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1.爱人者有仁爱之心,自爱,爱亲人以及其他人。(a loving person ,who)

A loving person is a person who is kind-hearted,loves himself,loves his family and all the other people.

2.所谓“和而不同”,是指君子之间保持互相尊重、和谐、友爱的关系。(harmony but not sameness,gentlemen)

“harmony but not sameness ”means that a gentlemen keeps mutually respectful,harmonious and friendly relations with other people.

3.中国人庆祝春节与西方人过圣诞节的方式基本相同,大量购物,互赠礼物,大快朵颐。(in much the same way that)

The Chinese people observe the spring festival in much the same way that the westerner do Christmas,doing a lot of shopping,exchanging presents,and having big meals.

4.我们需要改变的不一定是自己的生活方式,或者物质条件,而是我们对待生活的态度。(not…but rather)

What we need to change is not necessarily our lifestyle,or our physical conditions,but rather our attitude toward life

5.与自然世界和谐相处是风水的一项原则,这一点从房屋建筑,景观设计和家具陈列中都可以反映出来(which ,exemplify)

To live in harmony with Nature is the underlying principle of feng shui,which can be exemplified in building house,in designing landscapes,and in laying out furniture.


1.人人都有想法,但很少有人付诸实施,这就是梦想家与企业家的区别(however,execute) Everyone has ideas, however very few are able to execute them.then’s the difference between dreamers and entrepreneurs.

2.研究表明,男生往往兴趣期较短,而女生则更有耐心,因此,前者能很快结识新朋友,后者则坚持她们的长久友谊。(tend to,while ,stick to)

Research shows that boys tend to shorter interest span,while girls are more patient,hence,the former are able to make new friends while the latter stick to their lifelong friendship.

3.互相理解和欣赏对于友谊无疑十分重要,但谈到婚姻,却远远不够.。(but,far from enough,when it comes to)

To understand and appreciate each other is without doubt important but still far from enough when it comes to marriage.

4.B等生虽然无法向A等生一样把某件事情做的那么完美,但他们懂得比A等生多,而且能把许多事情做得足够好。(so…as,more than)

B-student,though unable to do one thing so perfectly as A-student,know much more than

A-student and can do many things well enough

5.通常情况下,你越快适应工作环境,你可能得到升职机会就越多。相反,如果你总是怨天尤人,你的机会就可能更少了。(the quicker…the more,adapt,on the contrary)

Typically,the quicker you adapt yourself to the working environment, the more promotion opportunities you may get on the contrary ,you get fewer if you complain all the time.


1.任何一项新技术在生活中得以应用之后都将过时,然后被更新的新技术所替代。(will+v) Any new technology, after being put to use, will get outdated and replaced by newer ones

2.技术被广泛应用到城市之中,从而极大地改变我们的生活方式。(be going to +v)

Smart technologies are going to be widely used in city construction,reshaping our lifestyle to a great extent.


In the future, people are commuting by flying cars every day, leaving housework to robots

4.要解决城市现有设施不足问题,一种办法是改进城市公用设施并使之数字化,另一种办法是建设全新的智能城市。(be to+v)

To deal with the existing inadequate infrastructures, one way is to modify and digitize the municipal public utilities, and the other is to build entirely new smart cities.

5.太阳能将为智能城市提供能源,其城市居民使用低能电器,从而减少能耗。(be about to +v) Solar energy is about to provide energy for smart cities,in which the residents use low energy appliance,thus saving on energy consumption.


1.尽管他们不是第一次去欧洲,他们还是在网上搜索更新的有关交通、旅馆和旅游景点信息(although/even though)



4.尽管有其独特优势,没有创新性理念和技术的小公司在投资时,往往会冒更大风险。(in spite of)



1.在去英国之前,你要搞清楚在哪里找到住宿的地方,如何注册网上课程等诸如此类的问题。(wh- +to do)

2.在巴黎的每一天我几乎都能找到新的街区逛逛,到新的咖啡馆去坐坐,到新的画廊去参观一番。(noun+to do)

3.读书是为了了解世界,而旅行是为了体验生活。(to do ,be to do)

4.被一直当作外乡人的滋味并不好受,希望毕业后再也不用回到这里,(v+not to do)

5.在国外留学国时如果你不介意被打扰,那就找个室友分摊房租吧。(noun.+to do;v+to do)


1.在穿过华盛顿广场公园时,我注意到一个小男孩和他妈妈在兜售纪念品。(walk through,souvenir)

2.顺着楼梯一直下到二楼,沿着走廊向前走,会议厅就在右手边。(follow…all the way,walk along,meeting hall)

3.这个村庄坐落在平静的山谷里,四面群山环绕,连绵不绝。(located,surround,array of)

4.进入岳麓书院的正门后,导游每走几步就会停下来讲解眼前所见的碑刻和楹联的典故。(stop every few steps

5.中国老百姓在建房时通常都会考虑风水,比如把厨房放在一边而把卫生间放在另一边。(put…on one side and …on the other side)


1.大多数老师和学生仍喜欢用传统而非电子书籍。(rather than)

2.他不是果断地去面对困难,而是抱怨自己运气不佳。(instead of)

3.我得说,亨利与其说是个作家,还不如说是个记者。(not much …as…)

4.并非机器出了问题,而是我还没学操作。(not but…but that)




2.超过五分之二的受调查者说他们感觉街上不安全。(cardinal number+ordinal number,e.g,two sevenths)

3.网购预计将继续呈现出强劲势头,明年将占领市场总额的大约30%。(percent of)

4.小麦在印度和巴西用的水是在美国和中国的两倍。(…as much…)

5.总的来说,三分之二的参与者说经常参加户外运动,而十分之一的受访者说他们从不或很少进行户外运动。(cardinal number+in+cardinal number,e.g,three in twenty)

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