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3.Many products for sale seem to scream at us, "Buy me! Buy me!" Advertising is a big busin ess in our world with many products competing for our attention. Think of the last time you boug ht clothes. You probably noticed the variety of colors, patterns, fabrics and brands you could choo se from. Which kind of soft drink would you like to have today or what kind of computer do you want? Advertisers are skilled in the art of making their products look the best to appeal to our se nses. But products aren't always what they seem. Sometimes advertising is deceptive and as cons umers ,we must be careful about what we choose to buy. It is important to learn to compare prod ucts and identify our purpose in purchasing the things we need.

But the good thing about advertising is that it helps people to make decisions and refine thei r choices.

In the United States, the Ad Council creates timely public service messages to the nation. Th eir purpose is to raise awareness of public problems that citizens can respond to. Inspiring ads ca use individuals to take action and even save lives. Pollution in America, for example has been red uced over the years because of the creative Public Service advertisements that the council provid es" Please, please don't be a litter bug, 'cause every 'litter bit' hurts." Many families have taught t heir children to place litter in the trash can in response to this catchy phrase, which has affected g enerations as each succeeding generation has taught their children not to litter.

4.Nature imposes difficult conditions upon the earth from time to time . The tornado and fo rest fire destroy natural resources ,homes and other structures ,and very often harm or kill peopl e . Technological tragedies happen with little or no warning as we see trains crash and airplanes f all from the sky shortly after take-off. As tragic as calamities are , they seem to bring out the best in human nature . people trained in em ergency care arrive at the scene and begin assisting the inj ured .Others come with equipment to remove debris. Men , women ,and young people willingly c ome to the scene of an accident , hoping to be of help in some way . These selfless acts of kindne ss make our world a better place . compassion eases the wounds of calamities.

American Airlines flight number 587 crashed less than three minutes after taking off from JF K Airport in New York in November,2001. Witnesses s aw an engine fire develop on the plane’s nu mber one engine located under the left wing of the aircraft .seconds later ,the airliner crashed int o eight homes ,completely destroying four of them .All 260 people aboard the airplane were kille d along with six people at the crash site ,leaving many people to mourn the loss of their loved on es .the residents (people who live in the area of the crash ) rallied together to comfort those griev ing, while others removed bodies from the wreckage and did the necessary clean-up.



5.Success can be reached in different ways by people in different careers. Bill Gates began at age to program computers,His vision for personal computing has been central to the success of M icrosoft Corporation, the company he founded with his childhood friend in 1975 .

The former CEO of General Electric, Jack Welch, is a business legend. A famous quote by Mr. Welch is,” Chang before you have to. ”He believes in leading by example and encourages his empl oyees to do their best every day.

Michael Jordan s aid,”I accept failure, but I can’t accept not trying.” He is one of the best athl etes to ever play team sports. His great smile, athletic achievements, and pleasant personality ha ve made him one of the most famous athletes in the world. Michael Jordan spent a lot of time pla ying basketball as a child but in senior middle school he was taken off the team . Instead of giving up , he worked through adversity and became the greatest basketball player yet .

Celine Dion came from humble beginnings in a rural French Canadian town in Canada .The y oungest of fourteen children ,her voice is internationally known on such soundtracks as Beauty a nd Beast and Titanic .

Ronaldo is Brazil’s greatest talent in soccer since Pele .he began his professional career in th e season 90-91, playing for the Social Ramous Club .FIFA ( Federation Internationale de Football A ssociction ) voted him best player of the year in both 1996 and 1997 .In 2002 , he won the Golden Shoe Award of the FIFA World Cup with 8 goals scored.


通用电气(General Electric)前首席执行官杰克?韦尔奇(Jack Welch),是一个商业传奇。韦尔奇的名言是,“Chang之前你必须”。他相信以身作则,鼓励他的员工每天都尽其所能。



罗纳尔多以来,足球是巴西最伟大的天赋贝利。他开始他的职业生涯在90 - 91赛季,为社会多枝的俱乐部.FIFA(国际足球联合会Associction)投票选举他为年度最佳球员在1996年和1997年。2002年,他获得金靴奖的世界杯8个进球。

6.Physical activity improves our bodies’ health . A recent study , published in The New Engla nd Journal of Medicine , suggests that maintaining a heaithy level of physical fitness through exer cise can help people live longer . The findings also provide updated support to Charles Darwin’s“survival of the fittest ” theory . But repetitive exercise can become boring , leading to discourage ment , frustration , even quitting .Selecting an activity that provides enjoyment as well as physical exercise , however , can be the answer . Many people have turned to sports . Sports can provide a challenge physically as well as mentally — and increase one’s physical activity while providing s ocial interaction , a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment .

First held as part of the 1896 Olympics in Athens , Greece ,and then brought to Boston , Mas sachusetts in 1897 ,the Marathon is now an important part of culture in many cities across Ameri ca . Marathon running , usually a 40 km ( 26.2 miles ) race , is becoming increasingly popular with both men and women for its challenge of perseverance , requiring both physical and mental end urance , and its feat of accomplishment . For firsttime runners it is the culmination of a dream —a personal goal obtained after months of physical and psychological preparation and training . For veteran marathoners it’s an opportunity to improve their Personal Best — competing against the ir own fastest time . 7.A family begins with two people. Love deepens and grows between a cou ple and soon a wedding 1takes place, the beginnings of a family. Children are born, growing and 2 maturing with every passing year. When grown up, they, too, fall in love and marry. The 3process of creating a family begins again, adding generations to the family.

A day in the life of a family is 4filled with work and school, errands and chores. At the end of a busy day we can find children5 excitedly sharing the events of

their day with Mom and Dad. It is a 6time for working together and playing together. Readin g to the children,7singing songs, doing homework together, and playing games are some 8activiti es that take place during family time. A television 9show may be what each family member needs to10relax and enjoy some quiet time together. Strong family relationships are developed by spen ding quality time together.

8.Have you ever listed everything the computer does to enhance life? Form finding the resea rch to doing research, from business use to home use ,from communicating with friends and fami ly to searching for a job, computers simplify our lives and allow us to learn and discover things wi

th the click of a mouse. The Internet is like a highway system, moving bits of information across te lephone lines and cables with such speed that when we type in the web address or search for we bsites, within seconds the information appears on the computer screen. The invention of the com puter and the Internet has revolutionized how we live and work. How did we ever get along with computers?

There is opposition in all things and the computer is not an exception. While it provides us w ith many good things at our fingertips, there are those who create programs that infect the comp uter with “viruses” which destroy its memory and frustrate the computer owner. Anti-virus progr ams, however, are avaliable to combat the problem. Cybercrime also rising as Internet privacy is v iolated in a variety of ways, creating the need for better Internet security systems to be develope d.


1. 她在公共汽车站一直等到末班车进站。(come in) She waited at the bus stop until the last bus came in.


If there is any way we can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

3 .他需要多少船务人员才能使他的游艇航行?(crew, yacht) How many crew does he need to sail his yacht?

4 .虽然她的新书没有上一本好,但是我还是喜欢它。(not quite as) I enjoyed her new book though it’s not quite as good as her last one.

5 .我从未遇到过如此善良的人。(never before) Never before have I met such a kind person.


1. 我们得把感情放在一边,从专业的角度来对待这件事。(from a professional standpoint) We have to put aside our emotions and take it from a profession al standpoint.

2. 这部戏非常精彩,我很快就沉浸于激动人心的剧情之中。(lose oneself in) The play was so wonderful that I soon lost myself in the excitement of it. 3 .她没有什么爱好——除非你把看电视也算是一种爱好。(unless) She hasn’t got any hobbies — unless you call watching TV a hobby. 4. 他说他是直接从市长本人那里得到这个信息的。(first-hand)

He said that he had got the information first-hand from the Mayor himself.

5 .既然你不能回答这个问题,我们最好问问别人。(since)

Since you can’t answer the question, perhaps we’d better ask someone else.


1. 那件工作很难做,不过我想试试看。(have a shot) It’s a difficult job, but I’d like to have a shot.

2. 这是一本关于商务实践而非理论的书。(as opposed to) This is a book about business practice as opposed to theory.

3. 社会活动从未耽误她的学习。(in the way) Social activities never get in the way of her studies.

4. 直到1911年人们才发现第一种维生素。(It is not until ... that) It was not until 1911 that the first of the vitamins was identified.

5. 尽管年事已高,爷爷每天还帮忙做家务。(despite)

Despite advanced years, Grandpa helps do housework every day.


1. 他并不后悔说过的话,只是觉得他完全可以不用这种方式表达。(could have done) He did not regret what he had said but felt that he could have expressed it diff erently.

2. 我们最好等到12月14日。那时大卫已考完试,就能和我们一起去度假了。(will have done) We’d better wait till 14 December. David will have had his exam by then, so he’ll be able to go on holiday with us.

3. 他正在做一个新项目,年底前必须完成。(work on)

He’s working on a new project which has to be finished by the end of the year.

4. 他们让我们使用他们的实验室,作为回报,我们则让他们分享研究成果。(in return)

They are letting us use their lab, and in return, we are sharing with them the results of our r esearch.

5. 诸如打电话、听电话一类的事情占用了这位秘书的大部分时间。(take up)

Such things as making and answering telephone calls take up most of the secretary’s time.


1. 为了追求更为健康的饮食,人们现在吃的鱼比过去更多。(in pursuit of) In pursuit of a healthier diet, people are eating more fish than they used to.

2.我们需要在坏天气到来之前叫人把屋顶修一修。(set in)

We need to have the roof repaired before the bad weather sets in.

3. 这种疾病正在蔓延,所有儿童都有被传染的危险。(at risk) The disease is spreading, and all young children are at risk.

4. 信息通过电话线从一台电脑传到另一台电脑。(transmit)

The information is transmitted from one computer to another through a telephone line.

5. 杰克是个相当好的赛跑运动员。他在大多数情况下都能获胜。(more often than not) Jack is a fairly good runner. He wins more often than not.

unit3 A














He was "faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound." He was the world's greatest superhero. When Christopher Reeve was picked to play this role in films in 1977, audiences across the country cheered with approval. Like Superman, Christopher was dashing, handsome, and strong. Like Superman, he seemed nearly invincible. He skied, sailed, flew planes, went scuba diving, rode horses, played tennis--and

did it all with skill and ease. No one could imagine Christopher Reeve any other way.


All that changed on May 27, 1995. Christopher was in Virginia with his wife, Dana Morosini, and their young son, Will. He had entered a three-day horse riding competition there. His horse, Eastern Express, appeared to be in fine shape. The 42-year-old Christopher looked equally fit and relaxed.


The competition was going well for Christopher. He wasn't in the first place, but he wasn't in the last, either. On his third obstacle in a two-mile jumping event, however, the communication between horse and rider broke down somehow. Without warning, Eastern Express stopped short, but Christopher kept going. He pitched forward over the horse's head, landing on his own head--not moving, not even breathing.


Christopher had broken his spinal cord near the base of his skull, resulting in paralysis from the neck down. He could not speak. He could not even breathe on his own. At the time, doctors gave him only a 50-50 chance of surviving at all.


Despair filled Christopher Reeve's heart. He thought perhaps it would be best if he simply gave up. Dying seemed like the easiest and least painful thing to do. He thought it might be best for his family, too. Then he saw his wife Dana standing next to him, saying, "You're still you, and I love you."


From that moment on, Christopher thought only about living. Gathering his courage, he began to fight for his life. A few days later, Christopher underwent an operation that helped restore some feeling to his upper body. Still, doctors emphasized his limitations. He would never walk again. He would never even breathe again without the aid of a respirator.


Christopher set out to prove the doctors wrong. First of all, he wanted to breathe on his own. Five months after the accident, he asked to be taken off the respirator. He managed just 10 feeble breaths before being reconnected to the breathing tube. Refusing to be discouraged, Christopher took a few more breaths the next day. By the fourth day, he was able to breathe seven minutes without assistance. After three months, he could sustain himself for 90 minutes at a time. By the end of 1995, he was able to go home.



Soon after that, Christopher felt ready to face the world again. He had a message to spread. He wanted to tell people that no matter what challenges they faced, they shouldn't give up. Christopher began to make public appearances. He gave a motivational speech in Toronto. He spoke at a Boston University graduation. Wherever Christopher appeared, his speeches met with standing ovations--and many teary faces.在那以后不久,克里斯托弗觉得准备再次面对这个世界。他传达了一个信息传播。他想告诉人们,无论面对怎样的挑战,他们不应该放弃。他开始频频在公开露面。他给了一个在多伦多的励志演讲。他在波士顿大学毕业典礼上进行。克里斯托弗出现的地方,他的演讲会见了起立欢呼,许多悲伤的面孔。

Christopher also went back to work. Clearly he couldn't play the roles he'd played in the past. Instead he turned to directing. His first film, In the Gloaming, proved he had not lost his creative spark.


Despite his brave attitude, Christopher has had his share of "down" times. In the year following his accident, he had problems with blood clots. Later, he developed pneumonia. One day while doing physical therapy, he fell to the floor and broke his arm.尽管他勇敢的态度,克


Every day he struggled with the reality of his condition. "In the morning, I need 20 minutes to cry," he told a reporter. After nighttime dreams of running and playing with his son, he needed the 20 minutes "to wake up and make that shift..."每天他在的现实条件。“早晨,我需要20分钟哭,”他告诉记者。在夜间运行的梦想和玩他的儿子,他需要20分钟”醒来,让这种转变……”

But after the tears, Christopher always whispered, "And now, forward!" With those words, Christopher Reeve proved that although he had lost control of his body, he still had his courage, his spirit, and his inner strength. In that sense, he still was--and always would



















unit6 B




























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