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现代大学英语精读2_unit1-2 课后翻译.

Unit 1





It is wrong to rear children the way we grow flowers in the greenhouse, we must expose them to(put exposure to all kinds of social problems/issue, for/because soon they will face/deal with /handle problems as a responsible citizen.



As time goes by /on we will inevitably get more and more involved in international affairs. Conflicts are sure to take place.



We are proud of our accomplishment/achievement, and we have every reason to be so. Nevertheless we should never become arrogant; or/otherwise we will lose our friends.



Information nowadays is easily available. An average

computer can store the information of an ordinary library.



That construction company has no business working (is not qualified to handle this project. They don’t have any legal documents to certify. They have to find a company which is specialized in building operas/theatres.



This thinking tank does n’t make decisions, they are out to raise/ put forward new ideas and penetrating analyses which are of vital importance to the decision makers.



GDP (Gross Domestic Product isn’t everything. If people’s living standard isn’t really improved, then it cannot to be said that we have reached/achieved /realized modernization.



Poor as we were in many ways at that time. We still felt happy

as children ,because/for there was clean air ,water, a great many fishes, crabs ,eels in rivers and lakes and flowers, trees ,birds in filed。



As long as/ if give a person or a group absolute power, then he or this group is sure to abuse power, just as Anton says power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.


Traditionally in our country, people believe that school education is more important and useful compared with other pursuits.


Premier will leave for New York to attend the UN conference tomorrow.


He will meet heads of some states during in New York.


What do you plan to do in National holiday? Go back home or

stay at school?



---What do you think the school will be like in 20 years?

---I think children probably stay at home and learn from robot teachers.



30 years ago,my grandparents never imaged that they would

be able to move into a two-store house decorated with modern facilities.


What they lack isn’t money, but experience.


They come to China not only to study Chinese ,but to learn Chineseculture.


What children most want to get from their parents is not material but love and care.


You can write articles both in exercise books and on the computer.



I am not sure why he didn’t come, either he wasn’t interesting

or he forgot.


Society not only respects scientists but also garbage collectors.


He is mean / miserly with both money and time.


1、Tom is fresh out of Kansas city.

2、Lily is new to the English department .

3、Bill cou ldn’t reach for his purpose.

4、This is to certify that Mrs zhang worked for IBM Beijing office from January 1998 to June 2000.

5、Professor zhang specializes in American drama .

6、My sister specializes in contract law.

7、At the age of thirty , he started a company specializing

in home computers .

8、They have a large body of young people who are capable of generating new ideas .

9、This machine can generated electricity in case of power failure .

10、He is enrolled in a two-month course for TOFEL.

11、It doesn’t matter whether or not you agree ,my mind is made up .

12、Does it matter if I write in pencil ?

13、Can you put it in another way ?

14、I really don’t know how to put it ,I don’t really hate it ,but

I really love it either .

15、Meals at university average out to about 10yuan per day .

16、The restaurant monthly profits average out 30 percent last year .

17、We have more or less reach an agreement on

the matter .

18、The old lady was busing employing in the

knitting sweaters for her grandchildren .

19、Can you see to it that all the invitations are delivered today?

20、I will see to it that everything before guests

arrive .

21、What shall we do with the children when we are away ?

22、What do you do with rice straw in your country ?

23、Studying abroad ,he was exposed to new way of

life .

24、Our university is not one of the top ten ,but reasonably

well-known both at home and abroad .

25、The company is out to break into the European market.

26、Look out for such an end-of-the-year sales .This shops are out to treat you in to buying what you don’t need .

27、In the middle of the speech ,he was stuck for words .

28、Men’s knowledge of nature continus to grow .

29、This is the greatest discoveries known to man .

30、She has no business reading your mail .

31、She is on the way to becoming a full professor .

32、Nancy is well on her way to a nerous breakdown .

33、The bright young man is on his way to being a sales managers of the company .

34、She has no business criticizing her about her make-up.

35、His absent –mindedness is getting to be a problems.

36、It is a wonderful Opera .The music is superb the same is true the acting.

37、The young turned to look ahead while the old liked to look back upon the past ,this is true of all the nations . 38、He is in essence an out -going person .

39、We are all here to help you .




Do you know that all things considered, it is a not bad idea to be a teacher. Actually I think it is an excellent idea.


I don't like it when you talk to me in/have/use a sarcastic tone the way you did just now. You seem to be implying all the time that I am

a good-for-nothing.


It is really considerate of my father to let me make the final decision. I must say I am very lucky. Not many people have such a good father.



You said you don't want any money. You may not want money, but you do need money. I don't see what's wrong with college students earning some money during their spare time.


Somehow this tune sounds quite familiar. I just can't recall what it is. In any case, it is a Russian folk song.


Besides the usual weekend housework, I have a whole pile of homework to do tomorrow. It's really terrible.


To demonstrate our unhappiness at/about/over the recent dispute, we put off our Foreign Minister's visit indefinitely.


It's getting dark. The next town is still two hours' drive away. We might as well camp in the forest, pitch a tent, build a fire, and have a good sleep before we continue our journey tomorrow.


I am really shocked to hear that some people do not consider cheating at exams shameful. Isn't it the most shameful thing that we have no sense of shame?


That was the way people lived their lives when I was young.


Ms Jones loves her students the way she loves her own children. 2、那个农民的妻子不喜欢某些年轻人对待父母的态度。

The farmer's wife doesn't like the way some young people treat their parents.


They'll beat their rivals with Big Yao on the team.


The man was sitting in his armchair, with his face buried in his hands.


With the TV on , he found it hard to concentrate on his homework.

6、在不带现金的旅途中,人们对他的态度使作者深信:人们仍然可以依靠陌生人(的帮助)。 The way people treated him when he took his journey without taking along cash convinced the writer that people can still lean/depends on strangers.

7、白菜的价格飙升,他们决定增加进口。 With the price of cabbages soaring, they decided to increase imports from other countries.

8、这些年轻人组织校园活动的办法,表现除了他们的领导素质。 The way these young people organized campus activities showed their leadership qualities.

9、在海关人员用手提扫描仪搜身时,他站着,双手伸开。 He stood with his arms stretched out as a customs officer searched him with a portable scanner. 听写: 1、 Unlike many young people of his background , he hates the attention he is given because of his father . 2、 Unlike the US ,Japan largely release on bank loans for its capital needs . 3、 Unlike any other government officials ,he is neither corrupt

nor corruptible . 4、 5、 6、 7、 She over heard the young couple quarreling last night . She over heard the man discussing the plan to rob. They all congratulated me on winning the first prize . When I grew older ,I realized that I really should have

congratulated myself having such a poor but loving father . 8、 9、 The day somehow I didn’t feel like eating . We went to XiDan the other day ,and then anyhow I couldn’t find him anywhere . 10、 All things considered , he is doing pretty well at school . 11、 All things considered ,the reform is a success . 12、 He went to a school ,which was very far from where he lived . 13、 He went to school where he learned many interesting things .

14、 I saw a movie last night ,which was real junk . 15、 I saw a movie last night where there was a lot of violence . 16、 What is wrong with peasants coming to big cities to look for jobs . 17、 What is wrong with people demanding to know how their taxes are being spent . 18、 Do you speak to children like you speak to adults .

19、 Take my words for it ,this boy is going to have bright future . 20、 The fish plunge deep into the water . 21、 The scandal plunged the government into a serious criticize . 22、 I just followed the crowd out of curiosity . 23、 The job was not well paid ,they took it just out of interest . 24、 I really has known excused ,I did it out of carelessness and stupidity. 25、If it hadn’t been for his help ,my father would be still having begging in the street . 26、 If he had not hit upon this idea ,he would still having been living on government relief . 27、 If you had been Tangshan that night ,what would you do have done the moment earthquake . 28、 He snapped two twigs off a tree and used them as a chopsticks . 29、 She snapped her briefcase shot and last anything . 30、He only spent long enough and to snap pictures . 31、I don’t like the way how he talks to people . 32、I don’t know the reason why he turned down that offer . 33、 Do you remember the time when we went to HuangShan you realized that it was an

together . 34、 The street is clean . 35、 The street is clear . 36、 I cannot take you the park today ,I am sorry ,but I will make it up to you,when I was notso busy. 37、 I had a little quarrel with my sister last night ,but I made it up with her soon.

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