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Unit 1 p23-25 第2,3 题

I. Rules and regulations should be StriCtIy followed;no One is SUPPOSed to COmPrOmiSe On Safety Standards.

2.She Can' tblame OtherS.She must Pay for her self-induced bli ndn ess.

3. He Steered the boat carefully betwee n the rocks.

4. An exam iner must have some kno WIedge in testi ng;OtherWiSe he CannOt frame his questions clearly.

5. His last remark demonstrated his lack of knoWIedge on this subject.

6. Finally the police had to employ force to break UP the crowd.

7. He CIaimS that the new teaching approach helps to promote StUdents ' CreatiVe ability.

8. The teachers Were most impressed by your PerfOrmance in the exam .Your SCOred 98 marks WhereaS most of your CIaSSmateS failed.

9. Among all the WOrkerS in terviewed every one agreed that Martin

had made an important COntribUtiOn to the company ' S success.

10.1 know you did it deliberately ,just to annoy me.

II. We should try our best to help those who are in financial difficulty and CannOt Pay their tuition fees on time.

12. The fast economic growth of our COUntry has attracted the atte ntio n of many econo mists,who all thi nk that is a miracle.

1. Being a mother Of two young kids,Sarah always makes a DOint Of SPe nding as much times as She Can With them.

2. I looked UP the word in the dictionary to refresh my memory of its exact meaning.

3. The Chairman Warned yesterday that a Pay rise for teachers would Iead to job cuts.

4. ReaIiZing that his retirement(退休)WaS near at hand ,he looked for some additi onal in come.

5. The famous actor keeps fit by WOrking out for an hour every morni ng.

6. She is conStantly Under PreSSUre and it is affecting her health.

7. LaSt but not IeaSt l would like to thank all the people who

have give n US Un SeIfiSh assista nce throughout these years.

8. We Ve been trying to get back to you,Tom,but We think We took your nu mber down in correctly.

9. In addition to giving a general introduction to COmPUter SCie nce,the COUrSe also PrOVideS PraCtiCaI experie nce.

10. All the StUde nts Were involved in mak ing COStUmeS and SCe nery for the show.

11. It WaS a PerfeCtIy Ordinary day;in other WOrdS l Went to work and Came home as usual.

12. CritiCS POinted OUt that the Prince,on his income,should be

Pay ing tax.

13. Don' t Say it is PrOfitIeSS to do this.The effort will PayOff in the long run.



The judge asked the reporters not to disclose the n ame of the ViCtim

2) The teacher took PainS to make SUre that We all Un derstood

What he said.

3) ReCe ntly the school con ducted a SUrVey among those StUde nts W ho have atta ined academic excelle nce.

4) He Said he would accept the job, so We have asked him to COnfir m his acceptance by Writing US a letter.

5) GeOrge StUdieS Very hard. He WantS to make the most of his Cha n

Ce to lear n. 6) We Can 't go. To beg in with, it '

S too cold. BeSides, we' re busy.

7) It '

S about time that some one spoke UP for these basic truths / facts.

8) You should be work ing in Stead of Iying there in bed at this time of the day. 9) I' ll jot down some notes while he ' S SPeaking.

10) I can' t Carry the SUitCaSe on my own; it' S too heavy. Unit 2 p54-56

1) 1 Iike that Sin ger a lot, but I have n

t bee n able to Obtain his IateSt CD any where.

2) Jim Said he WaS Very COnfident that the PrOjeCt( 项

目)would be successful.

3) NOWadayS people Prefer to COmmUniCate With one ano ther by email.

4) Being tall gave him a(n) advantage over the other players.

5) He based his article on the relevant information he had gathered.

6) Role-play( 角色扮演)is helpful in develop ing com muni Cati on skills.

7) SOmetimeS She eats a lot and SOmetimeS nothing at all; She just g oes from one extreme to the other.

8) My trip to AUStraIia PrOVed to be a most enjoyable experie nce.

9) It is assumed that the Internet is an efficient means of communic atio n.

10) I' m afraid that gett ing things Cha nged is a slow PrOCeSS

11) TraffiC is terribly bad noWadays, particularly in the City Center.

12) There are too many CharaCterS in this novel; could you SPare a f ew minu tes and help me clear UP my con fusi on?

13) Her behaviour of smok ing in PUbIiC really astonished us

14) AIl the StUdents are interested in his lectures;

apparently he is a qualified teacher.

1) It is not that I don' like this Singer. The fact is thatI ' Im Ot Very fo nd of COUntry music.

2) The cost is directly related to the amount of time SPent on the Pr oject.

3) The story is so interesting that I CannOt help reading the next Cha Pter to find OUt What' going to happen.

4) To a Certain extent it WaS my fault that We lost the match.

5) Girls may bring their boy friends to the Party and ViCe VerSa

6) He is always ready to help others; no doubt he' Ue willi ng to hel P you, too.

7) The new VaCC ine( 疫苗)may rid the world of one of its most terrifyi ng diseases.

8) I assume that the misunderstanding between the two SideS will b

e CIeared UP soon.

9) You must Pay $2,000;or_elSfi you will have to go to PriS on.

10) We must fight polluti on and PrOteCt our en viro nment( 环境)at all costs

11) I Said he would forget, and SUre enough he did.

12) He CannOt ride a bicycle, let alone a motorbike.

13) In his hurry to leave the room he Ieft his gold WatCh On the desk

14) It ' no use WOrrying about Jim; he is now With his aunt who love

S him and will no doubt take good Care of him.

15) He Wan ts to improve his En glish by read ing dicti on aries, but in my VieW it is not an effective method of lear ning.

16) I called Linda last night and asked her if the exhibition of ChineS e PaintingS in her Uni VerSity WaS WOrth See ing.

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