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新世纪大学英语综合教程3 课后翻译答案




新世纪大学英语综合教程3 课后翻译答案

The friendship interest does not break up easily. / It is not easy for the 2.

Children must learn to distinguish between violence and bravery / courage in computer games.


to know / keep track of everything.

4. 。

新世纪大学英语综合教程3 课后翻译答案

Laws do not regulate such things as betrayal to friends; that is why there is what we call / "the court of morality".

5. 有人把今天的文化描述为“快餐文化”。无论做什么事,人们只是追求用最短的时间达到最大的满足。

新世纪大学英语综合教程3 课后翻译答案

st-food culture”. Whatever they may be /

新世纪大学英语综合教程3 课后翻译答案

the greatest /


新世纪大学英语综合教程3 课后翻译答案

As the saying goes, there is no such thing as a free lunch. If you want something, go and earn /


As is commonly acknowledged / It is commonly recognized that humans are social animals. Bonded together in a community, we naturally expect to have friends. As to what friendship is, people have different notions / ideas. Some make friends for mutual utility. Once the ground for such friendship disappears, the friendship also breaks up. However, a lot more people long for "soul pals"— those who possess virtues and with whom we can go through trials and tribulations together. Such friendships keep us away from greed and violence and encourage us to have the courage of our convictions. Such is what

新世纪大学英语综合教程3 课后翻译答案

After dinner, we all sat around the hearth. Aunt Susan was still in the grief of losing Uncle Robert. In her soft voice she told us about their past years. Uncle Robert joined the army shortly after they were engaged. Given the critical situation at the time when lots of army men didn’t return alive, you can imagine how much overjoyed Aunt Susan was to see Uncle Robert come back safe and sound from the European battlefield. Then they got married and brought up five children. For all those years, their affection for each other grew stronger in the course of overcoming difficulties and hardships in life. I was fascinated by Aunt Susan’s story, which was totally different from my idea l of love. They practiced giving and sharing in their daily life instead of pursuing passion and romance. Amazingly, such love lasted through their whole life.



新世纪大学英语综合教程3 课后翻译答案

For thousands of years philosophers have taken pains to illustrate / interpret the meaning of happiness from their own points of view.



When I first came to college,I suddenly found myself left with everything to deal with by myself。I was not until then did I realize that living with my parents was truly a happy experience.


Y ou shouldn’t always make comparison with others; otherwise, yo u may be trapped in / fall into depression, for there are always many others who are better than you.

4.今天人们生活比以前富裕多了,闲暇时间也多了,奇怪的是人们反而觉得生活乏味了。Today people are much better off and enjoy more leisure. Strangely enough, they find life boring / dull.


Life,in effect,is long but short of excitement. Y ou are sure to suffer from inevitable disappointment if you expect everyday life to be as exciting as drama.


新世纪大学英语综合教程3 课后翻译答案

A it offers no opportunity for one to learn

新世纪大学英语综合教程3 课后翻译答案

新世纪大学英语综合教程3 课后翻译答案

in part explains / accounts for the Happiness must have much to do with money. After all, a hard life will wear out one’s sense of joy. However, happiness doesn’t derive from money alone. Today’s society as a whole has seen dramatic improvement in the standard of living, and the majority of people are decently fed and clothed. However, are people happier today? In fact, when the mass media and commercial advertisements are still reinforcing the notion that to be happy is to possess more, people find themselves longing more earnestly than ever for a happy and healthy spiritual life: being loved, respected, feeling safe and proud of realizing their self-value. As a wise man once pointed out, happiness lies in the positive attitude one holds towards life other than how much money one earns. Those millionaires who view life as boring and empty serve as good negative examples.



their sick Beijing in the hope of finding a cure for /in

curing his heart disease / problem.

The campaign of Knowing More About AIDS needs to be carried on, and at this stage the emphasis is put on the way (how) the disease is contracted.


If power is properly applied / used / exercised, the lives of the common people will be rendered happy. If 4.政府使用核武器来防御恐怖袭击算是正当行为么?

Could a government justifiably use nuclear weapons to guard against terrorist attacks?


Owing to ignorance of the disease,many people still believe that HIV victims deserve what they suffer.


The newly issued report on improving the medical system in rural areas leads us to believe that the era is to be an end when such areas are always short of doctors and medicines.

Retirement brings people’s career to an end. They find, all of a sudden, that they can no more / longer carry on the job they have done for dozens of years. Some old people cannot adapt themselves to such a change and thus become depressed, believing that they are no longer useful. Indeed, depression has become one of the leading threats to old people’s health. Nonetheless, many old people in China are able to maintain their sense of usefulness by rendering their grown-up children services, such as taking care of their grandchildren and providing allowances to them. The question remains as to whether senior citizens should try other means to fill up their leisure, rendering their later years still more meaningful. I suggest the old concern themselves less with their children and make room for young people to take responsibility for their own lives. After all, the old deserve respect from the young and the young should tolerate their aged parents more, on the grounds that the old have contributed so much for so many years both to their family and to society.



Cultivating the right emotions is indispensable in that / because it lays the foundations for the successes of one’s future work and studies.

2. 中国西部发展急需人才,政府为此制定了优惠政策,号召更多大学毕业生去西部工作。

is crying out for talented people for its development. To this end, the government has laid

新世纪大学英语综合教程3 课后翻译答案


How can you turn your back on me when I am in such difficulty? We have gone through trials and tribulations for practically half a century.

4. 网虫们很多时间都泡在网上,以至于他们无法分辨虚拟世界与现实世界。

Web addicts spend so much time on the Internet that they are unable to draw a distinction between the virtual world and the real world.


Urban / City residents often have the illusion that rural life is always leisurely and comfortable. In fact,



Distance learning is a global trend. With its quick growth / development, people are given / can enjoy an

Scientific development has brought about global changes in educational thought. It not only generates such a new form of education as "virtual universities" but turns "lifelong learning" into a workable project. In addition, people today seem to be in favor of practical knowledge. But whatever changes there might have been, education must stick to its classic role: to enlighten learners. Confronted with the new problems of this century, we still expect that education should put more emphasis on cultivating learners' competence to think critically and to work collaboratively / with team spirit. Furthermore, we hope that education will take the responsibility of promoting traditional virtues by guiding learners to dispense with negative desires like greed, lust and violence.



As a proof of our hospitality,we Chinese will repeatedly ask our guests to help themselves to the dishes on the table.


y behave that we’ve strengthened our

新世纪大学英语综合教程3 课后翻译答案

own capacity to learn about / .


One’s sense of safety comes from familiarity with the environment;so people have the tendency to resist or avoid new situations.


We tend to show prejudice against or even hostility towards people from a certain region,which can be attributed to the fact that we are unfamiliar with then.


I believe it is polite to decline directly,while my parents seldom say“No” so as not to embarrass others.

6.知识积累有两种方式:亲身体验和间接体验。能为我们打开不同文化世界的阅读属于间接体验。There are two means to build up knowledge:to get it personally or by second-hand experience。Reading,which opens up a new world of different cultures for us, belongs to second-hand experience.

Once transplanted abroad, people will feel anxious and even lose the capacity to deal with daily routines. This problem is attributed to the disappearance of the surroundings we have been used to. Then, what should we do so as to change the life styles and patterns built up in us over so many years? First, we should be more tolerant towards people with cultural backgrounds different from ours. To get over frustrations caused by culture shock, we should try to adapt ourselves to the new environment and get along with our workmates harmoniously. Furthermore, we should never identify a person with the nationality he represents or proceed to hate the person’s culture only because we don’t like him. In fact, t o preserve our national culture is not to resist foreign ones.

新世纪大学英语综合教程3 课后翻译答案

The Olympic Games are universally recognized not only as a spectacular gathering of top athletes, but also as a moment of rejoicing for billions of spectators. The Games took shape in ancient Greece, where wars were not infrequent between cities. But once the Games started, the wars were immediately brought to a halt. In the modern world the Olympic Games still symbolize peace. So far, the Olympics have developed into the biggest international sports event, with an increasing number of sportsmen competing on behalf of more and more nations. Though only dozens of, or at most hundreds of, athletes finally become champions in one Olympics, participation itself means triumph for all the athletes. They all deserve applause because they have overcome numerous barriers before they can finally take part in such a big gathering. The Olympic motto inspires every athlete in every event to challenge human physical limits. While doing so, they abide by the rules and pay due respect to the referees / judges. Such extraordinary and fair competition best brings out true sportsmanship.


1. 那些认为自己拥有更多特权的人往往会有优越感。

Those who suppose they possess more privileges tend to have feelings of superiority.

2. 高关税和反倾销政策会削弱外国产品在本土市场的竞争力。

High tariffs and an anti-dumping policy will undermine the competitive edge of the foreign products in the domestic market.

3. 如果各部门能协调好,大家为共同利益而努力,我们一定能成功。

If all well coordinated and all of us pull together for the common good, we are bound / sure to succeed.


guard against theft, the school has issued regulations specifying the duties of the door keepers /

新世纪大学英语综合教程3 课后翻译答案

5. 大家都称道良好的举止,因此良好的举止肯定会增强你和他人交朋友的机会。

Good manners are always appreciated. It follows that good manners will enhance your chances of making friends with other people.

6. 不要看标点符号,有时候误用一个标点符号确实可以改变一句话意思。

Punctuation not be taken lightly; sometimes the use of a wrong punctuation mark can literally change / alter the meaning of a sentence.

In the modern society, how does competition work in combination with cooperation? Firstly, scarcity leads to competition. Players of the same football team compete for slots on the team, and this team competes against other teams for victory. In a work place, colleagues compete for higher positions. And also in business, firms become rivals for more consumers and a bigger market share. But meanwhile competition is inseparable from cooperation. Players have to cooperate efficiently with one another to win the championships for their team. Colleagues have to cooperate to accomplish their shared task. Firms try their best to cooperate to lobby the agencies of business administration for the greatest privileges. All in all, individuals as well as teams are subjected to both competition and cooperation. The two together nourish the social development so that we can enjoy a more prosperous and harmonious world.

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