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I .根据句意和首字母或汉语提示补全单词。

1. We must f ____ the rules in the school.

2. Today is my birthday. I f_____ very happy.

3. Don ' t stand o _____ ! Come in, please!

4. He is very lazy. He ' s always l ________ for school.

5. Don ' t f ___ w ith each other.

6. —When do you a ____ at school? —At half past seve n.

7. Can we l _____ to the music?

8. The room is very d _____ , so you must clea n it.

9. He has to do his homework b ____ dinner.

10. Do you do the d ____ after dinner?

n .用括号中所给单词的适当形式填空。

1. We have to ______ (wear) uni forms to school every day.

2. Jim ______ (have) to brush his teeth before going to bed.

3. My mother ofte n asks me to practice _____ (play) the violi n.

4. Don ' t _____ (bring) music players to school.

5. Don ' t be ___ ( noise) in the libra ry.

6. Every one feels ____ (relax) whe n they liste n to light music.

7. The weather is _____ (terrible) hot.

8. Does Jack _____ (do) his homework on time?

9. She _____ (not like) playi ng basketball.

10. I have to ______ (get up) at six o ' clock.


1. _____ (Don ' t, Can ' t ) cross the road when the traffic lights are red.

2. It ' s cold outside. I _______ (must, have to) put on my coat.

3. This is _____ (quiet, quite) an in teresti ng book.

4. ____ (Take, Bring) your sister here with you.

5. Our teacher is very ____ (strict with, strict in) us.

6. Don ' t make so much _____ (noise, noisy). Dad is sleeping in the next room.

7. After dinner I can ' t _________ (relax, relaxing, relaxed) either.

8. She likes ____ ( dress ing, weari ng, putt ing on) sun glasses.

9. There is a new car _____ (out, outside) the house.

10. Speak loudly, please! I can ' t _________ (hear, listen to) you clearly.

I .仔细阅读对话,选择方框内的句子填空格,使对话意思连贯正确。

A: 1 ?

B: I am from Can ada. And my n ame is Alice.

A: Welcome. Well, 2 . Do you know them?

B: Oh, no. Can you tell me, please?

A: OK!

B: Do we have to wear a uniform every day?

A: Yes, we do.

B: 3 ?

A: No, we can ' t. But we can listen to it outside.

B: Can we watch TV on school ni ghts?

A: 4^_

B: Do we have to go to bed by 10:00 at ni ght?

A: Yes, we must.

B: Oh I see. Thank you very much.

A: 5 .

n .句型转换,每空一词。

1. We can ' t listen to music in the room.(改为祈使句)

________________ to music in the room.

2. Eat in class, please.(改为否定句)

______________ in class, please.

3. You can practice your piano every day.(改为同义句)

______________ your pia no every day.

4. They have to clean the classroom every day.(对戈U线部分提问)______________ they have to _______ e very day?

5. She has to wash clothes every week.(改为一般疑问句)

_______ s he ____________ wash her clothes every week?

6. We must wear un iforms on Mon day. (改为同义句)

We ___________ wear un iforms on Mon day.

7. She has to get up at six o ' clock every morning.(改为否定句)

She ____________________ get up at six o ' clock every morning.

8. I have to practice my violin on Sundays. ( ______ 对划线部分提问)

______________ you have to practice you violi n?

9. late, can ' t, arrive, for, we, school (连词成句)

10. There is one thing you can do.(改为复数形式)

There _____________________ y ou can do.


1. 你们在图书馆必须保持安静吗?

Do you _____________________________ in the library?

2. 你的作文里语法错误太多了。

_________________________________ grammar mistakes in your compositi on.

3. 我妈妈说做完作业以前不能看电视。

My mom says I ______ watch TV _______ I fin ish my homework.

4. 周末她得帮妈妈干家务。

weeke nds, she ________________ help her mum ________ some housework.

5. 上课不能迟到,也不能打架。

_______ arrive ____ _____ class or ______ in class. 6. 在周末,我不得不打扫自己的房间和清洗餐具。

On weekends, I ______ ______ clean my room and ______ 7. 外面的世界很精彩。

The ______ ______ is very wonderful. 8. 我们的数学老师对我们要求严格。 Our math teacher ______ _____ ______ u s. 9. 不要把脏衣服留在卧室里!

_______ ______ the _____ clothes _______ the bedroom! 10. 我必须学会说英语。

I ______ ______ ________ _______ English.


二.单词填空( 10 分)

have to wear sports shoes for P _____ class.

' d better not break the r ________ . 3. _______ (not fight ) with each other in the classroom. can eat in the d ________ hall every day ' t run in the h _________ . It ' s dangerous. _________ (talk) in class!

is wearing the school u _______ today.

girl often comes back early on s ________ nights.

_______ your teacher look like? She is tall and thin. 10. (read) in the sun is bad for your eyes.

三.选择填空( 20 分)

) can eat in the cafeteria. But we ______ eat in the classroom.

. A. don ' t B. didn ' t C. can ' t D. aren

( ) Jim goes ________ the classroom the teacher is having class.

A. to

B. in

C. out

D. into ()I take some photos in the hall?

- No, you _________ . A. Can, needn 't B. Must, mustn

't C. Could, won 't D. Ma

mustn 't

学校规章制度 _______________ 不得不做 ____________ 运动鞋 / 会 ____________ 穿制服 ____________ . 在校期间的晚上 _____________ 对某人友好 ____________ 十点之前 ____________ 一、单词变化( 10 分) ( 复数 ) __________ ( 词 ) ______ 形) ________

违反规章制度 ______________ 在餐厅 _____________ 戴帽子 _____________ 在太阳下看书 _____________ 太多的规矩 _____________ 少年宫 ____________ 不要说话 _____________

反义词 ) _________ ( 单三 ) _____________ 4..get to (

5. late( 反 义 词 ) __________ ( 副 词 ) _____________

(反义词) ___________ ( 复数 ) ____________ (





() 't forget ________ me this evening.

A. to call

B. call

C. calls

D. calli ng () 't talk ________ in the library. A. loud B. loudly C. low D. lowly ()have ________ rules in my home. We have ________ homework to do today. A. too many, too much B. too much , many too C. too many, much too much too, many too ()your brother swim? - A. Yes, he can ' t B. he does () ______ 's raining all day , so I stay at home. A. must B. have to C. must to

() 's never ________ class. A. arrive B. late for C. arrive late ()has to _________ by 10:00 o ' clock.

A. be in bed

B. is bed

C. stay bed ()12. ” No _______ !” says the sign.

A. smoke

B. smok ing

C. smokes ()mother is ill __________ for two days. A. in bed ()you cook fish? A. No, I ca n

I need Yes, please . C. No, he can ' t D. D. Yes,

D. can https://www.sodocs.net/doc/f710114425.html,te D. lie bed

D. to smoke B. on bed C. in the bed ___. It B. Yes, I ca n D. on the bed 's easy. C. Sorry, I can

D. Yes,

()you want A. else anything

anythings ()doctor asked him to stay ____ A. in bed B. on bed 五?句型转换(10分) must look after you sister.( 同义句) You ________________ look after your sister. n ever arrive late for school, 同义句 can liste n to music outside the hallways.( ___ ________________ we liste n to music? Wang does housework on weekend.( 改一般疑问句 ) ______ Un cle Wang ______ housework on weeke nd? 5. You can ' t turn on the radio.( 改为祈使句 ) on the radio. B. anything else C. something for two or three days. C. in the bed D . on the bed 对画线部分提问

else D. other

六?根据汉语完成句子(20分) 1.我不得不做英语作业。 I _______________ do my En glish homework. 2.我觉得我家的约束太多了 I thi nk I have ________________ rules in my house. 3.我晚上10: 00前必须上床睡觉。 I have to ______ in bed _________ ten o ' clock in the evening.

4. 你认为你的英语课怎么样?

What do you _______ ________ your English class?


We can' t _______ in the __________ .

6. 放学后我得练弹钢琴。

I _______ ________ p ractice the piano ________ school.

7. 有课的晚上我们不应该看电视。

We shouldn' t ________ TV ________ school _________ .

8. 十点钟前你必须得睡觉吗?

______ you _______ ______ be _______ ______ _______ 10:00?

9. 音乐课上我们可以唱歌跳

We ______ sing and dance _________ _________ class.

10. 我们可以在食堂吃饭。

We _______ eat in the school _________ hall.


汉语拼音字母表 声母表(23个): b p m f d t n l g k h j q x zh ch sh r z c s y w 韵母表(24个): 1.单韵母(6个)a o e i u ü 2.复韵母(8个)ai ei ui ao ou iu ie üe 3.特殊元音韵母(1个)er 4.前鼻音韵母(5个)an en in un ün 5.后鼻音韵母(4个)ang eng ing ong 整体认读音节(16个) zhi(织) chi(吃) shi(狮) ri(日) zi(字) ci(刺) si(丝) yi(衣) wu(乌) yu(鱼) ye(爷) yue(月) yuan(圆) yin(因) yun(云) ying(鹰)

汉语拼音音节表 什么是音节? 一个声母加一个韵母就是音节。声母有:b p m f d t n l j q x g k h zh ch sh r z c s w;韵母有:a o e i u ü。音节是语音中最自然的结构单位。确切地说,音节是音位和音位组合起来构成的最小的语音结构单位。在汉语里,一个汉字通常就代表一个音节。一个音节可以由一个音位构成,如“阿”/a/,也可以由两个或两个以上的音位构成,如“他”/ta/,“三”/san/,“端”/tuan/等等。 单音节:整体认读音节 双音节:声母+1个韵母(单韵母/复韵母/前鼻音韵母/后鼻音韵母) 三音节:声母+2个韵母(单韵母/复韵母/前鼻音韵母/后鼻音韵母) 说明:加粗部分的拼音为三音拼读 b ba bo bai bei bao ban ben bang beng bi bie biao bian bin bing (b-i-ao; b-i-an) p pa po pai pao pou pan pen pang peng pi pie piao pian pin ping (p-i-ao; p-i-an) m ma mo me mai mao mou man men mang meng mi mie miao miu mian min ming(m-i-ao; m-i-an) f fa fo fei fou fan fen fan g feng d da d e dai dei dao dou duo dan dang deng di die diao diu dian duan ding t ta te tai tao tou tuo tan tang teng ti tie tiao tian tuan ting n na nai nei nao nuo nen nang neng ni nie niao niu nian nin niang ning l la le lai lei lao lou lan lang leng li lie liao liu lian lin liang ling g ga ge gai gei gao gou gua guo gan gen gang geng k ka ke kai kou kua kuo kan ken kang keng kuang h ha he hai hei hao hou hua huo hen hang heng


一.根据句意及汉语提示填写单词,使句意完整、正确。 1.Her mother made some apple ______(馅饼)this morning. 2.it’s important for us to protect the ______(环境). 3.We should eat ______(新鲜)fruit and vegetables every day 4.Your ______(航班)number is CA556. The plane will take off in five minutes. 5.I want to visit ______(自然的)sights this summer holiday. 6.Not all of us have ______(意识到)the important of learning English。 7.They got ______(结婚)in 2011。 8.Have you ever been to ______(山)Tai before? 9.We decided to make an ______(采访)with our principal. 10.He has lived here with his ______(妻子)since 2010. 11.Do you know the ______(主题)song for the 2014 Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing? 12.Li Ping ______(想念)his parents very much. 13.She has gone to the ______(乡下)to visit her grand parents. 14.Do you know what can travel at half the ______(速度) of light? 15.We decide to make an ____(采访)that he was wrong. 句型转换。 1. His father fell ill three days ago.(同义句) His father has ______ ill ______ three days. 2. The old man has been dead for two months.(同义句) The old man ______ two months ______. 3. He has taught English since two years ago. (划线部分提问) ______ ______ has he taught English? 二.单项选择 1.---Did you borrow the comic book from the library? ---Yes. I ______ it for three days. I’ll return it this afternoon. A. borrowed B. kept C. have borrowed D. have kept 2.We ______ six days a week, but now we only work five days. A. used work B. are used to work C. used to working D. used to work 3.______ she is over 50, ______ she looks young. A. Although; but B. But; although C. Although; / D. But; / 3.Steven ______ a present for his friend at this moment last Sunday morning. A. chose B. was choosing C. chooses D. is choosing 4.---Jimmy, there are so much dirty paper on your desk. ---Oh, sorry. I’ll ______ right now. A. throw it away B. throw them up C. throw it on D. throw them down 5.The teacher told the students ______ any food into the computer room. A. not to bring B. not bring C. don’t bring D. not bringing 6.We often play ______ cards and ______ Chinese chess. A. the; the B. a;a C. the; / D. /; / 7.---Have you returned the book to the library______? ---Yes. I have ______ returned it. A. yet; yet B. already; already C. already; yet D. yet; already 8.---You never told us why you were late for class, ______?

(译林版)7B Unit 3 达标检测卷-附答案

7B Unit 3达标检测卷 满分:100分时间:90分钟得分:_________ 一、根据句意及所给首字母或汉语提示,完成下列句子(每小题1分,共10分) 1.When the waitresses are on duty,they should wear u . 2.There is a stone b over the small river. 3.We can get out of the underground at E Six 4.Bring me sortie grapes when you walk p the fruit shop. 5.The park is in the_________(西北)of Sunshine Town. 6.This Sunday we are going to have a_________(野餐)in the park. 7.I have little money in my wallet.I want to get some from the________(银行).8.Don’t move_________(向前).Just stand there. 9.Three robbers are walking_________(向)the twin brothers. 10.Would you like to live in a_________(旅馆)tonight? 二、用所给单词的适当形式填空(每小题1分,共10分) 1.They jumped out of the van and ran away________(quick). 2.I was very__________(surprise)to see Mr Green in Paris last Monday. 3.It was dark in the sky._________(sudden),it slated to rain heavily. 4.Walk________(cross)the bridge,then turn left,and you will see my house.5.Look! Some__________(rob)are coming out of the bank.Let’s call 110 at once.6.What’s the__________(mean)of his words? 7.—__________we__________(go)there by bus? —No.Let’s go there on foot.8.They are_________ (have)a farewell party for me next Friday. 9.We would like you__________(bring)your own food here. 10.It’easy_________(walk)from my home to my school. 三、用方框中所给单词的适当形式填空(每小题1分,共5分) 1.I’m_________ to see that there is a snake in the bushes. 2.Some boys are playing_________ in the park now. 3.Run to your classroom__________,or you’ll be late. 4.You can’t swim__________ the river.It’s dangerous. 5._________,he heard someone calling‘Help! Help!’ 四、句型转换,每空一词(每空1分,共5分) 1.Cross the street,and you can find it.(同义句转换) Go________ the street,and you can find it. 2.I don’t know how I can make postcards.(同义句转换) I don’t know how________ _________postcards. 3.We can take another route.(改为否定句) We_________ take another route.


Ⅰ. 根据句意及首字母提示,补全单词。 1. —What’s the m with Jim? — He has a sore throat. 2. John feels s and you’d better take him to see a doctor. 3. — Do you want to go to Harbin? —No. We’ve made a d to go to Sanya. 4. We were tired and we wanted to have a good r. 5. — What does his mother do? —She’s a n. She works in a hospital 6. You shouldn’t(run) out of money. 7. Helen and I found (us) in a very dangerous situation. 8. The doctor didn’t agree(cut) off his left arm. 9. That boy (hit) her on the head with a book just now. 10. His uncle hurt himself (play) football. Ⅲ. 选用方框中适当的短语,并用其正确形式填空。 take one’s temperature, be used to, get off, to one’s surprise, get out of 11. That cat a small box and climbed up the stairs. 12. Those passengers and entered a building. 13. His brother staying up late and getting up late. 14. Lily asked her brother to help her with her homework. But , he said sorry to her. 15. After Mrs. Black , she knew she didn’t have a fever Ⅰ. 根据句意及汉语提示,填入正确的单词。 1. Every Sunday Lucy (自愿做) to work in her father’s store. 2. Please look at these (公告牌). 3. When I got to the park, I saw Lisa and her friends were (募集) money. 4. At last he gave up (修理) his old bike.


汉语拼音字母表及发音 方法 集团标准化办公室:[VV986T-J682P28-JP266L8-68PNN]

汉语拼音字母表 声母表 bpmfd tnlgk hjqxzh chshrzc syw 韵母表 aoeiuü aieiuiaoouiu ieüeer aneninunün angengingong 字母表AaBbCcDdEeFfGgHhIiJjKkLlNnMmOoPpQqRrSsTtUuVvWwXxYyZz 注意:

1)"知、蚩、诗、日、资、雌、思"等7个音节的韵母用i拼写作zhi,chi,shi,ri,zi,ci,si。 2)韵母er,用作韵尾时写成r。例如,"儿童"拼作er-tong,"花儿"拼作huar 3)韵母ㄝ单用的时候写成ê。 4)i行的韵母,前面没有声母的时候写成:yi(衣),ya(呀),ye(耶),yao(腰),you (优),yan(烟),yin(因),yang(央),ying(英),yong(雍)。 u行的韵母,前面没有声母的时候写成:wu(乌),wa(蛙),wo(窝),wai(歪),wei (威),wan(弯),wen(温),wang(汪),weng(翁)。 ü行的韵母,前面没有声母的时候写成:yu(迂),yue(约),yuan(冤),yun(晕)。ü上的两点省略ü行的韵母跟声母j,q,x拼音的时候写成:ju(居),qu(区),xu(虚),ü上的两点也省略;但是跟声母n,l拼音的时候仍然写成:nü(女),lü(吕)。 5)ou,uei,uen前面加声母的时候写成:iu,ui,un。例如niu(牛),gui(归),lun (论)。 6)在给汉字注音的时候,为了拼式简短,ng可以省作η 四、声调符号声调符号标在音节的主要母音上,轻声不标。 音调歌: “-”一声平,“/”二声扬,“∨”三声拐弯,“\”四声降。 五、隔音符号 a,o,e开头的音节连接在其他音节后面的时候,如果音节的界限发生混淆,用隔音符号"'"隔开。例如:pi'ao(皮袄)。 汉语拼音字母的发音方法 a嘴张大,舌位最低,舌面中部微微隆起。 o舌头略向后缩,舌面后部隆起,口微开,唇略圆。 e口腔大小、舌位高低与o大体相同,只是嘴角向两边展开。 i开口度小,两唇呈扁平行,上下齿相对(齐齿),舌尖接触下齿背,使舌面前部隆起和硬腭前部相对。 u开口度很小,双唇拢圆留一小孔,舌头向后缩。 ü发音与i基本相同,只是嘴唇撮成圆形,略向前突出,舌尖抵住下齿背。 y音与i相同,用来跟后面的韵母拼成音节. w音与u相同,用来跟后面的韵母拼成音节 b现将双唇闭合,挡住气流,然后将双唇突然打开,让气流爆发出来,极轻极短,气流较弱,声带不颤动,也不送气。 p发音部位与方法与b相同,只是气流较弱,是送气音。 m双唇闭合,把气堵住,发音时,气流从鼻腔透出成声,声带颤动。 f上齿接触下唇,形成一条狭缝,让气流从狭缝中摩擦而出,声带不颤动。 d舌尖抵住上齿龈,挡住气流,然后舌尖突然离开,吐出微弱的气流,声带不颤动。 t发音部位与方法和d基本相同,不同的是口腔送出的气流比较强。 n舌尖顶住上齿龈,挡住气流,让气流通向鼻腔,从鼻孔出来,声带颤动。 l舌尖顶住上齿龈,不顶满,让气流从舌头两边出来,声带颤动。 ɡ舌根抬起抵住软腭,挡住气流,然后突然打开,吐出微弱的气流,声带不颤动。 k发音部位与方法跟ɡ大体相同,只是吐出的气流比较强。 h舌根靠近软腭,形成一条狭缝,让气流从狭缝中摩擦而出,声带不颤动。 j舌面前部抬起贴紧硬腭前端,然后再将舌面稍稍离开,与硬腭形成一条狭缝,让气流从狭缝里挤出来,声带不颤动。 q发音部位、方法跟j大体相同,只是送出的气流较强。 x舌面前部抬起靠近硬腭,形成一条狭缝,让气流从中摩擦而出,声带不颤动。


UNIT 4 Having Fun Topic1 What can I do for you? Ⅰ词汇 A、根据句意及首字母提示补全单词。 1.I'd like some rice and v for lunch. 2.Don't w . I'll help him. 3.I don't like this dress. Give me a one, please. 4.We don't have any milk. We n to buy some food for breakfast. 5.The running shoes look very nice. Please t them on. B. 用所给词的适当形式填空,使句意完整。 6.There are two (hundred) students in the school. 7.How do you like this pair of (run) shoes, Kangkang? 8.Pick up some salt and two (kilo) of eggs. 9.How much (be) these jeans? 10.I think Chinese people are very (friend). C. 根据汉语提示完成下列句子。 11、我想给我女儿买衣服。 I want clothes for my daughter. 12.再另试一条,好吗? Would you like to try on ? 13.你能帮助我吗? Could you me. 14.别担心,我会帮你的。 . I'll help you. 15.哦,谢谢。我只是看看而已。 Well, thanks . I'm looking. Ⅱ、单项选择题 ( )1.The phone is yuan. A.nine hundreds and ninety-five B.nine hundred ninety--five C.nine hundred and ninety--five D.nine hundred and ninety five ( )2.-- is that bike? --About 100 yuan. A.How much B.How long C.How old D.How many ( )3.-- do you like this red sweater? --Not bad. A.How B.When C.What D.Why ( )4.The shirt me. I'll take it. A.fit B.is fit C.fits D.is fitting ( )5.What can I do you? A.for B.to C.with D.like ( )6.There are only apples on the desk. A.a little B.little C.a few D.few ( )7.The coat looks . I like it very much.


专题四、根据汉语意思填词 (2017·广西贵港) 76. Tina is my cousin. She is tall and she has long _______ (直的) hair. 77. Mr Smith is sitting ______(在其中) a group of children, telling the story. 78. Nobody was _______(缺席) from school though it rained heavily yesterday. 79. His uncle is going to ______(参加) a business meeting in Beijing next week. 80. It’s important for young people to make a right ______(决定) for their future. 76. straight 77. among 78. absent 79. attend 80. decision (2017·江苏常州) B)根据句意及汉语提示,写出各单词的正确形式,每空填一词。 45. We must be ▲ (勇敢的)enough to face difficulties in our life. 46. Some wild animals are in ▲ (危险)as the earth is getting warmer and warmer. 47. Mary goes to work every day ▲ (除…之外)Sundays. 48.The general manager always thinks twice before ▲ (回复)to the customers. 45.brave【解析】用形容词brave作表语,表示“勇敢的。” 46.danger【解析】介词后跟名词danger表示“危险。” 47.except【解析】用介词except表示“除……之外,”含有排除关系。 48.replying【解析】动词reply和介词to连用跟宾语,介词before后用动名词形式。 B)根据句意及汉语提示,写出歌单词的正确形式,每空一词。 (2017?江苏镇江)41. The dentist suggests that the girl should brush her _ (牙齿) before going to bed. (2017?江苏镇江)42. The boy threw the ball to the dog and it _ (捉住,搂住) the ball successfully. (2017?江苏镇江)43. When Mr. Jiang got up in the morning, his suit was ironed _ (平整地) by the robot. (2017?江苏镇江)44. In the first half of this year, there are _ (四十) twins among all the newborn babies in that hospital. (2017?江苏镇江)45. —Where’s the city museum? —It’s (在……对面) the front gate of the Grand Hotel. 41. teeth 【解析】“刷牙”用brush one’s teeth表达,tooth用复数形式。 42. caught【解析】前文threw提示用catch的过去式形式threw。 43. smoothly【解析】修饰动词用副词smoothly表示“平整地”。 44. forty【解析】基数词forty表示“四十”。 45. opposite 【解析】用介词opposite表示“在……对面”。 B. 根据中文提示完成单词,使句子完整、通顺。 (2017·新疆建设兵团)71. We’ve got a lot of new ___________ (杂志) in our school library. (2017·新疆建设兵团)72. The glasses can keep the worker’s eyes __________ (安全的). (2017·新疆建设兵团)73. The houses are so expensive that he can’t ___________ (承担得起) to buy one. (2017·新疆建设兵团)74. My parents are always ____________ (严格的) with me. (2017·新疆建设兵团)75. Each different part of China has its own special forms of traditional __________ (艺术). 71. magazines 【解析】句意:我们学校图书馆有很多新杂志。空格前的a lot of说明“杂志”


M1-6根据句意及首字母提示补全句子 1.These p_______ are great. 2.It's a p________ of the Great Wall. 3.It's more than twenty t________ kilometers long. 4.Can you tell me s________ about New York. 5.Beijing has got about twenty m______ people. 6.Daming is v______ the US. 7.W_____ is the West Lake. 8.It's in the e______ of China. 9.The US is a big c_______. 10.Haikou is in the s________ of China. 1.What a big m_______ of the US. 2.Harbin is in the n______ of China. 3.San Francisco is in the w_____ of the US. 4.Are there any C__________ in China? 5.I'm s_______ an email to my family. 6.Do you m______ your family?S________. 7.There are lots of Chinese s_______and r_________ there. 8.There is Chinese d_________. 9.You d___ miss China. 10.The Great Wall is s_________. 1.It's more than six thousand k________long.


一年级汉语拼音字母表 含读法和儿歌 Document serial number【NL89WT-NY98YT-NC8CB-NNUUT-NUT108】

汉语拼音韵母表(读法) 单韵母: ɑ[阿]小娃娃,去看牙,张大嘴巴ɑɑɑ o[喔]大公鸡,真快活,张嘴唱歌ooo e[鹅]大白鹅,跳下河,昂首高歌eee i[衣]过新年,穿花衣,漂亮衣服iii u[乌]小河边,有棵树,落着乌鸦uuu ü[迂]乌云聚,下起雨,小鱼吐泡üüü 复韵母: ɑi[哀]毛毛熊,真可爱,挨在一起ɑiɑiɑi ei[诶]秋天到,天气凉,大雁南飞eieiei ui[威]小乌龟,怕风吹,围上围巾uiuiui ɑo[奥]小毛毛,穿棉袄,高高兴兴ɑoɑoɑo ou[欧]小悠悠,回回头,看见海鸥ououou iu[由]小溪流,向海流,悠然自得iuiuiu ie[耶]小姐姐,去逛街,买个椰子ieieie üe[约]去赏月,去看雪,听听音乐üeüeüe er[儿]小猫儿,听儿歌,竖起耳朵ererer 前鼻韵母: ɑn[安]海蓝蓝,一片帆,驶向天边ɑnɑnɑn en[恩]叮铃铃,门铃响,快去开门enenen

in[因]树林里,鸟儿唱,美妙声音ininin un[温]小山村,迎新春,热闹温馨ununun ün[云]小君君,穿纱裙,洁白如云ününün 后鼻韵母: ɑnɡ[昂]小木房,挂铃铛,风过铃响ɑnɡɑnɡɑnɡenɡ[摁]小蜜蜂,嗡嗡嗡,翅膀生风enɡenɡenɡinɡ[英]小冰冰,放风筝,放只老鹰inɡinɡinɡonɡ[雍]熊宝宝,要进洞,咚咚敲门onɡonɡonɡ 汉语拼音声母表(读法) b[玻]拨香蕉,切菠萝,听着广播bbb p[坡]一匹马,在爬坡,爬上上坡ppp m[摸]蒙眼睛,躲猫猫,你躲我摸mmm f[佛]盖新房,缝新衣,多么幸福fff d[得]铃铛响,马儿乐,蹄声嘚嘚ddd t[特]小白兔,真贪玩,要骑摩托ttt n[讷]老奶奶,吃甜糕,又甜又糯nnn l[勒]小黄鹂,爱唱歌,多么快乐lll ɡ[哥]小哥哥,多欢乐,咯咯大笑ɡɡɡ k[科]小蝌蚪,去上课,带上课本kkk h[喝]好宝宝,戴红花,开心笑了hhh j[基]小淘气,逗小鸡,小鸡大叫jjj q[欺]小麻雀,笑嘻嘻,一共七只qqq


一、词汇练习 【一】词汇训练 Unit 1 (一)根据句意及首字母或汉语提示补全单词 1.The students enjoy creating an interest in what they learn.So they can learn better. 2.Gina is active in class.She often answers questions. 3.She practices the pronunciation(发音) of English words every day to improve her spoken English.(2019恩施) 4.The students are having a chemistry(化学) class in the lab. 5.The nurses in the hospital take good care of their patients(病人).(2019丽水改编) (二)用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空 6.As students,we should try to master more knowledge(know) to build our motherland better. 7.The singers in the CCTV talent show Sing My Song have ability /abilities(able) to write songs. 8.Children should be taught how to spend their pocket money wise ly(wise).(2019滨州改编) 9.The policeman discovered(discover)who had stolen the car. 10.Of all the teachers in the school,Mrs.Smith is the most patient (patient) with students. Unit 2 (一)根据句意及首字母或汉语提示补全单词 1.The thief stole food from the supermarket and was caught by the policemen. 2.Mary is an excellent girl.We admire her very much. 3.We want to buy our mother some presents for her birthday.


Ⅰ. 请根据句意及所给首字母提示补全单词。 1. Y ou’ll make your back a________ if you carry too many things. 2. Daddy said that mountain climbing was good e________ to keep fit. 3. Jenny kept running half an hour every day so that she could lose some w________. 4. Her father wanted her to be a musician, but she had no i________ in music at all. 5. There will be a football m________ on TV tonight. Ⅱ. 请用适当的介词填空。 1. He is training ________ the coming sports meeting. 2. They are talking ________ a movie called The Forbidden Kingdom. 3. I’ll tell you something ________ the ways of cooking. 4. The people ________ Jackie Chan and Jet Li are my favourite movie stars. 5. They enjoyed themselves ________ the school dance. Ⅲ. 请根据汉语意思完成英语句子,每空一词(含缩写)。 1. 你不觉得收音机的声音有点高吗? Don’t you think the radio is ________ loud? 2. 他再也不玩网络游戏了。 He ________play online games . 3. 几年前,我把大部分零用钱花在了垃圾食品上。 I spent most of my ________ on junk food several years ago. 4. 在去机场的路上我碰到了姐姐的一个老朋友。 I ________ an old friend of my sister’s on my way to the airport. 5. 祝你好运,托尼! ________ ,Tony! 6. 去年我爸爸设法戒了酒。 Last year my father managed to ________ drinking. 7. 如果你同意我的看法,你就应该允许我这样做。 Y ou should allow me to do so if you ________ me. 8. 请为我和简拍张照片好吗? Could you please ________ of Jane and me? 9. 昨天我们拜访了朱先生。他的儿子去年上了大学。 Y esterday we visited Mr Zhu ________ went to college last year. 10. 我不够高,够不着架子上的书。 I’m not ________ to reach the books on the shelf. Ⅰ. 请根据句意及所给汉语提示写出相应的单词。 1. She put some ________ (糖) into her coffee. 2. If you always ________ (表现) like that, you’ll get yourself disliked. 3. Parents should ________ (教育) their children to be polite. 4. Waiter, show me the ________ (菜单) please. 5. My mother is a good cook. Everything she cooked is very ________ (美味的). Ⅱ. 请选出适当的单词填空,有的需要变换形式。 typical, cook, persuade, diet, ban 1. I ________ her to accept my plan last week. 2. The doctor says that she is a bit overweight, so she is on a ________ now. 3. In our school, students are________from going out after 9 pm.


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七、汉语拼音音节表 b ba bo bai bei bao ban ben bang beng bi bie biao bian bin bing p pa po pai pao pou pan pen pang peng pi pie piao pian pin ping m ma mo me mai mao mou man men mang meng mi mie miao miu mian min ming f fa fo fei fou fan fen fan g feng d da d e dai dei dao dou dan dang deng di die diao diu dian ding dong t ta te tai tao tou tan tang teng ti tie tiao tian ting tong n na nai nei nao no nen nang neng ni nie niao niu nian nin niang ning nong l la le lai lei lao lou lan lang leng li lia lie liao liu lian lin liang ling long g ga ge gai gei gao gou gan gen gang geng gong k ka ke kai kou kan ken kang keng kong h ha he hai hei hao hou hen hang heng hong j ji jia jie jiao jiu jian jin jiang jing jiong q qi qia qie qiao qiu qian qin qiang qing qiong x xi xia xie xiao xiu xian xin xiang xing xiong zh zha zhe zhi zhai zhao zhou zhan zhen zhang zheng zhong ch cha che chi chai chao chou chan chen chang cheng chong sh sha she shi shai shao shou shan shen shang sheng r re ri rao rou ran ren rang reng rong z za ze zi zai zao zou zang zeng zong c ca ce ci cai cao cou can cen cang ceng cong s sa se si sai sao sou san sen sang seng song y ya yao you yan yang yu ye yue yuan yi yin yun ying yong w wa wo wai wei wan wen wang weng wu wong 六、汉语拼音字母表(小学汉语拼音字母表 26个汉语拼音字母表小学拼音表) 声母表Shengmu list b[玻] p[坡] m[摸] f[佛] d[得] t[特] n[讷] l[勒] g[哥] k[科] h[喝] j[基] q[欺] x[希] z[资] c[;雌] s[思] r[日] zh[知] ch[嗤] sh[诗] y[医] w[巫]

牛津译林版英语八上 UNIT5根据汉语或提示写出单词( 含答案)

初中英语学习材料 madeofjingetieji 8A UNIT5根据汉语或英语提示写出单词( 含答案) 1. Male_______(狼) will protect their families if there is danger. 2. -How much does a baby weigh at_______ (出生)? -About 3 to 5 kilos. 3. -Could I have some cakes, please? -Sorry, there are_______(没有) in the fridge. 4. Take the medicine; _______ (否则) , you will get worse. 5. Parents often keep_______ (鼓励) us to work hard for a bright future. 6. Which do you like_______ (well), the lion, the tiger or the panda? 7. Thanks for agreeing_______ (show) some photos to us. 8. He liked to tell funny stories to make people_______ (laugh). 9. We should tell hunters_______ (not kill) tigers. 10. In the_______ (dark) , the child held his mother's hand firmly. 11. He began playing basketball when he was 4 years old. He began playing basketball ______ ______ ______ ______ 4. 12. You shouldn't leave your little son at home alone. You shouldn't leave your little son at home ______ ______ ______. 13. His favourite animals are giant pandas. He_______ giant pandas_______. 14. Taking action to protect the animals is our duty. _______ our duty_______ _______ to protect the animals. 15. From then on, he didn't play tricks on the boy any more. From then on, he_______ _______ _______ tricks on the boy. 16. The teacher is making a_______(报告)on animals in the hall. 17. Zhang Ziyi_______(表演) in the film The Road Home and became famous. 18. 1'11 be back in a little_______(一会儿). Stay here and wait for me. 19. He made his_______(生存) by teaching some children to ride. 20. She just_______(搬迁) here from Tokyo but now she has made a lot of friends. 21. Smallpox(天花)_______(杀死) thousands of people each year in the past. 22. Breaking into other people's houses is against the_______(法律). 23. -The building is on fire! What should we do? -We should call 119 _______ away! 24. -Do you know about cats? -Yes. They like sleeping in the _______ and finding food at night. 25. -What should we do when we find ourselves get _______? -We can ask the people for help or call 110. 动词填空 26. It's time for us_______(take) action now. 27. We_______(face) great difficulties(困难) but finished the job at last. 28. Don't talk! The twins_______(prepare) for the coming exam. 29. This problem is not that easy_______(work) out. 30. Joy_______(not visit) his grandparents this Sunday, is he? 31. We must stop_______(catch) animals in the wild. 32. If I see him at school next Monday, I_______(give) these books to him. 33. The hunters agreed(not hunt) wild bears any more. 34. Teachers always tell students_______(not accept) strangers'(陌生人的) food. 35. Don't keep me_______(wait) for you for a long time every time. 词汇检测 36. If animals stay in the _______ (野外),they will be free. 37. Maybe someday these animals will be _______ (无处)to be found 38. You will get a good _____ (结果)if you try your best