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Lesson One Half a Day


1. Oral Work

1) What did his father say to give him courage? How did the boy feel when he arrived at the school gate with his father?

2) What did the boy learn in school? Can you name some of the things he learned?

2.Vocabulary test

1) choose the right word and put in the proper form:

(1) had received

(2) affects



(5) beneath

(6) on

2) Put in the missing words.

good-natured; hunt; drank; queer;

asleep; woke; occurred; absence;

portrait; replace.

3.Grammar Work

Put in the blanks with correct verb forms.

(1) was surfing; was cut;

(2) will have planted;

(3) was; had not been;

(4) has been married;

(5) is; will be;

(6) is; must have rained

4.Written Work

Write what you’ve learnt from the text about the little boy’s life in school in about 100 words.




Lesson Two Going Home


1. Oral work

(1) What do you know about these young people?

(2) How did the young people feel when they heard the story ?

2. Vocabulary test

1) choose the right word and put in the proper form:

(1) across

(2) rise

(3) attend/ take part in

(4) reach

(5) since

(6) above/ below

2) Put in the missing words.

screaming; clenched; triumph; exaltation; except; stunned; misty; covered; ribbons; banner

3.Grammar work


(1) Nobody could tell where the treasure was hidden.

(2) The traffic will be very heavy on the road during the rush hour everyday.

(3) He may have given her advice, but I doubt if it does her any good.

(4) What she learned at university proved useful in her research .

(5) If he had waited for the traffic lights to change, he would not have been killed.

(6) If not I had seen him at the party yesterday evening !

4. Written Work


5. Translation



Lesson Three Massage of the Land


1. Oral work (answers omitted)

2. Vocabulary test


(1) unfaithful (2) take out

(3) talk over (4) send for

(5) sent away (6) send up

2) Put the missing words

(1) sick / ill (2) alone (3) out (4) phone (5) on

(6) until (7) church (8) only (9) answered (10) needed

(11) clever (12) save (13) bit (14) now

3) Write the numbers in words.

(1) Two hundred and eight

(2) One thousand five hundred / fifteen hundred

(3) Seven thousand, one hundred and twenty-eight.

(4) two dollars six-five / two dollars and sixty-five cents.

(5) fourth

(6) twenty-first

(7) thirtieth

(8) one half, three quarters, four fifths

3.Grammar work (answers omitted)

4. Written Work

One possible version:

My parents were born, brought up and married on this land. They have been living there through their life. They got up at sunrise and retired with their chickens. They planted and reaped rice and raised a few goats, cows and chickens which could provide what they needed in their daily life.. However, the piece of lands was no longer fertile, bleeding year after year, like them, getting old and exhausted. The soil was not difficult to till when there was a lot of rain, but in a bad year, it was not only the ploughs that broke but their hearts, too. The farmer life is hard but my parents are enjoying it. They cherish their land and never want to leave it.

5. Translation.

1) 家再贫寒,也没有任何地方能和它比。



Lesson Four The Boy and the Bank Officer


1. Oral work (answers omitted)

2. Vocabulary test

1) Choose the right word and put it in the proper form.

(1) take (2) bring (3) possibly (4) probably

(5) probably (6) each (7) every

2) Put in the missing words.

(1) relied (2) time (3) still (4) when

(5) to (6) a (7) finally (8) started

(9)As (10) trying (11) attention (12) tickets

(13) then (14) back

3.Grammar work.

Put in a, an, the, or “/” in the blankets

(1) a, /,/ (2) the (3) /,the (4) /,a

(5) /, / (6) the, the (7) the, an

4.Written work

One possible version:

I was forced again by the bully to go to the bank for money. I handed over my own savings-account book to the bank officer, but unfortunately, he refused by

saying that I was too young to withdraw money. I couldn’t believe it. When did this tiresome rule come out? A warn-hearted man argued with him that this

so-called policy was ridiculous. But the officer insisted his opinion, I became hopeless. Suddenly, the kind man said to the officer that why you let the boy withdraw money before but not now. The officer annoyed, and still persisted in his refusal. This moment, I was totally upset and walked out of the bank. “What should I do? How can I deal with the wicked guy?”





Lesson Five Angels on a Pin


1. Oral work

1) How can we control the frequent floods in the Yangtzi River valley?

2) What do you think is the best way to fight against pollution


2. Vocabulary text

1) Choose the best word and put it in the proper form.

(1)locked (2) disappointed (3) excited

(4) surrounded (5) solved/settled (6) finished

2) Put in the missing words.

(1)thirsty (2) in (3)best (4)why (5)so (6)finished

(7)out (8)wasn’t (9)idea (10)back (11)against (12)climb

(13)on (14)get (15)help (16)thought (17)advice (18)when (19)quickly (20)after (21)promise (22)but (23)as

(24)have (25)before

3. Grammar work

1) Complete the exercises on the passive form

(1) Hamlet was written by Shakespeare.

(2) She was caught shoplifting.

(3) Your bicycle is being repaired now.

(4) A Roman pavement has just been found under Oxford Street.

(5) Has Peter been invited to supper tonight?

(6) Stamps are not sold in university bookstores.

4. Written work

Imagine yourself to be the student in the story and describe your experience of the exam in about 100 words.

5. Translation

(1) 光勤劳是不够的,蚂蚁也是勤劳的。要看你为什么而勤劳。

(2) 时间是个多才多艺的表演者。它能展翅飞翔,能阔步前进,能治愈创伤,能消逝而去,也能揭示真相

Lesson Six The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street


1. Oral work

Read aloud the paragraphs in the play and act out the play.

2. Vocabulary test

1) Choose the best word and put it in the proper form.

(1)homely (2)weekly (3) fortnightly

(4) timely (5)friendly (6) unlikely

2) Put in the missing words.

(1)physically (2)for (3)started (4)with (5)race

(6)times ( 7)heard (8)down (9)turned (10)bent

(11)make (12)all (13)together (14)stood (15)on

3. Grammar work

1) Make each pair of sentences in to one sentence.

(1) I’m sorry for those people who haven’t got a sense of responsibility.

(2) He had a simple idea which changed the world.

(3) It’s a book everybody talks about but nobody reads

(4) I met a girl whose beauty took my breath away.

(5) The dentist pulled out the two teeth which had been causing a lot of trouble.

(6) All the poems she wrote were destroyed in a fire.

4. Written work

In about 100 words, write a summary of the play with the help of the following questions.

1) When and where did the event tae place?

2) What happened one night?

3) What were people’s first reactions?

4) What did Tommy tee the people?

5) What was the effect of Tommy’s words?

6) What is the message of the story?

5. Translation

(1) 生活而无目标,犹如航海之无指南针。

(2) 胜利是不会向我走来的,我必须自己走向胜利。

Lesson 7 Mandela’s Garden


1. Oral work.

2. Vocabulary test.

1) Choose the right word and put it in its proper form.

(1) earth (2) land, soil (3) remove

(4) moved (5) learn (6) study

2) Put in the missing words.

(1) who (2) history (3) went (4) animals (5) out (6) and (7) ago (8) grew (9) planted (10) stay (11) women (12) hunting (13) home 14) agriculture

3. Grammar work.

Choose an appropriate conjunction from as/ since/until/when/while.

1) While 2) since 3) When 4) until 5) As 6) as

4. Written work.


5. Translation.

1) 事后诸葛亮。

2) 自食其果。

Lesson 8 My Personal Manager


1. Oral work.

2. Vocabulary test.

1) Complete the sentences, using the proper form of the phrasal verbs listed below: look after/look at/ look around/ look like/ look back/ look up/ look out.

(1) look after (2) look like (3) look at (4) look around

(5) Looking back (6) looked up

2) Put in the missing words.

(1) dancing (2)going (3) meeting (4)sitting (5) working (6)joining (7) running (8) lifting (9) doing (10)taking (11)Exercising (12) wasting

3. Grammar work.

Complete the exercises on comparatives and superlatives.

1) nicer

2) father/further

3) less anxious

4) worse

5) more…than

6) latter

4. Written work.

5. Translation.

1) 人多力量大。

2) 世上无难事,只要肯攀登。

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