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大学英语精读 第三版 1-4册课后翻译



1.史密斯太太对我抱怨说,她经常发现与自己十六岁的女儿简直无法沟通。Mrs. Smith complained to me that she often found it simply impossible to communicate with her 16-year-old daughter.


I strongly believe that reading simplified versions of English novels is an easy and enjoyable way of enlarging our vocabulary.


I don’t think we have done enough to protect our environment from pollution.

4.除了每周写作文外,我们的英语老师还给我们布置了八本书在暑假里阅读。In addition to/Apart from writing compositions on a weekly basis, our English teacher assigned us eight books to read during the summer vacation.


We have learned reliable sources that a native English speaker is going to teach us spoken English next term.

6.经常看英语电影不仅会提高你的听力,而且还会帮助你培养说的技能。Watching English films on a regular basis will not only improve your ear, but will also help you build your speaking skills.

7.如果你们对这些学习策略有什么问题,请随便问我。我将更详细地进行讲解。If you have any questions about these learning strategies, please feel free to ask me. And I’ll explain them in greater detail.


The Canadian girl is good at seizing every opportunity to speak Chinese that’s why she has gained a good command of spoken Chinese in less than three years.



Fortunately, there was a hospital nearby. We immediately sent him there.


After succeeding in landing on George Island, the captain sent a message to the headquarters by radio.


He had made up his mind to go on with his experiment, but this time he was going to do it another way.


While reading the novel, she couldn’t help recalling the five years that she had sp ent in the countryside.


Mary felt it difficult to carry out her plan all by herself.


We didn’t think he could cover the distance within a quarter, but he succeeded in doing so.

7.甚至在他的医生告诉他患有肺癌之后,奇切斯特仍不肯放弃环球航行的宿愿。Chichester refused to give up his old dream of sailing around the world, even after his docter told him that he had lung cancer.


While I was busy making a kind of new rats catcher, Mark came and dragged me out to watch a flower exhibition.



That famous actor seemed content to paly a minor part in the play.


National Day is round the corner. Let’s give our bedroom a thorough cleaning.


With much reluctance, she let a young doctor operate on her.

4.他们已安排好让我们明天去游览长城,我相信我们在那一定会玩得很开心。They’ve already arranged for us to visit the Great Wall tomorrow. I’m sure we’ll have

a good time there.

5. 老人读完信后失望之极,竟用颤抖的手指把它撕得粉碎。

After reading the letter the old man was so disappointed that he tore it into little bits with trembling fingers.


The old couple were proud of their grandson, who got/won two gold medals and one bronze medal at the 26rd Olympic Games.


Even if his grandmother could not come to his birthday party, she would send him a lovely present. Tom was sure of that.


It was Mary’s twentieth birthday yesterday. Her father sent her a pair of boots. Her mother bought her a box of chocolates. And her boy friend brought her a bunch of red roses.


1. 接受这份工作就得经常在周末上班,但约翰并不在意。

To take this job would involve working on weekends frequently, but John didn’t mind.


It is well know that lung cancer is caused at least in part by smoking too much..


My grandparents said that the man who invented television had once lived in their neighborhood.


I propose that we go to find Prof. Smith in his office right after the meeting and invite him to our English evening.


Having been operated on twice for the disease, she was so weakened that she could barely stand up.


Educators think that the generation growing up with television spend so much of their time in front of the TV that they do not have enough time to study.


I do hope that you can come up with a better solution than this.


At first glance the picture didn’t look very good, but after examining it carefully we found that it was indeed a masterpiece.



Jane picked up a magazine from the bookshelf and began to read here and there at random.


I enclosed a few illustration for the story with the letter.


A high wall enclosed that ancient building.


Dr. Green is busy working on medicine for curing AIDS, but he will be able to fit in about twenty patients on Monday morning from next month.

5.他讲了个故事来说明为什么在详细查看其条款之前决不要在任何合同上签字。He told a story to illustrate why you should never sign on any contract before examining its provisions carefully.


They always told her that she had a genius in math. She felt embarrassed about it.


God knoes when our dumb guy will graduate from high school.


Both Henry’s latest novel an his daughter’s first one were published three months ago. To their astonishment, the latter has already sold over one million copies.



It was reported that the building of the railway had been held up by a flood.


The strike resulted in the management’s accepting the workers’ demands.


Workers of the coalmine decided to go on strike for better working conditions.


I very much want to buy the English dictionary, but unfortunately I don’t have enough money on me.


I’d like to talk over with you about the English translation of the essay before I send it to Mr. Hobbs.


The foreign expert hopes to achieve all his objectives in three years.


What do you think a scientist must do if he wants to keep up with the latest development in his field?

8.作者认为,如果优秀工人经常得到加薪和提级,他们就会有更大的生产积极性。The author believes that if excellent workers get frequent pay increases and promotions, they will have greater incentive to work.


1. 萨姆买不起他极想要的那种照相机,因为那相机太贵了。

Sam could not afford the camera he longed for because it was too expensive.


He was busy writing the story all the morning, only breaking off occasionally to have

a cup of tea.


He is the son of a wealthy family, but he seems to have come down in the world.


He often took advantage of her lack of business sense to cheat her.


Prof, Wang, would you do us a favor by coming to our English evening this Saturday?


He does not seem to be an old man in his eighties, considering his appearance.

7.他们肯定没打算把他培养成一名工程师,我猜想他们永远也不会这样做。Undoubtedly they do not have the intention of making an engineer of him, and I suspect they never will.


I suspected there was no quality control whatsoever in the factory. After making observations for a week I found this was indeed the case.



I am lucky to have acquired a wide range of skills when I was young.


These drawings, which are worth something like 50 million dollars, must not be exposed to direct sunlight.


I know my son got talent when be composed his first poem.

4.由于流感在社区传播,她用暖和的冬衣将自己裹起来,以防传染上这种疾病。As the flu was spreading in the community, she wrapped herself in warm winter clothing to avoid catching the disease.


The defendant denied that he had ever made any payment to the government official to get a contract.


I was startled to see heslapped his wife in the face when she revealed a family secret.


He astonished everyone present by saying that he possessed a secret paper about the war. He then snapped open his briefcase and began to read it.


As he gradually acquired confidence, his tone became natural and his words came out spontaneously.



Gases such as carbon monoxide, emitted by factories and automobiles, have seriously polluted the atmosphere.


The industrial engineer’s letter indicates that he doubts the feasibility of the plan.


Many parents in the United States set aside a fund for their children’s education before they are born..


I have made sure that her conclusion is based on facts.


The medical team, composed of three doctors and two nurses, set off for the mountain(ous) area a few days ago.


The village is named after the high mountain that stands in front of it.


He was ill for about a week, which has really set him back in his studies.


The war that broke out between the North and the South in 1861 is known in history as the American Civil War.



We were caught up in a discussion about the situation in the Middle East when the professor walked into the classroom.


A truck pulled into the snow-covered playground of the school.


Sometime after midnight, the enemy was/were forced to retreat.


It was in that small room that they worked diligently and dreamed of better days to come.


When she heard the bell ringing, the old lady rose from her chair and made her way to the door.


After a day’s fight, our soldiers succeeded in taking over some important enemy positions.


The elderly woman angrily exclaimed that she had been cheated by the shop girl.


Soon after I boarded the bus, I noticed a strange-looking man. He wore an ill-fitting coat, and sat rooted in his seat.



1.Their argument ended when she slammed the door and left without a word.


2.The guest at the dinner party were slightly surprised at the commanding tone of the American.


3.Johnny has outgrown the fear of staying at home alone.


4.While all the other passengers made for the exit, he alone remained in his seat as if unwilling to leave the plane.



5.The letter is to be handed to Dr. Wilson himself.


6.While she felt like joining in the argument, Nancy was too shy to open her mouth. 南希虽然很想参加辩论,但腼腆得不敢开口

7.What do you think is the likeliest time to find him at home?


8.The hunter’s face (was) lit up with excitement as soon as he saw a fox emerge from among the bushes and run in the

direction of/ make for the trap he had laid.



1.It was suggested at the meeting that a committee of 11 be appointed to make a new constitution.


2.By making on-the-spot observation, the young scientist obtained first-hand information they needed in their research work.


3.It is very likely that he will be rejected by the army because of his bad eyesight. 他很可能会因视力不好而被拒收入伍

4.The committee members have conflicting opinions as to the best location of the new airport.


5. Henry’s works of art are superior in many respects to those of his brother’s.


6. The steady rise in the quality of our products owes much to the improvement of our equipment.


7. Jim would have preferred to act on his own judgment, but he didn’t beca use as a soldier he had to obey the order.

吉姆本想按照自己的判断行事,但他没有这样做,因为作为军人他得服从命令8. Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a city without bikes or one without cars. I should not hesitate a

moment to prefer the latter.



1. She got a post as a cashier at a local bank. But she was soon fired because she proved to be incompetent.


2. It is obviously/clearly his young assistant who is running the book store.


3. No sooner had the proposal been announced at the meeting than she got to her feet to protest.


4. Bill has applied to Harvard University for a teaching assistantship, but his chances of getting it are slim.


5. Being short of funds, they are trying to attract foreign capital.


6. The room smells of stale air. It must have been vacant for a long time.


7. As far as hobbies are concerned, Jane and her sister have little in common.


8. It is self-evident that the education of the young is vital to the future of a country.



1. The little girl ran so fast that she was thrown off balance and fell over/down.


2. I was impressed by his devotion to his research but I did not have the slightest interest in his profound theories.


3. Be sure not to say anything capable of being misunderstood.


4. I was so bewildered by their conflicting advice that I did not know how to act.


5. At first this complicated problem frustrated them, but after thinking it over carefully they finally worked out a solution.


6.The head of the sports delegation beamed with delight when a young pioneer presented him with a bunch of flowers.


7.I really don’t see why our English teacher should single out our monitor for praise since we have all done quite well this term.


8.I believe in the theory that the higher animals developed from the lower ones.



1. 如果富有的国家多花些钱搞绿色工业,而不是去建立军事机器和制造核武器,当今许多广泛存在的污染问题将会逐渐消失。

If the rich countries spent more money on green industries, instead of on building up military machines and nuclear weapons, many of today's widespread pollution problems would gradually disappear.

2. 烧煤的时候,不仅消耗房子里面的氧气,而且还散发出有毒的气体。

The burning of coal not only consumes the oxygen in the house but also gives out poisonous gases.

3. 显然,找到替代能源对我们经济的稳定发展是至关重要的。

Apparently, finding alternative energy sources is essential to the steady development of our economy.

4. 太阳能电池(solar cell)能吸收阳光并把它变成电。

Solar cells can absorb sunlight and convert it into electricity.

5. 如果地球上的温度继续年复一年地上升,极地的冰帽将会开始融化,沿海城市中一半的建筑物很可能会消失在劈啪飞溅的海浪下面。

If the temperature on the Earth continues to go up from year to year, the polar ice caps will begin to melt and, in all likelihood, half of the buildings in coastal cities will disappear beneath splashing sea waves.

6. 因为这些生物很小并且常常躲在叶子茂密的植物下面,肉眼并不都可以看见。Because these creatures are small and tend to hide beneath leafy plants, they are not always visible to the naked eye.

7. 由于受到原子辐射,他最终在工作时倒下了。

As a result of exposure to atomic radiation, he finally collapsed at work.

8. 有明显的证据表明工作上的重压与身体的某些毛病有联系。

There is distinct evidence of the connection between heavy pressure of work and some disorders of the body.


1. If / As long as you keep on trying, you will be able to resolve this difficult problem sooner or later.


2. We anticipate encountering / that we will encounter resistance to our plan / our plan will meet with resistance.


3. Jim’s friends said that the noise pollution in their city was terrible, but they had to live with it.


4. At first Tom thought that with his knowledge, skill and experience he was bound to

find a satisfactory job.


5. It would be wise (advisable) to handle this delicate problem with calmness and patience.


6. Dick thought that if he was not able to take the machine apart, chances were that no other worker in the plant could, either.


7. Do you think bus drivers should take full responsibility for the passenger’s safety. 你是否认为公共汽车司机应对乘客的安全负完全的责任?

8. You need not dwell on your mistakes in judgment any more. What’s important is to try your best to avoid repeating them.



1. 在当地政府的领导下,村民们奋起应付由水灾造成的严重粮食危机。

Under the leadership of the local government, the villagers rose to the serious food crisis caused by the floods.

2. 这个展览会很受欢迎,吸引着源源而至的参观者。

The exhibition is very popular and is attracting a steady stream of visitors.|

3. 妈妈上楼来查看我们这些孩子时,我转过身假装睡着了。

When Mom came upstairs to check on us kids, I turned over and pretended to be asleep.

4. 对阿姆斯特德来说,向毒贩展开斗争是个挑战。虽然她感到紧张不安,但她决心勇敢地面对这些人。

Waging a battle against the drug pushers was a challenge to Armstead. She felt rather nervous but she decided to confront them.|

5. 老太太叫我小心些,不要与那些在街角闲荡的家伙讲话。

The old lady told me to be cautious and not to talk to the guys hanging out on the street corner.|

6. 一个卫生组织促使地方政府为建造一所新的医院筹措三百万美元的资金。

A health organization prompted the local government to raise a three-million-dollar fund for a new hospital.|

7. 那个曾放火烧教堂的男子打开门时,迎面遇到十来个持枪的警察。

Opening the door, the man who had set fire to the church found himself confronted by a dozen policemen with guns.

8. 据报道,燃烧了两个多小时的熊熊烈火始于一个废弃的仓库。

It is reported that the fire which raged for more than two hours started in an abandoned warehouse / store.


1. Vast amounts of investment have enabled the economy of the area to grow rapidly. 巨额投资使这一地区的经济得以迅速发展。

2. They launched a campaign to raise money for a new hospital.


3. It is true that success lies in diligence.


4. Men of high moral standards, they are never to be tempted to take such expensive gifts.


5. There are indications that numerous factories are faced with a very difficult situation.


6. The police arrested the criminal on a charge of armed robbery several hours after they found an important clue to his identity.

警方找到罪犯是谁的重要线索后,在几个小时内就以武装抢劫罪拘捕了他。7. Investigation has revealed that retirement tends to cause psychological troubles for some people.


8. The medical team did more than complain about the relatively poor working conditions at the local hospital. For instance,

several doctors bought simple medical instruments with their own money.



1.Everything indicates that something has gone wrong with his plan.


2.The author thinks that we should not take it for granted that those who score high on intelligence tests will certainly

do well in practical work.


3.I singled out a few English idioms to test my classmates


4.Three professors were invited to design the curriculum for new teachers assess.


5.This is but just a small loss to us. Don't make a fuss over it.


6.He scored far more than any of his opponents, which proved him a worthy winner.他比任何对手的得分都高很多,证明他不愧为一个胜利者.

7.The two animals are alike in appearance, but they belong to different species.


8. I don't know for sure whether the bank will grant him the loan he has applied for.



1.Through the article the author wants to convey to the readers his opinion on praise and criticism.


2.Of the dozen of waitresses in the restaurant, only three have had any previous experience.


3. Though he isn't much of a scholar, the teacher does know how to teach a course in

a lively and interesting manner.

这位教师可能不是一个了不起的学者,但他的确懂得怎样把一门课教得活泼而有趣。(in a ... manner)

4.We often find that to apply a rule is much more difficult than to know it.


5.She never scolds her children for squabbling. Instead, she gives them a few words of praise when they play quietly.


6.Mr. Green was always critical of his daughter's writings, but somehow he commented favorably on that poorly written poem of hers.


7.Quite a few students in our class were publicly criticized by the teacher for failing to hand in their compositions on time.


8.A good teacher should be very alert to his students' progress. If their progress is ignored, the students will feel discouraged.





The spokesman made it clear that the President would not cancel the trip under any circumstances.


Jack didn't know anything about any of the books on the bookshelf, so his choice was quite arbitrary.


The subsequent events confirmed my suspicions once again.


I think we should encourage high school students to find temporary jobs / employment during their summer holidays.

5.令我们吃惊的是,这位常被赞为十分正直的州长(governor)竟然是个贪官(corrupt official)。

To our surprise, the governor who had often been praised for his honesty turned out to be a corrupt official.

6.少数工人得到提升(be promoted),与此同时却有数百名工人被解雇。

A few workers were promoted, but meanwhile hundreds of workers were dismissed.


Given the chance, John might have become an outstanding painter.


Several hours later, the boy was found wandering around in the woods.

UNIT 2(P-39)


It is important to have easy and quick access to information, but it is even more important to learn to look at / view information in new ways. A major medical breakthrough may illustrate the point. Scientists had intended to find a cure for smallpox, but they got nowhere. Edward Jenner, a British physician, abandoned the quest for a cure and conquered the disease by finding a way to prevent it. Obviously, it was creative thinking that led to his fruitful work. In short, it definitely pays to keep this in mind: there is more than one way to look at / view volumes of data you download.

UNIT 3(P-59)


Many American students apply for government loans to pay for their education / tuition.


Besides reading materials, the use of films and multimedia can stimulate students' interest in a subject.

3.这位律师试图说服陪审团(jury)他的当事人(client)是无辜的。(convince sb. of)

The attorney / lawyer tried to convince the jury of his client's innocence.


Asking questions often generates the spark of creativity.


I have sent off my résumé to several corporations, but haven't yet received a reply.


Her conclusion is built / based on a careful analysis of current international affairs.


We came to the meeting full of expectations, yet we left very disappointed.


At the moment he has to take the job of distributing leaflets to promote products for a cosmetic company.

UNIT 4(P-85)


Could you imagine a woman with a severe physical handicap running a website on her own and covering the Los Angles Dodgers as extensively as a professional sportswriter? I would never believe it if I had not seen her with my own eyes, curled up in a wheelchair, typing her comments by hitting the key with a pointer fastened to her head. I had driven a long way in hopes of uncovering an elaborate hoax, but watching her strain in the gloom of her shanty to add to her story, I knew I had found a true winner. Her enthusiasm for the game and her trust in the athletes brought me back to a positive attitude.

UNIT 5(P-109)


As far as ability is concerned, I am sure he will qualify for the job.

2.认为约翰会因为他的失礼(being impolite)而向他们正式道歉,那就错了。

It is wrong to assume that John will formally apologize to them for being impolite.

3.这一丑闻(scandal)对正在力争赢得大选的工党(the Labour Party)来说,无疑是一件尴尬的事。

This scandal will undoubtedly be an embarrassment to the Labour Party, which is trying hard to win the election.

4.我正在努力地写学期论文(term paper),可是我的小妹妹却不断冲进我的房间打扰我。(at work on ...)

I was hard at work on a term paper, but my baby sister kept interrupting me by bursting into my room.


I asked her several times, but she refused to respond to my question.


In the West, people often send away for mail-order goods, which can save a lot of time.

7.抱歉, 时间不多了,我建议我们跳到最后一章。

Sorry time is running out; I suggest we skip to the last chapter.

8.既然你决心尽快完成硕士课程(master's program), 那就别让你的社交生活(social life)妨碍


Since you have set your mind to finishing your master's program as soon as possible, don't let your social life stand in the way of your studies.

UNIT 6(P-147)

1.装了(fitted with) 假肢(artificial leg),他起初走路走不稳,但经过锻炼他的步子(step) 稳了。

Fitted with the artificial leg, he walked unsteadily / shakily at first, but with practice his steps became steady.


The doctor said I had caught a severe cold and she prescribed me four different medicines. Three

of them are pills to be taken after meals and the other is liquid to be drunk before going to bed.


My sister felt miserable for weeks after she had her pet dog stolen.


Jenny was still standing at the gate gazing at the end of the road long after the car was out of sight.


As far as I know, they have been emotionally detached from each other for some time.


In general, prices may be brought down by increasing supply or decreasing demand.

UNIT 7(P-178)

1.像平常一样,他在开始洗漱(get washed)前,将收音机调至早晨七点的新闻广播。

As usual, he tuned his radio for the 7 a.m. news broadcast before he began to get washed.


There are a lot of papers to sign, but the only urgent one is this contract.

3.在该市,因吸毒(drug abuse)和赌博(gambling)而引发的罪行在发展,当地政府似乎找不出对付这一问题的办法。

In that city crime born of drug abuse and gambling is on the rise, and the local government seems unable to figure out a way to cope with it.

4.在那些日子里,我能弄到什么就看什么,只要是用英文写的。(get one's hands on)

In those days I would read everything I could get my hands on so / as long as it was written in English.

5.我敢肯定那座楼在空袭(air raid)中一定被完全炸毁了。

I bet the building must have been completely destroyed in the air raid.

6.她被这突如其来的打击(unexpected blow)吓得好几分钟讲不出一句话来。

She was so scared by the unexpected blow that she could not speak a word for several minutes.

Scared by the unexpected blow, she could not speak a word for several minutes.

7.幸好惊慌中她抓住了他的大衣, 否则她会从栏杆上掉下去。

Lucky enough she grabbed hold of his overcoat in panic, otherwise she would have fallen over the rail.

UNIT 8(P-203)


We didn't like his attitude that he deserved special treatment.


Even if you are one of the best students in class, in order to maintain your grades you must review your lessons often.


Some of the old fantasies about the space age have come true.


It is true that some people achieve success very early in life, while others must work a long time before attaining their goals.


He maintained that the failure of the experiment was largely due to inadequate preparation.


Researchers now recommend that we take time every day to project our desired goals onto the screen in our minds.

UNIT 9(P-229)

今年三月初的一个美好夜晚,我和我的家人到上海大剧院(Shanghai Grand Theater)看著名的音乐剧(musical)《剧院魅影》(#The Phantom of the Opera#)。爱情是该剧的主题, 然而它说的却是一场三角恋爱的故事(a love triangle)。一位名叫克里斯汀(Christine)的年轻的女高音歌唱家引起一个经常戴着面具出没于(haunt)巴黎歌剧院的幽灵的注意,他爱上了她。可是,克里斯汀的一位从前童年的朋友,如今是一位年轻而又富有的美男子也爱上了她。剧情围绕他们三人展开。他们的演唱和演技都非常好,他们演出时充满情感,同时,合唱部分也很和谐。自始至终,演出就像放在我们面前的佳肴,那绝对是一种享受。演出在观众雷鸣般的掌声中结束。

该音乐剧于1986年首次上演,其原创人员(creative team)几乎一夜成名。迄今该剧已在全球22个国家对一亿多人演出过。这确实是一次巨大的胜利。

One beautiful evening in early March this year my family and I went to see the famous musical "The Phantom of the Opera" at the Shanghai Grand Theater. Love is its theme; yet love in a love triangle. A young soprano named Christine attracts the attention of the phantom who , always wearing a mask, haunts the Paris Opera House, and he falls in love with her. However, Christine’s form er childhood friend, now a handsome, wealthy young man, loves her, too. The plot unfolds around the three of them. The singing and acting were superb; all performed with passion while the chorus parts were done perfectly in tune. From beginning to end the performance was like a delicious banquet spread out / delicious food put in front of us. It was sheer joy, ending amid the thunderous applause of the audience.

This musical was first staged in 1986 and its creative team made a name for itself almost

overnight. It has so far played to over 100 million people in 22 countries around the world, a tremendous triumph indeed.

UNIT 10(P-255)


In fact, there are different accounts of the shipwreck in the newspapers.


It is said that the area was well advanced in agriculture as early as 2,000 years ago.


Watch how he operates the machine and then do likewise.


Kong Fansen embodies all the fine qualities of a communist.


Among the professional women in these countries, there is a trend towards having children in their thirties.


There is an interval of a week between Christmas and New Y ear's Day.

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We were informed that the Minister of Finance was to give us an audience / receive us the next day.


I thought it odd that he didn’t seem to remember his own birthday.


Next Tuesday is the deadline for handing in the term papers, but most students have hardly made a dent in the work so far.


It pained the headmaster to find the number of students shrinking.

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