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1. 你认为一个人要做些什么才能成为一个幸福的人?

What do you think one can do to be a happy person?

2. 自从她去年离开上海去重新过她的农村生活后,我的心里一直很失落。

Since she left Shanghai and resumed her life in the country last year, a void has found its way into my heart.

3. 我甚至没想过他会中头奖。

It didn't even cross my mind that he would win the first prize.

4. 我是在大城市长大的,忙忙碌碌的生活对我不再新鲜了。

I grew up in a big city, so the rat race is no longer new to me. -------------------------------------

1. Slowly, a dark void found its way into my heart and began to eat away at my happiness.


2. My father wasn't too keen on the idea of being back in the rat race, but I assured him that this time

it would be nothing like that.



3. As fate would have it, my life would soon change again, and in a very big way.

像是命运的安排,我的生活很快又发生了变化,而且变化很大。4. While my surroundings were different and strange, they were also exciting and fun.



1. 教书是一个重要的职业——一个令人神往的职业,充满挑战和激情。(a fascinating one, filled with…)

Teaching is an important profession—a fascinating one, filled with challenges and excitement.

2. 如果这位科学伟人还活着的话,毫无疑问他会扩充他的定义,把最新的研究成果包括进来。

If the great scientist were still alive today, he would no doubt expand his definition to include the latest research findings.

3. 解决国与国之间争端(dispute)的最好的办法是通过联合国。(The best way... is through)

The best way to solve disputes between countries is through the United Nations.

4. 大工厂生产的产品正在替代小工场生产的产品。(take the place


Goods produced by big factories are taking the place of the goods produced by small workshops.


1. Advertising is part literature, part art, and part show business.


2. Advertising can be found as far back as the public criers of ancient Greece─who, for a fee, shouted

out messages about a company's products to one and all.


3. If the definition of advertising as "salesmanship in print" were expanded to include radio and television,

it would still stand today.


4. From these modest beginnings, advertising has developed into a highly specialized and profitable



-----------------------------------------------------------1. 这事件可能产生的后果应予以认真考虑。

The likely consequences of the incident need to be reflected on/upon.

2. 他差点解决了这个问题。

He was within an inch of solving the problem.

3. 假如你要把财产转让给他人,须使他成为合法产权人

If you want to transfer your property to someone, you should first make him the legal owner of it.

4. 自从公司迁到这个地区以来,已有数十台电脑被盗,公司决定采取措施制止盗窃。(take action)

More than ten computers have been stolen since the company moved to this area, so the company decided to take action to stop it.

-----------------------------------------------------------1. Michael is no run-of-the-mill kind of guy. He is always happy and always has something positive to



2. If an employee had a bad day, Michael would tell him/her how to look on the positive side of the

situation lest they'd continue feeling down.


3. Each time something bad happens, I can choose to be a victim or choose to see it as a type of



4. I simply yelled: "I'm choosing to live. Work on me as if I am alive, not headed to the grave."





1. 形势要求政府立即作出反应,否则,重大损失将不可避免。

The situation calls for quick response from the government; otherwise, heavy loss cannot be avoided.

2. 帕特(Pat)与家人在一起感到很不自在,他不知道是否应该把这个消息公布出来。Pat felt uneasy with his family, wondering whether or not to announce the news.

3. 目前,他们正展开全面调查,以弄清这次事故的原因。Currently, they are conducting a full investigation to work (find) out what caused the accident. (Or: At present, they are

conducting a full investigation into the cause of the accident.)

4. 我们需要查证他所说的是否属实。如果真是如此,我们要采取必要措施,防止考试作弊行为的发生。

We need to check out what he said. If that is the case, we should take necessary measures to prevent cheating at exam from happening.


1. Although "gas investigations" rarely turn out to be anything, we're in the business of safety.


2. I figured it would be the normal "nothing call" and we drove to the area, noses alert for the smell of

natural gas.


3. The chief took the suggestion, and under his command, the evacuation went as smoothly as could

be expected.


4. Many of the neighboring buildings suffered major damage from the explosive force, including some

nearby homes that were moved off their foundations.





1. 生活并不总是像美丽的童话,你得承认这点。Life is not always like a fairy tale, and you have to live with it.

2. 他们是德国最精明能干的(smartest)年轻人,是他们这一代人的精华。

They were the smartest young people in Germany—the cream of the crop of their generation.

3. 这件事已经够复杂的,你最好不要再插手了。

The thing has already been very complex, so you had better not step in again.

4. 多亏你的建议,没用多长时间就解决了困难。

Thanks to your suggestion, it didn't take long to iron out the difficulties.

-----------------------------------------------------------1. People believe a suitable name can serve as an outline for a child's future, helping to determine if the

child will be a famous painter or a piano player, a lawyer or a



2. All the boys in one generation of a family, the brothers and male cousins, will have the same first

part to their name.


3. Finally, some people name their children after famous rulers or public figures, like George Washington

Carver, for example, or even after their favorite soap opera actors on television.


4. This is also an issue in Japan, where the government feels children should not be given names that

other children will make fun of.




1. 你女儿最终会离开家过自己的生活,但这会儿她还得依赖你的支持。

Eventually your daughter will leave home to lead her own life, but in the meantime she has to rely on your support.

2. 虽然她面临金钱问题,但她知道如何解决它们。

Though she is confronted with money problems, she knows how to solve them.

3. 由于你有了电脑和手机,我们交流就更容易了。

Now that you have a computer and a cell phone, we can communicate more easily.

4. 这事的实际含义是:一旦你作弊,你就输了。What this means in practical terms is that once you cheat, you lose.


1. But much less widely reported has been the prospect that the Internet may be responsible for

furthering the breakup of society by isolating its individual users.


2. And when we fast-forward to today we see an almost cruel irony in that people can and often do

develop online relationships with folks on the other side of the globe, without leaving their homes.

当我们越过一些阶段看现在,我们看到了一个近乎残酷的讽刺:人们不必离开家就能够而且经常在网上与另一半球的人们建立关系。3. Depending on how a "real place" is defined, the virtual world created on the Internet might very well

be a real place.


4. On all this being said, I believe that the key to realizing the potential of the Internet lies in achieving

balance in our lives.


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