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人教新目标八年级下册英语课文 翻译 Unit 8

人教新目标八年级下册英语课文 翻译 Unit 8


Unit 8 Have you read Treasure Island yet?


When I first arrived on this island, I had nothing. But I’ve found the ship and made a small boat. I’ve 当第一到达岛一无所有发现船制造一艘小船

brought back many things I can use— food and drink, tools, knives and guns. Although I have lost 带回很多东西食物饮料工具小刀枪虽然失去everything, I have not lost my life. So I will not give up and I will wait for another ship. I have already 一切失去我的生命将放弃等待另一艘船已经cut down trees and built a house. I go out with my gun almost every day to kill animals and birds for food. 砍倒树建造房子出去带着枪几乎杀死动物鸟作为食物I’m even learning to grow fruits and vegetables.


A few weeks ago, I found the marks of another man’s feet on the sand. Who else is on my island? How


long have they been here? Not long after that, I saw some cannibals trying to kill two men from a broken 多久在这儿不久以后看见一些食人族试着杀死两个人从破ship. One of them died but the other ran towards my house. I helped him kill the cannibals. This man now 船之一死了另一个跑向房子帮他杀食人族人现在lives with me and helps me. I named him Friday because that was the day I met him. He is smart and I


have already taught him some English.


A Country Music Song Changed Her Life Forever


When Sarah was a teenager, she used to fight over almost everything with her family. But five years ago, 当莎拉青少年过去常常争吵几乎每样东西和家人

while she was studying abroad in England, she heard a song full of feelings about returning home on the 当学习国外英国听到歌充满感情关于回家

radio. It made Sarah think about her family and friends back in the US. She came to realize how much she 广播使莎拉想起家人朋友美国逐渐意识到多么actually missed all of them. Ever since then, she has been a fan of American country music.


Country is a traditional kind of music from the southern states of America. Nashville, Tennessee is the


home of country music. Many songs these days are just about modern life in the US, such as the


importance of money and success, but not about belonging to a group. However, country music brings us 重要性金钱成功属于一类然而乡村音乐带

back to the “good old days” when people were kind to each other and trusted one another. It reminds us


that the best things in life are free—laughter, friends, family, and the beauty of nature and the countryside.


Sarah ha sn’t been to Nashville yet, but it is her dream to go there one day. She has already read a lot about 莎拉没有去过纳什维尔还梦想去那儿一天已经读了很多关于the place and done some research on it. She knows that there is a Country Music Hall of Fame Museum in 地方做了一些研究关于知道有乡村音乐名人堂博物馆Nashville. There are also always a lot of great country music concerts with famous musicians and singers, 纳什维尔有也总很多伟大的乡村音乐演唱会著名的音乐家歌手

like Garth Brooks. Sarah has already listened to most of his songs. “Garth is one of the most successful

像加思布鲁克斯莎拉已经听过大部分歌曲加思之一最成功的musicians in American history. He’s sold more than 120 million records. I hope to see him sing live one day!”音乐家美国历史售出多于百万唱片希望看见现场演唱


1. saw… trying看见…试着see sb. doing sth. 看见某人正在做某事

2. one of 之一one of 后面的名词要复数,加-s 形容词要最高级,最高级前面要定冠词the

3. named= called叫做

4. not long 不久

5. cut down 砍倒

6. go out 出去

7. give up 放弃8. wait for 等待9. full of 充满10. think about 思考11.Ever since then从那时起12. kind of 种类13. these days 现在

14. belong to 属于15. each other= one another互相, 彼此

17. more than= over 多于less than少于


译林版八年级下册英语Unit7 Comic strip课文翻译 1. Eddie,more money is needed for charity. You have some pocket money left. Let's go and donate it. 埃迪,慈善机构需要更多的钱。你还剩下一些零花钱。让我们去把它捐了吧。 2. Now? It's time for lunch. 现在吗?到吃午饭的时间了。 3. Don't worry. We can have a big lunch after that. 别担心。捐钱之后我们可以吃一顿丰盛的午餐。 4. Hobo,let me have lunch first. I'm too weak to walk any further. 霍波,让我先吃午饭吧。我太虚弱,走不动了。 Come on,Eddie. We only have five kilometres left. 加油,埃迪。我们只剩下五千米了。 How charities help people 慈善机构如何帮助人们 The Class 1,Grade 8 students want to learn about international charities. They want to find out how these charities help people around the world. 八年级一班的学生想了解关于国际慈善机构的一些情况。他们想调查出这些慈善机构如何帮助世界各地的人们。 Task Write a report on the work of an international charity. 任务写一篇关于一个国际慈善机构的工作的报道。 Welcome to the unit A 部分翻译 Charities around the world 世界各地的慈善机构 Amy has collected some information about international charities. Help her match the logos with the charities. Write the correct names in the blanks. 埃米已经搜集了一些有关国际慈善机构的信息。帮助她把徽标和慈善机构的名字连接起来。在横线上写出正确的名字。 ORBIS 奥比斯 Oxfam 乐施会 UNICEF 联合国儿童基金会 WWF 世界自然基金会 2B 部分翻译 Mr Wu is asking the students about international charities. Work in groups and say what you know about charities. Use the conversation below as a model. 吴老师正在问学生关于国际慈善机构的事。分组练习,并且说说你所知道的关于慈善机构的事。用下面的对话作示范。 Mr Wu: Do you know about any international charities,class? 吴老师:同学们,你们知道一些关于慈善机构的事吗? Daniel:Yes.I know about a charity called UNICEF. 丹尼尔:是的,我知道一个叫联合国儿童基金会的慈善机构。 Mr Wu:How does UNICEF help people? 吴老师:联合国儿童基金会是如何帮助人们的?


2018年新版八年级上册1 - 10单元 (课文+翻译) 八年级上册1 - 10单元(课文+翻译) Unit 1 Where did you go on vacation? ---------------------------------- P 2 你去哪儿度假了? Unit 2 How often do you exercise? -------------------------------------- P4 你多久锻炼一次? Unit 3 I’m more outgoing than my sister. ----------------------------- P6 我比我的姐妹外向。 Unit 4 What’s the best movie theater? ---------------------------------- P8 最好的电影院是哪家? Unit 5 Do you want to watch a game show? -------------------------- P 10 1

你想看个游戏节目吗? Unit 6 I'm going to study computer science. ------------------------- P 12我打算学习计算机科学。 Unit 7 Will people have robots? ---------------------------------------- P 14人们将会有机器人吗? Unit 8 How do you make a banana milk shake? -------------------- P16 你怎样制作香蕉奶昔? Unit 9 Can you come to my party? ------------------------------------P18 你能来我的聚会吗? Unit 10 If you go to the party, you’ll have a great time! -------------P20如果你去参加聚会的话,你将会玩得非常高兴! Unit 1 Where did you go on vacation? 你去哪儿度假了?Section A —1b(P1) Conversation 1(对话1) Xiang Hua: Hey, Tina. Where did you go on vacation? 嘿,蒂娜。你去哪儿度假了? Tina: I went to the mountains with my family. 我和家人去爬山了。Xiang Hua: Did everyone have a good time? 大家都玩得开心吗?Tina: Oh, yes. Everything was excellent. Where did you go, Xiang Hua? 哦,是的。一切都很棒。你去哪儿了,项华? Xiang Hua: I went to New York City. 我去了纽约市。Conversation 2(对话2) Girl: Where did you go on vacation, Sally? 莎莉,你去哪儿度假了?Sally: Nothing. I just stayed at home. 没有,我只是呆在家里。Girl: And did you do anything interesting, Bob? 你做了什么有趣的事吗,鲍勃? Bob: Yes, I visited my uncle. We went fishing, but we didn’t get any fish. 是的,我看望了我叔叔。我们去钓鱼了,但是没钓到鱼。Conversation 3(对话3) Boy: Did you go anywhere on vacation, Tom? 汤姆,假期你去了什么地方吗? Tom: I went to summer camp. 我去了夏令营。 Boy: Did you go with anyone? 你和别人去的吗? 2


八年级上册参考译文 Unit 1 Where did you go on vacation ? Sectoin B 2b 7月15日,星期一 1. 今天早上我和家人抵达马来西亚槟城。 2.天气晴朗炎热,于是我们决定去宾馆附的海滩。 3.我和姐姐尝试了滑翔伞运动,我感觉自己就像一只鸟。这太令人兴奋了! 4.午饭我们吃了非常特殊的东西——马来黄面,可真是好吃呀! 5.下午,我们骑自行车去了乔治市。 6.如今那里有许多新的建筑,但是许多老房子依然还在。 7.在乔治市的一处古老的地方——海墘街,我们看到了一百年前中国商人们的房子。 8.我在想这里过去的生活是什么样子呢。漫步在乔治市真是很享受。 7月16日,星期二 9.一天的差异是多么大呀!10.我和爸爸决定今天登槟城山。11.我们本想徒步到山顶,但是天下起了小雨,于是我们决定乘坐火车。 12.因为人太多,我们等了一个多小时的火车。13.当我们到达山顶的时候,雨下得很大。14.我们没有带雨伞,结果我们(被淋得又湿又冷,真实糟透了!15.并且因为糟糕的天气,底下的东西我们什么都看不到。16.爸爸没有带足够的钱,所以我们只吃了一碗米饭和鱼。因为我太饿了,饭的味道尝起来还真是不错Unit 2 How often do you exercise? 第五中学的学生们在课余时间做什么? 17.上个月,我们询问了我们的学生一些有关课余活动的问题。 18.我们的问题是有关锻炼、使用网络,以及看电视。以下是所获得的结果。 19.我们发现我们的学生中只有百分之十五每天锻炼。百分之四十五的学生一周锻炼四至六次。百分之二十的学生一周只锻炼一至 三。还有百分之二十的学生根本就不锻炼! 20.我们都知道许多学生经常上网,但是让我们惊讶的是,有百分之九十的人每天使用网络,另外百分之十的学生每周至少使用网络三至四次。绝大多数学生上网娱乐,并非为了做功课。 21.对我们提出的有关看电视的问题的回答也颇有意思。只有百分之二的学生一周看一直三次电视,百分之十三的人一星期看四至六次电视。另外百分之八十五的人每天都看电视!虽然许多学生喜欢观看体育节目,但游戏类节目却是最受欢迎的。 22.通过使用网络或观看游戏类节目来放松是件好事,但我们认为最佳的放松方式是通过锻炼。它有益于身心的健康。23.诸如参加体育运动这样的锻炼方式不但有趣,而且当你和朋友、家人一起运动时,你们还可以共度时光。24.请记住:”旧习难改。”所以赶快锻炼起来,不要等到来不及了。 Unit 3 I’m more outgoing than my sister. 25.杰夫.格林:我妈妈告诉我好朋友就像一面镜子。26.我比大多数孩子要安静持重,这便是我喜欢看书而且在班上学习更加努力的原 因。27.我的好朋友袁力也不太说话,所以我们喜欢一块学习。28.我比较腼腆,所以我不那么容易交上朋友,但我想朋友就像书籍一样—他们不在多而贵在好。

新视野大学英语2第三版unit8 textA课文翻译.doc

Unit 8 Section A Animals or children?—A scientist's choice 动物还是孩子?——一位科学家的选择 1 I am the enemy! I am one of those cursed, cruel physician scientists involved in animal research. These rumors sting, for I have never thought of myself as an evil person. I became a children's doctor because of my love for children and my supreme desire to keep them healthy. During medical school and residency, I saw many children die of cancer and bloodshed from injury — circumstances against which medicine has made great progress but still has a long way to go. More importantly, I also saw children healthy thanks to advances in medical science such as infant breathing support, powerful new medicines and surgical techniques and the entire field of organ transplantation. My desire to tip the scales in favor of healthy, happy children drew me to medical research. 1 我就是那个敌人!我就是那些被人诅咒的、残忍的、搞动物实验的医生科学家之一。这些谣言刺痛了我,因为我从来没想到自己是一个邪恶的人。我成为一位儿科医生,因为我爱孩子,也因为我的最大愿望是让他们保持健康。在医学院学习和住院医生实习时,我看到了许多儿童死于癌症和受伤流血——虽然对此医学正取得很大进步,但远非完善。更重要的是,我还看到孩子们能保持健康得益于医学的进步,如婴儿呼吸支持器,功效强大的新药物和外科手术技术及整个器官移植领域的发展。我希望孩子们健康快乐,这促使我从事医学研究。 2 My accusers have twisted the truth into a fable and cast me as the devil. They claim that I have no moral compass, that I torture innocent animals for the sole purpose of career advancement, and that my experiments have no relevance to medicine. Meanwhile, an uncaring public barely watches, convinced that the issue has no significance, and publicity-conscious senators and politicians increasingly give way to the lobbying of animal rights activists. 2 控诉我的人把真相歪曲成一则神话,并把我描写成恶魔。他们声称我没有道德界限,我折磨那些无辜动物的唯一目的就是为了自己的职业升迁,而我的实验根本与医药毫不相关。与此同时,无动于衷的公众几乎不闻不问,相信这个议题毫无意义,而具有宣传意识的参议员和政治家们却对动物权利活动家的游说不断作出让步。 3We,in medical research,have also been unbelievably uncaring.We have allowed the most extr eme animal rights protesters to creep in and frame the issue as one of"animal fraud"and hatred. We have persisted in our belief that a knowledgeable public would consent to the importance of animal research for public health.Perhaps we have been mistaken in not responding to the emoti onal tone of the argument.Perhaps we should have responded to those sad slogans and posters of animals by waving equally sad posters of children dying of cancer or external wounds. 3我们这些从事医学研究的人也显得令人难以置信的冷漠。我们允许最极端的动物权利活动家渐渐侵入,任凭他们把此类研究诬陷为“动物欺诈”和对动物的仇恨。我们一直坚信,有知识的公众会赞同动物研究对公众健康的重要性。也许我们的错误是没有对这场争论的感性基调作出反应。也许我们早应该挥动着儿童死于癌症或外伤的同样令人伤心的海报,来回应那些关于动物受害的伤感标语及海报。 4In the animal rights forum,much is made of the volume of pain these animals experience in the name of medical science.Activists deny that we are trying to help and say it is evidence of our ev il and cruel nature.A more reasonable argument,however,can be advanced in our defense.Life i

广州版初中英语八年级下册Unit 1—8课文与对照翻译

Unit 1 Helping those in need Voluntary work Three teenagers offered to do some voluntary work during the school holidays. They wrote the following reports. I did some voluntary work in a children’s hospital . The children there all suffer from serious illnesses. we organized a painting competition for them. I meet a girl called Cindy .She wanted to paint a picture of the park near her home. I went there and took some photos of it. Cindy used them for her painting. Betty There are many children without parents .I met some of these children with my mother .we taught them to tell stories .This helps them express their feelings. One child said ,”My friends don’t understand my pain. We spend time with a girl called Vivien. Her parents died in a car accident, and she is unhappy and very lonely. She needs friendship. My mother and I will continue to visit Vivien. Mark I want to help disabled children. They have difficulty walking or moving. I taught them to sing because music can bring them joy and peace. I met a boy called Tim. He hurt his legs in an accident ,but he has lots of courage. We need to help children like Tim and raise their spirits . I will continue to do voluntary work in the future. Annie 译文: 三名青少年在学校放假期间主动做一些志愿工作。他们写了以下报告。 我在一家儿童医院做了一些义工。那里的孩子都患有严重的疾病。我们为他们组织了一次绘画比赛。 我遇到了一个叫辛蒂的女孩,她想画一幅她家附近的公园的照片。我去那里拍了一些照片。辛蒂用它们来画画。贝蒂 有很多孩子没有父母。我和妈妈认识了一些这样的孩子。我们教他们讲故事。这帮助他们表达他们的感受。一个孩子说:“我的朋友不理解我的痛苦。 我们和一个叫费雯的女孩共度时光。她的父母死于车祸,她很不开心,很孤独。她需要友谊。我母亲和我将继续拜访费雯。作记号 我想帮助残疾儿童。他们行走或行走有困难。我教他们唱歌,因为音乐能给他们带来欢乐和和平。 我遇到了一个叫蒂姆的男孩。他在一次事故中弄伤了双腿,但他有很大的勇气。我们需要帮助像蒂姆这样的孩子,振作起来。今后我会继续做义工。安妮 Unit2 Body language


Module 1 Unit 1 詹姆斯老师:同学们,欢迎大家返校学习。今天,我们要讨论一下学习英语的好方法。准备好了吗?谁能提些建议? 玲玲:在课堂上我们应该一直说英语。 詹姆斯老师:好!让我们尽量多说英语吧。 大明:为什么不把错误记在笔记本上呢? 詹姆斯老师:这是一个好主意。别忘了将正确答案记在错误的旁边。还有什么建议?玲玲:每天拼读并大声地朗读新单词也是一个好办法。 詹姆斯老师:多谢玲玲。听英语广播你们觉得怎么样? 大明:是的,听英语广播对我们的发音也有好处。但是生词太多了。 詹姆斯老师:你们并不需要听懂每个单词,只要能听懂关键词和主要内容就可以了。大明:阅读也是这样。英语故事很有趣。通过阅读,我能更多地了解世界。 玲玲:我想写作也同样重要。为什么不找些英国笔友呢?我们可以给他们写写信。 詹姆斯老师:太好了!我同意你的观点。 Unit 2 问与答 把你的问题发给语言医生黛安娜。 很多学生请我就如何提高英语水平给出建议。下面是他们提出的三个基本问题 第一个问题是关于如何理解英文电影和英文歌曲的。湖北的李浩写道:“我喜欢看英文电影,听英文歌曲,但我听懂得不多。我该怎么办呢?” 看电影、听歌曲是很好的英语学习方式。多看多听几遍,然后猜猜生词的意思。每一次你都将学到新的东西。我还建议你和朋友谈一谈看过的电影或听过的歌曲。 第二个问题是关于口语的。吉林的王帆写道:“我们学校有一位来自美国的外教。但是我比较腼腆,不敢和她说话,我该怎么办?” 你可以说:“嗨!你好!”“你喜欢中国吗?”这些都是发起话题的好方式。说话

之前,对她笑一笑。记住:别害羞,多尝试。 第三个问题是关于词汇的。安徽的张磊写道:“我把生词写下来,但是很快就忘记 了,我怎么才能记住这些生词呢?” 别担心。忘记生词是正常的!我建议你每天在纸上记下四五个单词,放在房间里。 看到就念一念,并尽量运用这些单词。 Module 2 Unit l 托尼:嗨,大明,周末过得怎样? 大明:挺不错!我去了深圳。 托尼:深圳在哪儿? 大明:哦,在临近香港的海边。大约三十年前深圳还是个小村庄,但今天成了个大都市。 托尼:这么说深圳是一个比香港还新的城市? 大明:是的,深圳是个很新的城市。实际上,深圳到了20世纪80 年代才成为一个重要的城市。现在深圳越来越大,也越来越繁华了。我相信,将来它会和香港一样繁华。 托尼:深圳有多少人口? 大明:我想超过一千万吧,比中国其他许多城市的人口都要多。它的街道也更宽敞、更干净。 我认为深圳是个美丽的城市。 托尼:有朝一日我也想去那里看看。 大明:那你可要记得去看看地王大厦。它比深圳的其他许多建筑都高。 Unit 2 剑桥,伦敦和英格兰 托尼·史密斯 我来自剑桥,一座位于英格兰东部的美丽城市。剑桥位于康河河畔,有大约十二万人口。我的故乡(剑桥)因其大学学府而名满天下。许多著名人物都在这里学习过,比如艾萨克·牛顿和查尔斯·达尔文。那里有许多古老的建筑和教堂可以参观。学生和游客都很喜欢乘船沿着康河游览。 剑桥距离伦敦80 公里。伦敦位于英格兰南部,泰晤士河畔,拥有约750万人口,所以它比剑桥更大、


系统复习资料 八年级上册英语课文原文 Unit 1Where did you go on vacation? Section A 2d Rick:Hi,Helen.Long time no see. Helen:Hi,Rick.Yes,I was on vacation last month. Rick:Oh,did you go anywhere interesting? Helen:Yes,I went to Guizhou with my family. Rick:Wow!Did you see H uangguoshu Waterfall? Helen:Yes,I did.It was wonderful!①We took quite a few photos there.What about you?Did you do anything special last month? Rick:Not really.②I just stayed at home most of the time to read and relax., Section B 2b Did Jane have a good time on Monday?What about on Tuesday? Monday,July 15th I arrived in Penang in Malaysia this morning with my family.①It was sunny and hot,so we decided to go to the beach near our hotel.②My sister and I tried paragliding.③I felt like I was a bird.It was so exciting!For lunch,we had something very special-Malaysian yellow noodles.They were delicious!In the afternoon,we rode bicycles to Georgetown.④There are a lot of new buildings now,but many of the old buildings are still there.In We ld Quay,a really old place in Georgetown,we saw the houses of the Chinese traders from 100 years ago.⑤I wonder what life was like here in the past.I really enjoyed walking around the town. Tuesday,July 16th ⑥What a difference a day makes!My father and I decided to go to Penang Hill today.We wanted to walk up to the top,but then it started raining a little so we decided to take the train.⑦We waited over an hour for the train because there were too many people.When we got to the top,it was raining really hard.We didn't have an umbrella so we were wet and cold.It was terrible!⑧And because of the bad weather,we couldn't see anything below.⑨My f ather didn't bring enough money,so we only had one bowl of fish and rice.I was so hungry!But it tasted great!,


全新版第二版第一册u n i t8课文翻译

A fable for tomorrow (Rachel Carson) There was once a town in the heart of America where all life seemed to live in harmony with its surroundings. The town lay in the midst of a checkerboard of prosperous farms, with fields of grain and hillsides of orchards where, in spring, white clouds of bloom drifted above the green fields. In autumn, oak and maple and birch set up a blaze of color that flamed and flickered across a backdrop of pines. Then foxes barked in the hills and deer silently crossed the fields, half hidden in the mists of the fall mornings. 从前在美国中心有一个小镇,那里的万物看上去都与其四周的环境融洽相处。小镇的四周是像棋盘交错的生意盎然的农庄,还有一块块的田地和一座座遍布山坡的果园。春天来了,白色的鲜花云彩般地漂浮在田野上;秋天到了,橡树、枫树和桦树色彩斑斓,在一片松树林间火焰般地燃烧与跳跃。小山上狐狸吠叫,田野间小鹿静静地跃过,所有的一切都在秋天清晨的薄雾中半隐半现。 Along the roads, laurel, viburnum and alder, great ferns and wildflowers delighted the traveler's eye through much of the year. Even in winter the roadsides were places of beauty, where countless birds came to feed on the berries and on the seed heads of the dried weeds rising above the snow. The countryside was, in fact, famous for the abundance and variety of its bird life, and when the flood of migrants was pouring through in spring and fall people traveled from great distances to observe them. Others came to fish the streams, which flowed clear and cold out of the hills and contained shady pools where trout lay. So it had been from the days many years ago when the first settlers raised their houses, sank their wells, and built their barns. 在路的两旁,一年中许多时候,月桂树、荚莲、桤木、蕨类植物和各样的野花都能让过往的行人赏心悦目。即使是冬天,路边的景色依旧是美不胜收,那里无数的小鸟来觅取浆果莓和露在雪地上的枯枝上的种子。事实上,这乡村正是由于鸟类的数量和种类之繁多而出名的。在候鸟群潮涌而来的春秋季节,人们从大老远的地方慕名前来欣赏。还有的人来这里的小溪垂钓。清冽的溪水从山中流出,溪水中有许多鳟鱼藏身的背阴的水潭。所以,从许多年前开始,第一批居住者就在这里盖房挖井,搭起了自己的谷仓。 Then a strange blight crept over the area and everything began to change. Some evil spell had settled on the community: mysterious maladies swept the flocks of chickens; the cattle and sheep sickened and died. Everywhere was a shadow of death. The farmers spoke of much illness among their families. In the town the doctors had become more and more puzzled by new kinds of sickness appearing among their patients. There had been several sudden and unexplained deaths, not only among adults but even among children, who would be stricken suddenly while at play and die within a few hours. 后来,一种奇怪的摧毁力悄然袭击了这个地区,所有的一切都开始变了。某种邪恶的符咒笼罩了这个社区:神秘的疾病攻击了鸡群,牛、羊也纷纷病死,到处都有一层死亡的阴影。农夫们谈论


人教版八年级下册英语课文翻译 第一单元 UNIT 1 2d 莉萨,你好吗?我头痛,并且脖子不能动。我该怎么办?我应该量体温吗?不,听起来不像是你发烧。周末你做什么了?我整个周末都在玩电脑游戏。那很可能就是原因。你需要离开电脑休息几次。是的,我想我是一个姿势坐得太久没有移动。我认为你应该躺下休息。如果明天你的头和脖子还痛的话,就去看医生。好的。谢谢,曼迪。 3a 昨天上午九点,26路公交车正行驶在中华路上,这时司机看到一位老人躺在路边。在他旁边的一位妇女在喊救命。公交车司机,24岁的王平,没有多想就停下了公交车。他下了车并且问那个妇女发生了什么事。她说那个人有心脏病,应该去医院。王先生知道他必须快点行动。他告诉乘客他必须送老人去医院。他希望大部分或全部乘客下车去等下一辆班车。但出乎他的意料,他们都同意和他一起去。一些乘客帮助王先生把那个老人移到公交车上。 多亏了王先生和乘客们,医生及时挽救了老人的生命。“许多人因为不想有麻烦而不想帮助别人,这令人难受,”一位乘客说。“但是这位司机没有考虑自己。他只考虑挽救一条生命。”

2b 他失去了手臂但还在爬山 阿伦?罗尔斯顿是一个对爬山感兴趣的美国人。作为一名登山者,阿伦习惯于冒险。这是关于做危险运动的令人兴奋的事情之一。有许多次,阿伦因为(意外)事故几乎失去生命。在2003年4月26日,在犹他州登山时他发现自己在非常危险的处境。 在那天,当阿伦独自登山时,他的手臂被压在落在他身上的一块2000千克的岩石下。因为他的手臂不能自由活动,他在那儿待了五天,希望有人会发现他。但当时他的水喝完了,他知道他将不得不采取措施来挽救自己的生命了。他不愿那天就死去。因此他用刀子切除了他的一半右臂。然后,他用左臂给自己打上绷带以至于他不会失去太多的血。这之后,他爬下山寻求帮助。 在他失去手臂之后,他写了一本名为《生死抉择》(又译作《生死两难》)的书。他的意思是“处于一个你似乎无法摆脱的困境之中。”在这本书中,阿伦讲述了关于做出明智抉择和掌握自己生命的重要性。他对登山如此酷爱以至于即使这次经历之后他还继续爬山。 我们有和阿伦一样的勇气吗?在我们发现自己处于进退两难的处境之 前以及在我们不得不做出生死抉择之前,让我们来想想它。


Module 1 怎样学英语 Unit 1 让我们尽可能多的讲英语 詹姆斯老师:同学们,欢迎回来!今天,我们打算谈论一下学习英语的好方法。准备好了吗?谁有一些建议? 玲玲:在课堂上我们应该总是讲英语。 詹姆斯老师:好!让我们尽可能多地讲英语。 大明:为什么不在我们笔记本上记下我们的错误呢? 詹姆斯老师:那是个好主意,而且不要忘记在错误旁边写下正确的答案,还有什么其它的建议? 玲玲:每天拼写并大声朗读新单词是个好主意。 詹姆斯老师:非常感谢,玲玲,听广播怎么样? 大明:是的,那也有益于我们的发音。但有很多生词。 詹姆斯老师:你(们)不必理解每个单词(的含义)。你(们)只需要听关键词和主要意思。 大明:阅读也一样。英语故事很有趣。通过阅读我逐渐了解了世界上的许多事情。 玲玲:我认为写作也很重要。我们为什么不尽量去找些英语笔友呢?我们可以给他们写信。 詹姆斯老师:太棒了!我同意你的提议。 Unit 2 你应该向她微笑 把你的问题发送给语言博士黛安娜。 很多学生请求给予如何提高他们的英语水平的建议。这儿是三个基本问题。 第一个问是关于(如何)理解英文电影和歌曲。来自湖北的李浩写道:我喜欢看英文电影和听英文歌曲,但我理解的不多。我该怎么办呢? 看电影和听歌曲是学习英语很好的方式!看和听几遍,并猜测生词的含义。每一遍你都会学到新东西。我还建议你和朋友们谈论一下这些电影或歌曲。 第二个问题是关于口语的。来自吉林的王帆写道:“我们学校有一位来自美国的老师。我很腼腆,不敢与她说话。我该怎么办?” 你可以说:“嗨!你好吗?”“你喜欢中国吗”这些都是展开交谈的好方式。在你开始(讲英语)前,你应该


Unit 1 Where did you go on vacation? conversation: R: Hi, Helen. Long time no see. H: Hi, Rick. Yes, I was on vacation last month. R: Oh, did you go anywhere interesting? H: Yes, I went to Guizhou with my family. R: Wow! Did you see Huangguoshu Waterfall? H: Yes, I did. It was wonderful! We took quite a few photos there. What about you? Did you do anything special last month? R: Not really. I just stayed at home most of the time to read and relax. passage: I arrived in Penang in Malaysia this morning with my family. It was sunny and hot, so we decided to go to the beach near our hotel. My sister and l tried paragliding. I felt like l was a bird. It was so exciting. For lunch, we had something very special----- Malaysian yellow noodles. They were delicious. In the afternoon, we rode bicycles to Georgetown. There are a lot of new buildings now, but many of the old buildings are still there. In weld quay, a really old place in Georgetown, we saw the houses of the Chinese traders from 100 years ago. I wonder what life was like here in the past. I really enjoyed walking around the town. What a difference a day makes! My father and I decided to go to Penang Hill today. We wanted to walk up to the top, but then it started raining a little so we decided to take the train. We waited over an hour for the train because there were too many people. When we got to the top, it was raining really hard. We didn't have an umbrella so we were wet and cold. It was terrible! And because of the bad weather, we couldn't see anything below. My father didn't bring enough money, so we only had one bowl of rice and some fish. The food tasted great because I was so hungry! Unit 2 How often do you exercise? conversation: A: Hi, Claire, are you free next week? B: Hmm… next week is quite full for me, Jack. A: Really? How come? B: I have dance and piano lessons. A: What kind of dance are you learning? B: Oh, swing dance. It’s fun! I have class once a week, every Monday. A: How often do you have piano lessons? B: Twice a week, on Wednesday and Friday. A: Well, how about Tuesday? B: Oh, I have to play tennis with my friends. But do you want to come? A: Sure.