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A:Welcome to Shanghai, Mr. Roberts. I’m Chen Tianming, from Shanghai Post and Telecommunications Services Development Company. I’m director of the company’s Overseas Department.

B: 很高兴见到您,陈主任。能够访问贵公司我很兴奋,当然罗,我还能看看上海和整个中国,真令人兴奋。

A:I am very happy that you have come all the way from Britain. We are very proud and honored that you will work with us, and be part of our department. I sincerely hope that your visit will be worthwhile and meaningful.

B: 受到贵公司盛情邀请,来此与陈主任这样的杰出人士一起共事,我深感愉快和荣幸。我曾梦想有朝一日能访问中国,能在美丽的上海工作一段时间。我很高兴您使我的梦想成真了。

A:I am very glad that you have such a high expectation for this business trip in Shanghai. We will try our best to make your stay comfortable and pleasant. For your convenience and comfort, we arrange for you to live the company’s villa for overseas guests. It is located by the beach, fifteen minutes by bike from the office building of the Overseas Department. I’m sure you will like it.


A:I really like your humor, Mr. Roberts. Do you know that the word “Shanghai” in Chinese literally means “a port on the sea”? We’re very proud that we can offer our British friends a residence overlooking the sea. Britain is a country of islands on the sea, isn’t it?


A:I hope your family will join you soon. Our company will pay for all the expenses including international flights.


A:I am sorry that you have to wait that long.


A:You must be very tired after a long flight, Mr. Roberts. You will need a rest for tonight’s reception party. I will send a car to pick you up at six.


A:I am leaving. See you in the evening then.



A:Hi, Mr. Roberts.


A:I am all ears. It would be my great pleasure if there is anything I can do for you. B:现在在西方每个人都在讨论去东方投资。很明呢,现在越来越多的外国公司纷纷涌向中国,而上海的浦东地区则是人们投资的首选目的地之一。现在的问题不在于是否要去东方投资,而在于何时去投资,如何去投资为好。

A:You are absolutely right. Overseas investment in Shanghai and its surrounding areas has quadrupled in recent years. There are many reasons for this rising investment fever. Apart from the fact that China is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, the Chinese central government and local governments focus a lot of their attention on opening the whole country up to the outside world, both coastal cities and the country’s inland areas. They are doing all they can to attract foreign investment. On the other hand, many foreign groups and individuals find it more profitable to invest directly in China that just to do trade with Chinese companies.


A:Ok. Basically, direct foreign investment in China maximizes the strengths of both parties concerned. China has massive land, abundant natural resources, huge cheap labor, low taxation, and a growing consumer market, improving infrastructure and of course, a stable social and political environment with attractive investment policies. All these are rarely found elsewhere in the world. Foreign investors from developed countries or areas, on the other hand, have sufficient funds, advanced technology and managerial expertise. Direct investment in China will yield higher economic returns than import and export trade.

B: 你说得有道理。我有一些朋友有意在中国直接投资。对于最佳投资地点,您有何高见?

A:Personally, I would like you to invest in the Pudong area of Shanghai. Not because it’s my hometown, but it really is an ideal place for investment. If you or your friends are interested, I can provide you a lot of materials for study. I have also learned of successful stories of foreign investment in China’s inland areas and other coastal cities. There’s really no the best place for investment. There might be a better place at an given time.


A:There are many forms of investment allowed in China. You can invest in a joint venture with a Chinese partner, or establish a business on your own


A:As for a joint venture, a foreign partner usually brings into the enterprise or business capital funds, machinery, advanced technology and management, while a Chinese partner supplies land, labor and a portion of the funds for the infrastructure. As for the solely foreign-funded business, you provide all the funds and take all the benefits as well as risks. You can run the company in whatever way you prefer, within the boundary of Chinese laws, of course.


A:It’s my honor. And I’m looking forward to the early arrival of that day.


A:Nice to see you again, Mr. Roberts. Is there anything that I can do for you?


A:that’s great. Your investment proposal is a very wise decision. Our company is also looking for foreign investment to establish a manufacturing company of cordless phones and mobile phones. Your initiative is most welcome. I remember talking to you about the matter of foreign investment in China a year ago, Mr. Roberts.

B: 是的,您那次说得很好。其结果是触发了我同贵公司合资办企业的念头。您的回答很坦率,解释也很诚恳,很有说服力。现在我可否也搭乘你们的经济快车,分享你们的经济成果?

A:Of course, welcome aboard, Mr. Roberts! Let’s get down to the business of this joint venture. May I have some idea of your proposal?

B: 最近我对电信设备市场做了一番调查。中国乃至整个世界的无绳电话和移动电话的市场潜力很大。在合资企业的起步阶段,我希望有一个稳妥的速度和规模。我建议投资总额在800万美元左右。这在中国该是个吉利的数字。

A:Very good. Eight million is more than a lucky number; it’s the right number for initiating the joint venture. But how much would your share of investment be in this partnership?


A:I like the idea of 50-to-50 investment partnership, in which case, there will be a 50-to-50 distribution in business management and profits share.


A:The problem then involves the marketing of products. Cordless phones and mobile phones are in high demand in China, but we cannot guarantee a 50% domestic marketing of mobile phones. Besides, we need to increase our foreign exchange reserve for the rainy day. May I suggest that your company market at least 65% of the total number of mobile phones internationally? I believe you need more foreign currency than our renminbi.


A:That’s great.


A:As for the term of the partnership, let’s start with a 15-year term for this joint venture, and extend the contract later if both parties wish to continue the partnership. What do you say to this?


A:That coincides with our usual practice. Shall we hold another round of discussion next week on some technical problems in a more detailed way?


A:Yes, indeed. Have a nice weekend, Mt. Roberts! A:我也祝您周末愉快。

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