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Unit 1 Part Ⅱ Reading Task Vocabulary Ⅰ1. 1)respectable 2)agony 3)put down 4)sequence 5)hold back 6)distribute 7)off and on 8)vivid 9)associate 10)finally 11)turn in 12)tackle 2. 1)has been assigned to the newspaper’s Paris office. 2)was so extraordinary that I didn’t know whether to believe him or not. 3)a clear image of how she would look in twenty years’time. 4)gave the command the soldiers opened fire. 5)buying bikes we’ll keep turning them out. 3. 1)reputation; rigid; to inspire 2)and tedious; What’s more; out of date ideas 3)compose; career; avoid showing; hardly hold back Ⅱviolating Ⅲ;in upon Comprehensive Exercises ⅠCloze back; tedious; scanned; recall; vivid; off and on; turn out/in; career ; surprise; pulled; blowing; dressed; scene; extraordinary; image; turn; excitement ⅡTranslation As it was a formal dinner party, I wore formal dress, as Mother told me to. 2)His girlfriend advised him to get out of /get rid of his bad habits of smoking before it took hold. 3)Anticipating that the demand for electricity will be high during the next few months, they have decided to increase its production. 4)It is said that Bill has been fired for continually violating the company’s safety rules. /Bill is said to have been fired for continually violating the company’s safety rules. 5)It is reported that the government has taken proper measures to avoid the possibility of a severe water shortage. /The local government is reported to have taken proper measures to avoid the possibility of a severe water shortage. 2.Susan lost her legs because of/in a car accident. For a time, she didn’t know how to face up to the fact she would never (be able to) walk again. One day, while scanning (through) some magazines, a true story caught her eye/she was attracted by a true story. It gave a vivid description of how a disabled girl became a writer. Greatly inspired, Susan began to feel that she, too, would finally be able to lead a useful life. Unit 2 Part ⅡReading Task Vocabulary Ⅰ1. 1)absolutely 2)available 3)every now and then 4)are urging/urged 5)destination 6)mostly 7)hangs out 8)right away 9)reunion 10)or something 11)estimate 12)going ahead 2. 1)in the examination was still on his mind. 2)was completely choked up by the sight of his team losing in the final minutes of the game. 3)was so lost in study that she forgot to have dinner. 4)has come up and I am afraid I won’t be able to accomplish the project on time. 5)of equipping the new hospital was estimated at﹩2 million. 3. 1)were postponed; the awful; is estimated 2)reference; not available; am kind of 3)not much of a teacher; skips; go ahead Ⅱ;on Ⅲor less of/sort of 4. kind of/sort of 5. more or less 6. or something Comprehensive Exercises ⅠCloze up; awful; practically; neighborhood; correspondence; available; destination; reunion; Mostly; postponing; absolutely ; savings; embarrassment; phone; interrupted; touch; envelope; signed; message; needed ⅡHalf an hour had gone by, but the last bus hadn’t come yet. We had to walk home. 2)Mary looks as if she is very worried about the Chinese exam because she hasn’t learned the texts by


大学英语综合教程1词汇表 ○1○1○1○1○1○1 New Words and Expressions off and on from time to time; sometimes 断断续续地;有时possibility n. 可能(性) take hold become established 生根,确立 bore vt. make (sb.) become tired and lose interest 使(人)厌烦associate vt. join or connect together; bring in the mind 使联系起来;使联想 assignment n. a piece of work that is given to a particular person(分配的)工作,任务,作业 turn out produce 编写;生产,制造 agony▲ n. very great pain or suffering of mind or body (身心的)极度痛苦 assign vt. give as a share or duty 分配,分派 anticipate vt. expect 预期,期望 tedious a. boring and lasting for a long time 乏味的;冗长的reputation n. 名声;名誉 inability n. lack of power, skill or ability 无能,无力 inspire vt. fill (sb.) with confidence, eagerness, etc. 激励,鼓舞formal a. (too) serious and careful in manner and behavior; based on correct or accepted rules 刻板的,拘谨的;正式的,正规的 rigid a. (often disapproving) fixed in behavior, views or methods; strict 一成不变的;严格的 hopelessly ad. very much; without hope 十分,极度;绝望地excessively ad. 过分地 out of date old-fashioned 过时的 prim a. (usu. disapproving) (of a person) too formal or correct in behavior and showing a dislike of anything rude; neat 古板的,拘谨的;循规蹈矩的;整洁的 primly ad. severe a. completely plain; causing very great pain, difficulty, worry, etc. 朴素的;严重的,剧烈的 necktie n. tie 领带 jaw n. 颌,颚 comic▲ a. 滑稽的;喜剧的 n. 连环漫画(册) antique n. 古物,古玩 tackle vt. try to deal with 处理,应付 essay n. 散文,小品文;论说文 distribute vt. divide and give out among people, places, etc. 分发,分配,分送 finally ad. at last 最终,终于 face up to be brave enough to accept or deal with 勇敢地接受或对付scan v. look through quickly 浏览,粗略地看 spaghetti n. 意大利式细面条 title n. a name given to a book, film, etc. 标题,题目 vt. give a name to 给…加标题,加题目于 extraordinary a. very unusual or strange 不同寻常的;奇特的 sequence n. 一连串相关的事物;次序,顺序 image n. a picture formed in the mind 形象;印象;(图)像 adult n. a fully grown person or animal 成年人;成年动物 humor n. 心情;幽默,诙谐 recall vt. bring back to the mind; remember 回想起,回忆起 argument n. 论据,论点;争论 1


大学英语自学教程复习资料 第一部分Text A & 第二部分Text B 第一部分Text A 【课文译文】 怎样成为一名成功的语言学习者 决策是从可供挑选的行动方案中作出选择,目的在于确定并实现组织机构的目标或目的。之所以要决策是因为存在问题,或是目标或目的不对,或某种东西妨碍目标或目的实现。 因此,决策过程对于管理人员非常重要。管理者所做的一切几乎都与决策有关,事实上,有人甚至认为管理过程就是决策过程。虽然决策者不能预测未来,但他们的许多决策要求他们必须考虑未来可能会发生的情况。管理者必须对未来的事情作出最佳的猜测,并使偶然性尽可能少地发生。但因为总是存在着未知情况,所以决策往往伴随着风险。有时失误的决策带来的后果不很严重,但有时就会不堪设想。 选择就是从多种选项中进行取舍,没有选择,就没有决策。决策本身就是一个选择的过程,许多决策有着很广的选择范围。例如,学生为了实现自己获得学位的目标,可能会从多门课程中进行选择,对于管理者来说,每一个决策都受到政策、程序、法律、惯例等方面的制约,这些制约存在于一个组织的各个部门里。 选项就是可供选择的种种可行的行动方案。没有选项,就没有选择,因而也就没有决策。如果看不到任何选项,这意味着还没有对问题进行彻底的研究。例如,管理者有时会用“非此即彼”的方式处理问题,这是他们简化问题的方法。这种简化问题的习惯常常使他们看不到其他的选项。 在管理这个层次上,制定决策包括:识别选项和缩小选项范围,其范围小到微乎其微,大到近乎无限。 决策者必须有某种方法来断定几种选项中的最佳选项,即哪个选项最有利于实现其组织的目标。组织的目标是指该组织努力完成或达到的目标或现状。由于个人(或组织)对于怎样实现其目标的方式都有不同的见解,最佳的选择就在于决策者了。常常是一个组织的下属部门做出的决策对自己有利,而对上一级的部门来说,就不是较佳选择了。这种增加部门的局部利益而减少其他部门的局部利益所作出的权衡,叫做局部优化。例如,市场营销经理为增加广告预算可能会讲得头头是道,但从更大的布局来看,增加优化产品的研究经费也许对组织更有利。


3.Many products for sale seem to scream at us, "Buy me! Buy me!" Advertising is a big busin ess in our world with many products competing for our attention. Think of the last time you boug ht clothes. You probably noticed the variety of colors, patterns, fabrics and brands you could choo se from. Which kind of soft drink would you like to have today or what kind of computer do you want? Advertisers are skilled in the art of making their products look the best to appeal to our se nses. But products aren't always what they seem. Sometimes advertising is deceptive and as cons umers ,we must be careful about what we choose to buy. It is important to learn to compare prod ucts and identify our purpose in purchasing the things we need. But the good thing about advertising is that it helps people to make decisions and refine thei r choices. In the United States, the Ad Council creates timely public service messages to the nation. Th eir purpose is to raise awareness of public problems that citizens can respond to. Inspiring ads ca use individuals to take action and even save lives. Pollution in America, for example has been red uced over the years because of the creative Public Service advertisements that the council provid es" Please, please don't be a litter bug, 'cause every 'litter bit' hurts." Many families have taught t heir children to place litter in the trash can in response to this catchy phrase, which has affected g enerations as each succeeding generation has taught their children not to litter. 4.Nature imposes difficult conditions upon the earth from time to time . The tornado and fo rest fire destroy natural resources ,homes and other structures ,and very often harm or kill peopl e . Technological tragedies happen with little or no warning as we see trains crash and airplanes f all from the sky shortly after take-off. As tragic as calamities are , they seem to bring out the best in human nature . people trained in em ergency care arrive at the scene and begin assisting the inj ured .Others come with equipment to remove debris. Men , women ,and young people willingly c ome to the scene of an accident , hoping to be of help in some way . These selfless acts of kindne ss make our world a better place . compassion eases the wounds of calamities. American Airlines flight number 587 crashed less than three minutes after taking off from JF K Airport in New York in November,2001. Witnesses s aw an engine fire develop on the plane’s nu mber one engine located under the left wing of the aircraft .seconds later ,the airliner crashed int o eight homes ,completely destroying four of them .All 260 people aboard the airplane were kille d along with six people at the crash site ,leaving many people to mourn the loss of their loved on es .the residents (people who live in the area of the crash ) rallied together to comfort those griev ing, while others removed bodies from the wreckage and did the necessary clean-up. 工程实施困难的条件下在地上的时候。龙卷风和森林火灾破坏自然资源,房屋和其他建筑物,和经常伤害或杀死人。技术的悲剧发生在很少或没有预警,因为我们看到火车事故,飞机起飞后不久就从天空坠落。一样悲惨的灾难,他们似乎显示出人性中最好的。在急诊受训的人到达现场并开始帮助受伤的人则跟设备清除残骸。男人,女人,和年轻人自愿来到事故现场,希望能有帮助。这些无私的善举让我们的世界变得更美好。同情减轻灾害的伤口。 美国航空公司587号航班坠毁不到三分钟后从纽约肯尼迪机场起飞,11月2001。目击者看到一个引擎火灾发展在飞机上的1号引擎位于下飞机的左翼,接着后,客机坠毁八家,完全摧毁了四个260名乘客的飞机遇难连同6人在事故现场,造成许多人悼念失去的亲人,居民(住在崩溃的面积)聚集在一起,安慰那些悲伤,而另一些人则从残骸,并把尸体移走必要的清理。 5.Success can be reached in different ways by people in different careers. Bill Gates began at age to program computers,His vision for personal computing has been central to the success of M icrosoft Corporation, the company he founded with his childhood friend in 1975 . The former CEO of General Electric, Jack Welch, is a business legend. A famous quote by Mr. Welch is,” Chang before you have to. ”He believes in leading by example and encourages his empl oyees to do their best every day. Michael Jordan s aid,”I accept failure, but I can’t accept not trying.” He is one of the best athl etes to ever play team sports. His great smile, athletic achievements, and pleasant personality ha ve made him one of the most famous athletes in the world. Michael Jordan spent a lot of time pla ying basketball as a child but in senior middle school he was taken off the team . Instead of giving up , he worked through adversity and became the greatest basketball player yet .


Unit 1 霾,烟雾haze 大麻marijuana (被视为某个经济实体的)国家economy (大学的)校园campus (美国)州长governor 持不同政见的;持不同政见者dissident 主张变革的人liberal 冲突;激烈的争吵clash (国家的)统治集团,当权派;建立,确立establishment 强烈的情感passion 感情强烈的;激昂的passionate (强烈的)抗议;异议protest 结盟;联盟alliance 发动;发起(军事袭击、公众调查等)launch 激进主义,行动主义resignation 成为…的特征characterize 首要的,最重要的prime 职业,工作employment 胜算,成功可能性;(尤指好事发生)可能性prospect (值得关注的)问题;议题issue 机会opportunity 费解的;无名的,默默无闻的obscure 无上幸福的bliss 性别gender 殖民主义colonialism 词义;定义definition 工业的,产业的industrial 颠覆;使下台overthrow (统治或法律)残酷的,严苛的repressive 造反;反抗rebel 反复得喊,反复的唱chant 毁灭,摧毁destruction 请愿书petition 手镯,臂镯bracelet 哲学philosophy 自信的表现或做某事;断言,宣称assert 怀旧的,念旧的nostalgic (情感的)共鸣,反响resonance 时代,纪元era 巨大的,重大的profound 权利,控制,支配;抓牢,紧握grip


Key to Exercises Opener Mary is thinking of getting a tattoo tomorrow afternoon. She asks Mel to join her, but Mel cannot because she has to work tomorrow. And then Mary invites Mel to go to a party tomorrow night. Mel hesitates at first, but finally decides to go with Mary. They will meet at eight o’clock. Abbreviation Meaning 1. TGIF Thank God it’s Friday 2. AMA Ask me anything 3. OMG Oh my God! 4. YOLO You only live once 5. FOMO Fear of missing out 6. FYI For your information 7. LOL Laugh out loud 8. TBH To be honest 9. PPL People 10. ETA Estimated time of arrival Transcript: A: Hey, Mary. B: Hey, Mel. A: TGIF.

B: TGIF. A: Mel, I need some advice on something. B: AMA A: Yeah, thanks. I’m thinking of getting a tattoo. B: OMG! Really Are you serious A: Well, YOLO. B: That’s true. A: Well. B: When are you going to do it A: I’m thinking tomorrow afternoon. Do you want to come B: Oh, I’d love to come, but I’ve got to work tomorrow. Oh, major FOMO. A: What a shame! B: Yeah, A: Well, FYI, there’s a party tomorrow night. And if you are not busy, you can come to that instead. B: I’m not busy, but TBH I really need to take it easy this weekend. A: What That’s so not like you. B: LOL, that’s true. A: Party is in Hackney Wick. It’s gonna be good, good music, good PPL. B: Oh, major FOMO again. Oh, what the hell Yes, why not I’ll go.


全新版大学英语综合教程4重点单词表 Unit 1 text A Alliance Campaign Conquest Crucial Decisive Declaration Desperate Efficient Engage Equip Heroic Instruct Invasion Launch Limp Minus Occupation Offensive Raw Reckon Region Render Resistance Siege Stroke(n.) Toll Underestimate Weaken At the cost of Be faced with Be/get bogged down Bide one’s time Bring to a halt Catch sb off guard Drag on Engage/be engaged in (doing) sth.In the case of Press on/ahead Reckon with Stand/get/be in the way Take a gamble Take its/a toll Thanks to Turn the tide (against) Text B Aboard Ambitious Boast Cancel Concern Contest Objective Obstacle Responsible Secure Stiff Withstand Call off Due to Hold out In case On the eve of Pay off Pin down Prior to Unit 2 text A Alert Apart Application Approximately Automate Bunch(v.) Calculate Computerize Correlate Decrease Detect Eliminate Expansion Frequency Harzard Incorporate Lane Lucrative Magnetic Monotonous Mount Orbit Prototype Remote Satellite Signal Steer Vapor Vibrate Be poised to (do) Get/be stuck in In the air Send out Start up Take control of Turn (sth.) into a reality Text B Accommodate Address(v.) Affordable


Unit 1 Living in Harmony Enhance Your Language Awareness 1. Text A amaze bunch bundle capacity commerce conquer display drop roast rob style symbol vague figure Text B appreciate participate shift slip 1)My neighbours are a friendly bunch of people. 2)Dave amazed his friends by leaving a well-paid job to travel around the world. 3)The employees in this company work an eight-hour shift . 4)The professor came to the classroom with a bundle of newspapers under his arm. 5)A passenger asked the driver: “Could you drop me off near the post office? I'd like to post a letter.” 6)The little girl's capacity for learning languages astonished me. 7)How many countries will be participating in the Olympic Games? 8)I like the typically French style of living. It is so romantic. 9)They have made their fortunes from industry and commerce . 10)They threatened to shoot him and rob him of all his possessions.


Teaching Planning College English Integrated Course Book Three Unit Two The Freedom Givers Zhong wen 1.Background Information Teacher: zhong wen Students: 56 sophomores Content of the textbook: unit-2 text A the Freedom Givers Textbook: foreign language teaching and research press Time duration:10 minutes 2.Textbook Analysis The author tells three stories about the Underground Railroad and early Black civil rights movement. The three stories are chosen because they are representative of all participants in this movement: John Parke r is a freed slave who later turned into a courageous “conductor”; Levi Coffin is a brave white “conductor”; Josiah Henson is a slave who struggled his way to freedom with the help of the Underground Railroad. We learn about the name of Josiah Henson at the beginning of the text, yet his full story is not told until the last part. In this way the author achieves coherence of text. 3.Students Analysis The class is made up of 56 students, with 30 girls and 26 boys ,who have a good knowledge of Basic English, but know very little about the American culture behind the language. So in this introduction part, It is necessary to introduce some background information to the students before reading 4.Teaching Objectives Students will be able to: 1.understand the main idea(early civil-rights struggles in the US, esp. the underground Railroad) 2.grasp the key language points and grammatical structures in the text, 3.conduct a series of reading, listening, speaking and writing activities related to the theme of the unit 4.Appreciate the various techniques employed by the writer (comparison and contrast, topic sentence followed by detail sentences, use of transitional devices,etc.); 5.Teaching Procedures: Greetings Step 1 Lead-in T: Today we are going to talk about the ethic heroes in American history, before the class, I’d like to introduce the slavery to all of you. T: Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States, during his term of office; he led the civil war and abolished the slavery. T: In the battle against slavery, not only did the president try his best to abolish this system, but also the people, especially the black people living in the South America try hard to fight for their own feat. Today, we will introduce some freedom givers in the American history. Before


> alliance n.联盟 > campaign n.战役,运动> conquest n.战胜,征服> crucial adj.重要的 > decisive adj.决定性的> declaration n.公告 > efficient adj.有效率的> engage v.吸引 > heroic adj.英勇的 > instruct v.指导,命令> invasion n.入侵 > launch v.发动 > limp v.一瘸一拐地走 > minus v.减 > occupation n.职业,占有> offensive adj.冒犯的 > raw adj.阴冷的 > reckon v.计算,认为 > region n.地区 > render v.使成为 > resistance n.抵抗 > siege v.围攻

> stroke n.打击 > toll v.征收 > underestimate v.低估 > weaken v.使虚弱 > aboard adv.在船/飞机上 > ambitious adj.雄心勃勃的 > boast v.吹嘘 > cancel v.取消 > concern v.关心 > contest v.争辩 > objective adj.客观的 > obstacle n.障碍,干扰 > responsible adj.负责的 > secure adj.安全的 > stiff adj.呆板;坚硬的 > withstand v.抵抗 > at the cost of以…为代价 > be faced of面对 > be/get bogged down陷入困境 > bide one’s time等待时机 > bring to a halt使停止 > catch sb. off guard趁某人不备


大学英语综合教程一 Unit 1 Growing Up Part II Language Focus Vocabulary Ⅰ. 1.respectable 2.agony 3.put…down 4.sequence 5.hold back 6.distribute 7.off and on 8.vivid 9.associate 10.finally 11.turn in 12.tackle 2. 1.has been assigned to the newspaper’s Paris office. 2.was so extraordinary that I didn’t know whether to believe him or not.

3.a clear image of how she would look in twenty years’ time. 4.gave the command the soldiers opened fire. 5.buying bikes we’ll keep turning them out. 3. 1.reputation, rigid, to inspire 2.and tedious, What’s more, out of date ideas https://www.sodocs.net/doc/f217967658.html,pose, career, avoid showing, hardly hold back Ⅱ. https://www.sodocs.net/doc/f217967658.html,posed 2.severe 3.agony 4.extraordinary 5.recall https://www.sodocs.net/doc/f217967658.html,mand 7.was violating 8.anticipate Ⅲ. 1.at 2.for 3.of 4.with