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《实用英语(第四版) 第二册》Unit 2: After-Reading Task and Skills Development

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Unit 2 Text A After-Reading Task

Exercise 2

1. C

2. D

3. D

4. A

5. D

Exercise 3 Decide whether the statements are True (T) or False (F) according to the passage.

1. Most people in the United States still don’t trust surveys.

2. The oldest census in history began in the United States in 1790.

3. The census of the next decade will probably show that the small towns have larger populations than they had in 1980.

4. It seems that more Americans have been moving recently than at any other time in the nation’s history.

5. Marriage is less stable now than it was in 1970.

答案:1. F 2. F 3. T 4. T 5. T

Exercise 4 Fill in the blanks with the information given in the passage.

Surveys are very important in American life. Since the 1940s surveys have been scientifically used mainly for politicians,businesspeople and social scientists. However, the most complete and important survey for Americans is the national census. With the help of the census, they can get much more useful information about both population and changes in the United States. For example, its population, according to the census in 1980, has been growing since 1790, but the size of average American family has gone down. Census can help the government and the people to see what's happening and to adjust to the new picture.

Exercise 5 Translate the expressions into Chinese or English.

1. a human being


come into being

_形成/ 出生____

bring into being

_出现/ 使存在___

2. at a rapid rate


death rate


birth rate______


rate of exchange


rate of interest__


3. set the trend


follow the trend


change the trend of public opinion 改变舆论倾向

a trend towards quality 倾向质量的趋势

Exercise 6 Choose the correct word form to fit into each sentence. Make proper changes where necessary.

A. politics, political, politician

1. Einstein left Germany for political reasons.

2. Some young men have a great interest in politics .

3. A politician will do anything to be successful in election.

B. create, creation, creature

1. Do you know what has happened to the poor creature ?

2. The rapid increase in population has created some serious


3. Poor living conditions may be responsible for the creation of

social unrest.

C. society, social, sociology

1. We are all members of society.

2. Psychology, sociology and economics are social sciences.

3. Sociology deals with the facts of crime, poverty, marriage, divorce

and so on.

D. marry, married, marriage

1. Her marriage was a complete failure.

2. She is married to a construction worker.

3. It is said she is going to marry a famous sociologist.

Exercise 7 Fill in the blanks with the words or expressions given. Change the form if necessary.

rural widespread dramatic gain


response promote poll mysterious percentage

go down along with a great deal of at a ... rate for the purpose of

1. He soon realizes that there is something mysterious about his background.

2. Some children learn at a slower rate. It would be unfair to

expect a child with learning difficulties to keep up with faster learners.

3. Companies trying to sell and promote products know that product

research plays a vital role in sales success.

4. For the purpose of conducting a survey about people’s favorite foods, they

formed a special team.

5. Consider how your lifestyle would change if your income went down by


6. Judging by the response of the audience, he has made an effective speech.

7. The World Wide Web is able to provide us with access to a greal deal of

information on a variety of subjects.

8. The study finds that people living in towns and cities are not necessarily healthier and happier than those living in rural areas. 9. Along with many attractions all over the world, zoos face one commom question: How can they encourage repeat visits?

10. The advance in communications has brought dramatic changes in the way people live.

11. Our project is designed to provide students with an opportunity to earn additional income and gain experience in their area of interest.

12. For Australia the percentage of households with home Internet access

was 67% in 2007, while the European Union average was 56%.

13. The widespread belief that sunlight was beneficial to health was shared by physicians working in many areas of medicine.

14. The latest public opinion poll by the newspaper USA Today shows 56 percent of Americans now believe it was a mistake to send

U.S. troops to Iraq.

15. There has been a trend towards simpler styles in women’s dress


the recent decade.

Exercise 8 Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb given.

1. She just has spent/spent (spend) three weeks at her


2. I have been trying (try) to get in touch with you for several days.

3. They have been building (build) that bridge for over a year and it still

isn’t finished.

4. “They say you have been telephoning (telephone) me all morning.”

“Yes, I have telephoned (telephone) you at least five times this morning.”

5. “You look tired!”

“Yes, I have been playing (play) tennis and I haven't played (not play)

for years, so I’m not used to it.”

6. He has been sleeping/has slept (sleep) since ten o’clock. It’s time he

woke up.

7. I have known (know) Miss Huggins for several years.

I have been reading (read) her latest novel, but haven't finished

(not finish) it yet.

8. This is the third time you have been (be) here. What exactly have you come (come) for now?

9. It has been raining (rain) but it has stopped (stop) now.

10. He has been working (work) hard on his book for some time and

has finished (finish) it at last.


Exercise 9 Fill in the blanks with such or so.

1. It was __________ a cold day that we decided to stay inside.

2. He told us __________ strange a story that we could hardly

believe it.

3. He had __________ little education that he had difficulty

getting a job.

4. The lecturer was asked __________ a large number of

questions, that he couldn’t answer them all.

5. The hall was __________ a crowded place that some of us

had to stand.

6. How do you manage to speak to her with __________


7. I had never met __________ gentle a person.

8. There was __________ much to do that nobody ever got bored.

答案:1. such 2. so 3. so 4. such 5. such 6. such 7. so 8. so

语法知识:such 与so




He is such a(big)fool.他是个(大)傻瓜。

He is so foolish(a man).他是如此愚蠢(的一个人)。

2.单数名词前有不定冠词与形容词时,so和such的位置不同。前者为“so +形容词+冠词+名词”,后者为“such +冠词+形容词+名词”。例如:

I know such a clever boy.我认识如此聪明的一个男孩。

I know so clever a boy.我认识如此聪明的一个男孩。


They are such useful books.它们是如此有用的书。

He gave us such good food.他给了我们这么好的食物。


There are so many flowers in our school garden.我们学校的花园里有那么多的花。

You'll find English a bridge to so much knowledge.你会发现英语是通向如此丰富知识的桥梁。

I have so little money that I can't lend you any.我的钱很少,不能借给你。


I have never seen such little sheep before.我以前从没见过这么小的绵羊。

Text B After-Reading Task

Ex. 2

1. F

2. T

3. F

4. T

5. F

6. T

7. T

8. T

Ex. 3

1. customer

2. highly

3. reacted

4. expanded

5. commercials

6. described

7. quantity

8. Besides

9. identify 10. device

Ex. 4

1. 有礼貌的

2. 文职的

3. 事情

4. 行业





9. 回报10. 有反应

Ex. 5

1. to tell

2. to make

3. do

4. talk/talking

5. (to) get

6. to speak

7. to stay

8. go

Skills Development and Practice

Practice 2

Cause Effect

differences in natural resources nations trade

it pays to specialize nations trade

Practice 3

1. That lazy boy went to class before he had prepared his lesson. 那个懒惰的男孩没有预习就去上课了。

2. I wonder if he is coming.


3. That little bridge is anything but safe.


4. Your request is beyond my power.


5. You will fail unless you work harder.

要是不进一步努力, 你会失败的。


6. Some of the stories were really more than could be believed.


7. Be sure to lock the door when you leave.


8. Keep off the grass.


9. Wet Paint!


Practice 4 Translate the sentences into Chinese.

1. 在美国,人们普遍相信统计数字不会说谎。也许这就是调查已成为美式生活中如此重要方面的原因。

2. 许多重大变化之一便是关于人们居住在哪里的问题。美国人主要是城市居民,因为有75%的人口居住在大城市里或大城市附近。

3. 全国性的人口调查以及许多其他方面的调查给美国人提供了一幅展示社会变化的统计图,使美国政府和人民看到社会变化的情况并适应新情况。

4. 广告是我们日常生活的一部分。要了解这一事实,只要翻一翻杂志或报纸,或者数一数一个晚上在广播电视上能收到多少广告就够了。

5. 广告的目的是让人们作出反应,让他们对一种想法(例如防止森林火灾)作出反应,或者促使他们购买某一商品或服务。

Practice 5 Translate the sentences into English with the words or expressions given.

1. 20世纪40年代以来,美国商人一直在借助调查手段来研制、命名、包装和促销产品。(since)

Since the 1940s American businesspeople have been developing, naming, packing, and promoting products with the help of surveys.

2. 除了你要的苹果之外,我还给你买了些橘子。(in addition to)

In addition to apples you asked for, I bought you some oranges. 3. 杰克不久就适应了部队生活。(adjust to)

Jack soon adjusted to army life.

4. 广告把销售信息同时传给许多人。(distribute)

Advertising distributes the selling message to many people at one time.

5. 也许有一天直升机(helicopter)会取代汽车。(take the place of)

The helicopter may take the place of a car some day.

6. 广告制作已发展成一种高度专业化的职业。(develop into) Advertising has developed into a highly specialized profession.

Practice 6 The parts of the sentences have been mixed up. Join the 6 parts on the left with the correct parts from the 8 on the right.

c 1. The meeting was a great success; a. everybody believes that

she was brought up in China.

h 2. Such behaviour may result in b. the heart to beat faster.

f 3. Mr Green is very strict with his c. the Chairman’s popularity

students because


d. he was unsuccessful.

a 4. She speaks Chinese so fluently that e. it must be handled very


g 5. Watching too much television leads to f. he wants them to


rapid progress.

b 6. The lack of oxygen causes g. loss of creative ability.

h. his being asked to leave.

Practice 7 Write sentences to express cause and effect relationshipsaccording to the given information and use the signal words provided.

Cause Effect

Signal Words

1. the scheme does not work out another one since We’d better try to work out another one since the scheme does not work.

2. smoking lung cancer

lead to

Excessive smoking often leads to lung cancer.

3. the operation the patient much pain


The operation caused the patient much pain.

Cause Effect

Signal Words

4. cold river freeze

so ... that

It was so cold that the river froze.

5. population increases a food shortage so ... as to

The population was increasing so rapidly as to cause a food shortage.

6. hard work paper published

the result of

The result of his hard work was a paper published on a journal. Practice 8 Look at the table carefully, then do the exercise which follows.

Complete the following description of the information above. Write a suitable signal word of cause and effect in each of the blanks.

Firstly, turning right without due care (1) ______________________ 808 accidents in 1994. Secondly, (2) _______________ pedestrians crossed roads carelessly, 662 accidents occurred. Next, although there was a 6% decrease in drivers failing to give a signal, nevertheless there were 511 accidents (3) ____________________ this. In 1994, 25% more drivers than in 1993 lost control of vehicles. (4)

___________________________________________ there were 462 accidents. In the fifth place came drivers improperly overtaking other vehicles: these (5) ______________________ 446 accidents. Finally there was a 20% fall in drivers misjudging distances; however, they were still the (6) _________________ 302 accidents.

答案:1. caused/resulted in/led to 2. because as since 3. because of as a result of 4. Consequently /Therefore/As a result/Because of this 5. caused/ led to/ resulted in 6. cause of/reason for

Practice 9

Invitation Card Invitation card is a kind of card which is used to write some messages for inviting someone to attend some activity. Invitation cards are classified into two kinds – formal and informal.

Formal invitation card is usually printed and ready–made. It

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