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繁衍生息live and multiply/reproduce

改朝换代changes of dynasties

穷兵黩武wantonly engage in military aggression; use all one’s armed might to indulge in wars of aggression

雅俗共赏appeal to both refined and popular tastes

与日俱增increase with each passing day, be steadily on the increase

极目远眺look as far as the eye can see

按资排辈to assign priority according to seniority

求同存异seeking common ground while putting aside differences

流连忘返linger on; be too delighted to leave

乐不思蜀too delighted to be homesick

不屈节操unyielding moral principle

赴汤蹈火go through fire and water

殊死奋战fight desperately; fight to death

可歌可泣moved one to songs and tears

英勇卓绝heroic and splendid

插科打诨comic parts

精微深奥profound and abstruse

博大精深extensive and profound

源远流长run a long history

天下为公The world belongs to all the people.

天下兴亡匹夫有责Every man has a duty to his country.

预防为主prevention first

综合治理comprehensive control/management

全面推进entire/all-round push-on

重点突破breakthrough at key points

亲仁善邻cordiality, benevolence and good neighborliness

和睦相处living in harmony with others

强不凌弱The strong should not oppress the weak and the rich should not bully the poor.

协和万邦All nations live side by side in perfect harmony.

海纳百川有容乃大One should be as inclusive as the ocean, which is vast because it admits hundreds of rivers.

兼收并蓄embrace everything that is useful

光阴似箭Time flies like an arrow. /How time files!

吃苦耐劳hard work and enduring hardship

勤俭持家run the household industriously and frugally

尊师重教respect teachers and attach importance to education

当务之急urgent; imminent

不谋而合coincide with



书香浓郁academic/cultural atmosphere


充满活力dynamic; vigorous


日新月异change with each passing day

光芒四射shining; brilliant

安居乐业live and work happily and peacefully


万里尚为邻Distance can never separate real friends. 携手前进join hands

名列前茅rank top


举足轻重decisive, vital, significant

光辉灿烂glorious and magnificent



广袤富饶vast and fertile

宏伟挺拔towering magnificence

金壁辉煌splendid and magnificent

玲珑剔透exquisitely carved/made/wrought

蔚为壮观splendid; spectacular


不屈不挠unyielding, unrelenting, dauntless


此起彼伏rise one after another, keep cropping up

不宣而战start an undeclared war

尽收眼底hold a panoramic view

互利互补mutually complementary and beneficial

集资办学raise money to set up new schools

寓教于乐teach through lively activities

因材施教teach students according to their aptitude 按劳分配distribution according to performance

廉洁奉公honestly perform one’s official duties

呕心沥血spare no efforts

画龙点睛bring out the crucial point


绿水青山green hills and clear waters

墨客骚人men of letters

奇花异草exotic flowers and herbs

鱼米之乡a land of milk and honey

奇峰异石picturesque peaks and rocks

浓妆淡抹heavy or light makeup

轩然大波a great disturbance, a mighty uproar

凤毛麟角rarity of rarities

层峦叠嶂range upon range of mountains; the hills rise around…

崇山峻岭steep mountains

雕梁画栋carved beams and painted pillars

名山大川famous mountains and great rivers

湖光山色landscape of lakes and hills

青山绿水green hills and clear waters

名胜古迹scenic spots and historical sites

平等互利equality and mutual benefit

国计民生national welfare and the people’s livelihood

灵丹妙药panacea/miraculous cure

中流砥柱mainstay, chief cornerstone

世外桃源a haven of peace

长治久安a long period of stability

按劳分配distribution according to one’s performance

一诺千金有诺必践Commitment should always be kept.


和衷共济solidarity; fighting together with one accord

亡国灭种extinction; being conquered and destroyed

万众一心pull together; join hands; make joint efforts; be united as one 浩然气概noble spirit

扬长避短play up strengths and avoid weaknesses

反腐倡廉fight corruption and build a clean government

集思广益draw on collective wisdom and absorb all useful ideas

辞旧迎新bid farewell to the old year and usher in the new

开拓进取blaze new trails and forge ahead

求同存异seek common ground while shelving differences

延年益寿prolong one’s life

审时度势size up the trend of events

招商引资attract investment

急功近利eager for instant success and quick profits

扫黑扫黄crack down on gangland and pornography

减员增效downsize(and cut payroll) to improve efficiency

退耕还林return cultivated land to forest or pasture

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