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英汉翻译学习笔记摘抄love is not a game


英汉翻译学习笔记摘抄love is not a game

英汉翻译学习笔记摘抄love is not a game

英汉翻译学习笔记摘抄love is not a game

汉译英 恋爱不是游戏



A Buddhist monk who havn't experiences a lot can't be supposed as a wise one.

→ A Buddhist monk without having experi have no claim to true wisdom.

Likewise, one who has never gone through the

baptism of romantic love will have little

genuine knowledge of life.

注:1,Mortals['m ?:tl]①n.终有一死的人,凡人②a.致命的③a.世间的,人类的~morals 人

的道德④[宗]a.不可饶恕的,要入地狱的⑤想象得出的,可能的every ~thing 世间一切⑥[谑]n.

人⑦mortaly ad.[口]极,非常 the sea of mortals =the sea of the living 茫茫人海,世俗凡人。 2,不能算善知识=没有资格称为智者,have no claim to 本作“对......没有提出要求的权利”

解,现作“没有资格称为......”解。此句也可译为will have no true wisdom to speak of ,但与


3.baptism ['b?ptiz ?m] n.(基督教)洗礼(使纯化),浸礼;[喻]洗礼through the ~of fire 通

过炮火的洗礼(尤指新兵第一次参加战斗)4,genuine ['?enjuin]a.真正的,名副其实的

血统的 和尚最大的努力是否认现世而求未来的涅磐,但他若不曾了解现世,它又怎能勘破现世,而跳出三界外呢?

The great effort of buddhist monk is for the coming life, but how could he jump out the

mortal world without deeply knowing this life?

→Buddhist monks exert every effort to renounce nirvana . But,

without a full knowledge of this life, how could they see through the vanity of human society



While, love is the center of human life, as Meng said:"It is the basic of man that food and

sex." It is to say love is man's born ability; how could a man without experiencing it

→Romantic love is the core of human life. Mencius says,"The desire for food ang sex is

nature." In other words, love is innate. If one remains a lifelong strenger to love, how can he throughly understand life?


So everything comes to know from learning except love. When a person grown up to a certain age and meet a certain chance, he and she may fall in love mysteriously.

→Man becomes capable through learning. But love is an exception. Boy and girl, when they are of age and meet at an opportune moment, will become mysteriously attached to each other.


Everyone knows love but not everyone understand it. Mortal always take the desire of sex as love and trate it with an attitude of playing. That's why we always hear about tragic stories led by love.

→Though people love by instinct, yet all cannot understand it correctly. More often than not, love is but carnal desire in disguise and is treated as a mere game. That is why we so often hear tragic stories of love.


True love is nor a game, neither a falling life can taste its value. It has power that lead us to promote ourself as well as great unselfish virtue .It is the symbol of beauty in true.

→True love is not a game. Nor can its true value be appreciated by the morally degenerate. True love spurs one on to higher attainment. It embodies the supreme quality of selflessness, and is, above all, symbolic of beauty.

在一双男女正纯洁热爱着的时候,他和她内心充实着惊人的力量;他们的灵魂是从万有的束缚中,得到了自由,不怕威胁,不为利诱,他们是超越了现实,而创造他们理想的乐园。When a couple were attached to each other deeply, their inner heart have astornished power. Their souls were free from the bondage of meterial world. They don't afraid of threats,

cann't moving by interests. They are above the reality and build their ideal garden of love.

→When a man and woman are deeply immersed in true love,they are full of amazing inner strength. Their souls are freed from all bondage. They are unyielding before threats and incorruptible before any promise of material gain. They transcend the reality to creat an ideal paradise of their own.

不幸物欲充塞的现世界,这种恋爱的光辉,有如萤火之微弱,而且“恋爱”有时适成为无知男女堕落之阶,使维纳斯不禁深深的叹息:“自从世界人群趋向灭亡之途,恋爱变成了游戏,哀哉!" ——庐隐(1898-1934)《恋爱不是游戏》杂文Unfortunately, in the real world now which is filled with desires of material, love has fades its light slighty like light of firefies, and sometimes it just become a step to devil for the youth. This makes Venus couldn't help to the sigh," Since mortal mans went their ways to extinction, love truns into a mere game , alas!"

→Unfortunately, in this present world overflowing with material desires, this kind of true love is as rare as the feeble light of firefies. What is more, "love" Sometimes even leads to moral degeneration on the part of ignorant men and women. Over this, Venus cannot help lamenting with a deep sigh," Love has become a mere game even since humanity set out on its way to extinction. What a sad story!" 张培基译著Lu Yin"love is not a game"

No Signpost in the Sea 海上无路标--Sackvillee. West萨克维尔.韦斯特

1.In the dining-saloon I sit at a table with three other men; Laura sits some way off with a married couple and their daughter. I can observe her without her knowing, and this gives me pleasure, for it is as in a moving picture that I can note the grace of her gestures, whether she raises a glass of wine to her lips or turns with a remark to one of her neighbours or takes a cigarette from he case with those slende fingers. I have never had much of an eye for noticing the clothes of women, but I get the impression that Laura is always in grey and white by day, looking cool when other people are flushed and shiny in the tropical heat; in the evening she wears soft rich colours,dark red,olive green, midnight blue, always of the most supple flowing texture. I ventured to say something of the kind to her, when she laughed at my clumsy compliment and said I had better take to writing fashion articles instead of political leaders.

在餐厅里,我同另外三个男人围坐在一张桌子旁,而劳拉同一对夫妇及他们的女儿...... 8....So do I let my imagination play over the recesses of Laura's character, so austere in the fore-ground but nurturing what treasures of tenderness, like delicate flowers, for the discover of the venturesome.


--Advanced English 《高级英语》上册第十五课The U.N. is often called ineffectual. Yet under the OCA-PAC of UNEP, scores of countries

have surmounted serious divisions and conflicts to join together and protect their common environment. UNEP has been called one of the crowing achievements of the United Nations and the OCA-PAC a shining jewel. --From Reader's digest


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