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大学体验英语综合3课后翻译题答案 手动整理版

大学体验英语-综合教程3 Unit1

Passage A Care for Our Mother Earth

Read and translate 8

How did the war, which brought terrible disasters to mankind, impact on such a poet Mothers are sometimes blind to the faults of their beloved children, which will cause the children to make the same mistakes again.

As a new immigrant in this completely strange country, she always felt isolated. Acting before thinking often results in failure, so we should think before we leap. The time for talking has passed, we must take a positive action to protect our environment.


1. Take two pills each time and three times a day and you will be well in a few days.

2. He is not impatient; he is just too tired.

3. Once water shortage reaches the point of no return, there will be nothing left to be done but abandon the city.

4. We’d like to share our experience in city planning with every representative here and show them what is special of our innovations.

5. We can’t just sit back and do nothing about increasingly serious traffic problems. Passage B Frog Story

Read and translate15

Young people sometimes complain that they are not able to communicate with their parents

Ever since childhood, Mary has been longing to take up residence in a Chinese village in Yunnan for a few year. Now her dream has come true.

Domestic animals are accustomed to depending on humans, so it is difficult/hard for them to survive in the wild.

He was suddenly overtaken by a fear that he would be laid off by the company because of bad economy.

I figure he’ll be back soon since/now that he promised to have dinner with me.

大学体验英语-综合教程3 Unit2

Passage A Einstein’s Compass

Read and translate 8

Reporters pressed the spokesman for an explanation of this military attack.

His speech for the campaign failed to convince the voters that he was the right person for the senate seat.

While I admit that there are problems, I don’t think that they can’t be solved.

His first debate on TV made a strong impression on the audience.

Everything interrelates and interacts with each other.

1. She might have thought that history was just boring names and dates, but Professor Yi’s lectures completely changed her view.

2. After the plane crash, all the survivors could do was wait for rescue on this desert island.

3. The little boy happened to read some stories about Bermuda Triangle that did stir

his curiosity in the mysteries of nature.

4. The DNA test result was evidence to the police that the murderer was someone else.

5. Darwin was convinced that the theory of evolution is based on natural selection. Passage B The Wake-up Call from Stockholm

The addresser at the conference turned out to be the daughter of an old friend of mine.

It is five years since he retired, but he has remained active in academic circles.

If you do have financial difficulties, you can apply for a student loan.

This scientist had worked hard at the new material for ten years before he made his own way.

The chief airplane manufacturers in the world are pushing the envelope to make faster and longer distance airplanes to complete for bigger share of the market.

大学体验英语-综合教程3 Unit3

Passage A Bathtub Battleships from Ivorydale

Read and translate 8

Thoughts are expressed by means of language.

I can’t keep account of the new books I bought this year.

This old lady feels assured that her son will come back soon today to celebrate her birthday.

His mother insisted that his pocket money should not exceed 100 yuan per month. We bought a car last month, which was registered under my name.

1. For most American teenagers, when it comes to comfortable and fashionable clothing, nothing beats T-shirts and jeans.

2. Starting in 2004, Addidas widely promoted that “Impossible is nothing,” and the notion took hold.

3. When the news was first released online, the number of its viewers beat the imagination.

4. The girl’s big break came with her outstanding performance at the singing contest.

5. In many European countries people tend to frown on smoking in public places. Passage B Haier Seeks Cool . Image

A great man can dominate a difficult situation by power of personality.

According to the latest report, tourists don’t have to apply for an entry visa to some Southeast Asian counteies.

The color of the envelope suggests that the letter might be from a woman.

Though trains can’t rival palnes for speed, many prefer to travel by train.

People will be more likely to acquire this mode of management once they see its effectiveness.

大学体验英语-综合教程3 Unit4

Passage A Not Now,

Read and translate 8

The band shot to fame in the 1980s because of that single album.

Take a risk, and you may fail another time. However, you would improve your possibilities to win.

Scientists are pushing themselves to the limits in their way of curing AIDS.

Now we see the point of the Internet: you have the access to everything under the Sun merely by clicking the mouse.

Some think the government will give regulations to the research of cloning human sooner or later.

1. He is a legend with the biggest gate website in China to his name.

2. At the beginning of the twentieth century, Einstein shot to fame after he published

a series of articles on the Theory of Relativity.

3. The WHO is urging its member countries to adopt effective measures to keep bird fluat bay.

4. Like it or not, the traditional Chinese culture is invaded by foreign cultures.

5. You should not jump the gun in drawing the conclusion before your experiment is finished.

Passage B I have His Genes But Not His Genius

George is nuts about Chinese culture and has made up his mind to learn Chinese in an evening school.

The reporters got wind of the visit made by Diana to the city and rushed to the airport to grasp the news.

After the police made efforts for two months, they finally tracked the criminal down in a southern city.

The two companies have come to terms to go ahead with the project.

If the quality of your products has not been improved enormously, I don’t think they will be competitive in the market.

大学体验英语-综合教程3 Unit5

Passage A Tongue-tied

Read and translate 8

It is one thing to know the principle, it is another thing to put it into practice.

It is reported that jogging makes you 2/3 less likely to have a heart disease. According to the latest survey, half of the British people have no idea what the Euro is worth in relation to the pound.

The area should have been used to build a park for the public, but now several apartments have been built there.

I wonder whether all these related information could add up to one clear picture of him.

1. It's one thing to recognize the importance of saving energy, it's another to put it into practice in every aspect of life.

2. The sales manager believes that clever is not clever if the new product doesn’t sell


3. He kept on making up excuses for his failure to finish the task as if a thousand lies would add up to the truth.

4. It is found from the investigation that the longer people stay in a store, the less likely they are to control their desire for purchases.

5. I believe that someone as diligent as she is will soon overcome difficulties in the study of English.

Passage B Returning to College

Read and translate15

He drinks more wine than is good for his health.

He knew that his parents were anxiously waiting for him to come back home for the New Year at this moment.

His intelligence as well as his humor appeals to us.

It turned out that the latest movie made by that internationally famous director was a total failure.

Some youngsters don’t seem to have patience with anything.

大学体验英语-综合教程3 Unit6

Passage A The Woman Taxi Driver In Cairo

Read and translate 8

He breathed a sigh of sorrow and told us that he had seen a better day when he was young.

He was very responsible and that’s why he was chosen to take control of the project. Wherever you go, be it for business or pleasure, it is always a good idea to know as much information as possible of the place.

We should be careful. The same situation may be about to repeat inself.

Actually, the quality of the air in the house has a lot to do with the health of children, and the health of adults for that matter.

1. Do you know what it is like to stand on a stage with all eyes on you

2. We all breathed a sigh of relief when news came that the hostage was rescued unharmed.

3. With his professional knowledge in finance and skills in management, he quickly took control of the situation.

4. What became clear to me finally was this: they were not actually interested in the solution of the problem.

5. Wherever he travels, be it a business trip or a sightseeing tour, he would always take a notebook PC with him.

Passage B A Russian Experience

Why is it that people spend so much time and energy in traveking

No wonder traveling by air is a popular choice for travelers. It is very safe and quick. Most of the students in my college have enrolled in the course of web design so that

the computer centre is filled with people day and night.

It is my dream that my friends are all over the world. Thanks to the Internet, I can realize my dream finally.

What the Internet means to him includes free information online, convenient communication with friends, and attractive games.

大学体验英语-综合教程3 Unit7

Passage A Agony from Ecstasy

Read and translate 8

Many people believe this kind of medicine helps sleep. All I can think of is, “if only they knew”.

He had been chipping away at the problem until it was solved completely.

The country boy was exposed to many strange things in the was very surprised as if he had entered a future world.

It is within one year that she went from one person who pursued her dream to one person who cared about nothing.

I have been given the permission to enter that area and do the interview, and that’s not something that everyone gets.

1. If that college student only knew how hard his parents have worked to support his education.

2. Jack’s dream came true when he signe d the contract with an NBA team.

3. We had an enjoyable conversation that day, and I felt as if we were old friends rather than two people who had just met.

4. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw my car in front of the restaurant, which had been stolen two days before.

5. When her father lost his job a few years ago, life was an uphill crawl for the whole family.

Passage B Drug Warriors

Read and translate15

With the beginning of the war came ten-year killing and destruction.

We shall continue to do what we have been always doing.

Most of them had been up since yesterday morning. But none of them can sleep tonight.

Li Ming was born and was raised in Chengdu and he still remembers the time when he lived in the quadrangle.

He treated the little child so cruelly in broad daylight that he was taken to the police by the beighbor.

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