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1The e______of our country has been developing steadily under the correct leadership of the Party. 2The h______of the passage is WHO MOVED MY CHEESE.

3You have passed the examination.C______on your success.

4There are millions of stars in the u______.

5The plane crashed,killing 167 people a_____.

6Tom is never interested in______(政治).

7I took a lot of______(照片)when I visited the Great Wall.

8Most of the ______(船员)got a strange illness while sailing in the Pacific.

9Wang Xuan was awarded five million yuan for his scientific______(贡献)in printing industry.

10We went to see a ______(历史的)play.


in space in the history of take a photograph take off in total thousands of land

congratulations including else

1Something was wrong with one of the engines,but the plane____________safely.

2Stand still.Let me____________of you.

3I have told you all that I know.What ____________do you want me to say?

4There might be living creatures __________.

5__________people attended the meeting.

6The plane to Beijing __________at 11:50.

7Many students are against the plan,____________ me.

8Mei Lanfang is one of the greatest masters __________ Beijing Opera.

9It's your wedding day today.____________!

10There are 20,000 books __________ in our library.


1By the time we______ the airport,the plane______.

A.arrived at;had taken off

B.had got to;took off

C.got to;had taken away

D.arrived at;has taken away

2The actor______by the audience.

A.was warmly welcomed

B.was warmly welcoming

C.welcome warmly

D.was warm welcome

3The party last night was______ great success.We sang and danced until it came to ______ end at 12.

A.the;the B./;an

C.a;an D.a;the

4Please go ______ the ship quickly.There's only 10 minutes left.

A.abroad B.aboard

C.board D.to aboard

5—John and I will celebrate our fortieth wedding anniversary next month.


A.cheer up B.well done

C.go ahead D.congratulations

6Once ______you may feel uncomfortable.

A.in space B.in the space

C.at space D.at the space

7He felt strange during his ______ when he saw______.At that time,he was______ at a height of 10,000 metres!

A.flight;flyes;flying B.flew;flies;fling

C.flight;flies;flying D.flying;flies;flew

8—When the plane______,you'd better not wear that jacket with too many metal decorations(装饰).—OK,I'll______now.

A.takes off;take it off

B.is taking off;take off it

C.takes off;take off it

D.will take off;take it off

9He is ______person to swim down______ longest river in the country.

A.a third;a third B.the third;the third

C.the third;a third D.a third;the third

10—How amazing it is that astronauts are exploring outer space!

—It's a challenge,I guess,______man against nature.

A.of B.for

C.by D.about


Two space walkers fixed a camera on the outside of the international space station on Monday and threw overboard a data-collecting device (装置),sending it rolling off into space like a football.The new camera will help space station astronauts add new pieces onto the orbiting(轨道)station.

McArthur and his Russian crewmate left the orbiting station unmanned during the 5-hour spacewalk.Normally,one crew member stayed aboard while two others worked outside.But the space station crew has been reduced to two since the space shuttle Columbia disaster in 2003,and it has been left empty nine times during spacewalks since then.

The device thrown overboard was once used to collect data on electrical activity around the space station.It was designed to work for only a few months and was no longer needed.Engineers were afraid pieces might break off and damage the space station,so they decided to cut it loose.The device,which weighs about 60 pounds and has solar panels that extend about 2 feet,is expected to burn up in the atmosphere in about three months.

Happily,the space walking pair helped each other into their spacesuits without the help of a third crew member.The space walk was put off by an hour because of trouble with the US airlock(气密过渡舱),which did not depressurize (减压)completely at first.But the pair quickly made up for the lost time as they worked outside.It was the first time in two years that space walkers exited through the US airlock.

1Why did the spacewalkers leave the orbiting station unmanned?

A.They were busy fixing a camera.

B.They had to throw a data-collecting device.

C.They had to stay aboard.

D.The space station crew has been reduced to two due to an accident.

2According to the scientists,the device thrown overboard would ______.

A.return to the earth

B.burn up in space in about three months

C.be recycled and reused

D.stay in outer space for a long time

3The astronaut McArthur and his Russian crewmate ______.

A.put on their spacesuits with the help of each other

B.worked outside of the space station with a third crew member

C.put off the spacewalk to repair the US airlock

D.were the first spacewalkers to exit through the US airlock

4When the spacewalking pair carried out their task,______.

A.they got the help from the new camera

B.they put off the task as they planned

C.they reduced their work as they worked outside

D.they finished their work as they planned despite a delay at the beginning













2答案:take a photograph


4答案:in space

5答案:Thousands of

6答案:takes off


8答案:in the history of


10答案:in total

Ⅲ.1解析:by the time后面的从句表示的是具体时间,所以应用一般过去时;take off意为“起飞”,take away意为“拿走”。飞机起飞是在我们到达之前的事情,所以应用过去完成时。




3解析:该句的success指的是昨晚的聚会这件事情,所以此处success为可数名词,第一个空应用a;come to the end为固定短语,意为“结束”。




5解析:考查交际用语。congratulations “祝贺”。句意:“下个月约翰和我要庆祝我们结婚四十年。”“噢,祝贺你们!”cheer up “振奋起来”;well done “干得好”;go ahead “干吧”。


6解析:in space意为“在太空中”。


7解析:flight为名词,意为“飞行,航班”;fly作为名词时意为“苍蝇”,复数为flies。fly 作为动词时意为“飞行”,现在分词为flying。


8解析:时间状语从句应用一般现在时,第一个take off意为“起飞”;第二个take off意为“脱下,解掉”,代词it应放在中间。


9解析:the third person意为“第三个人”;the third longest river意为“第三长河”。


10解析:I guess作插入语,横线上的介词短语与a challenge搭配,a challenge of...构成短语表示“……的挑战”。


Ⅳ.1解析:从文章第二段“Normally,...But the space station crew has been reduced to two since the space shuttle Columbia disaster in 2003”可以推知答案。


2解析:根据第三段最后一句“...is expected to burn up in the atmosphere in about three months.”可知答案。


3解析:从最后一段“Happily,the space walking pair helped each other into their spacesuits without the help of a third crew member”可知答案。


4解析:此处的delay指的是“trouble with the US airlock(气密过渡舱),which did not depressurize (减压)completely at first”。


Common Progress Please Criticize


(一) 积极Sleep is not the same every night. We experience some deep sleep and some active sleep( 睡眠), which is when dreams happen. You might think sleepwalking(梦游) would happen in active sleep, but a person isn't physically active d 86 active sleep. Sleepwalking usually happens in the first few hours of sleep in the stage called slow-wave(慢波)or deep sleep. Not all sleepwalkers a 87 walk. Some simply sit up or stand in bed or act like they're awake when, in fact, they're asleep! Most, however, do get up and move around for a few seconds or for as long as half an hour. Sleepwalkers' e 88 are open, but they don't see the same way they do when they're awake and often think they're in different rooms of the house or different places altogether. Sleepwalkers tend(往往会) to go back to bed on their own and they won't r 89 it in the morning. Doctors say sleepwalking sometimes occurs when a person is sick, has a fever, is not getting e 90 sleep, or is stressed. If sleepwalking occurs frequently, every night or so, it's a good idea for your mom or dad to take you to see your doctor. But occasional(偶然的) sleepwalking generally isn't something to worry about, a 91 " it may look funny or even scary (惊恐的) for the people who see a sleepwalker in action. It's important, of course, that the person is kept safe. Precautions(预防措施) should be t 92 so the person is less likely to fall down, run into something, or walk out the front door while sleepwalking. (二) Everyone needs sleep. In fact, all living things need sleep. Having a sound and good rest m_____86_____ us healthy. It is believed that our brain develops best during sleep. It helps all our systems work well w_____87_____ we are awake. Sleep allows our brain to reorganize all events during the day and will improve our memory development. For a student, eight to ten hours of sleep is required to give him or her e_____88_____ for the following day. A good sleep allows them to grow physically and mentally (心理上). With e_____89_____ sleep at night, students would be able to wake up early and be ready for school activities. They will be able to listen carefully in class and would have the ability to memorize the things that they learn and r_____90_____ them in the future. Eight hours of sleep makes students active t_____91_____ the whole day at school. They would be able to perform well in class, take down notes and finish their homework. When they have slept well, they can e_____92_____ understand their lessons. Good sleep prepares them well for the challenges (挑战) at school, from paperwork to sports. They will be ready to solve difficult tasks that


高一英语必修二单词表 Module 1 Our Body and Healthy Habits 英文音标词性中文 1 diet ['da??t] n. vi. 饮食,日常食物;照医生的规定饮食 2 fat [f?t] n. 脂肪 3 fit [f?t] adj. 健康的;强健的 4 flu [flu:] n. (=influenza) 流行性感冒 5 rare [re?] adj. 稀少的;罕有的 6 toothache ['tu:θe?k] n. 牙痛 7 unhealthy [?n'helθi]adj. 不健康的;有碍健康的 8 wealthy ['welθi]adj. 富裕的;有钱的 9 rarely ['re?li] adv. 稀少地;极少地 10 proverb ['pr?v?:b] n. 谚语 11 anxious ['??k??s] adj. 焦虑的;不安的;渴望的 12 captain ['k?pt?n] n. 队长 13 injure ['?nd??] vt. 伤害 14 injury ['?nd??ri] n. 伤害;损伤;受伤处 15 pain [pe?n] n. 疼痛 16 painful ['pe?nfl] adj. 疼痛的 17 normal ['n?:ml] adj. 正常的;一般的 18 lifestyle ['la?f?sta?l] n. 生活方式 19 head [hed] vi. 朝……方向前进 20 eye [a?] vt. 注视;观看 21 overweight [???v?'we?t] adj. (人)太胖的;超重的 22 lung [l??]n. 肺 23 throat [θr??t] n. 喉咙;咽喉;嗓子 24 breathe [bri:e] vi. 呼吸 25 pneumonia [nju:'m??ni?] n. 肺炎 26 prescription [pr?'skr?p??n] n. 处方 27 symptom ['s?mpt?m] n. 症状 28 X-ray ['eks?re?] n. X光 29 awful ['?:fl] adj. 可怕的;吓人的 30 insurance [?n'???r?ns] n. 保险


六年级英语首字母填空专项练习 练习(1) It’s Sunday tomorrow. We are going to w_1___ a football match. We are very ___2___about it. It’s b____3___ a Japanese team and a Chinese team. The football match is going to __4____ at four o’clock in the afternoon and ____5_ at six o’clock in the evening. Our teachers Mr. Li and Mr. Wang are going to watch the football match w__6__ us. We are going there by bike. We think we can c__7__ back at about __8___ past six in the e___9___. We are going to have ___10___in the resturant. 1. ________; 2. ________; 3. _________; 4. _________; 5. _________ 6. ________; 7. ________; 8. _________; 9. _________; 10. ________ (1.watch, 2.excited,3.between, 4.begin.5.end, 6.with, https://www.sodocs.net/doc/6411898113.html,e, 8.half, 9.evening, 10 dinner.) 练习(2) It was getting dark. Some children and two Canadian women were still s____1___ on the ice near a big hotel. They were having a good time. Suddenly the ice broke(破裂). One of the boys f___2_ into the water. The children s____3_____ , “Help! Help!” They didn’t know w__4__ to do. The two Canadian friends heard that and skated over to get the boy out of the water. The ice was t___5__. The two Canadians fell into the water, too. But they tried their best to reach the little boy. They knew they must be q__6____. If they didn’t push him up onto the ice, he would soon die(死的).


【推荐】2020年外研版高中英语必修一(全册)精品教案汇总 第一学期高一英语讲义1 Book 1 Module 1 My First Day at Senior High 课时1词汇; 课型A(基础);课长30分钟 一、词汇互译 1.____________________ 换句话说 2. ____________________ 期待, 盼望 3. ____________________ 在……开始的时候 4. ____________________ 在……结束的时候 5. ____________________ 上大学 6. ____________________ 被(划)分成…… 7. take part in ____________________ 8. ____________________ 理科 9. ____________________ A 与 B 之间的区别 10. be similar to … ____________________ 11. ____________________ 对…的态度 12. teaching method ____________________ 13. ____________________ 写下, 记下 14. nothing like ____________________ 15. have fun ____________________ make fun of … ____________________ 16. 倍数表达法:

A is three times____________________ B. A is three times ____________________B. A is three times ____________________B. 17. ____________________ 不同于… 18. ____________________ 和…一样 二、词汇运用 1.the differences between A and B 你知道英语和美语有什么区别吗? _______________________________________________________________________________ 2.one’s attitude to \ towards sth. (doing sth.) 对于学习英语, 你的态度是怎样的? _______________________________________________________________________________ 3.behave oneself/behave badly 老实点! _______________________________________________________________________________ 4.be friendly to 他对待别人总是很友好。 _______________________________________________________________________________ 5.introduce A to B\oneself 首先请允许我介绍一下自己。 _______________________________________________________________________________ 6.in other words 你明天不用来上班了。换句话说, 你被炒了。 ______________________________________________________________________________


重点单词 1.fit adj.合适的;健康的;能胜任的;v.适 合,合身;使胜任 I’m quite .我很健康。(回归课本P1) 观察思考 He keeps fit with diet and exercise. 他通过节食和运动来保持健康。 That kind of music fits your mood. 那种类型的音乐适合你的心情。 This coat fits you perfectly but the trousers are too large. 这件外套你穿着很合适,但是裤子太大了。 She is not fit to look after children. 她不适合照看小孩。 归纳拓展 be fit for适合;胜任be fit to do适合干…… It is fit for sb. to do/that...某人做……是合适的 keep/stay fit保持健康 fit one’s deeds/actions to one’s words做到言行一致fit in安排时间见(某人);安排时间做某事;相处融洽;适应 fit on装上;试穿 fit out装备,配备;给……提供必要的东西 易混辨异 match/suit/fit 这三个词都可表示“适合,配得上”,但用法上 仍有差别。 (1)match指两者的“相配;配得上”,指人或物 在品质、颜色、设计等方面相当或相配。 (2)suit常用于指“适合;恰当”,多指符合需要、口味、性格、条件等。尤其用来指衣着的式样、颜色或发式与人相配。 (3)fit多用来指大小、形状、位置等适合及服装合身。活学活用——用fit,suit,match的适当形式填空 (1)These shoes me perfectly. (2)The doors were painted blue to the walls. (3)The climate the old man well. (4)The patient girl is for teaching. (5)No one can him because he is a leading professor in the field of physics. (6)Will Thursday or Wednesday you? 2.anxious adj.焦虑的;渴望的;不安的 Helen is anxious about travelling on her own. 海伦对自己一个人出门旅行感到担心。 She was anxious to finish school and get a job. 她渴望毕业找到一份工作。 The mother waited for her son with anxiety. 母亲焦虑地等着儿子。 归纳拓展 anxiously adv.焦急地;担忧地anxiety n.忧虑;渴望 be anxious about担心,忧虑 be anxious for...渴望得到…… be anxious (for sb.) to do sth.渴望(某人)做某事 be anxious that...担心……(that从句中用虚拟语气) be in anxiety非常担忧with anxiety焦虑地 too anxious to do sth.非常渴望做某事 eager/anxious (1)eager指以巨大的热情渴望实现或达到目的,含有积 极向上的意义,有时也指由于其他感情而表现得急不可耐。 He is eager to do that interesting job. 他急于做那份有趣的工作。(有积极的干劲和热情) (2)anxious指热切地希望实现愿望,并因顾虑愿望落空 而心情不安,感到焦虑,强调“担心”和“焦虑”,对结果感到不安。 I’m anxious to know the final result. 我急切地想知道最后的结果。(心中焦急) 活学活用 (1)—I wonder if she will show up at the concert. —She will.She is only too to watch the famous conductor. A.anxious B.proud C.interested D.satisfied 解析由句意可知,此处指“她很渴望看到 那位著名的指挥家”,故用anxious。B、C 两项不合题意;D项无此搭配。 (2)My mother always gets a little if we don’t arrive when we say we will. A.anxious B.ashamed C.weak D.patient 解析句意为:当我们说将要到而没到时,母 亲总是有点担心。 3.pain n.疼痛;痛苦;辛苦,努力(用复数);vt.使痛苦;vi.感 到疼痛 观察思考 His broken leg gave him a lot of pain. 他的断腿使他非常疼痛。 She suffers greatly from a pain in the back. 她的背痛得很厉害。 No pains,no gains.(谚语)不劳无获。 We are pained to see such wastefulness. 我们看到这种浪费现象很痛心。 归纳拓展 1


高中英语外研版新课标词汇表(必修二) 1. fat n. 脂肪(SH2 M1 P 1) 2. fit adj. 健康的;强健的(SH2 M1 P 1) 3. flu n. (=influenza) 流行性感冒(SH2 M1 P 1) 4. rare adj. 稀少的;罕有的(SH2 M1 P 1) 5. toothache n. 牙痛(SH2 M1 P 1) 6. unhealthy adj. 不健康的;有碍健康的(SH2 M1 P 1) 7. wealthy adj. 富裕的;有钱的(SH2 M1 P 1) 8. rarely adv. 稀少地;极少地(SH2 M1 P 1) 9. proverb n. 谚语(SH2 M1 P 2) 10. anxious adj. 焦虑的;不安的;渴望的(SH2 M1 P 2) 11. captain n. 队长(SH2 M1 P 2) 12. injure vt. 伤害(SH2 M1 P 2) 13. injury n. 伤害;损伤;受伤处(SH2 M1 P 2) 14. pain n. 疼痛(SH2 M1 P 2) 15. painful adj. 疼痛的(SH2 M1 P 2) 16. normal adj. 正常的;一般的(SH2 M1 P 2) 17. lifestyle n. 生活方式(SH2 M1 P 2) 18. head vi. 朝……方向前进(SH2 M1 P 2) 19. eye vt. 注视;观看(SH2 M1 P 2) 20. overweight adj. (人)太胖的;超重的(SH2 M1 P 5) 21. lung n. 肺(SH2 M1 P 5) 22. throat n. 喉咙;咽喉;嗓子(SH2 M1 P 5) 23. breathe vi. 呼吸(SH2 M1 P 5) 24. pneumonia n. 肺炎(SH2 M1 P 5) 25. prescription n. 处方(SH2 M1 P 5) 26. symptom n. 症状(SH2 M1 P 5) 27. X-ray n. X光(SH2 M1 P 5) 28. awful adj. 可怕的;吓人的(SH2 M1 P 6) 29. insurance n. 保险(SH2 M1 P 9) 30. questionnaire n. 问卷;问卷调查;调查表(SH2 M1 P 10) 31. drug n. 毒品;药品(SH2 M2 P 11) 32. bronchitis n. 支气管炎(SH2 M2 P11)


解题技巧指导:这种题型主要是对学生的四项能力(即对词语分析的能力;对英语学习的掌握运用能力;对语法知识的准确运用能力;以及对上下文语境中逻辑意义的推断理解能力。 方法介绍: 1。读短文,晓大意;在做题之前,仔细阅读短文通晓其大意;(可调动脑中相关信息帮助答题) 2。上下文,是提示,首字母,不放弃;在解答时根据上下文确定词性(即是什么词类),再结合所给首字母确定该单词意思,写出该单词。 3.做完后,试一试。单词写出以后,检查其形式是否正确,意思是否合理。然后通篇朗读短文进行检查。 八年级英语专项练习——首字母填空 一 On the evening of October 7, Li Feng was watching TV while his mother was b cooking supper in the kitchen. S the telephone rang. Li Feng q picked it up to a the call. It was from a good friend of his m . She wanted to say “Happy Birthday”to his mother. “Today is Mother’s birthday, but I have already f all about it. Mother gives me a lot of l and care while I didn’t care for her e . From now on, I must always r this, s my love to her and care for her enough,” Li Feng thought to himself, feeling a little ashamed(惭愧的). 二 Coca-Cola is very popular now. It is e all over the world. 1.6 billion gallons are s every year, in over one hundred and sixty c . The d was invented by Dr. John Pemberton in Atlanta, on 8 May,1886, but it was g the name Coca-Cola by his partner, Frank Robinson. In the first year, only nine drinks a day w sold. The business was bought by a man c Asa Candler in 1888, and the first factory was o in Dallas, Texas, in 1895. Coca-Coca is s made there. Billions of bottles and cans have been produced s 1895. It’s certain that Coca-Coca will be drunk far into the twenty-second century. 三 Mary didn’t u such sentences as “she is blue today.” You’re yellow. “He has a g thumb(拇指).”“He has told a little white lie.” and so on. And she went to her teacher f help. “Mrs Smith, there’s a c in each of these sentences, what do they mean?”She asked “In e English. Mary, blue means ‘sad’, yellow means ‘afraid’. A person w a green thumb grows plants well. And a white lie doesn’t mean a bad one”, the teacher said. “Would you give me an e for a white lie, Mrs Smith?”


外研版高中英语必修三课文 3.1 Great European Cities Paris the River of France, situated on Paris is the capital and largest city Seine. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and is visited by more than eight million tourists every year. The most popular place for of Paris. One of the tourists is the E iffel T ower, the f amous symbol world's largest art galleries, the Louvre, is also located in Paris. The city és. About two-thirds of is also famous for its restaurants, caf s and theatre France's artists and writers live in Paris. Barcelona of Spain and is the situated on the s econd largest city Barcelona is northeast coast, about five hundred kilometres east of the Spanish capital, Madrid. One of Barcelona's most famous landmarks is the Church of the an a rchitect called Antonio which was designed by Sagrada Familia, Gaudi. Gaudi worked on the project from 1882 until his death in 1926. The church hasn't been finished yet! Florence because of the Florence is an Italian c ity which b ecame famous movement which began in the 1300s and Renaissance,a great artistic the R enaissance,some of the lasted for three hundred years. During in Florence. Many of greatest painters of all time l ived a nd worked Florence's most beautiful paintings and sculptures were produced by great artists such as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. Florence is visited each year by about a million tourists who come to see the art galleries, churches and museums. The Uffizi Palace is the most famous art gallery in the city. Athens as the birthplace of western Greece, is known Athens, the capital of was t he world's hundred years ago, it civilisation. Two t housand four most powerful city. Buildings such as the Parthenon on the Acropolis Hill


英语首字母填空练习题含答案一 I still remember visiting Moscow. It is the capital of Russia, the b 1 country in the world. I went there w 2 my parents when I was eight years old. I lived and studied there for one year, I had some happy memories. One of the most interesting things of that city was that t 3 were many dogs. Perhaps Russians l 4 dogs very much. You can see dogs here and there. Almost each of the families had a dog. I made friends with many Russian children w 5 I was living and studying there. They were all very nice. They had fair hair and fair skin. I played with them h 6 though I could only speak a little Russian at first. They were f 7 to me. The weather in Moscow was very cold. It snowed almost every in winter. The ground was always c 8 with a lot of snow. We often made s 9 together. Now I am b 10 in China, but I miss them so much. I will never forget my happy memories of this visit to Moscow. 二


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vi. 照医生的规定饮食(SH2 M1 P 1) 2.fat n. 脂肪(SH2 M1 P 1) 3.fit adj.健康的;强健的(SH2 M1 P 1) 4.flu n. (=influenza) 流行性感冒(SH2 M1 P 1) 5.rare adj.稀少的;罕有的(SH2 M1 P 1) 6.toothache n. 牙痛(SH2 M1 P 1) 7.unhealthy adj.不健康的;有碍健康的(SH2 M1 P 1) 8.wealthy adj.富裕的;有钱的(SH2 M1 P 1) 9.rarely adv.稀少地;极少地(SH2 M1 P 1) 10.proverb n.谚语(SH2 M1 P 2) 11.anxious adj.焦虑的;不安的;渴望的(SH2 M1 P 2) 12.captain n. 队长(SH2 M1 P 2) 13.injure vt.伤害(SH2 M1 P 2) 14.injury n.伤害;损伤;受伤处(SH2 M1 P 2) 15.pain n. 疼痛(SH2 M1 P 2) 16.painful adj.疼痛的(SH2 M1 P 2) 17.normal adj. 正常的;一般的(SH2 M1 P 2) 18.lifestyle n.生活方式(SH2 M1 P 2) 19.head vi. 朝……方向前进(SH2 M1 P 2) 20.eye vt. 注视;观看(SH2 M1 P 2) 21.overweight adj.(人)太胖的;超重的(SH2 M1 P 5) 22.lung n.肺(SH2 M1 P 5) 23.throat n.喉咙;咽喉;嗓子(SH2 M1 P 5) 24.breathe vi.呼吸(SH2 M1 P 5) 25.pneumonia n.肺炎(SH2 M1 P 5) 26.prescription n. 处方(SH2 M1 P 5) 27.symptom n.症状(SH2 M1 P 5)


Words and expressions in NSE SH books 1-8 必修1 1课 1.academic adj. 学术的(SH1 M1 P1) 2.province n.省(SH1 M1 P2) 3.enthusiastic adj.热心的(SH1 M1 P2) 4.amazing adj.令人吃惊的;令人惊讶的 (SH1 M1 P2) https://www.sodocs.net/doc/6411898113.html,rmation n.信息 (SH1 M1 P2) 6.website n.网站;网址(SH1 M1 P2) 7.brilliant adj. (口语)极好的(SH1 M1 P2) https://www.sodocs.net/doc/6411898113.html,prehension n.理解;领悟(SH1 M1 P2) 9.instruction n.(常作复数)指示;说明(SH1 M1 P2) 10.method n.方法(SH1 M1 P3) 11.bored adj.厌烦的; 厌倦的(SH1 M1 P3) 12.embarrassed adj.尴尬的;难堪的;困窘的(SH1 M1 P3) 13.attitude n.态度(SH1 M1 P3) 14.behaviour n.行为;举动(SH1 M1 P3) 15.previous adj. 以前的;从前的(SH1 M1 P3) 16.description n.记述;描述(SH1 M1 P3) 17.amazed adj.吃惊的;惊讶的(SH1 M1 P2) 18.embarrassing adj.令人尴尬的;令人难堪的(SH1 M1 P4) 19.technology n.技术(SH1 M1 P4) 20.impress vt.使印象深刻(SH1 M1 P4) 21.correction n.改正;纠正(SH1 M1 P5) 22.encouragement n.鼓励;激励(SH1 M1 P5) 23.enjoyment n.享受;乐趣(SH1 M1 P5) 24.fluency n.流利;流畅(SH1 M1 P5) 25.misunderstanding n.误解(SH1 M1 P5) 26.disappointed adj.失望的(SH1 M1 P6) 27.disappointing adj.令人失望的(SH1 M1 P7) 28.system n.制度;体系;系统(SH1 M1 P7) 29.teenager n.少年(SH1 M1 P8) 30.disappear vi.消失(SH1 M1 P8) 31.move vi.搬家(SH1 M1 P8) 32.assistant n.助手;助理(SH1 M1 P8) 33.cover vt.包含(SH1 M1 P9) 34.diploma n.文凭;毕业证书(SH1 M1 P9)


Module 1 Our body and Healthy Habits Introduction Look at these words and expressions. Which of them are connected with illness? dentist diet fat fit flu (influenza) get/catch a cold health rare toothache unhealthy wealthy Read the proverbs and try to explain them in English. ?You are what you eat. % ?Healthy mind in a healthy body. % ?Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. % ?An apple a day keeps the doctor away. % Vocabulary and Reading 1.Look at these words and answer the questions. anxious; break (as in break an arm); captain; fever; injure; injury; pain; painful; normal; sweets

1. Which word is connected with food? 2. Which words are connected with body? 3. Which word means usual or ordinary? 4. Which word means leader? 5. Which word means worried about something that may happen? Zhou Kai (1) When Zhou Kai's mother saw him heading towards the front door without a jacket on, she eyed him anxiously. "Zhou Kai, where are you going?" she asked. "To the park. I'm going to play football," said Zhou Kai. "But it's raining! You'll catch a bad cold," said his mother. "No, I won't. I'll be fine," said Zhou Kai, as he opened the door. "Zhou Kai, you'll get ill. You know you will. You can at least go and get your jacket." "OK, OK." Zhou Kai went and did as he was told.


中考英语首字母填空专项练习题 一 Do you know Sweden(瑞典),It l 1 in the north of Europe(It is the fourth largest country in Europe with an a 2 of 450, 000 square kilometers and the population of about 8.5 million. Over one third of them live in the three largest cities, namely Stockholm, Goteborg and Malmo. More than half of Sweden is c 3 with trees. It is one of the r 4 countries in the world. About 100 years ago Sweden became industrialized(工业化). Today less than one third of the people are f 5 . Sweden is the country where the famous Nobel Prizes are awarded. Many people who have been to Stockholm, the c 6 of Sweden, must have visited the places where Nobel Prizes are awarded. The first language of Sweden is Swedish. English is the first f 7 language in schools. Many middle-school students can s 8 two to three languages. Most of the Swedish people,men and women, o 9 and young, can speak English. So there is no p 10 to speak with them in English( 二 I still remember visiting Moscow. It is the capital of Russia, the b 1 country in the world. I went there w 2 my parents when I was eight years old. I lived and studied there for one year, I had some happy memories.