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unit 1. 我们接到通知,财政部长将于次日接见我们。

We were informed that the Minister of Finance was to meet us the next day.

2. 我觉得很奇怪,他似乎不记得自己的生日。

I thought it odd that he didn ' t seem to remember his own birthday.

3. 学期论文最迟应在下星期二交来,可是大部分学生却至今几无进展。

Next Tuesday is the deadline for handing in the term papers, but most students have hardly made a dent in the work so far.

4. 看到学生人数不断减少,校长心里很难受。

It pained the headmaster to find the number of students shrinking.

5. 在那个国家一般用现金付账,但支票变得普通起来了,不久会代替现金作为人们结账的一种方式。

Cash is commonly used in paying bills in that country, but checks are becoming more popular and will, in a short while, replace cash as a way for people to settle their accounts.

6. 该公司声称,这条河流的污染不是它造成的。

the company claims that it is not responsible for the pollution in river. unit2

1. 比尔已是个成熟的小伙子,不再依赖父母替他作主。

Bill is a mature young man who is no longer dependent on his parents for decisions.

2. 这个地区有大量肉类供应,但新鲜果蔬奇缺。

There are abundant supplies of meat in this region, but fresh fruit and vegetables are scarce.

3. 工程师们依靠工人们的智慧,发明了一种新的生产方法,使生产率得以提高。

Drawing on the wisdom of the workers, the engineers invented a new production method that led to increased productivity.

4. 他花了许多时间准备数学考试,因此当他获知自己只得了个 B 时感到有点失望。

He spent a lot of time preparing for his math exam. Hence he was somewhat disappointed to learn that he got only a B.

5. 我们有充裕的时间从从容容吃顿午饭。

We have ample time for a leisurely lunch.

6. 地方政府不得不动用储备粮并采取其他紧急措施,以便渡过粮食危机。

The local government had to draw on its grain reserves and take other emergency measures so as to pull through the food crisis.


1. 萧伯纳在他一个剧本的前言中提出这样的看法:今天人们比在中世纪时更加迷信。

In the preface to one of his plays, Bernard Shaw advances the idea that people are more superstitious today than they were in the Middle Ages.

2. 丈夫死后,她只好独自挑起抚养五个孩子的经济重担。

After her husband died, she had to bear the severe financial burden of raising five children by herself.

3. 证明或驳斥某个观点的最好办法之一是从亲身经历中举出例子。

One of the test ways to prove or refute a point is to cite examples from your own experience.

4. 亨特说贝蒂老是夸大他的缺点,这话很可能会引起一场争吵。

Hunt ' s statement that Betty always exaggerates his faults may well lead to a quarrel.

5. 科学家发现产生日全蚀这一现象的原因之前,每当黑暗在大白天降临时人们就怕得要命。Before scientists discovered the cause of the total eclipse of the sun, people were extremely frightened when darkness fell in the middle of the day.

6. 一家人聚拢来讨论经济问题时,父亲一开头就说,每月存点钱是绝对必要的,遇到紧急情况,我们可以依靠积蓄。

When the family gathered to discuss matters of finance, Father started off by saying that it was absolutely necessary to set aside some money each month, for in an emergency we could fall back on our savings.


1. 这几个省的强队在会上一致宣布他们将参加下一届全国足球赛。

The strong teams from these provinces declared unanimously at the meeting that they would take part in the next national football matches.

2. 乔治因踢了对方球员企图使他丧失比赛能力而受到重惩。

George was severely punished for kicking an opponent in an attempt to put him out of action.

3. 药物学家们做了一系列实验来试验这种治癌新药;听说过此事的医生正急切地等着结果。

The pharmacologists have carried out a series of experiments to test the new medicine for cancer, and doctors who have heard of this are anxiously awaiting their result.

4. 那位业余歌手在歌吟比赛中击败了众多的职业歌手,真令人难以置信。

It is incredible that the amateur singer could have beaten the large number of professionals at the singing contest.

5. 我在打猎归家途中,看到史密斯先生和他的孩子们正使劲把汽车推出烂泥地,就赶紧走过去帮助他们。

On my way home from hunting, I found Mr. Smith and his children straining to get their car out the mud and went immediately to help them.

6. 市领导为国家赢得荣誉的运动员举行了宴会,其中有一名来自我县的杰出田径运动选手。The city leaders held a banquet in honor of the sportsmen who had won glory for our nation, and among them was the outstanding track-and-field athlete from our county.


1. 我确信这项所谓明智的决定,与期望相反,会带来极其严重的后果。

I am convinced that, contrary to expectations, the so-called informed decision will bring very grave consequences.

2. 诚然,他曾欺骗你,但他已经承认自己做错了,并道了歉。所以你不应该老是以怀疑的态度对待他。

It ' s true he once deceivdeyou, but he has admitted he has done wrong and apologized. So you shouldn ' t always treat him with suspicion.

3. 他在这个问题公开进行讨论之前就已表明了自己的立场。

He had taken a stand on the issue before it was openly debated.

4. 在调查过程中,他们发现了种种形式的政治腐败,并揭露了许多贪官污吏

In the course of their investigation, they discovered various forms of political corruption and exposed

a number of corrupt officials.

5. 玛丽的两难处境是:把真相告诉老板从而失信于她的同事,还是让老板蒙在鼓里从而辜负他的信任。

Mary ' s dilemma was whether to betray her colleagues by telling her boss the truth or to b etray his

trust by keeping him in the dark about it.

6. 首先,是什么使你认为这项规划会促进改革?其次,你怎么知道这些改革会让全县得到好处?

Now, in the first place, what has made you think this program will promote reforms, and in the second, how do you know these reforms will benefit the whole county?


1. 从书中吸取知识的最有效办法之一,是在页边空白处作有见地的笔记。

One of the most effective means of absorbing knowledge from a book is to make intelligent notes in the margins.

2. 热天很难保藏食品,使之保持新鲜与食用安全。很自然,很多人觉得在夏季还是不上饭


In hot weather it is rather difficult to preserve food and keep it fresh and safe to eat. Naturally, many people prefer not to eat in restaurants during the summer months.

3. 阅读时在作者强调的论点底下划线,对我们会有所裨益。

It will do us good to underline the points that the author emphasizes in his book.

4. 经过好几天侦察,警方终于弄清这起谋杀案和新近发生的越狱事件有关。

After days of inquiry the police finally tied up the murder with the case of the recent escape from prison.

5. 我想劝说他们采纳我们的计划,首先因为这一计划所需资金较少,其次,不会造成环境污染。

I want to persuade them to adopt our plan, because, in the first place, it calls for less funds and, in the second place, it will not cause environmental pollution.

6. 父亲用绳子把芹菜(celery)扎在一起,放在河里浸了浸,然后拿到菜场去卖。

Father bound the celery together with a rope and dipped it in the river for a while before he took it to the market for sale.

unit 7

1. 法庭的判决引起史密斯先生的朋友们的气愤,他们相信他是无辜的。

The cou rt ' s judgment aroused anger among Mr. Smith 's friends, who believed that he was


2. 当我们经过那家价格昂贵的餐馆时,父亲催我们快走,他说在这样高档的地方用餐是大大超过我们的经济能力的。hurry sb along / a fancy place / well beyond our means As we passed the expensive restaurant, father hurried us along saying that it was well beyond our means to have dinner at such a fancy place.

3. 老师在评价一篇文章并给它打分时,可能是根据总的印象而不是根据仔细的分析。

A teacher may evaluate and grade an essay on the basis of his general impression rather than on a detailed analysis.

4. 小狗将我的一张画搞坏了,我真想对它发火,可它那十分可爱的样子使我不禁笑着把它从地上抱了起来。

I was inclined to get angry at the puppy for ruining my painting but he was so cute that I could not

help but laugh and pick him up.

5. 如今人们理所当然地认为家里总是有自来水的,然而就在不久前,几乎人人都是从井里或小溪里向家里提水。

Nowadays people take it for granted that their homes have running water, but only a short time

ago almost everyone had to carry water from a well or a stream to their home.

6. 安东尼彻夜未眠,因为他对于是否得插手此事举棋不定。

Anthony stayed up all night because he just could not make up his mind whether or not to take a

hand in the matter.

unit 8

1. 上个周末,我们开车外出度假,希望避开城市的喧嚣和污染,可是汽车途中抛锚我们只好乘出租车回家。

get away from / break down

Last weekend we drove out on vacation hoping to get away from the noise and pollution of the

city, but the car broke down on the way and we had to return home by taxi.

2. 请你注意并非所有的学生都愿意出席毕业典礼,所以学校才要求凡是想领取毕业证书的毕业生都得出席。

mind you / the graduation ceremony / require(从句谓语要用虚拟语气) / graduating students Not all of the students, mind you, are willing to attend the graduation ceremony so the school has to require that all graduating students attend the ceremony if they want to receive a diploma.

3. 对于妇女在社会中的地位问题,我们的许多看法来自封建时代,与今天的社会是格格不入的。

the role of women in society / derive from / be not relevant

Many of the ideas we have about the role of women in society are derived from feudal times and are not relevant in today ' s society.

4. 如今人们的流动性比以往任何时候都大,这也许就是为什么移动电话十分普及的原因。

mobile / than ever before / mobile phones

People today are more mobile than ever before; perhaps this is why mobile phones have become so common.

5. 几乎每个孩子都曾梦想去太空旅游,体会一下在失重环境下生活是什么样子。virtually /

dream of / experience / in a gravity-free environment

Virtually every child has dreamed of traveling in space and experiencing what it would be like to live in a gravity-free environment.

6. 我们学校鼓励学生独立思考,不要受老师观点的束缚。

Students of our school are encouraged to do independent thinking and not to be restricted by the teacher' s point of view.

unit 9

1. 任何一个国家,如打算为它的年轻一代提供一个可靠的未来,就应把环境保护放在优先地位。

Environmental protection should be given priority for any country that plans to provide a secure future for the younger generation.

2. 与宁静而和平的乡村生活相比,城市生活既闹又吵。

Life in the cities is hectic and noisy compared with rural life which is quiet and peaceful.

3. 在许多国家,学校要求学生每天早晨上课前向国旗宣誓效忠。

In many countries schools require students to pledge loyalty to the flag of their country before beginning class every morning.

4. 干旱对环境的影响比水灾对环境的影响更具破坏力,因为干旱持续的时间更长。

The impact of a drought on the environment can be more destructive than that of a flood because it lasts for a longer period of time.

5. 洪水退走后,士兵们到村里帮助把水排出田里,以便及时重新种上庄稼。

recede / drain the water out of the fields / replant

When the flood receded, the soldiers came to the villages to help drain the water out of the fields so that crops could be replanted in time.

6. 有一个时候,每个人起码都认识几个邻居,可如今人们似乎太忙,无暇相互接触。

At one time everyone at least knew some of their neighbors, but today it seems that people are too busy to have time to stay in touch with one another.

unit 10

1. 退休的人如果找不到什么事情可做,常会意志消沉。

Retired people are often depressed if they can' t find something to do.

2. 为了帮我们准备好参加辩论,教练要我们经常注意与我们自己的论点相悖的论点。

To prepare us for the debate, the coach wanted us to be always aware of the arguments that are quite the reverse of ours.

3. 在工作日全家都忙着干活,但一到周末他们喜欢坐进汽车开到附近乡下兜风。

On weekdays the whole family were busy working, but when the weekend came they loved to get in the car and drive around the nearby countryside.

4. 医生往往为自己能够医治好病人罕见的疾病而自豪。

A doctor often prides himself on the ability to cure his patient of a rare disease.

5. 如果不按时将书归还图书馆或到期前不续借,就得按规定罚款。

not renewed before they are due / in accordance with regulations / pay a fine

If books are not returned to the library on time or not renewed before they are due, a fine must be paid in accordance with regulations.

6. 总的说,很少有人不抱怨自己的工作的,然而一旦他们不能工作了他们又会不高兴。

On the whole, few people do not complain about their jobs. On the other hand, they would be very unhappy if they were unable to work.