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一、适合学生的中英对照的书虫。(58本)书虫(1级上适合初1\初2年级共10册) 1 爱情与金钱Love or Money

2 《苏格兰玛丽女王》《Mary Queen of Scots Tim Vicar y 》中英对照

3 在月亮下面Under The Moon

4 潘德尔的巫师The Witches of Peddle

5 歌剧院的幽灵The Phantom of The Opera

6 猴爪The Monkey's Paw

7 世界上最冷的地方The Coldest Place on Earth 8 阿拉丁和神灯Aladdin and the Enchanted Lamp 9 《象人》《The Elephant Man》中英对照10 别了,好莱坞先生Goodbye Mr Hollywood 书虫(共8册1级下适合初1初2年级)

1小公主A Little Princess

2.邦蒂号暴动Mutiny On The Bounty

3.奥米茄文件The Omega Files

4.谁谋杀了总统The President's Murderer

5.福尔摩斯和公爵的儿子Sherlock Holmes and The Duke's Son

6.白色死亡White Death

7.绿野仙踪The Wizard of Oz

8.难忘米兰达Remember Miranda

9.福尔摩斯与赛马Sherlock Holmes and The Sport of Kings

书虫(2级上适合初2初3年级共8册) 1.威廉·莎士比亚

William Shakespeare 2.一个国王的爱情故事The Love of a King

3.亡灵鸟Dedd Man's Island

4.哈克贝利·费恩历险记The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

5.《鲁宾孙漂流记》《The Life and Strange Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe》中英对照

6.爱丽丝漫游奇境记Alice's Adventure in Wonderland

7.格林·盖布尔斯的安妮Anne of Green Gables

8.五个孩子和沙精Five Children and It

书虫(共8册2级下适合初2初3年级) 1.神秘女人—阿加莎·克里新蒂Agatha Christie 2.德拉库拉Dracula

3.亨利八世和他的六位妻子Hey VIII and His Six Wives

4.蕈尔格街凶杀案The Murders in the Rue Margue

5.坎特维尔幽灵The Canterville Ghost

6.五镇故事Stories From The Five Towns

7.法兰克福的耳环Ear-Rings from Frankfurt

8.森林王子The Jungle Book

书虫(共8册3级上适合初3高1年级) 1. 弗兰肯新坦Frankenstein

2.《野性的呼唤》《The Call of The Wild》中英对照

3.秘密花园The Secret Garden

4.曾达的囚徒The Prisoner of Zinda

5.爱丽丝镜中世界奇遇记Through The Looking-Glass

6.风语河岸柳The Wind in the Willows

7.神秘及幻想故事集Tales of Mystery and Imagination 8.铁路少


适合初中生朗读的英语文章精选 篇一:适合中学生阅读的中英读物书目 英语组 一、适合学生的中英对照的书虫。(58本)书虫(1级上适合初1\初2年级共10册) 1 爱情与金钱Love or Money 2 《苏格兰玛丽女王》《Mary Queen of Scots Tim Vicar y 》中英对照 3 在月亮下面Under The Moon 4 潘德尔的巫师The Witches of Peddle 5 歌剧院的幽灵The Phantom of The Opera 6 猴爪The Monkey's Paw 7 世界上最冷的地方The Coldest Place on Earth 8 阿拉丁和神灯Aladdin and the Enchanted Lamp 9 《象人》《The Elephant Man》中英对照10 别了,好莱坞先生Goodbye Mr Hollywood 书虫(共8册1级下适合初1初2年级) 1小公主A Little Princess 2.邦蒂号暴动Mutiny On The Bounty 3.奥米茄文件The Omega Files 4.谁谋杀了总统The President's Murderer 5.福尔摩斯和公爵的儿子Sherlock Holmes and The Duke's Son 6.白色死亡White Death 7.绿野仙踪The Wizard of Oz 8.难忘米兰达Remember Miranda 9.福尔摩斯与赛马Sherlock Holmes and The Sport of Kings 书虫(2级上适合初2初3年级共8册) 1.威廉·莎士比亚


初中英语美文朗诵精选 Kit Carson (1809-1868) was one of the great heroes of American frontier — a good guide,hunter, soldier, and friend of the Indians. There are many stories about him, and his fight withthe bears is one of them. One day, when Kit was hunting a moose, his shot woke up two grizzly bears who had beennapping near by. The bears jumped to their feet and ran out of the woods. Kit didn’t have timeto aim again. All he could do was to turn on his heels and run for his life. But he was unlucky,for as he ran he slipped and his gun went flying out of his hands. Kit climbed up a treeimmediately, and the bears followed him. Kit broke a dead branch of the tree, and when thebears camp up close enough, he gave them sharp strokes on the nose. Soon the bears couldstand it no longer. Their noses burning with pain, they lowered themselves to the ground. Butthey didn’t leave. Poor Kit had to spend the whole night up in the tree. When dawn came, Kitcould see the bears still sleeping below. Then he had an idea. He broke the dead branch intopieces. Taking careful aim, he threw down one of the pieces. It hit one of the bears right on thenose. The bear opened his eyes and roared. Then he closed his eyes again. Kit threw down abigger piece of wood. This time the bear jumped up and, howling with pain, turned and attackedthe other bear. In no time, the two bears were fighting madly. They had forgotten all about Kit.Kit hurried down from the tree, and ran away to a safe place. 基德•卡森(1809-1868)是美国著名的边疆英雄。他不但是个好向导、好猎手,出色的军人,而且是印第安人的好朋友。关于他,有许多传说,他智斗灰熊的故事就是其中一个。 有一天,基德去打猎,看见一头驼鹿,就开了一枪。不料,枪声惊醒了两头正在睡觉的灰熊。灰熊从林子里蹿出来,基德来不及再开枪,掉头就跑。不巧,此时他脚下一滑,手里的枪飞了出去。慌忙中,他爬上了一棵树,那两头灰熊也紧跟着往上爬。基德折下一根枯枝,等灰熊靠近了,就使劲抽打熊鼻子。灰熊疼痛难耐,就爬下去了。但它们没有离开,基德只好在树上过夜。天亮时,基德看见灰熊仍在下面睡着。这时他想起一个好主意。他把枯枝折成小段,瞄准后丢了一段下去,枯枝正好打中一头熊的鼻子。那头熊吼了一声,又合上了眼。基德接着扔下去更大一段枯枝,那头熊疼得嗷嗷叫,跳起来咬它的同伴。不一会儿,两头灰熊就打得难解难分,早把基德抛到了脑后。基德趁机爬下树来,逃脱了灰熊的追逐。 初中英语美文朗诵阅读


适合七年级朗读的英语短文 朗读,是把无声语言转化为有声语言的再创造的语言艺术活动,朗读是我们传统的学习方式和教学方式。小编精心收集了适合七年级朗读的英语短文,供大家欣赏学习! 适合七年级朗读的英语短文:清理心灵的空间 Think about the last time you felt a negative emotion —like stress, anger or frustration1. What was going through your mind? Was your mind crowded with thoughts? Or was it unable to think? 想一下你最近一次感受到的消极情绪,例如压力、愤怒或挫折。当你处于那种消极情绪时你在想些什么?是充满了混乱的思绪?还是无法思考? The next time you find yourself in a negative emotion, stop. Yes, that’s right, stop. Whatever you’re doing, https://www.sodocs.net/doc/d019197832.html, stop and sit for one minute. While you’re sitting there, completely absorb yourself in the negative emotion. 下次当你发现自己处于消极情绪中时,停下来。是的,没错,停下来。不管你在做什么,停下来,坐上一分钟。坐着的时候,让自己完全沉浸在那种消极的情绪之中。 Allow that emotion to consume you. Don’t cheat yourself here. Take one minute to feel that emotion. When the minute is over, ask yourself, "Am I willing to keep holding on to this negative emotion as I go through the rest of the day? "If not, take a deep breath and let go of2 all that negativity with your breath. 让那消极情绪吞噬你,现在不要欺骗自己,花一分钟的时间去体会那种情绪。当一分钟结束时,问自己:"我是否愿意今天余下的时间里继续保持这种消极情绪?"如果不愿意,那就深吸一口气,让那种情绪随着你的呼吸而飘走。 Once you’ve allowed yourself to be totally absorb ed in the emotion and really feel it, you will be surprised to find that the


适合初中生朗读的英语文章精选 参加一些英语的朗诵大赛,不仅能提高我们的英语口语,还能从各个方面提升自身的气质,今天店铺在这里为大家分享一些适合初中生朗读的精选英语文章,欢迎大家阅读! 适合初中生朗读的英语文章篇一 FOLLOW YOUR OWN COURSE– Neil Simon 走自己的路尼尔•西蒙陈采霞译 Don’t listen to those who say “It’s not done that way.” Maybe it’s not, but maybe you will. 别听那些人的话,”这事不能那么做。”也许是不能那么做,可是也许你就会那么做。 Don’t listen to those who say “You’re taking too big a chance.” Michelangelo would have painted the Sistine Floor,and it would surely be rubbed out by today. 别听那些人的话,“你这个险冒得太大了。”米开朗琪罗可能在西斯廷教堂的地板上作过画,到今天肯定已经被抹掉了。 Most importantly, don’t listen When the little voice of fear inside of your ear its ugly head and says,”They’re all smarter than you out there. They’re more talented,The y’re taller,blonder,prettier,luckier and have connections……”I firmly believe that if you follow a path that interests you,Not to the exclusion of love,sensitivity, and cooperation with others,But with the strength of conviction That you can move others by your own efforts,And do not make success or failure the criteria by which you live,The chances are you’ll be a person worthy of your own respect. 最重要的是,当你心中恐惧的声音,抬起它丑陋的头说,”那边那些人都比你聪明,他们更有才华,他们更高大、皮肤更白、更漂亮、更幸运,并且认识各种各样的人…”你可千万别理会。我坚信只要选择


适合初中生读的英语文章摘抄 传统的英语阅读教学,由于受应试教育的影响,忽视了学生创造性阅读能力的培养。下面小编整理了适合初中生读的英语文章,希望大家喜欢! 适合初中生读的英语文章摘抄 Adventure in the World of Nature 在自然界中探险 One stormy autumn night when my grandnephew Roger was about twenty months old I wrapped him in a blanket and carried him down to the beach in the rainy darkness.Out there,just at the edge of where-we-couldn't-see big waves were thundering in,dimly seen white shapes that boomed and shouted and threw great handfuls of forth at us. Together we laughed for pure joy-he a baby meeting for the first time the wild tumult of oceanus, I wish the salt of half a lifetime of sea love in me.e But I think we felt the same spine-tingling response to the vast, roaring ocean and the wild night around us. 一个暴风骤雨的秋夜,我用毛毯把侄孙罗杰裹好,带着他冒雨在黑暗里穿行,径直走到海滩边,当时他大约只有20个月大。在那里,在我们无法看见的海的边缘,巨浪雷鸣般呼啸而来,依稀可见白色形状的浪花翻腾着、吼叫着,朝我们抛来大把大把的池沫。我们一起大笑,因为纯粹的快乐而放声欢笑—婴儿的他第一次见到了海洋之神异常激动的神态,我多么希望我能拥有大海一半的爱的情怀。但我想,面对辽阔咆哮的大海还有周围狂野的黑夜,我们都感受到了同样的兴奋。 A night or two later the storm had blown itself out and I took Roger again to the beach, this time to carry him along the water's edge, piercing the darkness with the yellow cone of our flashlight. Although there was no rain the night was again noisy with


初中英语晨读美文带翻译 初中生在早晨的时候可以阅读一些美文,这对于提高英语阅读能力很有帮助。小编为大家准备了一些英语美文,一起来看看吧! 孤独 I find it wholesome to be alone the greater part of the time.To be in company,even with the best, is soon wearisome. I love to be alone. I never found the companion that was so companionable as solitude. We are for the most part more lonely when we go abroad among men than when we stay in our chambers. A man thinking or working is always alone, let him be where he will. Solitude is not measured by the miles of space that intervene between a man and his fellows. 'The really diligentstudent in one of the crowded hives of Cambridge College is as solitary as a dervish in the desert. The farmer can work alone in the field or the woods all day, hoeing or chopping,and not feel lonesome. beacause he is employed; but when he comes home at night he cannot sit down in a room alone, at the mercy of his thoughts, but must be where he can "see the folks," and recreate, and,as he thinks. remunerate himself for his day's solitude; and hence he wonders how the student can sit alone in the house all night and most of the day without ennui and "the blues"; but he does not realize that the student, though in the house, is still at work in his field, and chopping in his woods, as the farmer ire his. and in turn seeks the same recreation and society that the latter does, though it may be a more condensed form of it. 大部分时候,我发现独处都是有益于健康的。有人陪伴,即使是最好的同伴,不久也会心生厌烦,兴致将消散。我爱独处。我没有遇见比孤独更好的伴侣了。我们置身国外,立行人群之中,通常比独处

适合初中生读的英语短文 初中英语美文100篇

适合初中生读的英语短文初中英语美文100篇 改革开放三十多年以来,英语教育在我国已经广为普及,整个社会对英语的要求也愈加 精益求精。本文是适合初中生读的英语短文,希望对大家有帮助! I have two sisters, the oldest one was married a year ago. Now my sister is pregnant and I can’t wait to see her baby. I feel so excited about the coming baby, I will be her aunt, which means I grow up. When the child is born, I will take care of her, I want to set an example to her. I am the smallest one in my family, I get used to being taken by others. Now I can be the big sister and I will learn how to be a good sister. I will grow up with my sister’s baby, maybe we can be the good friends. 我有两个姐姐,最大的那个一年前已经结婚了。如今我的姐姐也怀孕了,我等不及要 看到她的宝宝。对于即将到来的宝宝,我感到很兴奋,我将成为她的阿姨,这意味着我长大。在孩子出生后,我会照顾着她,我想要成为她的榜样。我是家里最小的孩子,习惯了 被别人照顾着。现在我要成为大姐姐了,我会学着如何去成为一个好姐姐。我会和姐姐的 孩子一起长大,或许我们会成为朋友。 Before I moved to the city, I stayed with my grandma at my hometown. In my eyes, grandma is a diligent woman, she likes to plant fruit and vegetable by her own. Though my father has told her many time to take a rest, my grandma just does her things. With the time goes by, every time when I went back to hometown, I found my grandma grows older, but her still looks good. Last week, when I visited her, I found there were so many wrinkles in her face, which I never noticed before. Suddenly, I felt so sorry to not accompany her all the time. Since then, I tell myself to visit her as possible as I can. 在我搬到城市之前,我和奶奶呆在我的家乡。在我看来,奶奶是一个勤奋的女人,她喜 欢自己种植水果和蔬菜。虽然我的父亲已经告诉她很多次要她休息,但是奶奶还是做她的 事情。随着时间的流逝,每次当我回到家乡,我发现奶奶逐渐变老了,但是她依然看起来不错。上周,我去看她时,我发现她的脸上有很多皱纹,这是我以前从来没有注意到的。突然, 我为自己没有经常陪在她身边感到抱歉。从那时起,我告诉自己尽可能的去看望她。 Before I went to middle school, my parents changed their job, they found a good job in the big city, so I needed to leave with them. Moving to another city means I have to say goodbye to my friends and this beautiful place. It is hard for me to say goodbye, my memories are around here, the water, the mountain and the people are so familiar to me. I have to face the new people and new environment, there are so many challenges waiting for me. But it is


初中英语作文朗读精选十三篇 篇1:名师指导:初中英语要重视朗读背诵 名师指导:初中英语要重视朗读背诵 任何一种语言口语能力的形成都离不开语言材料大量有效的输入 与积累。中国学生在日常生活中听到的、看到的、与人交流的都是汉语,即使学了英语,也是“哑巴英语”。因为平时几乎不说,更谈不上 利用。因此中国学生也就很难从生活中得到输入英语语言材料的机会;学生在每周有限的四节英语课当中所学到的听说训练,由于平时很少 说英语,课堂上所学的英语句子除了早读外,其他时间也很难利用、 复习和巩固。更何况现在大部分学生早读时根本不开口读英语,其原 因还是平时缺乏练习,课堂上老师教的课后不能及时在遗忘之前得到 巩固,从而导致好多学生不会读英语单词、句子、课文。这样的语言 环境及所带来的后果严重的影响了学生的听说训练,也限制了学生口 语能力的发展。 正如发展经济要走中国特色的道路一样,学习外语也要选择适合 中国国情的教学方法和途径。我认为对每一位英语学习者来说,朗读 和背诵是必不可少的。尤其对初学英语的初中学生来说是至关重要的。朗读和背诵是提升学生英语口语能力和英语成绩的有效途径,也是必 经之路。朗读和背诵也是克服当前中国学生的“哑巴英语”的有效途径。更为重要的是朗读和背诵还有以下几方面的好处:

第一,朗读和背诵几乎可以不受环境的`影响,对环境的依赖较小,容易得到保证及满足,我们只要给学生有自由支配的时间和读背的内容,学生就可以在课外时间一个人完成,无需找伙伴做训练对象。 第二,朗读和背诵同样也不受时间的限制。它不需要学生专门用 大块的时间来完成。它有机动灵活的特点。学生可以自由选择朗读和 背诵的时间,课前课后,饭前饭后,甚至于在上下学的路上,学生都 可以自由地读和背。 第三,通过朗读和背诵,可以积累大量实用的英语短语、句子、 习惯用语;可以扩大视野,在脑子里储存大量有用的词汇、短语、习 惯用法;通过朗读和背诵,可以了解英语国家的生活、风俗习惯、人文、历史、地理知识等,还可以动员眼、耳、口等感觉器官同时参与 学习,综合提升听说读写能力。读得多了,背得多了,自然就形成了 英语语感。语感一旦形成,在以后的学习中,好些句子就会脱口而出。 第四,坚持不懈的朗读和背诵也是训练语言、语调、语流和连贯性、流畅性口语表达能力的有效途径,有助于改善语音。通过朗读, 尤其是模仿正确、地道的英语语音语调,可以纠正和训练自身的语音 语调,掌握说英语的种种技巧,如连读、失去爆破、同化、重读、弱 读等,从而迅速发展口语表达能力。口语能力提升了,英语成绩自然 就提升了。试想,你可以脱口而出的句子,还不会利用吗? 因此,在初中阶段尤其是初一的英语教学中一定要重视朗读和背诵。初一英语教学是学生学习英语的入门教学。学生刚接触英语,对 英语的好奇心强,学习积极性高,学习兴趣浓厚。教师如果能抓住这


中学生英语朗诵稿4篇 china has its own sport legends. back to song dynasty, people started to play a game called cuju, which is regarded as the origin of ancient football. so now, you will understand why our women football team is so good today. with a concept inspired by the famed silk road, our torch relay will break new ground, traveling from olympia through some of the oldest civilizations known to man-greek, indian and chinese. carrying the message “share the peace, share the olympics. “ the flame will pass through tibet, cross the yangtze and yellow rivers, travel the great wall and visit Chinese Taiwan and the 56 ethnic communities who make up our society. on its journey, the flame will be seen by and inspire more human beings than any previous relay. i am afraid i cannot prevent the whole picture of our cultural programs within such a short period of time. actually, what we have shown you here today is only a fraction of beijing that awaits you. ladies and gentlemen, i believe that beijing will prove to be a land of wonders to athletes, spectators and the worldwide television audience alike. come and join us. thank you. thank you all. 中学生英语朗诵稿(2): i always feel tired after eight classes a day, so my dream school in my dream starts at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 3:30 p.m. there are three lessons in the morning and two in the afternoon. we can choose our favorite lessons to learn. we can spend more time doing some outside readings. the students do after-school


初中英语短文朗读美文阅读 通过朗读,不仅能提高我们的英语口语,还能加深我们学习到的知识,今天店铺在这里为大家分享一些初中英语短文朗读,希望大家喜欢这些英语美文! 初中英语短文朗读篇一 'To end our special news bulletin,' said the voice of the television announcer, 'we're going over to the macaroni fields of Calabria. Macaroni has been grown in this area for over six hundred years. Two of the leading growers, Giuseppe Moldova and Riccardo Brabante, tell me that they have been expecting a splendid crop this year and harvesting has begun earlier than usual. Here you can see two workers who, between them, have just finished cutting three cartloads of golden brown macaroni stalks. The whole village has been working day and night gathering and threshing this year's crop before the September rains. On the right, you can see Mrs. Brabante herself. She has been helping her husband for thirty years now. Mrs. Brabante is talking to the manager of the local factory where the crop is processed. This last scene shows you what will happen at the end of the harvest: the famous Calabrian macaroni-eating competition! Signor Fratelli, the present champion, has won it every year since 1991. And that ends our special bulletin for today, Thursday, April lst. We're now going back to the studio.' "在结束我们的专题新闻,"电视广播员说,"我们现在到战场的卡拉布里亚通心粉。通心粉在这个地区已经种植了六百年。两家主要种植者,朱塞佩·摩尔多瓦和里卡尔多布拉班特告诉我,他们一直期待着今年获得一个大丰收,收割要比往年早。在这里你可以看到2个人,他们之间,刚刚砍下了三车金黄色的通心粉秸。全村的人都日夜奋战,把今年的庄稼在九月的雨季之前。在右侧,您可以看到布拉班特太太


初中生精选英语诗歌朗诵 朗读歌可以帮助我们提高英语,要朗诵好一首诗,首先要认真阅读,领会作者的感情。下面是由小编为大家整理的初中生英语稿,希望可以帮助到大家! 初中生英语诗歌朗诵稿(一) i remember,i remember, the house where i was born, the little window where the sun came peeping in at morn; he never came a wink too soon, nor brought too long a day, but now ,i often wish the night had borne my breath away. 我还记得,我还记得, 我诞生之地的房子, 那小窗,太阳 在清晨悄悄地往里张望; 他从不早到瞬息, 也不让一天停留过长, 但是现在,我常常希望 夜晚将我的呼吸带走! 初中生英语诗歌朗诵稿(二) Facing the Sea With Spring Blossoms 面朝大海,春暖花开 From tomorrow on,I will be a happy man. Grooming,chopping and traveling all over the world. From tomorrow on,i will care foodstuff and vegetable. Living in a house towards the sea,with spring blossoms. 从明天起,做一个幸福的人

喂马,劈柴,周游世界. 从明天起,关心粮食和蔬菜 我有一所房子,面朝大海,春暖花开 From tomorrow on,write to each of my dear ones. Telling them of my happiness. What the lightening of happiness has told me. I will spread it to each of the them. 从明天起,和每一个人通信 告诉他们我的幸福 那幸福的闪电告诉我的. 我将告诉每一个人 Given a warm name for every river and every mountain, Strangers,i will also wish you happy. May you have a brilliant future! 陌生人我也为你祝福 给每一条河每一座山 取一个温暖的名字 愿你有一个灿烂的前程 May you lovers eventually become spouses! May you enjoy happiness in this earthly world! I only wish to face the sea,with spring blossoms. 愿有情人终成眷属 愿你们在尘世获得幸福 我只愿面朝大海,春暖花开 初中生英语诗歌朗诵稿(三) Teacher's Prayer I want to teach my students how to live this life on earth, T o face its struggle and its strife and improve their worth. Not just the lesson in a book or how the rivers flow, But how to choose


初中英语短文每日一读 以下是一篇适合初中生阅读的英语短文,供您参考: Title: My Favorite Hobby My favorite hobby is reading books. I love to read all kinds of books, from fiction to non-fiction, from adventure stories to science fiction. Reading books is my escape from the stress and noise of the world. It allows me to enter a different world and explore new ideas and places. When I was younger, I used to read books about fairies and princesses, but as I grew older, my tastes in books changed. Now I enjoy reading books about history, science, and philosophy. I find that reading books not only entertains me, but also educates me and broadens my horizons. One of my favorite books is "To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee. It is a story about a young girl named Scout who grows up in the Deep South of the United States during the 1930s. The book explores themes of justice, race, and human nature through the eyes of a child. I love the way the book makes me think about the world and how it makes me view people differently. Reading books has brought me so much joy and happiness throughout my life. It has allowed me to connect


适合初中生的英文诗歌朗诵篇一 Christmas with love Everytime, when I close my eyes I can't see the light of heaven.. Though, I can't deny there's God who have created this earth... Day by day, month by month... I'm very interested 'bout the light of heaven... But, there's no one can tell me 'bout that.. Till the eve came... The shadow of the Christmas was rise.. I saw in my dream a Baby, who was born to the earth to show the light of heaven... A Baby that have a pure smile, and the light of heaven surround Him... He was born to show us and let us know what the love is it... He loves me and u... I'll let them know You died for me.. And I have a merry little Christmas with luv... The luv that never die... Always in my heart... Now, I want to praise You, Lord.... Coz, U're d one in my heart that no one can take your place... Merry Christmas with love................ 适合初中生的英文诗歌朗诵篇二 For You I Wish I have looked at Christmas: holly red Secret Santa: rich pudding-fed:


初中英语3分钟朗读文章 英语作为一门国际通用语,在21世纪已经向着多元化、多功能化的方向发展。下面就是店铺给大家整理的初中英语3分钟朗读文章,希望大家喜欢。 初中英语3分钟朗读文章:考试作弊之我见 My View on Cheating in Exam As students, we all want to get high scores in exams, which requires us trying our best to work. However, some students do not work hard in usual but they still expect good performance. Therefore, some of them choose to cheat in exams. I don’t think it’s a good way. Firstly, it’s not right to cheat, which is a personal quality problem. Secondly, scores do not mean everything. Although you get higher scores by cheating, you can’t get knowledge. Finally, cheating will have a bad impact on you. Teachers and students may look at in different views. Therefore, I do n’t agree to cheat in exams. We all should be honest. 作为学生,我们都想在考试中得到高分,这就要求我们要尽最大的努力去学习。但是,有的学生平时不努力学习,又想要高分,于是他们就在考试中作弊。我不认为这是一种好行为。首先,作弊是不对的,这关乎个人品质问题。其次,分数并不意味着一切。虽然通过作弊能获得更高的分数,但并没有获得知识。最后,作弊会对个人产生不好的影响,老师和同学可能会异样看待你。因此,我不赞成在考试中作弊,我们都应该诚实。 初中英语3分钟朗读文章:吸烟Smoking It’s well known that smoking is bad for our health. It does much harm to our lung. Smoking too much is very easy to get cancer, which is very terrible. Besides, smoking also do harm to people’s teeth. Those people always smoke will demage their