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——词汇部分自我总结Flamboyantly adv. 艳丽地,奢华地,炫耀地。

Everyday things 日常事情

Have a passion for 对~极度喜爱,酷爱。

Poverty line 贫困线

Spring from 发源于

In any company 在任何交际场合,在(客)人前

Take hold 生根,固定下来

Quip 说俏皮话,讽刺

Convenience food方便食物

Frozen food 冷冻食品

A throw-away culture使用一次性物品的生活方式

Caricature 将~画成漫画,用漫画表现,讽刺

Insular 狭隘的,封闭的

Xenophobe 惧怕外国(陌生)人的人,憎恨外国的人


Tabloid newspaper 通俗小报

Visa-free access免予签证进入

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region香港特别行政区

Multi-ethnic 多民族的

Multi-cultural 多元文化的

Meeting-point 交汇点

Supermarket chains连锁超市


Tube station 地铁车站


Neon signs 霓虹灯招牌

Showcase (商店的)玻璃陈列橱窗

Coverage 汇聚(到某一点)

Be thronged with 挤满了

An evening scroll晚间散步

Motley 混杂的,成分杂乱的

National dress 民族服装

Cosmopolitan 世界性的,世界主义的

Invoice 开~的发票

Outstanding debts有待偿还的债务

Hire-purchase 分期付款购买

Foolhardy 有勇无谋的,鲁莽的,无头脑的。

Succumb(to )屈从,听任

Obviate 使成为不必要,避免

Judicious 明智而审慎

Platinum 铂,白金


Postmark 邮戳


Mammalian 哺乳动物的

Unravel 解开、弄清

On-off 开--关的。

Fertilized ovum 受精卵

Critical point 临界点

Crank 怪人,脾气坏的人

Underclass 下层人




AAA(American Automobile Association)美国汽车协会Feud 争吵,争执



Land line 陆(地)线(路)

Entrench 使处于牢固地位,确立

Price-chopping 砍价的

Upheaval 动荡不安

Take to the streets 上街(游行)

Ceiling 最高限额(限度);上限




Roll back使退却,使回降

Stockpile 资料积累



Glean 慢慢地收集,耐心地收集(材料)等Domesticity家庭生活,个人小天地。Pensionable 符合条件领取养老金的

Rust away 蓝调

Life expectancy 预期寿命

Y ank 猛拉,使劲拉

Retool (为适应新形势)改组,重新装备Attachment 情感,爱慕,忠诚

Member of Parliament (MP)(英国)下院议员

Off-ramp (高速公路)使出匝道


Dead-end 没有前途的。

Lose out 输掉

Tribunal 仲裁庭

V oucher(代替现金的)票券

Maternity leave 产假

Highflying 很有抱负的,雄心勃勃的Thwart 阻挠,挫败

Invoice 发票,发票金额

Curtail 削减

Detrimental (to)对~不利的,对~有害的。Exclusive distribution right 独家经销权Remittance汇款

Fidelity 忠实,忠诚

Renewable 可展期的

Prime rate 银行优惠贷款利率

Cursory 粗略的,仓促的

Assuage 缓和,平息


Customary 惯常的

Default 欠债不还,拖欠

Apparel 衣服,服装

Discount house 折扣店

Delinquent 拖欠钱款的

A vailability 利用的可能性

Silicon V alley (美国)硅谷

V ehicle工具,手段


Subsidiary 子公司(subsidiary company)Equity 股票,股本,权益

Private equity 私募

Entity 实体

Financing 融资

Balance sheet资产负债表

Credibility 可靠性,可信性

Growth cycle 增长周期

Start-up investment启动投资

Seed investment 原始投资

Critical mass足够数量

Public equity market公墓市场


Chief executive officer(CEO)首席执行官Track 一连串,一系列

Prioritize 确定(事项)的优先顺序Monitor 监督

Oversight 照管,监督

Funnel 传送,使汇集

Terms and conditions (契约、谈判等)条款和条件Herein此中,于此

Appendices 附件,附录


Memoranda 备忘录

Execution (合同等的)签署

Hereunder 在下面,在下文

In the event 假如,倘若

Unremedied 未改正的

Counterpart (契约文本等的)副本,复本

Discrepancy 差异,不符合,不一致

Prevail 占优势,占上风

Waiver (权益、要求等的)(自动)放弃


In arrears 拖欠

Severability (合同中的权利义务)可分离的,可分割性Provision规定,条款

Herewith 与此一道,用此方法


Registered airmail航空挂号信

Return receipt 回执


Binding 有约束力的

A ward 判决,裁定,裁定书

Non-performance 不履行,不完成

The burden to prove 举证责任

Cessation 停止,中断。



Disclosure 泄漏,批漏,公开

Recipient 收受者,收收方

A new/later-comer striving for modernization后发现代化国家Learn experience from international practice借鉴国际经验Address, give attention to or deal with (a problem)关注

Blaze a trail in 走出一条道路

Ignore ,regardless of 不顾

Indulge in the wildest fantasy ,have fanciful ideas异想天开Superfluous labor force 富余劳动力

Orderly flow有序流动

Job training 职业培训

Dynamics of economic growth发展活力

Make an all-out effort to vigorously develop尽力振兴

Sum up ,in a word ,in short 概而言之

Brutal act 野蛮行径

Be bent/intent on ,hanker after 热衷于

Massive consumption 大量消耗

Unrenewable 不可再生

Predatory operation model 掠夺式经营

Expansionist behavior 扩张行为

What you do not want done to yourself ,do not do to others 以所不欲,勿施于人Peaceful rise 和平崛起

Per capita hold of resources 人均资源占有量

Energy consumption能源消耗

Ecological environment 生态环境

Low reclamation 回收率低

Policy in response to ;response应对之策

High technology content and high economic returns科技含量高,经济效益好

Cold war mentality 冷战思维

Emerging big/great powers 新兴大国

Out-of-date ;obsolete; anachronistic 不合时宜

Public governance model 社会治理模式

Co-existence of efficiency and imbalance效率与失衡同在

Co-existence of vitality and disorder 活力与失范同在

Governance capability执政能力

Go all out to make the country strong ;work hard for the prosperity of the country 奋发图强Win-win 共赢

Innovation 创新

Knowledge-based economy知识经济

Increase day by day 与日俱增

Reorganization 重组

Of paramount importance 至关重要

Rejuvenate ,invigorate ,vitalize振兴

The only road to 必由之路

Transform the system转制

Move ;measure 举措

Modern enterprise system现代企业制度

Support ;foster扶持

V enture capital mechanism 风险资本机制


Interfere with ,hinder ,obstruct 妨碍

United nations summit 联合国首脑会议

Lasting peace ;enduring peace 持久和平

In line with ,in conformity with ,in compliance with 相符合

Unchanging ,unswerving 始终不渝

Trigger 依法

Outlook on development ,concept of development 发展观

Evade ,dodge ,avoid 回避

Resolve 化解(矛盾)

Foreign relations /external relations对外关系

Friendly consultation 友好协商

Mutual understanding and compromise ,understanding and yielding to each other 互谅互让Hegemonic politics 霸权政治

Camp,bloc 阵营

Life and death struggle 殊死搏斗

Pledge to fight to the death 誓死周旋

Dare to fight against brute force ;defy brute force 不畏强暴

Forces of darkness ;reactionary forces 黑暗势力

Heroic spirit 英雄气概

Protracted war 持久战

Guerrilla war 游击战

A magic weapon 法宝

(after )the fall of ;fall into the enemy hands沦陷

Regular war 正规战斗

Enemy’s rear area敌后

Be kept constantly on the run 疲于奔命

Strategic deployment 战略部署

Be bogged down in 深陷

Go all out ;spare no effort ;throw in one’s whole might 全力以赴

Amass army /ground troops ,concentrate massive army forces集中大量陆军

Put to use ,employ动用

Hard to imagine不堪设想

On the material plane 在物质方面

On the spiritual plane在精神方面

Amid twists and turns在曲折中

Develop by leaps and bounds ;make giant strides突飞猛进

Emerge one after another ;crop up without let-up层出不穷

Shared mission 共同使命

Converge /convergence 会合

The trend of the times时代潮流

Peaceful co-existence 和平共处

Period of strategic opportunities战略机遇期

A well-off society ;a moderately prosperous society 小康社会

Grand goal 宏伟目标

Build good-neighborly relation with 修睦

Live in harmony with all other nations协和万邦

Advocate cordiality ,benevolence ,and good-neighborliness崇尚亲人善邻

Be harmonious /harmony without uniformity 和而不同

Inexhaustible 取之不尽

Source of wisdom 智慧源泉

The golden rule 黄金法则

Engrave 镌刻

Go with /conform to the trend of the times顺应时代潮流

Nongovernmental agreement民间协定

Popular legend 民间传说

Nongovernmental contact 民间接触

Folk arts and crafts民间工艺

People-to-people exchange民间交往

Broad-minded 心胸开阔

Be most willing to 心甘情愿

Soft-hearted 心慈手软

Heart linked to heart 心连心

Have mutual affinity心心相印

Be sharp-eyed and clear-heart心明眼亮

One’s inner thoughts and feelings心里话

Public health bureau 卫生局

Toilet paper 卫生纸

Sanitary equipment 卫生设备

Camphor ball卫生球

Medical team 卫生队

Hygienic standard卫生标准

Sweat shirt 卫生衣

Health statistics 卫生统计

Personal hygiene 个人卫生

Public health 公共卫生

Industrial hygiene 工业卫生

Environmental sanitation/hygiene环境卫生

Work late into the night 开夜车

Pudong New Area浦东新区

City proper ,urban district ;downtown area失去

The changjiang/Yangtze river delta长江三角洲

Crisscross fields everywhere阡陌纵横

Special economic zone(SEZ)经济特区

Preferential policy ,favorable policy 优惠政策

Tax incentive ,tax credits 税收优惠

Forefront 前沿

Attract worldwide attention ;become the focus of world attention举世瞩目Key municipal project ;major municipal project 市政重点工程

Capital construction基本建设

Overall plan 总体规划


Financial and trade zone金融贸易区

Export processing zone出口加工区

World exposition 世界博览会

The primary industry 第一产业

The secondary industry 第二产业

The tertiary industry ;service industry (sector ) 第三产业

Functional development功能开发

The oriental pearl radio and television tower东方明珠广播电视塔

The bund外滩

Prop up 支撑,托起

Pedestal ;base塔座

Observation corridor 观光廊

Recreational facilities娱乐设施

To get a bird’s-eye view鸟瞰

On a day of gentle breeze and bright sun 当风和日丽时

An indistinct view 隐隐可见

Revolving restaurant 旋转餐厅

Head of state 首脑,元首

Monitoring system监控系统

Honorable guest ,distinguished guest ,VIP 贵宾

Serve whole-heartedly竭诚服务

Marco polo马可波罗


Heavy or light make-up淡妆浓抹

Su causeway苏堤

Bai causeway 白堤

Ruangong isle 阮工墩

Mid-lake pavilion湖心亭


Charm ,beauty ,graceful bearing 风韵

Ancient capital古都

Man of letters ;writers and poets文人墨客

Inscriptions and poems 题咏

Black paper fan 黑纸扇

Sandalwood fan 檀香扇

Silk parasol绸伞

Dragon Well tea龙井茶

China international carper fair中国国际地毯交易会

Oriental flavor 东方气息

Business talks ;trade talks洽谈

Find everything new and fresh ;be impressed 耳目一新


Colors in vogue around the world ;internationally prevalent colors ;fashionable colors in the world 国际流行色彩

In complete specifications; complete in specifications ,of all specifications规格齐全

Design and colors 花色

Order goods 订货

Boundless inherent in charm蕴含的无穷魅力

Differing styles 风格各异

Rich colors色彩斑斓

Carpet pattern 地毯图案

Weave a carpet by hand 手工织毯

On –the-spot demonstration 现场表演

Considerable growth ;make great strides长足的进步

Blend ;merge ;combine融会

The picks of oriental and occidental cultures东西方文化的精粹

Appeal to both refined and popular tastes 雅俗共赏

Brisk business ;business is brisk 生意兴隆

Magnificent (scenery )绚丽多彩(景色)


Boundless (sea)浩瀚无垠(大海)

Everlasting (friendship)万古长青(友谊)

Wealthy (merchant)家财万贯(商人)

(man)of indomitable spirit顶天立地(男子汉)


Status quo现状

Annex; gobble/swallow up 吞并

Sticking point症结

Whoever started the trouble should end it 解铃还需系铃人

Taiwan compatriots台湾同胞

The 1992consensus九二共识

Secessionist activities分裂活动

Be in line with 符合

Confer with each other over reunification through consultation on an equal footing平等协商、共议统一

Estrangement ;misunderstanding 隔阂

A ray of hope 一线希望

Well-being ,welfare 福祉

Proceed from the righteous cause of the nation从民族大义出发

Place hope on 寄希望于

Check ;contain 遏制

Secessionist forces分裂势力

Put oneself in somebody else’s position/place;put oneself in sb’s shoes设身处地

By every possible means ;try in every possible way; do whatever one can 千方百计Legitimate rights and interests 正当权益

Passenger charter flight客运包机

Non-governmental trade organization 民间行业

Solemn commitment 庄严承诺

Core interest 核心利益

Hesitate ,equivocate or concede犹豫、含糊和退让

Fulfill in real earnest 切实履行

Legalization of Taiwan independence 台湾法理独立

Abandon /forsake /renounce at will 随意背弃

Sovereignty and territorial integrity主权而领土完整

Chinese nationals residing in the U.S旅美华人


Stands 看台


Seethe with ,go wild with excitement 沸腾

A terrific /great young man一个棒小伙

A modest and self-disciplined gentleman谦谦君子

Arrogant and self-conceited狂傲自大

Polite and well-mannered 彬彬有礼

Cool and refreshing breeze 清爽的凉风

The shock wave of Y ao Ming姚明冲击波

Reach out to the world ,go global走向世界


The institute of Confucius; Confucius institute 孔子学院

Indispensable 不可或缺

Red lanterns红灯笼

Traditional stringed and woodwind music instruments丝竹乐器


Policy of benevolence ;benevolent governance仁政

Harmonious yet different 和而不同

Leader ;ruler ;administrator治国者

Bring peace to the world 平天下

Benevolent governance /administration 王道

Rule by force 霸道

Cultural hegemony 文化霸权主义

Gentlemen are in harmony with each other in spite of differences between them君子和而不同。Base persons are in disharmony with each other in spite of uniformity among them小人同而不合Learning ,knowledge 学问

All things on earth grow together without one doing harm to another 万物并育而不相害

All doctrines in the world develop in parallel with each other without coming into conflict 道并行而不相悖。

A person with broad vision ;a man of insight有识之士

Harmony is most precious 和为贵

Equity joint venture 合资经营企业

Laws and regulations 法律法规

Examination and approval authority 审批机关

Board of directors ;董事会

Term of office 任期

Legal representative 法定代表人

Perform one’s duties履行职责

Power of attorney 委托书

Business management organization 经营管理机构

Practice graft 营私舞弊

Dereliction of duty 失职

Foreign exchange control外汇管理

Administrative measures 管理办法

Accounting year ;fiscal year会计年度

Calendar year 日历年

Standard currency 本位币

Middle price 中间价

Breach of contract 违约

Contract law 合同法

Art college 艺术学校

Sketching 素描

Oil painting 油画

Traditional Chinese painting 中国画

Engraving 版画

Trips to the rural areas 采风

Green hills and rivers /waters青山绿水

Be filled with admiration嗟叹

Be lost in wild and fanciful thoughts ;be fascinated by 遐想Paintings of scenes in regions of rivers and lakes 水乡风情画Artistic conception 情境

Changes /vicissitudes of life over the years 岁月沧桑Hustle and bustle of this world 尘世喧闹

Draw the outline /contour勾线

Be too absorbed in ;be too much preoccupied with 转圆圈Artistic accomplishment 艺术修养

Rules in doing things章法

Free room 自在空间

Ancient teaching 古训

Artistic integrity 艺术人格

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