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Vocab ulary

1)on balan ce5)illus trate d9)invol ved

2)resis t6)budge t10)econo mic

3)haul7)lower ing11)blast ing

4)wicke d8)bound ary12)just about

2.1)cut back/down2)pick up3)getby4)get throu gh

5)face up to6)turn in7)makin g up for8)think up

3.1)pursu ed his mathe matic al studi es and taugh t himse lf astro nomy

2)often gener ate misle ading thoug hts

3)attac h great impor tance to combi ning theor y with pract ice inour work

4)be suspe cted of doing every thing for money

5)befor e he gets throu gh life

4.1)their indoo r,a profi t,to inves t in

2)devic e,the impro vemen t,on a globa l scale

3)stack ed,tempt ation,never dined out

II Confu sable Words

1.1)house2)Home3)home,famil y4)house hold

2.1)doubt2)suspe ct3)doubt ed4)suspe cted5)suspe ct

III.WordF ormat ion

1)rise2)final3)regul ar4)cash5)hows,whys

6)upped7)yello wed8)bottl ed9)lower10)searc h

Compr ehens iveEx ercis es


1.Text-relat ed

1)get by2)tempt ation3)getth rough4)impro vemen ts

5)aside from6)suspe ct7)suppl ement8)profi t

9)stack ing

2.(Theme-relat ed)

1)repla ced2)consi der3)quit4)world5)tough

6)fuels7)provi de8)luxur ies9)balan ce10)ideal

II.Trans latio n

1.We have a probl em with the compu ter syste m,but I think it’s fairl ymino r.

2.My fathe r died when I was too young to live on my own.The peopl

e o

f myhom etown took over(respo nsibi lity for)my upbri ngin

g at that point.

3.The toys have to meet stric t/tough safet y requi remen ts befor e they canbe sold to child ren.

4.Radio and telev ision have suppl ement ed rathe r than repla ced thene wspap er as carri ers of news and opini on.

5.When it comes to this magaz ine,it is/carri es a diges t of artic lesf r om many newsp apers and magaz ines aroun d the world.

A decad eago,Nancy did what so many Ameri cans dream about.She quit an execu tive posit ionan d opene d/set up a house hold devic e store in her neigh borho od.Peopl elike Nancy made the decis ion prima rily for the impro vemen t in the quali ty ofthe ir lives.

But,to run asmal l busin ess on a small scale is by no means an eas y job.Witho ut her stead yinco me,Nancy had to cut back on her daily expen se.Somet imes she did not evenh ave the money to pay the pr emi um for the vario us kinds of insur ance shene eded.

Fortu natel y,throu gh her own hard work,she has now got throu gh the most diffi cult time.Sheis deter mined to conti nue pursu ing her vi sio n of a bette r life.


Vocab ulary

1)decad es5)slend er9)on the side

2)histo ric6)web10)autho rized

3)impos ed7)bade11)termi nal

4)relig ious8)site12)make the best of

2.1)went throu gh2)stood up for3)laidd own4)take on

5)let(us)down6)drawo n7)falli nto8)pass for

3.1)The Europ eans are fully confi dent that the Ameri cans will not b

e able tojus tify their measu res to prote ct the strug gling Ameri c an steel indus try.

2)Clint onis,in the eyes of Joe Klein,staff write r of the New Yorke r and autho r of TheNa tural,the most talen ted polit ician of his gen er ation and the mostc ompel ling.

3)There's not much you can do if peopl e are reall y inten t on destr oying thems elves with drugs.

4)A diffe rent exper ience of the world could forge a compl etel y diffe rent appro achto life.

5)It is our convi ction that cloni ng of human being s is bound to cause manye thica l and socia l probl ems in the long run.

4.1)As for,do not compe l,captu re of,have forge d

2)At huge risk,the missi on,shelt er

3)whoab olish ed,In the eyes of,racia l

II.Words withM ultip le Meani ngs

1.I'll tell you in a minut e how I have attai ned the genui ne sense of belon gingi nAmer ica,but first let me hear about your Frenc h t rip.

2.Most McDon ald's look almos t the same on the outsi de,but actu

a lly there area

b out16diffe rent basi

c desig ns.

3.Loani ng money from the banks is but one of the metho ds we can use to getth rough a finan cial crisi s.

4.This secon d-hand car has been nothi ng but troub le;it's alway s break ing down.

5.In your resum e you've menti oned every thing but one vital p oint.

6.Our techn ician s have disco vered a simpl e but effec tive solu t ion to the probl em.

7.I am sorry,but I think you shoul dn't have linge red on over co ffe e and misse dthe last bus..

8.The bankr uptcy of the compa ny was not cause d by evil,but by si mpl e ignor ance


1)lonel y2)frien dly3)weekl y,month ly4)lovel y

5)cowar dly6)kindl y/saint ly7)livel y8)mothe rly

Compr ehens iveEx ercis es


1.Text-relat ed

1)forge d2)stand up3)compe lled4)convi ction s5)missi on 6)aboli sh7)inten ton8)risk9)in theey es of10)threa ts

2.(Theme-relat ed)

1)assis tance2)invol ved3)estim ated4)coinc idenc e5)emerg ed

6)refer red7)numer ous8)stati oned9)conce rn10)captu re

II.Trans latio n

1.Thoug h great ly affec ted by the conse quenc es of the globa l f inan cial crisi s,weare still confi dent that we can face up to the chall enge and overc ome thecr isis.

2.Under threa t of const ant sand storm s,we were compe lled to l eave our cheri shedv illag e and move to the new settl ement.

3.Accor ding to a recen t onlin e surve y,a lot of consu mers say th ey may bemot ivate d to consi der buyin g produ cts shown in TV co mme rcial s.

4.Havin g spott ed a truck drive r dumpi ng conta minat ed wast

e along side the river,the old man repor ted to the polic e at once.

5.Some scien tists hold to the firm convi ction that peopl e will co me to likeg eneti cally modif ied crops somed ay since they can in cre ase yield s and helpc ombat hunge r and disea se in the devel o ping world.

Short ly after heach ieved freed om Henso n becam e inten t on a ssis ting fugit ive slave s.He secre tlyre turne d to theUn ited State s from Canad aseve ral times to help other s to trave lthe Under groun d Railr oad to freed om.Once some slave catch ers close d in on th ees capin g slave s and Henso n when they were on the run.He disgu ised thema nd succe ssful ly avoid ed captu https://www.sodocs.net/doc/c818218359.html,ter he built a smal

l settl ement inDre sdeni nCana dafor escap ed slave s,setti ng u p a chape l and a schoo l.He heldt o the convi ction that slave ry w ould be aboli shed,and the day was bound tocom e when racia l disc r imina tion no longe r exist ed.


Vocab ulary

1.1)threa tens2)by a small margi n3)civil ize4)close d up5)wa nde red6)paste7)witho ut so much as8)sidew ays

9)hook up to10)unive rsal11)chart12)Bathe d in

2.1)narro weddo wn2)looke d back on3)cut off4)fit into

5)wear(the other)down6)lies in7)put up8)stand for

3.1)...which islik ely to make peopl e vulne rable to asthm a has bee n found by resea rcher s at theDe partm ent of Clini cal Medic ine in Oxfor d.

2)...with mirro red doors had to be built in so as to make their small bedro om look large r.

3)...featu re the space shutt le Chall enger blowi ng up in Janua ry1 986---killi ng all seven crew.

4)...threa tened to keep the pupil s in after schoo l,they were quiet ed atonc e.

5)...are a major barri er to the count ry's econo mic growt h due to t

hefa ct that/becau se impor ted oil has absor bed40%of its forei gn e xcha nge.

4.1)looke dback on/atmos phere/urban life

2)era/hooke d up to the/the elect ronic

3)the subur b/a sophi stica ted/syste m/analy ze/make error


II.1)away2)insid e/in3)forwa rd/throu gh4)back

5)off6)home7)back down8)in...out

III.1)Inter netis not such an unusu al word as it used to be

2)Most men do not look unatt racti ve in them

3)Wealt hy as she is,she is not uncon cerne d by her sudde nunem ploym ent

4)The claim is not unrea listi c in view of a sharp decre ase in thec

i ty's viole nt crime s.

5)His poor healt h is not unrel ated to his unhea lthy way of life. Compr ehens iveEx ercis es


1.1)Stati stics2)rural3)era4)stood for5)on the latch

6)vulne rable7)barri er8)elect ronic9)refle ction10)civil ized 2.1)toget her2)liabl e3)shift4)elect ric5)cauti ous

6)sophi stica ted7)thiev es8)break9)chanc es10)signs

II.Trans latio n

1.1)The Inter net is chang ing the way peopl e live,(no matte r)wheth er they arein urban or rural areas.

2)Mediu m-sized and small compa nies are more vulne rable to the t hrea t of the globa l econo miccr isis than large ones.

3)Withr egard to our term paper,the profe ssor asked us to analy ze the unemp loyme ntcha rt first,and then provi de criti cal refle cti on s on the natio ns econo micde velop ment.

4)It never occur red to him that their team would win the baske tball

match by alarg e margi n.

5)Looki ngbac k on my twent y years'teach ing in high schoo l,I at tri bute my succe ss topat ience,talen t,and the const ant pursu it of knowl edge.

2.It is almos timpo ssibl e to keep a deter mined burgl ar out.All yo u can do is disco urage himfo r a few minut es.Thus expos ing him to polic e patro https://www.sodocs.net/doc/c818218359.html,mo n sense tells ustha t light ing is a barri e r to crimi nal activ ity.A light shoul d be fixed in thedo orway and switc hed on at night.Make sure/Assur e yours elf that you don'tleav e the door on the latch if you happe n to be the last to come in.If youd e cide to buy a sophi stica ted elect ronic alarm syste m,be sure to ask for itssi gns and put them up on both windo ws and doors.In addi t ion you may have ithoo ked up to a polic e stati on.


Vocab ulary

1.1)accor dingl y2)loose3)conce ntrat ion4)stimu latin g5)f abri c6)ifany thing)reali ty8)intui tion9)trifl e10)at the turn of the centu ry11)mess12)under mine

2.1)appro veof2)slow down3)taken in4)sucke d into5)set ap art

6)dozed off7)call forth8)stret ch into9)keep up with10)belie v

e in

3.1)...provi dedin spira tion for many artis ts and music ians over the d ecad es.

2)...is credi ted to his power s of imagi natio n

3)...on the found ation s of an agric ultur al revol ution

4)...not to make any compl aints in the prese nce of the nurse.

5)...the outbr eak of the Secon d World War.

4.1)flaw/camet o the concl usion/would get nowhe re

2)in a row/dozed off/a mess of

3)outbr eak of/has under mined/has strai ned

II.1)WithC hrist mas only a week away

2)With his physi cal condi tion impro ving day by day

3)With our GDP growi ng stead ily

4)With all the shops close d

5)with her eyes close d

6)With the fog lifti ng durin g the night



Compr ehens iveEx ercis es


1.1)cauti on2)came tothe concl usion that3)never get anywh ere

4)under minin g5)notgi ve/care a fig6)flaw

7)beyon d any doubt8)found ation9)remar kable/impre ssive

10)imagi natio n

2.1)exten t2)inven tions3)bet4)manag es5)visio n

6)event ually7)achie vemen t8)pover ty9)utili zed10)break thro u gh

II.Trans latio n

1.1)The volun teers sent/assig ned by the Red Cross disin fecte d,wi th great cauti on,the drink ing water in the villa ge so as to avoid a n outbr eak ofpla gue.

2)Einst ein spent many years tryin g to unify the theor ies of elect romag netis mand gravi ty but faile d.

3)Profe ssor Wang recei ved/won the Presi denti al Award for his excel

lence in stimu latin g stude nts'creat ive imagi natio n.

4)As there were some major desig n flaws,the board of direc tors

didn't appro veof the econo mic stimu lus packa ge.

5)Havin g reali zed that nobod y could help him,Jorda n final ly cam

e to theco nclus ion that he had to face reali ty and take up/meet the ch

all enge byhim self.

2.What wasre marka ble about2005was perha ps that the UN decla r

ed it"The World Yearo f Physi cs".It was the100th anniv ersar y of Einst ein's theor y ofrel ativi ty and the50th anniv ersar y of his death .In1905Einst ein publi shedf ive highl y impor tant essay s in the h isto ry of scien ce,thus revol ution izing physi cs.His great achie ve men ts can be credi ted to his impre ssive power s ofima ginat ion, const ant quest ionin g,and not givin g a fig for autho rity.It isbey o nd doubt that Einst ein was the great est scien tist in the20th centu r y


Text A

Conte ntQue stion s

1.He wrote them on a ship on the way to theis lando fTula giin theSo ut

h Pacif ic on Thank sgivi ng Day,1943.

2.Prepa ring a tradi tiona l Thank sgivi ng dinne r featu ring roast turke

y made the write r extre mely busy.

3.The write r was think ing about Thank sgivi ng.

4.He decid ed to write lette rs to show grati tude to those whoha d hel

pe d him in his life.

5.He had alway s accep ted what they had done for him,but never expre s

sed to any of them a simpl e“Thank you.”

6.He decid ed to write to his fathe r,his grand mothe r,and theRe v.Lo

nua l Nelso n,his gramm ar schoo l princ ipal.

7.His fathe r had impre ssed upon him from boyho od a love ofboo ks and

readi ng.

8.He remem bered that each morni ng Nelso n would open the schoo l

with a praye r over his assem bled stude nts.

9.He recal led how his grand mothe r had taugh t him to tell thetr uth,to

share,and to be forgi ving and consi derat e of other s.And he than k edher for her delic ious food and for all the wonde rful thing s she had done forhi m.

10.His readi ng of their lette rs left him not only aston ished butal so m

ore humbl ed than befor e,becau se they all thank ed him rathe r than sayin gthey would forgi ve him for not havin g previ ously thank ed them.

11.The write r learn ed that one shoul d learn to expre ssapp recia tion

for other s’effor ts.

12.The write r wishe d for all peopl e the commo n sense to achie vewor

ld peace,and find the good and prais e it.

T extO rgani zatio n


Parts Part One Parag raphs


Main Ideas

On Thank sgivi ng Day1943,as a young coast

guard sman at sea,the writer came up with the

idea of expre ssing his grati tudeto peopl ewho

had helpe d him before.

Part Two Paras.10-16The write r wrote three thank-you lette rs to

his fathe r,the Rev.Nelso n and his grand mothe


Part Three Part Four

2-Paras.17-23The write r got three lette rs in reply. Paras.24-26The write rwishe severy one to find the good and prais e it.

Corre spond ents Lette rs Sent Lette rs Received

Fathe r Thank s him for teaching Tells the writer how he,as a the write r from boyhood toteach er and a father as well,

love books and reading.felt conte nt with his own son. The Rev.Nelso n Thank s him for his morni Tells the write r about his


schoo l prayers. i retir ement coupl ed with

self-doubt,and the reassur ance broug ht to him by the write r's letter.

Grand mothe r Thank s her for teaching Expre sses her loving grate

the write r how to tell thefulne ss to her grandson.

truth,to share and to be

forgi ving,and for her

good cooki ng and her sprin

kling the write r's life

with stard ust.

Langu age Sense Enhan cemen t

I.1)decad es2)under going

3)had donew rong4)welco me reass uranc e

5)appre ciate d6)broug htbac k

7)relat ives8)accom plish

9)consu me10)repre senti ng

Langu age Focus

Vocab ulary

1.1)sprin kled2)in turn

3)rever sed4)repay

5)atsea6)tradi tiona l

7)state ment8)longe d for

9)insec ret10)unloa ded

11)weep12)under way

2.1)stret ch out2)make out

3)hopef or4)turns(it)over

5)putaw ay6)bring s back

7)gotto8)go about

3.1)As suppl ies of tradi tiona l fuels dimin ish,peopl e are worki n

g to incre ase the use ofsol arene rgy.

2)We accor d high prior ity to meeti ng thech allen ges of econo mic and envir onmen tal devel opmen t in the regio n.

3)While it is true that child ren of today are expos ed to more info r matio n than werec hildr en of the past,it does not follo w thatt hey autom atica lly becom e more sophi stica ted.

4)Since she borro wed those books from the libra ry she has been immer sed in Briti sh histo ry and cultu re.

5)Every thing chang ed in a flash on June1,2000when he lostb oth le gs in a serio us traff ic accid ent.

4.1)I'd like to expre ss my since re thank s to every one who has been so consi derat e of my well-

being.My heart is fille d with grati tude that words canno t expre ss.

2)After every one assem bled on the playg round amid the noise an

d excit ement of th

e spect ators,ourco ach again impre ssed on us t he need to do our best in quest o

f excel lence.

3)Every thing I saw in my homet own was marve lous.I could har dl y belie ve that it had under gone such swift chang es throu gh culti vatin g fruit s,veget ables,flowe rs and the rest in the past few years .

II.Collo catio n

1,fondo f 2.sick of

3.thoug htful of

4.confi dent of

5.consc iouso f

6.criti cal of

7.guilt yof8.asham ed of


1.T o know what peopl e reall y think,pay regar d to what they do,rathe r

than what they say.

2.It is coope ratio n,rathe r than confl ict,that will enabl e youto achie

ve your succe ss.

3.Ann made stude nts think for thems elves rathe r than telli ngthe m

what to think.

4.I think I'll stay at home this eveni ng rathe r than go/going out.

1.Most peopl e are conte nt to let perfe ct days happe n at rando mrath

er than plan/plann ing for them.

Compr ehens iveEx ercis es



1)atsea2)Turni ng over

3)rever se4)got to

5)repay6)grati tude

7)assem bled8)immer sed in

9)unloa ding10)swift


1)Inste ad2)posse ssion s

3)riche r4)breat h

5)cheri sh6)speci al

7)speci fic8)shini ng

9)mirac les10)gift

II.Trans latio n

1).Grand ma took it for grant ed that food price s would soar,so she bough t a lot ofric e.

2).I can quote you sever al insta nces of her dedic ation to scien c e.

3).The1980s saw the start of the swift devel opmen t of some sp eci al econo mic zones inChi na.

4).Tensi on betwe en the two count ries stemm ed in part from the la tes t spy affai r.

5).Peter has worke d in a law firm for many years.You can consi de r havin g him asyou r lawye r to act on your behal f when you need leg al help.


Amid the atmos phere of Thank sgivi ng Georg e was immer sed in th e diary left to him by his fathe r,who died at sea after he compl eted two succe ssive trips aroun d the world.The diary broug ht back ev ery momen t Georg e had spent with his fathe rand many of the speci fic thing s his fathe r did on his behal f.Georg e's fathe r used to imp re ss on him thene ed to under go all kinds of hards hip in quest of e xcel lence.He also taugh t him that nothi ng inthe world could be taken for grant ed.Even today,Georg e still remem bers howhi s fathe r would quote Aesop's famou s sayin g"Grati tude is the sign of noble souls"and tell himto accor d the great est impor tance t o it.

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