals at home can cost as little as two or three dollars, whereas eating out at a restaurant is always more expensive

2 We thought she was rather proud, whereas in fact she was just very shy

3 We have never done anything for them, whereas they have done everything for us

4 Natalie prefers to stay for another week, whereas her husband prefers to leave immediately

5 Some highly praise him, whereas others put him down severely

IX Translation Chinese to English

1 In the eyes of some people, Picasso’s paintings would seem rather foolish

2 The increase in their profits is due partly to their new market strategy

3 The man told his wife to keep the medicine on the top shelf so that it would be beyond the children’s reach

4 Happiness doesn’t always go with money

5 That car has given me nothing but trouble ever since I bought it


1 这种态度的结果是,全国人民都投身到研究、实验和探索中去了.

2 他们会怀念那种喝着茶或咖啡招待客人的礼节性交往,而这种交往也许是他们自己国家的一种习俗。

3 既然我们通常是以工作的方式而不是以社交的方式来评估和了解他人的,那我们就开门见山地谈生意了。

4 对我们来说,电信交流缺乏人性化,这与手头处理的事情是否重要关系不大,或毫无关系。

5 除非给予一定时间来处理,不然的话,在他们的眼里,手头的工作好像是无足轻重,不值得给予适当的重视似的。

XI 1-5 BBCCA 6—10 CBBBC 11-15 ABBCA 16—20 CBBAB

Section B

XV 1—4 CACA 5—8 ACBC

XVI 1 desirable 2 marvelous 3 favorable 4 distressed 5 hostility 6 recognition 7 alleviate 8 appreciate

XVII 1 interact with 2 gone through 3 deal with 4 recovered from 5 adjusting themselves to 6 familiar to the public 7 clashed with 8 In spite of

Unit 2

Section A


1 Most countries concern themselves with economic development, regardless of its effect on the global ecology

2 Because of the increasing environmental damage, people become more aware of environmental problems and many countries undertake new environmental initiatives

3 Canada closed the area to cod fishing and set strict limits on catches of other species As

a result, herring eventually recovered, but some species may never recover, and about 40,000 fishermen are unemployed because of the fishing bans and loss of their fish supply

4 Costa Rica has issued a series of new environmental laws and created parks and nature preserves that cover one quarter of the country

5 It was under pressure from environmentalists around the world that Brazil took certain measures to protect its Amazon rain forest; and the writer questions its true level of commitment to protect Amazon Indians who are endangered in the conflict with those people who continue to destroy the forests

6 Heavy metals from coal mining have contaminated much of the area's waters Many rivers, land,and forests are biologically dead because the pollution is very serious

7 The program has succeeded in strengthening the country’s agricultural base and bringing a new source of wealth to villagers But it remains to be seen whether these measures will have enough impact to slow the rate of removing the forests

8 Indonesia is facing the problem of providing enough food, shelter and employment for its large population, and encouraging birth control

III 1 awareness 2 undertake 3 abundant 4 ambitious 5 diversity 6 contaminated 7 sponsored 8 waged

IV.Filling the Blank

1 Correct form: regardless of

Synonymous: without taking into account, paying no attention to

2 Correct form: springing up

Synonymous: appearing quickly or suddenly

3 Correct form: concerns herself with

Synonymous: is busy with, involves herself in

4 Correct form: aim at/for/toward(s)

Synonymous: direct its efforts towards

5 Correct form:converted…into/to

Synonymous: change…int o

6 Correct form: up to

Synonymous: as many as

7 Correct form: as a result of

Synonymous: because of, resulting from

8 Correct form: frown on/upon

Synonymous: not approve of


1 settler: one who settles (in a place)

2 miner: a worker in a mine

3 gardener: one who works in a garden, either for pay or as a hobby

4 director: a person who directs (a department, a film, etc )

5 observer: a person who observes or watches carefully

6 planner: a person who plans ( a city, etc)

7 container: anything which contains sth , e g a box, a bottle, etc

8 conductor: a person who conducts (atour group, on a bus, etc )

VI 1 musical 2 occasional 3 environmental 4 central 5 global 6 dangerous 7 natural 8 agricultural


1 it remains for him to do it

2 the result remains to be seen

3 remains to be seen in a few weeks

4 much remains to be settled

5 Worse things remain to be told


1 Every month we'll deliver the very best articles, together with the latest fashion and beauty news

2 The famine, together with the war, killed millions of lives

3 Together with his brother, John has gone to the party held by the Fine Arts Association once

a year

4 The Smiths are planning to sell the house, together with the furniture

5 Together with his wife, he helped to design the highest building in the town


1 Since the beginning of this summer, Haier has waged a massive ad campaign to promote its air-conditioner sales

2 Mary's parents frown on the idea of her going to America, so it remains to be seen whether she will realize her dream

3 Rose knows that continuous letters from John, together with countless roses, are aimed at

winning her heart

4 Through sponsoring the growing of fruit trees to regenerate waste land, the government succeeded in improving the ecological environment

5 The government has undertaken a series of new environmental initiatives As a result, many parks and green belts have sprung up all over the country


1 但近年来,随着环境破坏的日益严重,世界各地已经出现了许多变化的迹象。

2 但是人们制订了一系列新的环境保护法,还新建了占四分之一国土面积的公园和自然保护区,目的是要保护哥斯达黎加现存的森林。

3 政府承诺将保护该地区的土著居民,但人们对这个承诺的可信度仍心存疑虑.

4 这种人口激增已导致了该国许多地方森林的消失及对现存农田的过度耕作。

5 政府近几年来已发动了一场大规模的广告宣传运动来鼓励节制生育,并提出了鼓励措施,如提供免费去沙特阿拉伯的麦加—伊斯兰教的诞生地—的机会。


Section B

XVI 1 summit 2 comparable 3 characterized 4 paved 5 conservation 6 literal 7 erect 8 recreation XVII

1 The small boat had been washed away during the storm

2 Up to 10 men can sleep in this tent, which looks rather small and maybe is not more than 14 square meters

3 In order to protect the environment, people should clean up after a picnic

4 In this small town, a thousand miles of bike trails along the sides of rivers lead into a big park

5 He lost his job and on top of that his wife left him

6 If we coordinate our efforts, we should be able to complete the project ahead of time

7 Professor Bonnet has been working on cells of this type for many years

8 The education system in our country is currently characterized by an emphasis on success in exams

Unit Three

Section A

III 1 mutual 2 illusion 3 canceled 4 overlooked 5 poceeded 6 resolve 7 prejudice 8 compromise 9 confirm 10 subsequently

IV 1 having nothing to do with 2 taking care of 3 met with 4 on the surface 5 work out 6 incompatible with 7 ups and downs 8 learned of 9 indication of 10 all along

V 1 M 2 L 3 F 4 D 5 H 6 O 7 A 8 C 9 I 10 K

VI 1 shopping 2 feeling 3 storage 4 cooking 5 ending 6 beginning 7 gathering 8 removal 9 arrival 10 passage 11 writing 12 marriage

VII 1 relationship 2 citizenship 3 leadership 4 membership 5 boyhood 6 livelihood

7 brotherhood 8 authorship 9 adulthood 10 neighborhood 11 wisdom 12 ownership


1 It is never too bad for us to do something about the situation

2 One is never too old to learn

3 It is never too late for you to put a stop to this madness

4 It is never too late for you to mend your ways

5 His income was never too small to support his family

1 My best friend,Anna,was here last night

2 The company manager,Mr Madison,gathered his staff and announced the decision

3 You should have seen an ophthalmologist, an eye doctor

4 He sent for the accountant,the most experienced person in accounting

5 ”Leave it to me,” said David,the man on night duty


1 You are never too experienced to learn new techniques

2 There remains one problem,namely,who should be sent to head the research there

3 Their relationship did meet with some difficulty at the beginning because of cultural differences

4 Though he has had ups and downs,I believed all along that he would succeed someday

5 I have some reservations about the truth of your claim

6 She isn't particularly tall,but her slim figure gives an illusion of height


1 应尽早告知年轻人:必须认真对待法律

2 他现在面临一个重要决定,这个决定可能会影响他的整个前程

3 即使在情况最糟糕的时候,你也必须保持镇静和信心

4 人际关系的成功与否与双方相处是否融洽以及交流是否顺畅有很大关系

5 他受到袭击,身受重伤,随后不治而亡

6 他的举止至少在表面上像个正常人。


Section B

XV 1 B 2 A 3 B 4 C 5 B 6 B 7 A 8 B

XVI 1 anticipate 2 brilliant 3 ingredient 4 dialect 5 somehow 6 bubbled 7 compelled 8 diplomatic XVII 1 on 2 from to 3 off 4with 5 towards/ with 6 concerning /about 7 over 8 on

Unit 4

Section A


1 The flight is a start of their new experience, and they have to live without their parents for a period of time

2 They go there to become fluent in English, finish high school, and understand the American way of life as much as possible

3 They can get it if they can pass the final exams at the end of each semester

4 No most of them have difficulty making all necessary arrangements

5 She wrote a detailed letter, which showed that she was a religious and loving girl

6 Yes, they do because they don’t have enough experience in packing, and they tend to take unnecessary things with them

7 They really have to rely on themselves for everything from then on, and they are not sure whether they can manage to adapt to new situations

8 Most of them are not used to food and long for home; some find it difficult to observe the regulation about time


1 granted

2 departure

3 abroad

4 adapt

5 domestic

6 accustomed

7 command

8 descended IV.Filling the Blank

1 plan on

2 lived through

3 dreamed of

4 take on

5 hit the target

6 host to

7 economizen

8 in

V Word Building

1 sadness

2 weakness

3 carelessness

4 illness

5 darkness

6 kindness

7 laziness

8 nervousness VI 1 noisy 2 wealthy] 3 sunny 4 lucky 5 tasty 6 healthy 7 sleepy 8 icy


1 It is necessary for the manager to finish the whole task before leaving for a holiday

2 It is a shame to take so much money for doing so little

3 It is our responsibility to help people around us who are in trouble

4 It is a surprise for us all to realize he has been cheating us

5 It is pleasant for the mother to see her daughter growing into a young lady


1 as long as she got her father’s agreement

2 As long as you set a goal for yourself

3 As long as she covers all expenses herself

4 as long as she does her routine job well

5 As long as you never lose heart


1 For most parents, the decision to send children abroad for study is made after careful thinking They will try to have everything worked out before their children leave

2 Jack has only been working for three months, so, for lack of experience, he will have difficulty finishing the task alone

3 As long as you specify what we are expected to do, we'll try our best to help you get everything ready

4 Susan had thought she would adapt to life there soon, but she found later things were not so easy, and she began to feel homesick

5 Tension descended on these children when it was time for departure, since they didn’t know whether they could adapt to the life without parents


1 他们都是因为同样的原因赴美的———学会流利的英语、完成中学学业以及尽可能了解有关美国生活方式的方方面面

2 对大多数学生来说,至少要经过6个月的精心筹划才能作出到国外学习的决定

3 “对我来说,”17岁的格洛里亚·马卡托说: “学会讲英语及体验这种经历比从美国政府那里拿到一张证书更为重要."

4 甚至那些计划只在美国完成两个学期中学课程的年轻学生也很难找到接待家庭。很少有学生在到达这个国家时,就把一切细节都安排妥贴了的.

5 学生们在等待美国国内班机把他们带到在美国的临时家庭时也会觉得紧张.从那以后,每个人都得自己照料自己了。

XI 1-5 BACCB 6—10 ACCBA 11—15 CBAAA 16-20 BCABC

Section B

XVI 1 emigrate 2 guidance 3 infinite 4 prosperous 5 shrinks 6 warmth 7 whatsoever 8 ceaseless XVII 1 made a fortune 2 make sure 3 full of people 4 was dressed in 5 is always indifferent to6 enter into 7 did not know about 8 pay for

Unit 5

Section A


1 She feels terrible She wants to weep and she does weep a little

2 He smoked Prince Albert tobacco in cigarettes he rolled himself

3 Her father was hooked by cigarettes Though he smoked Prince Albert tobacco, he never looked as fashionable as Prince Albert; he continued to look like a poor, overweight, hard working colored man with too large a family

4 By that time, her father’s health was poor His breathing was difficult; he had to rest very often when he was climbing stairs It was not unusual for him to cough for an hour

5 Money that should be spent for food goes instead to the tobacco companies As a result, over time, people starve themselves of both food and air, effectively weakening and hooking their children, eventually killing themselves

6 The cigarette ends are so poisonous that if a baby swallows one, it is likely to die, and the boiled water from a bunch of them makes an effective insecticide

7 She still remembers how carefully she ate when she was pregnant, and how patiently she taught her daughter how to cross a street safely But now her daughter smokes, which amounts to killing herself by taking poison, as her grandfather did

8 Smoking is a form of self—battering that also batters those others who must sit by

III 1 largely 2 slim 3 weaken 4 poisonous 5 swallow 6 bunch 7 drag

IV 1 leaned on 2 close at hand 3 die of 4 are starved of 5 coupled with 6 directed at 7 dressed in 8 very grateful to

V 1 harden 2 weakened the government's position 3 broaden the child’s mind 4 lengthening 5 was heightening 6 lightened 7 darkened 8 reddened the clouds

VI 1 arrival 2 expectations 3 understandable 4 visitors 5 freedom 6 professional 7 lucky 8 gathering

VII Structure

1 John went to the cinema with his brother, which surprised me

2 The boy broke the window, for which he was criticized by the teacher

3 He tore up my photo, by which I was very much annoyed

4 It was raining hard, due to which the team stayed indoors

5 Connie changed her mind for the second time, which came as no surprise to us


1 The teacher spoke so quietly that the students could hardly hear her

2 The lecture was so boring that many listeners fell asleep

3 The student has so many books that he does not know what to do with them

4 The old man was so ill that his neighbors had to send for a doctor

5 Her remarks are so funny that everyone

laughs to tears


1 My father is so forgetful that he is always looking for his keys

2 Nothing more was heard from him so that we began to wonder if he was still alive

3 It is not unusual for the scientist to go to bed at two or three in the morning

4 The man bent down and picked up the book from the floor

5 Leaning her head on her husband's shoulder, Rebecca began to cry


1 她做家庭作业时,脚搁在前面的长凳上,计算机嗒嗒地跳出几何题的答案。我看着那包已抽了一半、她随意扔在紧靠手边处的骆驼牌香烟

2 我还记得那鲜红的烟丝罐头,上面有一张维多利亚女王的丈夫阿尔伯特亲王的图片,他身穿黑色燕尾服、手拿一支手杖

3 烟草业,再加上好来坞电影-—影片中的男女主角都是老烟鬼——把像我父亲那样的人完完全全争取了过去, 他们无可救药地抽烟上了瘾。

4 久而久之,人们不但缺少食物,而且还缺少空气,这样不但大大地削弱了孩子们的体质,还使他们染上了烟瘾,最终还会致他们于死地

5 抽烟是一种自我毁灭,而且也毁灭着那些不得不坐在你身边的人.那些人偶尔也会取笑或抱怨抽烟,可常常只能无可奈何地坐在一边看。

XI 1-5 CCC AC 6-10 BCBCC 11—15 BABBB 16—20 ABBCB

Section B

XVI 1 sours 2 insensitive 3 loosened 4 conversely 5 generosity 6 contradiction 7 submit 8 inferred


1 Jean wrote the speaker’s address down in her notebook for fear that she might forget it

2 Passengers must show their tickets on demand

3 The secretary didn’t dare to stand up to her boss though she knew she was right

4 I took it for granted that you would come with us, so I bought you a ticket

5 She has been selfish all the time, but she has promised to turn over a new leaf and become more considerate of others

6 People in this region have pined for a peaceful life since the religious war broke out three decades ago

7 Poor health had made it difficult for Jim to hold down a job for more than a year

8 Betty gets very depressed at times because of pressure of her work

Unit 6

Section A


1 No, she didn’t like her former name Debbie, because it didn’t suit her good looks and elegant manner, and it made her think she should be a cook

2 She felt more comfortable with herself and other people started to take her more seriously

3 The writer thinks that the name change didn’t cause Debbie’s professi onal achievement, but it surely helped by adding a bit of self-confidence to her talents

4 The writer thought that, to other people, his name, Joe, made him more qualified to be a baseball player than an art critic He also suspected that if he were a more refined Arthur or Adrian, the name would have appeared complete

5 The woman was ill at ease because the man to whom she wanted the writer to introduce her was the same person with whom she once turned down a blind date because of his name

6 We often project name—based stereotypes on people For example,one of the writer’s women friends confessed that while taking charge of a nursery—school’s group of four-year-olds, she had their personalities confused because of their names

7 One study showed that teachers gave consistently lower grades on essays supposed to have been written by boys with less appealing names than they awarded to the same papers when the writers were given better-sounding names

8 With some determination, you can change your name


1 substitute

2 approval

3 confidence

4 prominent

5 awarded

6 qualify

7 characteristic

8 applications

IV.Filling the Blank

1 correct form: fill out

Synonymous: fill in

2 correct form: feel comfortable with

Synonymous: feel comfortable about

3 correct form: attach first importance to;


4 correct form: turned down

Synonymous: rejected, refused

5 correct form: came up to/came to

Synonymous: came near, approached until standing close to

6 correct form: pressing me for

Synonymous: demand insistently from (sb )

7 correct form:project… on/onto

Synonymous: cause (one’s own feelings or thoughts) to be experienced by others

8 correct form: were stuck with

Synonymous: 不得不接待,被迫接待

V 1 impatient 2 irresponsible 3 inconsistent 4 indirect 5 insensitive 6 improper/inappropriate 7 incapable 8 irregular

VI 1 unreasonable 2 unfolded 3 uncertain 4 uncovered 5 ungrateful 6 unloading 7 unlimited 8 undid

VII Structure

1 最重要的是,一旦确立了目标,你就要以极大的决心去为之努力。

2 从严格意义上来说,许多医学院的学生是在为他们的父母而学习

3 老实说,老师们也有很大压力

4 换句话说,问题在于整个社会

5 显然,电视有优点也有缺点。


1 While waiting at the doctor’s, I read the whole of a short story

2 After using the brush, put it in its proper place

3 Before being in the army, he was an engineer

4 Working hard, you will succeed

5 Weather permitting, the match will be played on Wednesday

IX Translation Chinese to English

1 She was very guilty about having misunderstood her best friend

2 Her good looks and elegant manners are very attractive

3 Obviously, he takes it for granted that his educational background and work experience are surely impressive But actually they are not

4 By quoting from a well—known art critic, he tried to add a bit of self—confidence to his talents

5 Every student has his or her characteristic qualities, such as friendliness or reserve, plainness or charm A teacher should not be prejudiced against any of them


1 我一停止称自己为戴比,我就对自己感到比较舒服了······ 而且其他人也开始更认真地对待我了。

2 不管是好是歹,诸如友好或拘谨,相貌平常或富有魅力等特征已经由你的名字暗示出来,并传达给别人,甚至是在他们见到你之前。

3 名字已成为特定形象的组成部分, 任何一个被称为“相貌平常的珍妮”或“普普通通的乔"的人都能


4 虽然我们中大多数人会认为自己没有这样的偏见,但在某种程度上,我们都有对名字产生固定看法的毛病

5 一个与之配套的研究表明:女孩受同龄人欢迎的程度也与她们的名字受欢迎的程度有关系。虽然对男孩来说这种关系不太明显

XI 1-5 BACCB 6-10 ACCBA 11-15 ACBCA 16-20 CBCAC

Section B

XVI 1 validate 2 exclusive 3 internalized 4 prevails 5 superficial 6 inherent 7 concealed 8 accompanies

XVII 1 turned out 2 is not … up to3 went to great lengths 4 out of bounds 5 spoke of 6 turned off 7 so out of character 8 took sides

Unit 7

Section A


1 You should learn to take charge of your lives and recognize there are many things beyond your control

2 Being tense may cause tremendous and rapid increase in their blood pressure

3 They find that excess alarm or stress chemicals can literally burst heart muscle fibers,creating many short circuits and causing crazy heart rhythms

4 Fear, uncertainty and doubt, together with the lack of control

5 One kind is professional women,the other kind is people who have no “compass in life”

6 The NICE factors—new, interesting, challenging experiences

7 The example shows that you can’t fulfill all your great ambitions, so you have to set your priorities

8 We can’t complain or escape We have to learn how to deal with them

III 1 recommends 2 attributed 3 independently 4 delegated 5 argument 6 fled 7 priority 8 trouble some

IV 1 blow his top 2 Among other things 3 take charge of 4 gave emphasis to/put emphasis on 5 find an outlet for 6 from the viewpoint of 7 substituted olive oil for butter 8 cut down on

V 1 endless 2 thoughtful 3 harmful 4 restless 5 beautiful 6 successful 7 fearless 8 joyful VI 1 joyful 2 hospitalized 3 industrialized 4 economize 5 realized 6 popularize 7 globalized 8 globalized

VII Structure

1 So was born the echo—sounding device, now in general use in ships

2 Between the old and the new economic program lies a period of revolutionary change from one to the other

3 At the end of a kaleidoscope are two plates, one made of clear glass and the other of ground glass

4 Off went the arrows, stones and hand bombs that were shot by the soldiers who hid themselves in the trees

5 Suddenly the student asked an embarrassing question, and then followed a complete and deathlike silence


1 The more often I practice, the better I play

2 The higher we got up in the air, the colder it became

3 The more carbon the steel contains and the quicker the cooling is, the harder the steel becomes

4 The more the girls liked the moving story, the more it made them cry

5 The more he eats, the fatter he becomes

IX Translation Chinese to English

1 The doctor recommends that those stressed people should try some new, interesting and challenging things in order to give their negative feelings an outlet

2 The teacher gives more homework to the student who has bad grades, instead of allowing him to cut that down

3 Although I’ve delegated many ta sks to other people, I'm still afraid that I won't be able to finish the plan before the April 1 deadline

4 From a doctor’s viewpoint, the hotter-tempered people get, the more likely they are to lose control Consequently, they tend to suffer from heart diseases

5 A teacher’s priorities include exciting students’ interests and stimulating their creativity X Translation English to Chinese

1 如果你常常生气、心烦意乱、情绪激动,好像你生活中的压力正在快速加剧并变得失去控制,那么你可能是在损害你的心脏了

2 多年来,他一直是一个“热核反应堆式的人”。表面上,他显得沉着、冷静和泰然自若,但他内心深处的压力使他筋疲力尽。

3 如果你生气超过5分钟——如果你生闷气,没有安全的发泄渠道的话——你就必须弄清你生气源自何处。

4 “你必须确定你能控制自己生活中的哪些部分,"他说。“在你人生道路上停下来,对自己说:‘我要把指南针拿出来,弄明白自己需要干什么.’”

5 根据埃利奥特的观点,控制压力的另一关键因素是“要承认你生活中还有一些棘手的、你几乎无法或完全无法控制的东西-——比如经济以及政客们"。

XI 1-5 BBCBA 6—10 ABBAC 11—15 ACABB 16-20 BCAAC

Section B

XVI 1 hazard 2 indispensable 3 consequence 4 consumption 5 discharged 6 ration 7 deny 8 ambition XVII

1 There isn’t anything to do other than wait to see what happens

2 Although Bill was going to the movies, he told Joe to the contrary

3 I wonder who it was that defined man as a rational animal

4 Traveling in that country isn’t necessarily expensive; you can find reasonably priced hotels and restaurants

5 Janet tends to get angry if you annoy her

6 I would rather walk there than go by bus

7 The food isn’t g ood, but at least it was cheap

8 He’s been burning the midnight oil for a week now, getting ready for finals

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