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大学英语精读第三版(上海外语教育出版社 董亚芬主编)第一册Book1 Unit1答案











1) handling

2) summarized

3) process

4) absorb

5) are bound to

6) feel free

7) for instance

8) strategies

9) complained

10) has committed to memory

11) Nevertheless

12) rely on

13) Apart from

14) command

1) over and over again

2) at a time

3) put it into practice

4) watching out for

5) by no means

6) concentrate on

7) In addition t

8) in detail





















1) additional

2) add

3) addition

4) addition

1) effectively

2) effect

3) effective

4) effect

1) helpful

2) help

3) helpless

4) help

5) helplessly

6) helpfully

7) helpful

1) reliant

2) reliable

3) reliance reliable

4) relies

5) reliably


1) repetition

2) repeating

3) repeatedly

4) repeated

5) repetition

1) In my opinion

2) According to Mary

3) In our opinion

4) According to today's papers

5) In most doctors' opinion According to most doctors

1) Shakespeare was not only a dramatist but also an actor.

2) Miss Crain not only took me home in her car, but also came the next day to see if I had recovered.

3) Hainan Island attracts tourists not only in winter but also in summer.

4) There is always a black market not only in Britain, but also in other European countries.

5) At the Athens Olympics in 2004, Liu Xiang not only won a gold medal in the 110-meter hurdles, but also broke the Olympic record.

1) It is true that your sentences are all grammatically correct, but they don’t make any sense.

2) It is true that they lost that battle, but they still went on fighting.

3) It is true that Tom’s very clever and hardworking, but I still don’t think he is the right person for the job.

4) It is true that learning English is by no means easy, but we can make the task easier by using some learning strategies.

1) strategies

2) frequently

3) over and over again

4) commit to memory

5) acquaintance

6) watch out for

7) communicate

8) process

9) opportunities

10) rely on

11) put into practice

12) absorbed

1) if

2) about

3) it

4) know

5) up

6) as

7) addition

8) even

9) into

10) other

11) for

12) while

1) memorize

2) a matter of

3) taught

4) shelf

5) realize

6) written

7) idiomatic

8) join in

9) difference

10) gain a good command


1) 史密斯太太对我抱怨说,她经


Mrs. Smith complained to me that she often found it simply impossible to communicate with her 16-year-old daughter.

2) 我坚信,阅读简写的 (simplified) 英文小说是扩大我们词汇量的一种轻松愉快的方法。

I firmly believe that reading simplified English novels is an easy and enjoyable way of enlarging our vocabulary.

3) 我认为我们在保护环境不受污染 (pollution) 方面还做得不够。

I don’t think we’re doing enough to protect our environment from pollution.

4) 除了每周写作文外,我们的英语老师还给我们布置了八本书在暑假里阅读。

In addition to/Apart from writing compositions on a weekly basis, our English teacher assigned us eight books to read during the summer vacation.

5) 我们从可靠的消息来源获悉下学期一位以英语为母语的人将要教我们英语口语。

We’ve learned from reliable sources that a native English speaker is going to teach us spoken English next term/semester.

6) 经常看英语电影不仅会提高你的听力,而且还会帮助你培养说的技能。

Seeing English movies on a regular basis will not only improve your ear, but will also help you build your speaking skills.

7) 如果你们对这些学习策略有什么问题,请随便问我。我将更详细地进行讲解。

If you have any questions about these learning strategies, please feel free to ask me. And I’ll explain them in greater detail.

8) 那个加拿大女孩善于抓住每个机会讲汉语。这就是她为什么三年不到就熟练地掌握了汉语口语的原因。

The Canadian girl is good at seizing every opportunity to speak Chinese. That’s why she has gained a good command of spoken Chinese in less than three years.

附: Reading Activity及 Guided Writing

1) F

2) F

3) F

4) F

5) F

6) T

7) T

8) T

9) T

10) F









1) 如果你想得到更好的成绩,你就能得到。 是的,即便是智力一般的学生无需多下工夫也能成为尖子生。

2) 当然,学习不应该占用时间表上的全部空 余时间。留出时间休息,搞一点业余爱好和娱乐也是很重要的。

3) 略读可以帮助你将阅读速度提高一倍,同 时也可以提高你的理解能力。

4) 如果你定期复习你的笔记和课本,你就能 更深刻地领会这些材料的内容,你的记忆也会保持得更长久。

5) 改进你的学习习惯将会提高你的学习成绩。

1) At first she didn’t want to go. Later, however, she changed her mind.

2) I have read one of his novels as well as a few of his plays.

3) He neither knows nor cares what happened.

4) It was a cold snowy day and he had no money left for food.

5) It rained heavily last night but I went to the show anyway.

6) The book is due tomorrow. T

herefore, I have to rush through it tonight.

7) Hurry up, or you’ll be late.

8) I enjoy classical music. So does she.

9) You may get there either by sea or by air.

10) He must be ill, for he is absent today.

11) I never saw him again. Nor did I hear from him.

12) Both Mr. and Mrs. White were shocked by the news.

大学英语精读第三版(上海外语教育出版社 董亚芬主编)第一册Book1 Unit1答案
大学英语精读第三版(上海外语教育出版社 董亚芬主编)第一册Book1 Unit2答案











1) retire

2) device

3) contact

4) conquered

5) gave up nearby

6) all by herself

7) nightmare

8) accomplished

9) Moreover

10) by far

11) was determined

12) turned over

13) Fortunately

14) following

15)In spite of

1) can't help feeling/can't help thinking

2) wakened

3) dissuade him from

4) set out to improve

5) had previously met

6) by far the most

1) experience

2) inexperience

3) experiencing

4) inexperienced

5) experienced

6) experienced

1) doubtful

2) doubts

3) doubted

4) undoubtedly

5) doubtfully

6) undoubtedly

1) fortune

2) Fortunately

3) unfortunate

4) Fortunately

5) Unfortunately

6) fortunate

7) Misfortunes

1) American

2) an American

3) China

4) a Chinese

5) Canada

6) Canadian

7) English

8) an Englishman

9) France

10) a Frenchman

11) Japan

12) Japanese

13) a Greek

14) India

15) Indian

16) German

17) a German

18) Spain

19) Italian

1) beaten/defeated

2) defeated

3) won

4) defeated

5) won

6) beat/defeated

1) It was a 28,500-mile voyage.

2) We took a five-day tour.

3) That student wrote a ten-page report.

4) Sam's new apartment is in a twelve-story building.

5) It is a thirteenth century castle.

6) They are fourth year students.

7) It is first-class material.

8) It is definitely second-class work.

1) They looked both ways before crossing the street.

2) I made my decision after talking to Sir Francis.

3) They had dinner before going to the concert.

4) Chichester sent a radio message to London after succeeding in sailing round Cape Horn.

1) He was determined to carry out his plan in spite of his illness.

2) They aren't doing well in school in spite of their intelligence.

3) He isn't very happy in spite of his wealth.

4) He isn't a very good basketball player in spite of his height.

1) what you have written

2) what we should always keep in mind

3) What they saw in China

4) what we can do today

1) In spite of

2) cancer

3) determined

4) accomplish

5) set out

6) voyage

7) dissuade

8) give up

9) covered

10) previously

1) conquer

2) about

3) succeeded

4) between

5) through

6) h


7) sail

8) follow/take

9) round

10) then

11) but

12) As

13) made

14) fast

15) did

16) ever

17) that

1) hard to reach

2) adventure

3) set out

4) sprung up

5) rough

6) worried

7) carried out

8) worst

9) lifted high

10) floated away


1) 幸好附近有家医院,我们立刻把他送到了那里。

Fortunately there was a hospital nearby and we took him there at once.

2) 胜利登上乔治岛 (George Island) 后,船长向指挥部 (the headquarters) 发了一份无线电报。

After succeeding in landing on George Island, the captain sent a radio message to the headquarters.

3) 他决心继续他的实验,不过这一次他将用另一种方法来做。

He is determined to continue his experiment but this time he'll do it another way.

4) 她在读这部小说时,不禁想起了她在农村度过的那五年。

When she read the novel, she couldn't help thinking of the five years she had spent in the countryside.

5) 玛丽觉得单靠自己的力量执行她的计划是困难的。

Mary thought it difficult to carry out her plan all by herself.

6) 我们认为他不能在一刻钟内走完那段距离,但他却成功地做到了这一点。

We didn't think he could cover the distance in a quarter of an hour, but he succeeded in doing it.

7) 甚至在他的医生告诉他患有肺癌之后,奇切斯特仍不肯放弃环球航行的宿愿。

Even after his doctor told him he had lung cancer, Chichester would not give up his old dream of sailing round the world.

8) 我正忙着做一种新的捕鼠 (rats) 装置时,马克走来拖着我出去看花展了。

I was busy making a new device for catching rats when Mark came and dragged me out to a flower show.

附: Reading Activity及 Guided Writing

1) He is old.

2) Swim the English Channel.

3) They thought he was crazy.

4) Because they think the Channel is the greatest challenge to them

5) He wanted to be the oldest person ever to swim the Channel.

6) He is doing his training hard and swims 7 and a half miles a day.

7) He doesn't think much of that swimmer.

8) No, she didn't.

9) He wrote this article before he attempted the Channel.

1) F. He began training to swim the English Channel at the age of 56.

2) F. He was asked the question over and over.

3) F. He does offer answers, though in an indirect way.

4) T.

5) F. He trained fairly hard.

6) F. The main reason is that he was not mentally ready.

7) T.

8) T.







1) 不管你是20岁还是58岁,都喜欢接受挑战,干些带有冒险意味的事儿;而为横渡英吉利海峡做准备,远比在超市打工有意义,尤其是当你有所选择的时候。

2) 正是这一挑战,每年吸引了100名左右的 游泳爱好者,他们心甘情愿地投入时间、精力和财力,一试身


3) 我一旦确定了目标,便不会轻易放弃。

4) 由于海浪汹涌,海水冰凉,她游得很艰 苦。这时她的教练在船上向她大声喊叫,说他认为她应该知难而退,弃水上船。

1) He takes a cold shower every morning before going to work.

2) I hate to see letters written in pencil.

3) The substance discovered almost by accident has revolutionized medicine.

4) Because of a bad leg, he couldn't walk as fast as the others.

5) We must keep a secret of the things being discussed here.

6) We need someone to help us with the typing.

7) The question now is how to carry out the plan.

8) She won't go home until after the exam.

9) Among those taking part in the work, he is probably the most active.

10) She hurried back to school for fear of missing too many lessons.

11) Why don't you read something easier?

12) We are fully aware of the seriousness of the situation.

大学英语精读第三版(上海外语教育出版社 董亚芬主编)第一册Book1 Unit2答案
大学英语精读第三版(上海外语教育出版社 董亚芬主编)第一册Book1 Unit3答案

1) present

2) decade

3) content

4) arrange

5) minor

6) efficient

7) endure

8) extra

9) reluctantly

10) tremble

1) bunch

2) packet/pack

3) piece

4) pair

5) piece

6) bunch

7) pair

8) piece

9) bunch

10) packet

11) pair

12) piece

1) at other times

2) After all

3) efficient

4) endure

5) extra extra

6) round the corner

7) occasions

8) minor

9) arranged

10) primary

11) rare

12) trembling

13) reluctantly

14) disappointment

1) can endure

2) on the occasion of

3) to pick it up

4) are not sure of

5) felt a pang of disappointment

6) Not being content

1) milkman

2) fireman

3) fisherman

4) businessman

5) policeman

6) spaceman

7) weatherman

8) sportsman

1) broadens

2) widened

3) quicken

4) darkened

5) sharpening

6) shortens

1) excitement

2) excited

3) exciting

4) excitedly

5) excited

6) excited

1) disappointed

2) disappointing

3) disappointed

4) disappointment

5) disappointed

1) patience

2) patient

3) patiently

4) patience

1) reluctant

2) reluctance

3) reluctantly

4) reluctant

1) efficiency

2) efficient

3) efficiently

4) efficient

1) contents

2) content

3) content/contented

4) content

5) contented

6) content

7) contents

8) content

1) The bottle is too small to hold so much water.

2) He was too tired to go any further.

3) He is too proud to see his own shortcomings.

4) It is too late for the bookstore to be open.

5) They did not stop working until it became completely dark.

6) He did not come until the meeting was over.

7) He said he would not get married until he had found a sati

sfactory job.

8) He did not go to bed until he had finished his reading assignment.

1) occasion

2) endured

3) rare

4) postman

5) trembled

6) After all

7) at other times

8) disappointment


1) necessary

2) and

3) with

4) The

5) of

6) in

7) growing

8) if

9) one

10) through

11) when

12) continue


1) present

2) any/those

3) could

4) sing

5) sent

6) cost

7) birthday

8) bird

9) replied

1) journey

2) shocked

3) funeral

4) While there

5) conversations

6) thoughts

7) provide

8) dozens

9) over and over

10) meant


1) 那位名演员似乎很乐意在剧中扮演一个次要角色。

That famous actor seemed content to play a minor part in the play.

2) 国庆节要到了,咱们把寝室彻底(thorough)打扫一下吧。

National Day is round the corner. Let's give our bedroom a thorough clean.

3) 她非常勉强地同意让一位年轻医生为她做手术。

She agreed, very reluctantly, to be operated on by a young doctor.

4) 他们已安排好让我们明天去游览长城,我相信我们在那儿一定会玩得很开心。

They've arranged for us to visit the Great Wall tomorrow. I'm sure we'll have a good time there (we'll enjoy ourselves there).

5) 老人读完信后失望之极,竟用颤抖的手指把它撕得粉碎。

After reading the letter the old man was so disappointed that he tore it into little bits with trembling fingers.

6) 老两口为他们的孙子感到骄傲,因为他在第28届奥运会上获得了两枚金牌和一枚铜 (bronze) 牌。

The old couple were proud of their grandson, who won two gold medals and a bronze at the 28th Olympic Games.

7) 即使他的祖母不能来参加他的生日宴会,她也会寄给他一件可爱的礼物。对这一点汤姆深信不疑。

Even if his grandmother could not come to his birthday party, she would send him a lovely present. Tom was sure of that.

8) 昨天是玛丽的二十岁生日。她父亲寄给她一双靴子,她母亲为她买了一盒巧克力 (chocolates),而她的男朋友则带给她一束红玫瑰。

It was Mary's twentieth birthday yesterday. Her father sent her a pair of boots. Her mother bought her a box of chocolates. And her boyfriend brought her a bunch of roses.

附: Reading Activity及 Guided Writing

1) At first the man doesn't want to travel, because he thinks people are the same everywhere.

2) No, the author dosen't agree with the man.

3) In the author's opinion, people are different.

4) In Korea, old age is a happy time.

5) In Korea the sixty-first birthday is considered a very important event.

6) No. For many North Americans, old age is not a happy time.

7) No, they don't live with their children or relatives.

8) At last, the author concluded that people are different in their customs and cultures.











1) 再者,虽然所有的人都有着相同的情感, 但这些情感的起因却不尽相同。

2) 六十一岁生日之所以有个特别的名称,是 因为当人们进入人生的这一阶段时,家庭和社会对他们的态度便有所变化。

3) 如果他们的身体不够健壮,不能单独生 活,那他们便住进特设的养老院。

4) 朝鲜和北美都有年轻人和老年人,但年轻 时也许待在北美为好,老年时则待在朝鲜为好。

1) I went to visit the American author who had written a number of books about China.

2) I ate the soup my aunt prepared.

3) It is quite obvious that they need more help in English.

4) It is good news that she is still alive.

5) It doesn't seem likely that she will come here.

6) He suddenly remembered that he had forgotten to take his notebook with him.

7) Can you tell me what kind of show they are putting on?

8) I'm wondering if the letter is overweight.

9) The children who came to the zoo liked the pandas best.

10) Raw material is what we are badly in need of.

大学英语精读第三版(上海外语教育出版社 董亚芬主编)第一册Book1 Unit3答案
大学英语精读第三版(上海外语教育出版社 董亚芬主编)第一册Book1 Unit4答案













3)at least





8)in the past


10)turn off




4)at first glance




8)come up with







1) come up with some good

2) are prohibited from

3) growing up

4) to bring together people

5) in its birth rate

6) in part

1) honestly

2) dishonest

3) honesty

4) honest

5) honest

1) childish

2) childishly

3) child

4) Childhood

5) Childhood

1) activities

2) act

3) active

4) act

5) actively

6) Actions

7) activity

1) emotional

2) unemotional

3) emotion

4) Emotionally

5) emotional

1) acceptable acceptably

2) accept

3) acceptance

4) accept

1) distraction

2) distracted

3) distracts

4) distracting

5) distractions

1) We're going into town to see a film.

2) I learned the news over the radio.

3) Because he's able to tell at a glance if it is genuine.

4) I'm afraid he's not here at the moment – he's at work.

5) Well, at a distance he does look a bit like Tom.

6) There were one or two unsatisfactory moments, but on the whole it was very enjoyable.

1) The Johnsons decided to take a ride to the seaside for the weekend.

2) Our manager will pay a visit to France this winter.

3) He had/took a rest after walki

ng ten miles.

4) I had a talk with her yesterday afternoon.

5) This morning the technicians had a discussion on/about the question of improving the design of the machine.

6) Nathan Hale took a last look at his beautiful country and said that he only regretted he had but one life to lose for his country.

1) With your support, we might succeed in performing our task.

2) Even with air and water, plants still couldn't grow on the moon.

3) Without hard work / Without working hard, you will accomplish nothing.

4) Without their assistance, he would have found himself in trouble.

5) It has been (is) about four and a half years since the Wangs settled down in this country.

6) It has been (is) less than three months since she joined the Youth League.

7) It has been (is) 20 years since I got to know her in Beijing.

8) It has been (is) over a century since the railway was completed.

1) He proposed that we (should) put on a short play at the English evening.

2) I suggest that he (should) visit the Great Wall, the Summer Palace, etc.

3) He proposed that the novel (should) be made into a film.

4) My proposal is that the dispute (should) be settled by peaceful means.

1) proposed

2) prohibited

3) social

4) actually

5) rate

6) bringing together

7) proposal

8) worthwhile

9) involve


































1) gathered

2) in the habit of

3) on the radio

4) on television

5) comfortably

6) trouble

7) art

8) more and more

9) problems

10) however perfectly


1) 接受这份工作就得经常在周末上班,但约翰并不在意。

To take this job would involve working on weekends frequently, but John didn't mind.

2) 众所周知,肺癌至少部分地是由于吸烟过多而引起的。

It is well known that lung cancer is caused at least in part by smoking too much.

3) 我祖父母说,发明电视的那个人曾住在他们那个地段。

My grandparents said that the man who invented television had once lived in their neighborhood.

4) 我提议咱们会后马上去办公室找史密斯教授,邀请他参加我们的英语晚会。

I propose that we go to find Prof. Smith in his office right after the meeting and invite him to our English evening.

5) 她因那病开过两次刀,身体十分虚弱,几乎站不起来。

Having been operated on twice for the disease, she was so weakened that she could barely stand up.

6) 教育家们认为,伴随着电视机长大的一代人,在电视机前花的时间太多,以致没有足够的时间学习了。


ors think that the generation growing up with television spend so much of their time in front of the TV that they do not have enough time to study.

7) 我真希望你能拿出一个比这更好的解决办法 (solution) 来。

I do hope that you can come up with a better solution than this one.

8) 乍一看,这幅画并不好,但经过仔细观察,我们才发现它的确是一幅杰作 (masterpiece)。

At first glance the picture didn't look very good, but after examining it carefully, we found that it was indeed a masterpiece.

附: Reading Activity及 Guided Writing

1) docile obedient 听话的

2) wretched very unhappy 很不开心

3) inconsolable not to be comforted 没法安慰的

4) antenna a wire put up on top of a house to receive television broadcasts 天线

5) old-fashioned thinking too much of old ways and ideas; keeping to old ways or ideas 守旧的

6) enormous very powerful; very, very large 巨大的

7) unanswerable that can not be answered 没法回答的

1) T.

2) F. The author thought it was very expensive, but that didn't matter – it was wonderful.

3) F. The author didn't argue with his parents because he was a good, docile son.

4) T.

5) F. The parents bought a TV finally because they didn't want their daughters to be too unhappy.

6) F. Her eyes were shiny with excitement.

7) T.

8) T.

9) F. Americans watch TV 30 hours a week, so they are still interested in it; but they take it for granted.

10) T.

11) T.

12) T.

1) 她说她决不再去学校了,还说生活中没有 电视机活着不值得。

2) 我认为好就好在很多人都很关心电视的影 响,而且对我们不喜欢的东西也有能力加以改变。

3) 他们认为电这玩意儿会使很多事情变得太 容易,并会破坏他们的生活方式。

4) 也许他们更乐于守在家里看电视。

1) Tom is a newcomer to our class.

2) The fact is, I never liked him.

3) I began to feel sick when we went into the classroom.

4) It was his habit to sit at the table by the window.

5) At one time extinction threatened the panda.

6) He was frightened by the mysterious sound behind him.

7) In this modern world, people never walk when they can ride.

8) Without a doubt, this month has been the coldest January on record. / This month has certainly been the coldest January on record.

9) It was the most interesting book I had ever read.

10) We asked Mr. Wilson for advice because he is such a wise man.

11) Many children like collecting stamps.

12) After studying history in the afternoon and English in the evening, I treated myself to a movie.

大学英语精读第三版(上海外语教育出版社 董亚芬主编)第一册Book1 Unit4答案
大学英语精读第三版(上海外语教育出版社 董亚芬主编)第一册Book1 Unit5答案












2)is illustrated

3) the latter

4) enclosed

5) qualifications

6) echoes

7) worldwide

8) laundry

9) ancient

10) favorites

11) package

12) minus

13) string

14) odds

1) set her mind on/ set her mind to

2) working full-time on

3) fit in a

4) to my astonishment

5) at random

6) burst into

7) here and there

8) graduated from

1) self-supporting

2) self-employed

3) self-respecting

4) self-made

5) self-reliant

6) self-educated

1) He travelled worldwide.

2) The bank has three branches in Liverpool, and over three hundred countrywide.

3) The police made a citywide search for the criminals.

4) The figures show unemployment falling nationwide last month.

5) The rising number of car crimes is a nationwide problem.

1) frightened horse

2) satisfying Chinese meal

3) embarrassing moment

4) writing table/ writing desk

5) worried look/ worried expression

6) excited children

7) walking stick

8) a very tiring day

1) I do hope your dream to become a writer will come true.

2) It does require a great effort of will to give up smoking.

3) Do be more careful next time.

4) Now, then! Do stop that noise!

5) The young writer did get her novel finished in three weeks.

1) To her disappointment, her sister had lost the race.

2) To his delight, he saw his aunt in good health.

3) To his great surprise, he found that someone had broken into his house.

4) To our deep regret, we won't be able to attend the dinner party.

1) illustrate

2) burst into

3) laughter

4) embarrassed

5) genius

6) laundry

7) favorite

8) published

9) set your mind to/ set your mind on

10) qualifications






















1) assignment

2) chapter

3) special

4) does

5) changed his life

6) Until

7) dreamed of

8) sought advice

9) encouragement

10) started off


1) 简从书架上拿了一本杂志,开始东一页西一页地随便翻阅。

Jane picked up a magazine from the bookshelf and started reading here and there at random.

2) 我随信附上这篇故事的几张插图。

With this letter I enclose some illustrations for the story.

3) 那幢古老的建筑物四周有一圈高墙。

The ancient building was enclosed by a high wall.

4) 格林大夫忙着研制一种治艾滋病 (AIDS) 的药物,但从下月起他就能安排时间在星期一上午看二十个左右的病人了。

Dr. Green is busy working on a cure for AIDS, but from next month on he'll be able to fit in twenty patients or so on Monday morning.

5) 他讲了个故事来说明为什么在详细查看其

条款 (provisions) 之前决不要在任何合同上签字。

He told a story to illustrate why you should never sign any contract before you have examined its provisions in detail.

6) 他们老是对她说她有数学天才,她感到很不好意思。

She was embarrassed when they kept telling her she had a genius for mathematics.

7) 天知道我们那个傻小子什么时候能中学毕业。

God knows when that dumb kid of ours is going to graduate from high school.

8) 亨利的最近一部小说和他女儿的第一本书都于三个月前出版,令他们惊讶的是,后者已经售出一百多万册。

Henry's latest novel and his daughter's first book were both published three months ago, and to their astonishment, the latter has already sold over a million copies.

附: Reading Activity及 Guided Writing

1) protection from bad weather

2) absorbed/ totally interested in/ totally interested

3) come nearer to

4) politely and carefully

5) faintly/ not very clearly

6) kind and lenient

7) feeling worried and sad/ worried and sad

8) call by a gesture








1) 你很快就很专心地看起某本书来了,而通常直到很久以后你才意识到你在那里消磨的时间太多了,必须赶紧离开去赴某个已忘记的约会——当然是一本书也没买。

2) 这种逃避日常生活现实的机会,我想,乃 是书店主要的吸引人之处。

3) 在书店里,店员应该一直呆在不为人注意的地方,直到你已经浏览完以后才出来。这时候,而且只有这时候,他的服务才是需要的。

4) 你必须小心,不要被书店里各种各样的书所吸引。很容易发生的事是,走进书店去找一本比如关于古钱币的书,结果出来时却买了一部最新的畅销小说,也许还有——本关于拓印的书——而你本来对其并不怎么感兴趣。


At Christmas I get many presents, but one present I especially like to get is a book. I don't mind what kind of book it is. It can be a novel, a book of poems, or a book of plays; I enjoy them all. I sometimes borrow books from the Public Library. We have a very good one in our town, and the librarian gives me advice about literature and helps me to find good books. I also buy books, particularly those that I have read before and have enjoyed. I put them on my shelves so that I can read them time and again. I feel that these books are my friends.

大学英语精读第三版(上海外语教育出版社 董亚芬主编)第一册Book1 Unit5答案

外语教育出版社 董亚芬主编)第一册Book1 Unit6答案

1) expert

2) amaze

3) quality control

4) relieve

5) assembly line

6) fire

7) major

8) decrease

9) management

10) productive

1) relieve

2) decrease

3) whatsoever

4) career

5) Unfortunately

6) results in

7) background

8) As a result

9) recognized

10) hold up keep up with

11) furthermore

12) on a basis

13) boring

14) findings

15)talk over

16) productive

1) are the basis for any good relationship between nations

2) is the great efficiency of the public services

3) was held up by a thick fog over the airport

4) two major earthquakes in its history, one in 1906 and the other in 1989

5) the professor was often absent-minded in his personal life

6) result in an employee's being fired

1) impossible

2) aware

3) unfortunate

4) literate

5) unnecessary

6) frequent

7) impatient

8) adequate

9) unsealed

10) finished

11) unfair

12) likely

13) irregular

14) direct

1) management

2) managed

3) inspected

4) inspection

5) would consult

6) consultation

7) bore

8) Bored

9) assembled

10) assembling

1) especially/specially

2) especially

3) specially

4) especially

5) specially

6) especially/specially

1) They spent two whole months working on the design of the machine.

2) The artist spends most of his spare time collecting butterfly specimens.

3) The manager spent three hours talking to Sam yesterday morning.

4) He spent the whole morning trying to solve the math problem.

1) except

2) except for

3) except

4) except for

5) except

6) except for

1) His nephew didn't use to visit him at Christmas.

Did his nephew use to visit him at Christmas?

2) He didn't use to be as thin as she.

Did he use to be as thin as she?

3) She didn't use to burn the midnight oil.

Did she use to burn the midnight oil?

1) didn't they

2) did't you

3) wasn't there

1) First of all/Most important of all

2) Most curious of all

3) Most important of all

4) Worst of all

1) efficiency

2) Furthermore

3) amazing

4) observation

5) foundation

6) career

7) reorganize

8) assembly

9) findings

10) management

11) suggestions

12) productive

13) background

14) relieving

15) holding up

16) Unfortunately




























1) took out

2) searched

3) assistant

4) make a list

5) correct

6) articles

7) lying

8) satisfied

9) pulled out

10) Embarrassed


1) 据报道,那条铁路曾因洪水而停止修建。

It was reported that the building of the railway had been held up by a flood.

2) 罢工结果,资方接受了工人的要求。

The strike resulted in the management's accepting the workers' demands.

3) 煤矿工人们决定为争取更好的工作条件举行罢工。

The coalminers decided to go on strike for better working conditions.

4) 我很想买这本英文词典,遗憾的是我身上带的钱不够。

I'd like very much to buy the English dictionary. Unfortunately, I haven't got enough money on me.

5) 我想先和你讨论一下这篇文章的英译稿,然后再把它寄给霍布斯先生。

I'd like to talk over with you about the English translation of the article before sending it to Mr. Hobbs.

6) 那位外国专家希望在三年内达到所有的目标。

The foreign expert hopes to achieve all his aims in three years.

7) 一个科学家要跟上本领域的新发展,你认为必须做些什么?

What do you think a scientist must do in order to keep up with the latest developments in his field?

8) 作者认为,如果优秀工人经常得到加薪和提拔,他们就会有更大的生产积极性。

The author thinks that if excellent workers get frequent pay increases and promotions, they will have greater incentive to produce.

附: Reading Activity及 Guided Writing

b. The teaching profession demanded total dedication.

c. After the War of 1812 the United States was far less dependent (依赖) on Europe for its manufactured goods.





5) my consultation at the shirt factory had not improved production

6) consultant suggestions follow them


8) make workers and management seriously involved in the problem solving

9) a good lesson


1) 要是我们用最快的速度奔跑,从工作台到 咖啡机刚够我们跑上一个来回。

2) 我想厂方是想提醒我们在那儿该生产些什 么东西。

3) 我过去认为,当顾问就是进入工厂,研究 问题,提出解决问题的对策,然后再敦促厂方按这些建议去做。

4) 如果工人和厂方都能认真参与问题的解 决,那么变革不仅可能,而且是不可避免 的。

1) It was over five years before we met again.

2) As he grew old, he became more and more patient.

3) Now that you've bought a new car, what are you going to do with the old one?

4) We missed the train because we used an out-of-date timetable.

5) After the work was done, he took a shower and went home.

6) I'll ring you up as soon as I get an answer from him.

7) The boy has defeated many grown-ups at chess although he is only eleven.

8) They have seen each other quite a lot since they first met last May.

9) I stood there watching the plane until it flew out of sight.

10) We'd better take the telescope with us in cas

e it is needed.

11) The strength of the collective is boundless, while that of the individual is very limited.

12) If Columbus had not discovered America, somebody else would have done it.

大学英语精读第三版(上海外语教育出版社 董亚芬主编)第一册Book1 Unit6答案
大学英语精读第三版(上海外语教育出版社 董亚芬主编)第一册Book1 Unit7答案











1) dignity

2) eventually

3) intentions

4) in a row

5) pulled out

6) selected

7) to your taste

8) elderly

9) privileges

10) sampled

11) cheating

12) take advantage of

13) worn

14) suspected

15)and what's more

1) was positive that she was able to do the job although his co-owner considered her to be inadequate for it.

2) it was evident that it would soon rain.

3) long for a chance to return to their homeland for a visit.

4) the salesman really took advantage of her ignorance.

5) mistake her for her mother on the phone.

6) going to a disco occasionally, but not so often that it becomes a bore.

1) useless

2) careless

3) colorful

4) jobless

5) hopeful

6) endless

7) pitiful

8) powerful

1) sampler

2) beginner

3) liar

4) shoppers

5) beggars

6) actor

7) sailors

8) translators

1) evidence

2) Evidently

3) evident

4) evident

1) kind

2) kindly

3) Kindness

4) kindly

1) eagerly

2) eager

3) eagerness

4) eager

1) sincere

2) sincerely

3) sincerity

4) sincere

1) occasional

2) occasionally

3) occasion

4) occasionally

1) allowed/ permitted

2) allowed/ permitted

3) were allowed

4) allow/ permit

5) allow/ let

6) let

1) He talks/talked about Florida as if he had been there.

2) He looks/looked as if he had never had a decent meal.

3) She talks as if she knew where they are.

4) He behaves as if he owned the place.

5) He orders me about as if he were my boss.

1) He looks as if he is putting on weight.

2) It feels as if it is made of cotton.

3) They sound as if they come from New York.

4) They look as if they know each other.

5) It smells as if it is fresh.

6) They taste as if they are homemade.

7) He looks as if he is hungry.

8) It sounds as if it is African.

1) No, he went somewhere else.

2) No, he is going to make something else.

3) No, he is going to watch something else.

4) No, she wore something else.

5) No, it was someone else who brought it to her.

6) No, it is going somewhere else.

7) No, someone else is going to Indiana. / No, he's going somewhere else.

8) No, she told the story to someone else.

1) elderly

2) worn

3) evident

4) laid out

5) sampled

6) intention

7) out of place

8) prosperous

9) come down

10) counted out

1) when

2) in



















1)at the time



4)out of

5)turned in



8)Later on

9)Even though



1) 萨姆买不起他极想要的那种照相机,因为那相机太贵了。

Sam could not afford (to buy) the camera he longed for because it was too expensive.

2) 整个上午他都在忙于写那篇故事,只是偶尔停下来喝杯茶。

He was busy writing the story all the morning, only breaking off occasionally to have some / a cup of tea.

3) 他是个富人家的儿子,不过看上去已经家道中落了。

He is the son of a wealthy family, but he seems to have come down in the world.

4) 他常利用她缺乏生意头脑(business sense)而欺骗她。

He often took advantage of her lack of business sense to cheat her.

5) 王教授,请您赏光来参加我们星期六的英语晚会好吗?

Prof. Wang, would you do us a favor by coming to our English evening this Saturday?

6) 看外表他一点也不像是个八十多岁的老人。

He does not seem to be an old man in his eighties, considering his appearance.

7) 他们肯定没打算把他培养成一名工程师,我猜想他们永远也不会这样做。

Undoubtedly they do not have the intention of making an engineer of him, and I suspect they never will.

8) 我怀疑这家工厂什么质量控制也没有。经过一周的观察,我发现情况果真如此。

I suspected there was no quality control whatsoever in the factory. After making observations for a week I found this was indeed the case.

附: Reading Activity及 Guided Writing




4)loyalty sympathy

5) a



1) "If only I had acted as a human being" / "If only I had given away the food the old woman needed"

2) from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

3) (have) the power to direct and regulate

4) inborn qualities of being kind, thoughtful and sympathetic

1) 我坚信,一个友好的微笑和一声脱口而出的"先生"、"女士"和"谢谢您"就足以让我应付任何可能出现的情况,从安慰缺乏耐心或难缠的顾客到为找错零钱而道歉。

2) 她干咳着,每次呼吸都气喘吁吁。在一个气温只有华氏40度的夜晚,她只穿着一件褪了色的印花连衣裙,一件薄薄的、小得连纽扣都扣不起来的羊毛衫和一双黑色的塑料拖鞋,拖鞋的后帮已经剪掉,露出了长满老茧的脚后跟。
3) 当我站到她身边时,我觉得要保持微笑就难了:她眼眶发红的双眼部分地被黄兮兮的眼屎遮住了;她的两手积满了一层层的污垢,衣服上散发出一阵阵的汗臭味,像一层厚厚的云雾扑鼻而来。

4) 有那么一刹那,我真想说:"把玉米拿去 吧。"但雇员


5) 我真心希望我当时能表现得像一个人而不是"机器人",但意识到我们保持自身良好本性的力量是多么的脆弱,又令我感到悲哀。

1) His words moved everyone present.

2) What a pity you can't go to the lecture!

3) Though still a young man, he is a leading biologist in that country.

4) You can do it this way if you care to.

5) Fill in the blanks with articles wherever necessary.

6) As scheduled, they met on January 20 at the Chinese Embassy.

7) What if they do not come?

8) The sooner, the better.

9) Anything wrong with the tape-recorder?

10) When in need, don't hesitate to ask me for money.

11) The boy looked as if afraid of nothing.

12) His face is tanned and his hands big and strong.

大学英语精读第三版(上海外语教育出版社 董亚芬主编)第一册Book1 Unit7答案

大学英语精读第三版(上海外语教育出版社 董亚芬主编)第一册Book1 Unit8答案








1) instantly

2) absolute

3) privacy

4) approaching

5) indicates

6) acquire

7) astonished

8) avoid

9) Confidence

10) expose

11) slight

12) hint

13) range

14) slapped

1) scrape together

2) in search of

3) hold back

4) robbed of

5) think over

6) came upon

7) come true

8) express their sincere gratitude

1) surprised

2) surprise

3) Surprisingly

4) surprised

5) surprising

6) surprise

1) pleasantly

2) please

3) pleasing

4) pleasure

5) pleasant

1) admire

2) admiration admire admire

3) admirable

4) admiring

5) admiringly

6) admired

1) astonishingly

2) astonishing

3) astonishment

4) astonish

5) astonished

1) hand-written

2) hand-held

3) hand-made

4) weather-beaten

5) tongue-tied

6) home-made

7) town-bred

8) heart-felt

1) the greatest living artist

2) live animals

3) If I come back alive one day

4) entirely alone

5) find anyone else alive

6) The poor lone old man

7) look exactly alike wearing similar clothes

8) when you're asleep

9) a sleeping dog

10) treat like situations in like manner

1) She had received the news that her husband was seriously ill and she and her children had rushed back to be with him.

2) Our planning system is designed around the idea that people should have a say in what happens to their immediate surroundings.

3) I share John's belief that energy policy is critical to the economic development of our nation.

4) No one can deny the fact that Ryan's attempt to help the old man had hurt his feelings.

5) Everyone present accepted Mary's suggestion that we think over the matter carefully before we come to a conclusion.

1) It is such a good chance that we mustn't miss it.

2) Sara left in such haste that she forgot to lock the door.

3) Jack felt such deep gratitude to his teacher that he sold his car to help pay her medical expenses.

4) For a time, they were enjoying such economic prosperity that they did not think it necessary to reform their system.

5) There is such a serious lack of knowledge about the transmission of the disease that people became afraid of normal social contact.

6) Pablo Picasso was such a great genius that he became a master of any art form he chose to try his hand at.

1) approached

2) came upon

3) scrape together

4) something like

5) rob

6) in search of

7) astonished

8) come true

9) luckiest

10) reveal

11) indicated

12) gratitude

13) spontaneously

14) critical

15) absolutely

16) deny
























4) arrange for Santa to send a reply


6) travel through the air

7) lets himself down the chimney

8) important

9) appear

10) believing in


1) 我很幸运,在我年轻的时候就学会了许多不同的技能。

I am lucky to have acquired a wide range of skills when I was young.

2) 这些画价值在五千万美元左右,绝不能直接暴露在阳光之下。

These drawings, which are worth something like 50 million dollars, must not be exposed to direct sunlight.

3) 我儿子写出他第一首诗的时候,我就知道他有天赋。

I knew my son got talent when he composed his first poem.

4) 由于流感(the flu)在社区传播,她用暖和的冬衣将自己裹起来,以防传染上这种疾病。

As the flu was spreading in the community, she wrapped herself in warm winter clothing to avoid catching the disease.

5) 被告(defendant)否认他曾经向政府官员付钱以获得合同。

The defendant denied that he had ever made any payment to the government official to get a contract.

6) 我吃惊地看到,当他妻子泄露了一个家庭秘密的时候,他掴了她一记耳光。

I was startled to see he slapped his wife in the face when she revealed a family secret.

7) 他说他掌握了一个关于战争的秘密文件,这使每一个在座的人都大为吃惊。接着他啪地一声打开公文包(briefcase)便开始读起来。

He astonished everyone present by saying that he possessed a secret paper about the war. He then snapped open his briefcase and began to read it.

8) 当他渐渐地获得了信心的时候,他的语调变得自然了,说起话来也就自然脱口而出了。

As he gradually acquired confidence, his tone became natural and his words came out spontaneously.

附: Rea

ding Activity及 Guided Writing

1) It was Galileo's wise use of the telescope that helped him understand the sun is the center of the planets.

2) c, d, e

3) By means of his telescope.

4) Twelve.

5) d









1) 然而,很多人感到,圣诞节的商业化削弱 了它的宗教意味。

2) 圣诞之夜,趁孩子们睡着的时候,他顺着 烟囱悄悄下来,把礼物留在他们的床边。

3) 晚上,是一顿丰盛的茶点,茶点中常有一只圣诞大蛋糕,蛋糕上有甜如糖果、滑爽似布丁的糖霜;用过茶点,全家人可能会围坐在壁炉旁一边吃干果、糖果和水果,一边聊天或看电视,或玩集体游戏。

4) 大作家查尔斯 · 狄更斯很喜欢圣诞节,他在《圣诞颂歌》等书中描述了圣诞节的欢乐与温馨:客厅内干柴燃起熊熊炉火时的一幅幅场景,而屋外12月的白雪给整个大地披上一层素装。

1) Most plants grow more quickly in warmer areas.

2) Jim was fired for being absent-minded while working.

3) I doubt whether these fish are really eatable.

4) We tried our best with a magnifying glass but the dry grass simply would not burn.

5) Exports provide the funds to pay for imports.

6) The traveller entertained his hosts with stories, some of which were really unbelievable.

7) She was not hired because she wasn't qualified.

8) Personally, I don't approve of the idea.

9) The effect of an unhappy childhood on a man's character is not always permanent.

10) The lecture was so boring that we couldn't help yawning.

11) Henry Adams became a millionaire overnight after coming into possession of the one million pound bank note.

12) The house is at the next corner; you can't miss it.

大学英语精读第三版(上海外语教育出版社 董亚芬主编)第一册Book1 Unit8答案
大学英语精读第三版(上海外语教育出版社 董亚芬主编)第一册Book1 Unit9答案

1) extremely

2) hazard

3) pollute

4) originally

5) feasibility

6) survive

7) atmosphere

8) conclusion

9) proceed

10) conference

11) billion

12) humorous

1) had paid attention to

2) notice

3) had noticed

4) Pay attention to

5) noticed

6) attention has been paid to






6)had been paid




10)has spend

1) polluted

2) feasibility

3) conclusion hazard

4) known as

5) giving off

6) satellite

7) based on

8) planets

9) deadly

10) originally

11) sticking up

12) proceeded

13) as to

14) smashed/was smashed/got smashed

15)has set back/will set back

16)For one thing for another

1) The earth's surface is mostly composed of water.

2) Ice and snow on the roads both create hazards for drivers during the Christmas season.

3) The youngest chil

d survived the earthquake, but the rest of the family died.

4) Crime has made some streets in American cities unfit to live.

5) Several cars crashed into each other on the highway due to the fog.

6) The rider of the motorbike made a signal with his arm for a left turn.

1) acceptance

2) guide

3) appearance

4) performance

5) arrive

6) proposal

7) depend

8) refuse

9) difference

10) remove

11) disturb

12) signa

13) exist

14) survive



1) dressmaker

2) troublemaker

3) weedkiller

4) recordholder

5) timekeeper

6) a person who owns land

7) a person who sells books

8) a person whose work is building ships

9) a person whose job is to drive a taxicab

10) an instrument for opening cans

1) friendly

2) deadly

3) daily

4) lovely

5) manly

6) lonely

7) weekly

8) motherly

1) Henry couldn't take part in the sports meet because of his broken leg.

2) We were sorry to hear that Mr. Davidson had to retire at the age of fifty because of his poor health.

3) They didn't go to the concert because of the heavy snow.

4) It was because of the noise that I couldn't fall asleep.

1) It is rather difficult to pronounce.

2) It is easy to explain as far as I know.

3) It is as difficult to manage as Henry's.

4) It will be fit to wear if you shorten the sleeves.

5) To tell the truth, it is impossible to answer.

6) It is not possible to see in advance.

1) as far as I am concerned

2) As far as we students are concerned

3) As far as the method itself is concerned

4) As far as ability is concerned

5) as far as the acting and music are concerned

6) As far as the structure is concerned

1) feasibility

2) based on

3) conclusions

4) unfit

5) polluted

6) deadly

7) atmosphere

8) extremely

9) For another

10) survive

11) set back

12) proceed




























2)die out





7)most important of all





1) 工厂和汽车排出的一氧化碳一类气体严重污染了大气。

Gases such as carbon monoxide, emitted by factories and automobiles, have seriously polluted the atmosphere.

2) 那位工业管理工程师的来信表明,他对该项计划是否可行有怀疑。

The industrial engineer's letter indicates that he doubts the feasibility of the plan.

3) 在美国,许多父母在孩子出生之前就为他们的教育留出一笔专款。

Many parents in the United States set aside

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