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1. To conquer the language barrier ,they are working hard at English.

2. The teacher is deeply impressed by the students’ ability to surf the Internet.

3. Nowadays many of the seniors are beginning to consider choosing a career.

4. The Spring Festival was approaching. A lot of people were traveling back home to have a family reunion.

5. He looked out of the window, surveying the landscape of the countryside.

6. We are confident that we can overcome the difficulties.

7. Tom is the most brilliant graduate of this year at Harvard University.

8. He shifted impatiently in his seat during the long speech by the Dean.

9. College has helped Bill to broaden his interests.

10. Words that obscure the truth must be discarded.


1. The plane due to take off at 8:30 a.m. has been delayed because of thick fog.

2. University students have various kinds of part-time jobs such as passing out flyers , working as private tutors or delivering newspapers.

3. The speech is scheduled at 3 this afternoon. The students are filing into the assembly hall now.

4. They impressed upon their children the virtue of always telling the truth.

5. He is no longer a child. He should be allowed to make his own decisions.



1.Since China has entered the WTO, the restrictions on foreign businesses will gradually be reduced.

2.The Internet enables us to explore the world without leaving home.

3.The problem with some of these drugs is that they are so accessible.

4.The government has produced a series of materials to restriction public awareness of the dangers of AIDS.

5.Within 2 weeks of arrival all foreigners should register with the local police.

6.When he was offered the opportunity to have an online degree program, he seized it immediately and


7.No restriction was put on the access to the BBS. Our purpose is to promote interaction between the students and the


8.Exchanging houses for a few weeks is a good way of having a holiday.

9.The team members working on the project meet every Tuesday afternoon to exchange their views.

10.All the materials collected for the research project on pollution are available to all the seniors at this college.


1.Can I connected my laptop to the Intranet?

2.He has planned for his eldest son to take over his business when he is 65.

3.Knowledge is playing an increasingly important role in the development of economy.

4.In addition to taking care of her 3-year-old son she has taken 3 online courses in marketing, business

communication and economics.

5.The practice of online learning will spread out as more and more people have access to the Internet.



1.The sort of music he listens to varies, but it tends to be popular music.

https://www.sodocs.net/doc/723866984.html,nguage is the medium of culture and when we learn a foreign language, we are exposed to a culture quite

different from ours.

3.Scientific discoveries are often applied to industrial processes.

4.I hope you are not getting bored listening to me.

5.Can you secure me two good seats for the concert?

6.This is a highly amusing film. You’ll regret if you miss it.

7.He gave me negative answer to my request. I felt quite confused and disappointed.


8.She was annoyed by the young man’s impolite

9.Ever since that unhappy incident, I have tried to avoid any further conflict with him.

10.The driver ignored the traffic light, and as a result, he ran into another car.


1.They normally hang out in the pub to kill time.

2.I’ve been trying to check out the restaurants in my new neighborhood to find the best one.

3.Bob took a part-time job giving out handbills for a cosmetic company.

4.Back from the holiday, she eagerly threw herself into the production of a new film.

5.I immersed myself in work so as to stop thinking about her.



1.The Channel Tunnel is one of the biggest engineering projects ever undertaken.

had intended.

2.He took it as an insul t which wasn’t at all what I

3. As a freshman, you should get to know campus resources as soon as possible and make good use of them.

4. He had made many inquiries into the quality of the computer before buying one.

5. Te police investigated many cases by following the footprints left at the scene of the crime.

6. I’m thinking of buying a car. Can you recommend a good make to me?

7. Not only does Mary attend class regularly, but she also participates in extracurricular activities frequently.

8. With the rapid development of the economy, all aspects of our life have changed a great deal.

9. Tom is such a nice guy. He will not hesitate a moment to offer help when you are in trouble.

10. This system is extremely economical because it runs on half-price electricity.


1. My CD player is beeping, for the battery is running low.

2. It turned out that the kids had spent the whole day playing video games.

3. She was the only woman to participate in the experiment and was among the few volunteers who died from it.

4. People teach the computer to think and as a result, develop and sharpen their own reasoning abilities.

5. This kind of digital TV is considered the best that has been made so far in our country.

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