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2007-6-25 10:47 【大 中 小】【我要纠错】
18. it would have been difficult to find a happier child than I was as I lay in my crib at the close of that eventful day and lived over the joys it had brought me, and for the first time longed for a new day to come.

当那感概万千的一天快要结束时, 我躺在自己的小床里, 感受这一天带给我的那些快乐, 我觉得没有人比我更幸福了。 一生中第一次,我期待着新一天的来临。

19. 一切旧的传统观念, 一切阻止社会进步和人性发展的不合理的制度。

All outmoded traditional thinking; any irrational system which obstructs social progress or human development.

20. 我觉得有一根鞭子在抽打我的心, 又觉得仿佛有什么鬼魂借我的笔为自己伸冤一样。

I felt as if my mind was being whipped, as if a ghost had commandeered my pen and was writing to redress the injustices it had suffered.


On another occasion.

22. 长得好看的人用不着浓妆艳抹, 而我的文章就像一个丑八怪, 不打扮, 看起来倒还顺眼些。

Physically attractive people don‘t need heavy make-up. Though my writing resembles an ugly monster, it actually looks a little better without any embellishment.

22. 我最恨那些盗名欺世, 欺骗读者的谎言。

This means I oppose fabrication, deception and flowery language. What I hate most are those glory-seeking writers who deceive the public with their lies.

23. 就学习英语而言,有三个方面值得注意:拼法正确,合乎用法——一个词怎么用,和哪个词连用,很有讲究。句子平稳—合乎语法。


1. The country was a place where men worked from dawn to dark, and the labourer lived not in the sun, but in poverty and darkness. What aids there were to lighten labour were immemorial, like the mill, which was already ancient in Chaucer‘s time. The industrial Revolution began with such machines; the millwrights were the engineers of the coming age. James Brindley of Staffordashire started his self-made career in 1733 by working at mill wheels, at the age of seventeen, having been born poor in a village.


2. in the air


3.multi-purpose machine


4. Brindley had begun on his own account, out of interest, to survey the waterways that he traveled as he went about his engineering projects for mills and mines.


5. they often had little education, and in fact school education as it then was could only dull an inventive mind.


6. arteries of communication


7. these things had been manufactured in villages which were growing into towns now, away from London; it was a country-wide trade.



9. It is not alone: it forms one of a triad of revolutions, of which the other two were the American Revolution that started in 1775, and the French Revolution that started in 1789. It may seem strange to put into the same pocket an industrial revolution and two political revolutions.


10. cottage industry


11.what makes the Industrial Revolution so peculiarly English is that it is rooted in the countryside.


12. During the first half of the eighteenth century, in the old age of Newton and the decline of the Royal Society, England basked in a last Indian summer of village industry and the overseas trade of merchant adventures.


13. Eventually, though a few communities continued to be devoted almost exclusively to mining, the real wealth of Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, and California proved to be in the grass of soil.