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1.Most cities in the country have introduced “Clean Air Zones”Whereby factories and households are only allowed to burn smokeless fuel.

2.He knows that the pursuit of social status can consume Vast amounts of his time and effort.

3.The doctors are at a loss because so far no medicine has been found to inhibit the spread of the disease.

4.We see many special education directors trying to maintain …. their program。

5. People there are told it is their patriotic duty to support the national economy by buying their own products.

6.Darwin's thinking both drew upon and transcended the conventional ideas of his time

7. In spite of all your endeavor , there may be times when you encounter difficulties in the training process.

8 My advice to Mr.Stewart is to think carefully before entering into a career in medicine,as this is

a field which requires a lot of dedication and long working hours.

9.Most Chinese parents would prefer to choose some professions that are stable and could bring Prestige and economic benefits.

10 .It is legally possible for an elderly person to nominate someone to act for them, should they become incapable of looking after themselves.

1.Thomas Edison is often cited as an example of a great inventor who would never yield to hardships in his quest for new inventions and deserve his resultant success.

2.They're tolerant of unconventional attitudes toward marriage and the changing roles of the sexes.

3.Most scientists in the world today firmly believe the effective means to stop global warming is to reduce emissions of air pollutants.

4. Earthquakes have plagued our lives and resulted in great damage to the human beings for as long as people have inhabited the earth.

5.Miss World organizers claim on their official website that contestants are judged on qualities other than just their physical appearance.

6 Many of today's Chinese Americans are the descendants of early immigrant miners and railroad workers who came from southeast China.

7.The Princess, was followed by five or six attendants when she got off the plane at the Pittsburgh International Airport.

8.I don't think she'd get angry if you were a Little more respectful when you disagreed with her on matters of child rearing.

9 The attendance has increased steadily over the last five years and the conference attracts more and more international participants.

10. Although she had sacrificed so much for her family, her husband accused her of being neglectful of her duty as a wife and mother.

11.Fducated young people in China now are clever and resourceful full of plans, and able to cope with the world of high technology and constant change.

12.In order to leave good impression on the interviewers, you should emphasize your good points without sounding boastful.

1.When Francis got back after Easter, he was far behind his classmates and he was removed from the second into the third class at his own desire.

2 The president acknowledged that he had somehow failed in his ability to communicate to the American people.

3.Unfortunately ,as history has shown, some of the companies are guilty of misconduct in the pursuit of profit.

4.The ship deviated from the agreed sugar had…. ovetf4.000.

5.Because the transcript is still under seal, the law preclude them from reading and .

6. In carrying out the plan we are likely to come across difficulties but we are determined to triumph over them all.

7.Without increasing investment in education, it will be increasingly difficult for low-income people to work their way into the middle class.

8.All the passengers in the plane that crashed in the middle of the Andes Mountains a week ago were write off as dead.

1. Kids are more likely to intervene In a situation if they believe' their parents expect them to help.

2.The first lesson learned as a newcomer for the company was never to underestimate the degree of difficulty I would face in career advancement.

3.Just as I started to think that I was never going to get well, the illness began to recede.

4.Whatever the decision is, I would like you to know that your department is my first choice

and I deem it a great honor if I could study in your department.

5.During one particularly bleak moment in my career, a senior colleague of mine said to me, “If you follow your dreams, the money will come. Follow the money, and you'll lose your dreams."

6.Unless we can find a way to appraise nature and then invest in protecting it, our basic life-support systems are going to collapse.

7 .The blizzard (暴风雪) moved south, turning into an icy rain that paralyzed the airports for three days.

8.In this introduction we have diagnosed some of the causes of the illness and, in the following chapters, we will draw attention to its various unpleasant symptoms.

9. In those days, divorce under any circumstances was socially unacceptable and there was great dismay in the family who went through it.

10.Every time she talked about being rejected in her hunt for a job, she seemed on the brink of tears, and I would quickly switch the conversation to another topic.

1.She was bored and angry with Conway, because he thought he understood everything and he never listened to other people.

2. He worked for a major oil corporation there called Pan-Global and felt he was privileged to be entrusted (委托负贵) by his employer.

3. They wanted from us a(n) assurance that we would continue to provide the level of service that we had done in the past.

4.Mrs.Brown's apparent dominance of her husband was really her attempt to make him within sight and pay attention to her.

5.Red pens specifically have long been associated with error corrections because the color red is implicitly connected with failure and avoidance,the act of trying to get away.

6.Apart from his native language English, the student of English Local History will need a faint acquaintance with three other languages.

7.The reliance on government contracts may also have contributed directly to the decline in competitive potential of the country's economy.

8.The declaration of an area as a national park does not guarantee long-term conservation, as significant forest clearance, logging, and hunting occur within park boundaries in Indonesia.

9 He is easily distracted and bounces from one thought to another like one of his rubber balls,

10.At the sight of him, all she felt was annoyance at having been deserted for three whole years.

11.In those after-school schools, teachers deliver fast-paced instruction to prepare students for admittance to the right colleges.

12. The ego ideal of young children is based on those closest to them ,usually the parents, and later on other educators who have some resemblance to their parents.

1.When the bus pulled to a stop and I Got off, I was relieved because I had finished school and I had the weekend ahead of me to enjoy myself,

2.When my car crashed into the big tree ,I could feel the blood draining from my face And I wondered whether I was about to black out

3.All kinds of questions concerning the soaring housing price begin to pop up on cable television and the blogosphere(博客圈),

4.The soldiers' rapid march was stopped short by the general's command; they were uncertain whether to go back or forward.

5.A car crashed into the side of a house after the driver lost control and Plow though a hedge (树篱).

6.Charles reappeared, after half an hour's absence, and threw himself into an armchair, where he lay back for some time with his eyes shut.

7.You may be out of work but that is no reason to let yourself go by not washing. brushing your hair and wearing clean clothes.

8. As her door began to open , she grabbed for the telephone, and then dropped the receiver as LuKe walked in.

1. As a number of authors point out ,the urge to migrate is a(n) integral part of human nature.

2.Children should be allowed to cherish those few years of innocence before they have to learn the ,truth about the real world.

3.He has been a afflicted by a horrible disease, from which one of his best friends died two weeks ago.

4.The results of the survey are noteworthy and useful despite being from a small sample.

5.The director said that they needed a young actress who could portray someone who was both unbalanced and confident at the same time.

6.Praise must be used wisely to compliment students who perform up to expectations and to encourage students to perform to maximum levels.

7.In the domain of research, it is an accepted fact that scientific publications have to be written or translated into English to get published, acknowledged, and cited.

8 He received a(n) anonymous call threatening to disclose details of his affair if he didn't pay the money.

9 .The movie presents Lincoln as a strong-willed, conscientious man who led the US through a moral, constitutional and political crisis.

10.It is understandable that the health and welfare of their family is a(n) perpetual concern for this young couple.

1.I think it'll be interesting to see what she does to overcome those problems and to normalize the relations between the two countries.

2.For each debate group ,two students select the affirmative position ,two select the negative ,and the fifth serves as moderator.

3. If parents decide not to have their child immunized,they are responsible for Keeping their child as healthy as possible.

4 .If the pound's value is high ,British investors will spend their money abroad because the pound will buy them more.

5.With your help today ,we can begin to mobilize the resources necessary to communicate to all of them on a regular and ongoing basis.

6 A(n) conqueror always thinks his own customs are best, and he imposes them on the conquered.

7.Over the years I'd found that the best way to elevate my spirit was to get involved in physical


8.She often publicizes her findings with the Help of journalists and policymakers who know she'sa good, reliable source.

9.The investigator has carried out some research in the field before, so interpreting newly available material is not so difficult for him.

10 In these companies, enlightened management has begun to treat workers as assets to be cultivated, rather than merely as costs to be minimized.

11.When you teach our kids not to integrate, not to generalize not to see connections, you are destroying their capacity to think.

12 Nazi dictator Adolf Hider's evil ambition brought the world closer to the brink of disaster than at any other time in the whole millennium( 千年).

1.Clearly, most on the students there are full-time workers who would not otherwise have been able to embark on sustained further study.

2 The court ruled that this man be deprived of his political rights for a further four years after he has served his 13-year sentence.

3.Iwould love to have kids . I would Turn down an Oscar to see my boy at a baseball game or my girl at a song recital.

4.Richard was finally released on February 4,one year and six weeks after he'd been taken captive

5.She hoped Vincent would understand that her life had not been empty, because her love would live on

6.All people, whether they be rich or poor, strong or weak ,privileged or deprived ,are interdependent ,and Share in the common task of seeking to achieve mankind's full potential.

7. In September 1944 he was able to return to his academic duties, but soon after the war ended he was stricken by a serious illness and did relatively little research thereafter (从那以后).

8.She retired from the company where she has lead by example and been a source of encouragement to others.

1.AIthough secondary education is compulsory parents are not required to send their Children to state schools,

2.The economic situation has been worsening, causing economists to contemplate whether the present policies are sustainable,

3.He was found guilty and was imprisoned in the Tower of London, where he died very quickly, aged only 47.

4.It is obvious that the future of the Internet is to globalize more and more areas of the world, and that e commerce and e-entertainment are going to go for more and more markets.

5.However,your current losses should soon be offset by gains; the fund will produce a positive return of 11.6 percent over a nine-month period.

6.Because she was so tall and slim, all the clothes looked marvelous on her and the other girls would groan their envy.

7. This can be a helpful approach in discussion- someone may regard you as stubborn since you never want to change your mind, whereas you see yourself as determined.

8.At weekends ,the school park is almost empty except that a few cars cluster near the entrance.

9.In the photographer's finest pictures there is also a degree of ambiguity, which allows them to be interpreted ina variety of ways.

10.Tim stretched out a hand in apology for his thoughtless remarks and was consoled by a firm handshake from Mark.

1.Despite the tougher trading conditions I am pleased to report that our company has yet again had a(n) profitable year.

2. Practical measures recommended by the new report include improving energy efficiency, using more natural gas and renewable energy sources like wind and wave power.

3 . I told him that I had authorized him to act for me while I was away from office.

4 .The company may be reluctant to deviate too far from the basic terms of this agreement, but there are a number of things which are negotiable

5.Close your eyes and try to visualize that object in your mind, seeing it in precisely the same detail as before.

6.For students, there is a tendency to socialize in the evenings; therefore bedtimes and rising times are fairly late.

7. It is not possible to determine from raw Data just how many accidents were directly

attributable to excessive speed.

8. It takes more than patience and strategies to civilize the boys into respectable gentlemen.

9. If you would like to avail yourself of this invitation you may do so by giving your names to Mrs.Henry before December 16th.

10. With the population of this fascinating and lovable panda close to extinction, any effort to stabilize the species must be worthwhile.

11.They live in their own tribes and have their own ways of fighting, which make them easily distinguishable.

12 He would never understand how she could memorize all those complex, impossibly long poems, yet forget the words of a simple song she must have heard a thousand times or more.

1.Virginia was a perfectionist. She was just not prepared to Settle for anything that was second best.

2.He could be quite casual in his attitude to his wife's anxiety, and more often than not failed to let her know when he would be back from a business trip.

3.“You'll kill yourself with those things," Arty said in a tone In which disappointment was mingled with disgust.

4. Thanks to modern transportation, agricultural products in these remote mountainous regions can also traded for other goods.

5.As the market Was saturated with a wide variety of goods, the economy became more balanced and the competition forced the prices down.

6.Going with the flow doesn't mean that we don't know where we're going; it means that We are open to multiple ways of getting there.

7. The athlete had been endowed with long legs and a persistent temperament so he was very successful.

8.The wrongly accused man asked for extra compensation to make up for the stress he had suffered during the case.

1.The general considered all the information that had been gathered and gauged what possible moves the enemy might make before issuing his orders.

2.The mew president said she would dedicate herself to protecting the rights of the old and the homeless, who are otherwise helpless and, vulnerable.

3.Cell phone conversations, which are fairly Commonplace on commuter trains, can be annoying to fellow commuters.

4. Ask your doctor whether a low-fat diet and a daily walk will Suffice to reduce your high blood pressure.

5 .The revenue from tourism is the biggest single contribution to GDP in the Maldives; every year many tourists from all corners of the world spend their holidays there.

6.Since the beginning of this century, China has built many modern conference centers with underground parking, air-conditioning and simultaneous translation systems.

7 While advertising offers a stimulus (刺激) to buy, sales promotion offers a(n) incentive to buy, but consumers must have their own reason to buy.

8.In general, smokers living in cities are slightly more prone to lung cancer than smokers who are living in the country.

9.A large proportion of important innovations are brought about by people who step outside of conventional categories or traditional assumptions.

10 .The habit of going to coffee houses was fostered by the city's relatively small size, safe streets, good public transportation, and moderate climate.

1.The majority of people suffering from the extreme heat simply headed for home or else sought refreshment in the crowded bars and restaurants of the city center.

2 .Virtually every shipment of food coming into the country must be documented so the government can track incidents of contamination (污染).

3. Investigators work with local law enforcement agencies and the court system of a country when it becomes necessary to punish those found guilty of stealing software.

4 .Indeed, the logic of commercialism may lead enterprise to pursue activities which are, to a higher or lesser degree, at odds with other government objectives.

5 .As cameras got lighter and the public began demanding more realism in the movies, Hollywood went to film on location (外景拍摄).

6.Based on its recruitment planning strategy , the company should be able to offer 50 more job vacancies, rovided that conditions will e most favorable next year.

7.Colleges and universities find themselves in a serious bind (困境): One is due to the

dramatic increase in enrollments and the other to the limited resources.

8 .This new leadership has abandoned all strategic talk of economic imperialism in favor of self-regulating market economics.

9.Btterness, anger and resentment can, figuratively speaking, act as emotional cancer which may eat us up inside.

10.Tertrent can be defined as violent or threatening behavior conducted by individuals or groups, who want to change the result of a political process or realize a certain purpose-often at the cost of other people.

11.In an enlightened view a primary goal of education can be said to be a spiritual understanding and an emphasis on humanism rather than on materialism.

1.The results of this experiment do not correlate with those of the studies That the team of scientists had conducted previously.

2 It was a moment of overwhelming excitement when Steve was given the first prize; Tiffany couldn't refrain from hugging and kissing him.

3.As we count away to tonight's presidential debate, it's time to go over the political agendas which the candidates are trying to promote.

4.She spent the next 10 years taking in washing, slaving away to pay back the money they had borrowed from the bank.

5 Indeed, it seems that the upward shift in the rate of economic growth in the mid-1990s coincided with a sudden, substantial, and rapid decline in the prices of computers.

6.As Crawford Contended with heartbreak in his private life , his career soared to greater heights than he could have ever dreamed of.

7.I am assuming that you have adequate health insurance, but someone should be designated successor to take over your financial and domestic affairs if you become unable to cope with them yourself.

8 Formal consent for this new type of treatment was obtained from each patient and the study conformed to our institution's guidelines concerning medical ethics (伦理)

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