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1. Disabled people are not chosen to be disabled. _______, they are not willing to lose hearing or eyesight.

A. In other words

B. On the other hand

C. For one thing

D. As a matter of fact



A. In other words 换句话说;

B. On the other hand另一方面;

C. For one thing首先;

D. As a matter of fact事实上。句意:残疾人没有被选择去当残疾人,换句话说,他们不情愿失聪或失明。根据句意故选A。

2. ---Why don’t we choose that road to save time?

---The bridge to it _______.

A. has repaired

B. is repaired

C. is being repaired

D. will be repaired



3. Why not try your luck downtown, Bob? That’s the best jobs are.

A. where

B. what

C. when

D. why



4. Among the young people, there is a growing tendency ______ money more highly than the quality of life.

A. regarding

B. to regarding

C. to regard

D. regarded



5. The Monument______the People's Heroes was built as a memorial______ those who died for the Chinese people.

A. for, to

B. to, for

C. for, for

D. to, to



6. Will these vegetables ____________ for four to five days in the fridge?

A.be stayed fresh

B.stay fresh

C.stay freshly

D.be stayed freshly



7. It is really a challenging job to deal with people _____ various ages and backgrounds.

A. in

B. at

C. with

D. of



8. It is reported that the united states uses _____ energy as the whole Europe.

A. as twice

B. twice much

C. twice as much

D. twice as more



9. Many Chinese brands, ______ their reputations over centuries, are _______ new challenges from the modern market.

A. having developed, facing

B. being developed, faced

C. developed, faced

D. developing, facing



【详解】考查现在分词和时态。句意:很多中国品牌历经几个世纪,树立了声誉,它们正面临着当代市场面临的新挑战。their reputations over centuries在句中作状语,修饰整个句子。句子主语many Chinese brands与动词develop之间是主动关系,且句中有延续性的时间状语over centuries,第一个空应该用现在分词的完成式表示主动和延续性的动作;表示正在进行的动作,用现在进行时,故选A。

10. . This kind of cloth feels _____ and sells_____.

A. softly; nice

B. soft ; good

C. soft ; well

D. soft ; nice



11. ________ that he made an obvious mistake, Jeff went on with his speech.

A.Not realized B.Not realizing

C.Not to realize D.Not to have realized



12. Although cats can not see in complete darkness, their eyes are much more _______to light than human eyes.

A. brilliant

B. attractive

C. available

D. sensitive



13. This kind of paper was as soft and light as silk but _______ expensive.

A. much less

B. much little

C. many less

D. much more than



14. —For weeks after the crash, divers had searched accessible areas for the body of the Indian man who was a Concordia waiter.

—Yes, they did their best and were not to blame for the unfortunate result.

A. in reward

B. in trouble

C. in vain

D. in reality



考查介词短语辨析。句意:——车祸后数星期,为了找到那名印度人,一个Concordia服务员的尸体,司机们徒劳地搜寻了能进入的区域。——是的,他们竭尽全力,不应该因为不幸的结果受到责备。A. in reward作为报答;B. in trouble处于困境中;C. in vain徒劳地;D. in reality事实上。根据语境,故选C。

15. We will never give in ______ they do or say about our plan.

A. No matter when

B. how

C. whatever

D. although




16. ____________ we did not have the chance to get close to the ancient Bible there.

A. It is a pity that

B. It happens that

C. It is important that

D. It is said that




17. Have you ever felt sick to your stomach during a test? Have you ever been so worried about something that you ended up with a terrible headache?

If so, then you know what it's like to feel stress. You've probably heard people say,“Wow,I'm really stressed out.” 56 But children have lots of things going on in their lives that can cause stress, too.

What is stress?

Stress is what you feel when you are worried or uncomfortable about something. This worry in your mind can make your body feel bad. You may feel angry, frustrated, scared, or afraid—which can give you a stomachache or a headache.

What causes stress?

Plenty of things can cause stress in a child's life. 57 Good or normal stress might show up when you're called on in class or when you have to give a report. Have you ever gotten butterflies in your stomach or sweaty hands? Those can be signs of good stress. 58 For example, you may do a better job on your book report if the anxiety inspires you to prepare well before you get up and read it to the class.

But bad stress can happen if the stressful feelings keep going over time. You may not feel well if your parents are fighting, if a family member is sick,if you're having problems at school,or if you're going through anything else that makes you upset every day. 59 Once you recognize that you're feeling stressed, there are several things you can do. You can try talking about what's bothering you with an adult you trust,like a parent or teacher. 60 An adult may have ideas about how to solve whatever is worrying you or making you uncomfortable.

A.This kind of stress can help you to get things done.

B.Maybe you hear adults say those kinds of things all the time.

C.Bring up what's been on your mind and how it makes you feel.

D.Everyone experiences stress at times—adults, teens,and even kids.

E.There are ways to reduce stress and manage the stress that's unavoidable

F.That kind of stress isn't going to help you,and it can actually make you sick.

G.The trick is to remember that some types of stress are good and others are bad.







18. Have you ever asked ___36___ (you) why children go to school? You will probably say that they go to learn languages, arithmetic, history, science and some other ___37___ (subject). That is quite accurate. But why do they learn these things?

We send our children to school ___38___ (prepare) them for the time when they will be big and will have to work for themselves. Nearly everything they study at school has some

___39___ (practice) use in their life. But is that the only reason for ___40___ they go to school?

There is more in education than just ___41___ (learn) factors. We go to school to learn how to learn, so that when we have left school, we can continue to learn. A man who really

___42___ (know) how to learn will always be successful, because when he has to do something new, he will not only be able to do it well himself, ___43___ be able to teach others how to do it in the best way. The uneducated person, on the other hand, is either unable to do something new, or just does it ___44___ (bad). The purpose of schools, therefore, is not to teach languages, arithmetic, history science, etc., but to teach pupils ___45___ way to learn.


36. yourself 37. Subjects 38. To prepare 39. Practical

40. Which 41. Learning 42. knows 43. but 44. Baclly 45. the






考查名词复数。some other+ 名词复数,“一些其他的---”,故答案为subjects。


考查动词不定式作目的状语。句意:我们送孩子上学是为了让他们为将来长大后自己工作做准备。此处是动词不定式作目的状语,故答案为to prepare。




考查定语从句。句意:但是这是他们上学的唯一原因吗?此处reason做先行词,在后面的定语从句中作原因状语,所以用why引导定语从句,why相当于for which,故答案为which。




考查主谓一致。句意:真正懂得学习的人永远是成功的。句子用一般现在时态,且句子是who引导的定语从句,先行词A man在定语从句中作主语,是第三人称形式,故答案为knows。


考查固定结构。句意:他不仅能够自己做好这件事,而且能够教别人如何以最好的方式去做。固定结构:not only---but also“不但---而且---”,故答案为but。




考查定冠词the。句意:教小学生学习的方法。the way to do sth.“做某事的方法”,故答案为the。


1. reason (1)the reason for sth. /doing sth.为某事或做某事的理由。the reason for his being late他迟到的理由

(2)reason理由(名词),在句中做主语,后面的表语从句用that引导。The reason was that he had little education.理由是他受教育少。


句,比如:The reason why he was late for class was that his mother was ill.他上课迟到的理由是她的妈妈病了。reason理由(名词),作先行词,在定语从句中作主语或宾语时用

that/which,比如:The reason that/which she gave me was that she had got up late.他给我的理由是他起床晚了。

2. reasonable合情合理的(形容词),连系动词后面作表语。

What he said sounded reasonable.他说的话是合情合理的。


19. Since the late 1980s,nothing has made Peccioli residents happier than collecting garbage.At that time,the small town built one of the most advanced dumping sites(垃圾堆积场)in Italy,designed to recycle and produce green energy.For 20 years,it’s been Peccioli’s most profitable business.

So when a group of young scientists from a nearby university in Pisa called Peccioli’s city hall and asked for permission to run a robotics test,all they had to do was say the magic word:trash.

During a recent test at Peccioli’s main street,the strange garbage collecting robot came into people’s sight:It had two wheels,rounded arms,and two big inspiring eyes,seeming to have escaped from the cartoon movie “Wall-E”.

Like a taxi answering a call,DustCart rode across the street to meet the caller. nce the robot arrived,it asked for a personal ID number that both identifies(识别)the user and tracks the garbage. t also sorted out the trash being dumped—organic,recyclable or waste. ustCart then opened its belly bin(垃圾肚),collected the trash and took it to a fake dumping site.

Besides replacing the garbage man,Dario,the head scientist,said DustCart could also be an answer to the noise pollution that comes with traditional trash collection in Italy. n cities like Rome,for example,noisy trucks collect garbage in the middle of night. o solve that problem,DustCart runs on a silent,specially-designed battery operated engine.

However,its whole reaction time still seems too slow to deal with any real situation. lacing DustCart throughout the crowded streets of European capitals is an even farther reach.

“We still need to work on it,”admitted the scientists,“but we are on the right track.”

Fortunately,the research team has time and money to do it.

DustCart is part of a project called “DustBot”,a $3.9 million research program that started in 2006 to implement robotics in society in useful ways,such as cleaning the streets.

It was given a friendly look to encourage interaction with humans. ut for many Italians,who believe in drying their shirts on clothes lines even in December and still look at microwaves with suspicion,the idea of handing their trash to robots seems a little too advanced—or odd. ven in Peccioli.

“Perhaps I find it hard to give my final opinion on a project like this,”said Luca Di Sandro,a small business man from the town. But I have become curious.”

32.From the first paragraph we learn that ____________________.

A.Peccioli met the serious garbage problem in the 1980s

B.Peccioli owns the biggest dumping site in Italy

C.people in Peccioli benefit a lot from collecting trash

D.people in Peccioli only use green energy from garbage

33.Compared with traditional trash collection,DustCart ____________________.

A.reduces the cost greatly

B.makes much less noise

C.works better in trash recycling

D.can work in the middle of night

34.It can be inferred from the passage that __________________.

A.the dumping site is causing serious pollution

B.there are not enough garbage men in Italy

C.DustCart will not come into use very soon

D.traditional trash collection causes traffic problems

35.According to the passage,we can infer that many Italians’attitude towards DustCart is ______________.

A.satisfied B.doubtful

C.worried D.critical





33.B 节理解题。根据第五段中的“Dario,the head scientist,said DustCart could also be an answer to the noise pollution that comes with traditional trash collection in Italy”可知,与传统垃圾回收方式相比,DustCart能够降低噪声。



20. Do you have a health problem, such as high blood pressure or obesity? Did your doctor tell you that you can improve your condition with better nutrition? Do cancer, heart disease, or diabetes run in your family? 36 Meanwhile, you also need to improve your eating habits for better nutrition.

It can be hard to change your eating habits. However, you are sure to benefit from making changes to your diet if you have diseases that can be made worse by things you are eating or drinking. 37

◆ Find the strengths and weaknesses in your present diet. Do you eat 4-5 cups of fruits and vegetables every day? Do you get enough calcium(钙)? Do you eat whole grain, high-fiber foods? If so, you’re on the right track. Keep it up! 38

◆ 39 If you eat a lot of fat at present, cut back and change your habits. For example, reduce any extra fat. This includes butter on bread, sour cream on baked potatoes, and salad dressings.

◆ Keep track of your food intake(摄入量). 40 This record will help you assess(评价)your diet. You’ll see i f you need to eat more or less from certain food groups.

◆ Think about asking for help from a nutritionist. They can help you follow a special diet, especially if you have a health issue.

A.If your answer is yes, talk to your doctor about your health.

B.If not, add more of these foods to your daily diet.

C. Cut back on unhealthy fat.

D. Below are suggestions to improve your health.

E. You should eat foods that contain vitamins and minerals.

F .Write down what you eat and drink every day.

G. Balanced nutrition and regular exercise are good for your health.


36-40:A D B C F







考查上下文理解和推理判断能力。空格上文提出了一些健康饮食的问题,由“If so, you’re on the right track. Keep it up!”可知,如果是这样,你的做法是对的,坚持。因此推断B项“如果没有,在日常饮食中添加更多这些食物”符合语境,故选B。




考查上下文理解和推理判断能力。由段落标题“Keep track of your food intake(摄入量).”可知,本段建议记录你的食物摄入量,因此推断F项“把你每天吃的和喝的都写下来” 符合语境。故选F。




2021-2022学年辽宁省铁岭市调兵山第一高级中学高二 英语月考试卷含解析 一、选择题 1. Disabled people are not chosen to be disabled. _______, they are not willing to lose hearing or eyesight. A. In other words B. On the other hand C. For one thing D. As a matter of fact 参考答案: A A. In other words 换句话说; B. On the other hand另一方面; C. For one thing首先; D. As a matter of fact事实上。句意:残疾人没有被选择去当残疾人,换句话说,他们不情愿失聪或失明。根据句意故选A。 2. ---Why don’t we choose that road to save time? ---The bridge to it _______. A. has repaired B. is repaired C. is being repaired D. will be repaired 参考答案: C 3. Why not try your luck downtown, Bob? That’s the best jobs are. A. where B. what C. when D. why 参考答案: A 4. Among the young people, there is a growing tendency ______ money more highly than the quality of life. A. regarding B. to regarding C. to regard D. regarded 参考答案:


2022年辽宁省大连市第二十二中学高二英语期末试卷含解析 一、选择题 1. “You can’t catch me!” Janet shouted, __________ away. A.run B.running C.to run D.ran 参考答案: B 2. —I think it’s a northern university. So many restaurants serve northern food. —That’s because the students here are from the north. A. almost; mostly B. nearly; mostly C. mostly; mostly D. almost; nearly 参考答案: A 这题考查副词的用法:第一空考查almost“几乎”,第二空填mostly“主要是”,句意是:--我几乎因为这是北方的城市,这么多的饭店供应北方食物。--那时因为学生大部分来自北方。选A。 3. ------The wind is always blowing here. ------How I wish it ______ today. A.won't blow B.didn't blow C.doesn't blow D.isn't blowing 参考答案: D 4. No matter how , it is not necessarily lifeless. A. a desert may be dry B. dry a desert may be C. may a desert be dry D. dry may a desert be 参考答案: B 5. He had no special ___ and was treated just like every other prisoner. A. treasures B. privileges C. possessions D. identifications 参考答案: B 6. — Can I help you? —I’d like to buy a present for my father’s birthday,____ at a proper price but of great use. A. it B. everything C. that D. one 参考答案: D 7. The library needs ________,but it'll have to wait until Sunday. A.cleaning B.be cleaned C.clean D.being cleaned 参考答案: A 事物作主语时,表示“需要”的动词need, require, want等后可接动名词,用主动形式表示被动含义;need后也可接不定式,用其被动形式表示被动含义。 8. ______ is expected, according to the online survey, is _______ prices of houses will not go up an more. A. What; that B. As, that C. It, what D. Which, that 参考答案: A 9. The criminal,as well as some people directly_______ to this case, was arrested by the police the other day. A.relevant B.exposed C.evident D.sensitive 参考答案: A 10. ---The terrible fire earthquake happened in the early morning… ---Yeah, ______ most of residents were still asleep. A. until B. that C. before D. when 参考答案: D


2021-2022学年辽宁省大连市第一中学高一英语月考试卷含解析 一、选择题 1. China’s education reforms aim to better develop students’ ability to think ______. A. independently B. obviously C. regularly D. fluently 参考答案: A 句意:中国教育改革的目的在于更好地发展学生独立(independently)思考的能力。obviously“明显地”;regularly“有规律地”;fluently“流利地”。 2. He set out soon after dark ______ home an hour later. A. arriving B. to arrive C. having arrived D. and arrived 参考答案: D 解析:本题考察基本句型。连词 and连接set out and arrived ,表示两个动作先后发生的顺序。 3. According to the timetable, the plane for Shanghai ______ at 2 p.m. A. will leave B. leaves C. is left D. has left 参考答案: B 【详解】考查一般现在时。句意:根据时刻表,去上海的飞机下午2点起飞。用来表示在时间上已确定或安排好的事情,用一般现在时表示将来。这样的动词有:come, go, arrive, leave, start, begin, return。故B选项正确。 4. — What are you going to do this weekend? —I don’t know. I ______ visit a friend. A. might B. can C. should D. must 参考答案: A 5. -- Dad, I passed the final exam -- ______ A congratulations B That’s all right C Really? It is unbelievable D Don’t be too glad 参考答案: A 6. Life is like a _______; what you should care is the scenery along the way rather than the destination(目的地). A. travel B. trip C. voyage D. journey 参考答案: D 7. The ______ boy never dares to see the ______ film again. A. frightened; frightening B. frightening; frightened C. frightened; frightened D. frightening; frightening 参考答案: A 8. John shut everybody out of the kitchen________he could prepare his grand surprise for the party. A. which B. when C. so that D. as if 参考答案: C 考查状语从句。句意为:约翰把每个人都关在厨房外面,以便他为聚会准备一个大的惊喜。which不能引导状语从句,when不合句意,as if仿佛,好像,不合句意,故选C。 9. ______, he accepted the prize. A. Surprised and happy B. Surprising and happily C. Surprised and happily D. Surprise and happiness 参考答案: A 略 10. If you _____ smoke, please go outside. A. can B. should C. must D. may 参考答案: C


辽宁省大连市第一二二高级中学2020年高二英语期末试卷含解析 一、选择题 1. I am sorry but I have to tell you that your answer is so ____ that I am greatly____ at it. A. confusing, confused B. confused, confusing C. confusing, confusing D. confused, confused 参考答案: A 考查形容词。句意:非常抱歉告诉您,您的回答是那么令人迷惑,我对此很迷惑。第一处用来修饰形容“your answer”,指事物用-ing结尾的形容词;第二处指人内心的感觉,用-ed结尾的形容词。 2. They are leaving for Hangzhou in ten days -- ____ , next Friday. A. in other words B. in many ways C. on the whole D. on the contrary 参考答案: A 3. You may call on me from one to five o’clock, during ______ I am always at home. A. the time B. what time C. that time D. which time 参考答案: D 4. __________ from other continents for millions of years, Australia has many plants and animals not found in any other country in the world. A. Being separated B. Having separated C. Having been separated D. To be separated 参考答案: C 5. At the beginning of class, the noise of desks _____ could be heard outside the classroom. A. opened and closed B. to be opened and closed C. to open and close D. being opened and closed 参考答案: D 10. Mrs. White showed her student some old maps _________from the library. A. to borrow B. to be borrowed C. borrowed D. borrowing 参考答案: C 略 7. --- Do you enjoy your present job as a salesman? … . I just do it for a living. A. Not really B. Of course C. Not likely D. Not a little 参考答案: A 8. ---Alice, why didn’t you come the other day ? . ---I______, but I had an unexpected visitor. A. had B. would C. was going D. did 参考答案: C 9. The message you intend to convey through words may be the exact opposite of ______ others actually understand. A. why B. that C. which D. what 参考答案: D 10. ___ today, he would get there for holiday. A. Was he leaving B. Were he to leave C. Would he leave D. If he leaves 参考答案: B 11. It is in this very village, ________ Mary was born 35 years ago, ________ she will build her first school, ________ inspires everyone to help her. A. where; that; which B. that; that; that C. that; when; which D. where; when; that 参考答案: A 略


2021-2022学年辽宁省鞍山市海城腾鳌高级中学高二英 语月考试卷含解析 一、选择题 1. What the media should not do is to ________ people’s natural fears to create panic. A. exploit B. explore C. extend D. express 参考答案: A 【详解】考查动词词义辨析。A. exploit剥削,利用;开发;B. explore探索;C. extend延伸,延长;D. express表达;句意:新闻媒体不应该做的事情是利用人们天生的恐惧制造恐慌。根据句意可知A项正确。 2. After he stayed in the mountain village for five days without a bath, his clothes really needed ___________. A. to wash B. washing C. being washed D. be washed 参考答案: B 【详解】考查非谓语动词。句意:他在山村呆了五天没洗澡,他的衣服真的需要洗了。need doing=need to be done指某事需要被做,故选B. 【点睛】need作为实义动词的用法 1.人+need +to do 2.物+need +doing 3.物+need +to be done 例如:The room needs cleaning = The room needs to be cleaned.房间需要打扫了。 3. Sometimes we need to__________ our weaknesses in order to learn from them and grow as a result. A. expose B. challenge C. conclude D. threat 参考答案: B


洛阳市第一高级中学2022-2023学年高二下学期3月月考英语(B 卷)试卷 学校:___________姓名:___________班级:___________考号:___________ 一、阅读理解 Hi Singapore First Aid Training Center! I am Nivashini Kaliaperumal, a research officer working at the Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology (IMCB). Under the coaching of both you and Mr Jason Sim, I was certified (证明) to be a first aider yesterday. Coincidentally (恰巧), my first aid skills were put to test today. While returning to work with my workmates after lunch, we noticed a small crowd gathered around a 4D shop. Surprisingly, they weren’t buying lottery(彩票) tickets. Instead a pale looking aunty seated on the step of the shop had attracted a crowd around her. We immediately rushed to the scene. I introduced myself as a certified first aider, which put her mind at rest. Though feeling weak, she refused to lie down. I realized that she was in a poorly ventilated (空气流通不好的) area as many were frequently walking past her. My workmates and I moved her to a well ventilated area. Some kind onlookers bought her mineral water. She felt better after resting and drinking some water. A bleeding wound was noticed on her neck. She had been injured during her fall and was feeling weak. Thankfully a medical shop was nearby and necessary first aid items were bought. While dressing the wound, I collected necessary information (name, health problems, medicine, etc) about her. She is a patient with high blood pressure who takes her medicine regularly. A complete head to toe examination was performed. No further sign of bleeding was observed. We encouraged her to see a doctor before she left for home. Being trained with proper first aid knowledge and skills allowed me to help Aunty Sally today. Thank you for taking the time to teach us these lifesaving skills. It has given me confidence to reach out to those in need and provide proper care. Special thanks to the First Aid Team for making a difference in our lives. Best wishes, Nivashini 1、After a brief examination of the aunty, the author _____. A. bought her some food and drinks B. moved her to a well ventilated area C. kept talking to her to keep her awake


辽宁省部分学校 2021-2022学年高三上学期期末考试英语试题分类汇编 应用文写作 辽宁省调兵山市第二高级中学2021-2022学年高三上学期期末考试英语试题 第一节:应用文写作(15 分) 假设你是李华, 你的美国笔友Jack 正在为即将到来的考试焦虑不已, 严重影响了生活和学习, 为此写信向你求助。根据以下要点, 用英语给他回一封信, 提出一些建议。 1. 制定复习计划, 树立信心。 2. 多与老师和同学谈心。 3. 坚持锻炼身体 4. 保持良好睡眠。 注意:词数80-100 词;可适当增加细节, 以使行文连贯; _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________辽宁省阜新市第二高级中学2022届高三上学期期末考试英语试卷 第一节(满分15分) 今年3月全国政协会议期间,江苏锡山唐江澎校长的一席话发人深思∶教育应该培养终身运动者、责任担当者、问题解决者和优雅生活者。某英文网站以“How to Be a Better Person”为话题开展征文活动,请从中学生的角度写一篇80词左右的短文谈谈你的做法。 要点提示∶ 1. 健康生活(食物、运动、睡眠……); 2. 不怕挑战(尽力解决学习、生活中的问题……); 3. 对人友善(乐于助人、与人和睦相处……); 4. 牢记责任(照顾父母,帮助弱者……)。 注意∶ 1. 文章开头已给出,不计入总词数。 2. 文章必须包含所给要点提示,要求语句通顺,行文连贯。 提示词∶responsibility 职责 How to Be a Better Person As a senior high school student, I quite agree with Mr. Tang’s o pinions. To be a better person. I think I should do the following things.


2021-2022学年高一英语月考试卷含解析 一、选择题 1. Neither side is prepared to talk to _____ unless we can smooth things over between them. A. others B. the other C. another D. one other 参考答案: B 2. Sun Yat-sen __the 1911 revolution and __the first Republic of China. A. leads, found. B. led,found C.led, founded D. leads,founded 参考答案: C 5. A terrible disaster hit Japan recently, causing some people to think of ____ we call the end of the world. A. what B. which C. that D. it 参考答案: A 略 4. The recent stories in this magazine, _____ one of yours, have been ____ in the list of the best ones. A. include; include B. including; including C. including; included D. included; included 参考答案: C 5. I asked him to come at 8 o’clock, but he _________. It’s already 9 now.


2021-2022学年辽宁省沈阳市五校联考高二上学期期末考试英语试卷 1. The following are some coding games, toys, and apps the kids in their life will love. Think & Learn Code-a-pillar Twist Best for ages: 3-6 Price: $34.99 It’s never too early to start learning programming. In fact, the earlier the better. This code-a-pillar lets preschoolers twist dials to create sequences and send the caterpillar on a programmed path. There are more than 1,000 possible coding combinations, so this toy will keep your child entertained for hours. Robo Rally Best for ages: 12+ Number of players: 2-6 players Price: $39.99 Have some time to play with your kids? You’ll all love Robo Rally. You’ll use playing cards to direct rob