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1 Shyness can vary from feeling mild discomfort to high levels of anxiety (从感觉轻微的不适高度的焦虑) that impact us in almost everything we do.

2 Despite his stubbornness, he knew in his heart that he should avoid arousing any suspicions(避免引起任何怀疑).

3 It will be interpreted as criticism no matter what you say.(成批评,无论你说什么).

4 Let’s not allow ourselves to be upset by trifles (让我们不要为小事情烦心) (which) we should ignore and forget.

5 Too much time spent dwelling on the past (花太多的时间老是想着过去) can get in the way of enjoying life as it happens.

6 People who believe they can accomplish goals and solve problems (相信自己能够完成目标解决问题的人) are more likely to do well in school.


It is believed that pessimism often leads to hopelessness, sickness and failure. 2.于此相反,乐观主义能使你幸福、健康和成功。

Optimism, by contrast, can make you happy, healthy and successful.


When you fail in something, profit from the failure as a learning experience.


Think about your strengths and build up self-confidence in front of problems or difficulties.


Don’t let negative thoughts hold you back.


Everyone has experienced failures and disappointments, so don’t blame yourself too much.


1.She wore a dress with pattern of roses (有玫瑰图案)on it.

2.Helen had prepared a wonderful meal for us.(为我们准备了一顿丰盛的饭菜)

3.Ann promised faithfully (信誓旦旦地保证)that she would never tell.

4.Could you deliver this letter(把这封信送到)to the accounts department?

5.We well offered a selection of milk and plain chocolate.(精选的牛奶巧克力和纯巧克力)

6.Tell the children to keep out of behave/mischief themselves.(别胡闹)

7.We could hear the sound of distant thunder.(远处打雷的声音)

8.The project has now received approval form the government .(得到政府的批准)

9.Kelly loved her husband in spite of the fact that he drank too much.(虽然他喝酒太多)

10.Experts seem unable to agree whether the drug is safe or not .(就这个药是否安全取得一致意见)Unit 3


Because of an emergency, the doctor will not be available for several hours.


How will taxes affect people with low incomes?


My mother always told me that in the long run I would be glad I didn’t give up practicing the piano. 4.这些书的价格从10美元到20美元不等

These book range in price from $10 to $20.


6.It seems to me that you don’t have much choice.


Given their inexperience, they have done quite a good job.

7. 对这么一幢大房子来说这价格相当便宜,但你得考虑维修费用

For such a big house the price is fairly/quite low/cheap, but you’ve got to take into c onsideration the money you will spend on repairs.


Can we begin with discussing questions arising from the last meeting?

Unit 4

1. I used to enjoy/like photography,(我过去喜欢摄影)but I now have no time to pursue any hobbies.

2. There is no sure way to predict (没有一种可确信的方式来预测)who will develop asthma and who won’t.

3. Today neurobiologists no longer argue about whether or not the brain can grow new cells.(大脑是否能生成新细胞)

4. I don’t l ove acting as much as I once did(像以前那样), said Angelina Jolie.

5.If you don’t define your goal ,you don’t know in which direction you should be heading.(你应该向哪个方向前进)

6.While you should not dwell on your past ,spending some timereviewing and thinking about the path you have taken.(花些时间回顾和思考你走过的路)

7.You may love someone but not necessarily have to marry him.(不一定得和他结婚)

8.These examples demonstrate how poorly some students write their resumes.(有些学生的简历写得多么差)

1.I am deeply touched by the warm and friendly words that the President has just addressed to me.


2.I want to speak to the person who deals with my account.


3.There was a law in the city of Athens which gave to its citizens the power of compelling their daughters to marry whomever they pleased.

4.There are those who insist that the era of a computer terminal on every desk is just around the corner,while others insist that traditional teaching methods will never give way to computerized instruction.

5.There was another man who seemed to have answers.


Unit 5

1.seeing all the people walking to and fro outside the office ,(看到所有人在办公室外面走来走去)I became more worried.

2.In time he well see who is his true friends to be relied on in difficulty。(谁是他真正的朋友,在困难时可依靠)

3.That scientist’s experi ment gave birth to a new drug,(那位科学家的实验使一种新药问世)a better cure for high blood pressure.

4.He got used to being in this room during the winter, shut in by the four walls and a sloping ceiling.

5.I realized I would need to convince them at the first opportunity(我一有机会就要让他们相信) that I was a policeman not a politician.

6.When you sweep away an old society, (当你清除一个旧的社会时)you can’t overnight change the institutions of thought that have been built up over centuries.

7.By the close of the century,(在本世纪临近结束时)another two billion people will be born, the great majority in developing countries.

8.If you long for a better future for yourself , your family and your country, (如果你渴望自己,自己的家,自己的国家有更好的未来)stay and continue your studies here.

1.He admires Mrs.Brown,which surprises me.


2.It stormed all day,during which time the ship broke up.


3.The student,who had carefully read through the instructions before doing his experiment ,could not achieve satisfactory results ,because he had followed them mechanically.


4.I knew that Sara would tell the good news to her sister ,who would probably tell it to her classmates.


5.Mr.Smith,who has a lot of teaching experience,will be joining us in the spring.


6.The postman comes at 6:30 in the morning ,when I am usually fast asleep.


Uint 6


If I had to select one plan, I would not hesitate to support the latter.


He seemed not guilty, but the evidence suggested otherwise.


I warned him off going to the east coast because it was a full of tourists.


The fact that something is cheap doesn’t necessarily mean it’s of low quality.


Without anyone to turn to for help, making an appropriate choice can be difficult./it would be difficult to make an appropriatechoice.

6. 他用音乐表现了他失去妻子的悲痛。

His sadness at the death of his wife found expression in his music.


Only when people overcome their shyness, can they live more confidently.


I’m not buying the children anything else today, as it is I’ve spent for too much money.


1.That our environment has little ,if anything ,to do with our abilities ,characteristics and behavior is central to this theory.


2.It was regrettable that our appeal remains a dead letter.


3.It is well-known that lung cancer is caused at least in part by smoking too much.


It was natural that now the conversation turned to the tragic events that had taken place a month before. 现在把话题转到一个月以前发生的惨案上,这是很自然的事。

5.The old lady then explained that what she was looking for was a pair of gloves for a girl.


6.He would remind people again that it was decided not only by himself but by lots of others.


7.They want to explain why we possess certain characteristics and exhibit certain behavior.


8.Those who support the”nature”side of the conflict believe that our personalities and behavior are largely determined by biological factors.


9.Galileo’s greatest glory was that in 1609 he was the first person to turn the newly invented telescope on the heavens to prove that the planets revolve around the Sun rather than around the Earth.


Uint 7


I didn’t realize putting on/staging a play involved so much work.

2.最重要的不是你说的,而是你做的。( …not that… but that…)

The most important thing is not what you say but what you do.

3.在这样的情况下,这个结果是所能期待的最好的。(in such circumstances)

This is the best result that can be expected in such circumstances.

4.你不是第一次处于这种情形。(find oneself…)

It isn’t the first time that you’ve found myself in such a situation.


This difficulty challenges my mind to find an answer.

6.将要出现的新的威胁是失业。(on the horizon, unemployment)

The new threat on the horizon is unemployment.


We have alternative/different ways of expressing the same idea.

8.他喝酒的老毛病又犯了。(slip into)

He slipped into the old habit of drinking.

1.The defining characteristic of pessimists is that they tend to believe bad events will last a long time ,will undermine everything they do,and are their own fault.


2.Monkey’s reply was that he knew with certainty that he was powerful enough to rule Heaven.


3.The good news is that not all aspects of Type A behavior are equally toxic.


4.Another aspect Larson studied was the observation that people get more fed up if they are not told what is going on.


5.Sometimes all a sick person needs is some reassurance that all will be well.



The question to ask is not whether we should travel but where we should travel.


The distinctive feather of the island is that it is made up of pink coral.


The belief that he would win helped him go out of the desert.


The fact that the town had beautiful scenery and low expense made us overjoyed.


He wanted to find some evidence that the restaurant overcharged him.

Unit 8

1. They are nearly 24 reported sets of twins in the town, of which nearly 12 are identical twins.(其中差不多12对是同卵双胞胎)

2. “We are well aware of his danger and won’t blindly accept what people say.”(不会盲目采纳人们说的话)stated Mr. Malcom.

3. I still remember when I first met you on the lake side.(我初次在湖边遇见你的时候)

4. when she came to writing her college project, she found other material; this world enable her to enjoy more fully the work.(使他更充分的享受该工作的乐趣)

5. As soon as the 15 minutes rest is over,(一旦15分钟的休息结束)you must start the next exercise to make the exercise programme more effective.

6. without their working as volunteers,(没有他们作为志愿者来工作)we could never be able to provide any service for those who need it.

7.Pears are treated in much the same way as some other kinds of fruit (与其他一些和水果几乎相同的方法)but are never wrapped.

8. A similar meeting held at the beginning of the year, attended by 60 people including teachers、nurses and doctors,(有包括教师、护士、和医生60人参加的)was very successful according to the report.


Unit 1 From her accent I guess she’s from the Northeast. 从她的口音我猜她是来自东北地区的。 It was very clever of her to turn his argument against himself. 她很聪明,使他对自己的论点 I found a couple of shoes under the bed but they don’t make a pair. 我在床下发现了一双鞋,但他们不做一双 4. Dr. Bright always takes his time as he examines his patients and treats them with extreme care. Bright博士总是把他的时间用于他检查他的病人,并把他们的极端护理 5. British companies are trying to avoid the fate their American counterparts have already suffered. 英国公司正试图避免他们的美国同行已经遭受的命运。 6. Wilfred’s remarks confirmed me in my opinion that he was an honorable young man. 威尔弗雷德的话证实了我在我看来,他是一个光荣的年轻人 7. The key witness for the prosecution was offered police protection after she received death threats. 检察机关的主要证人在收到死亡威胁后提供了警方的保护 8. I thought that was the end of the matter but subsequent events proved me wrong. 我认为这是事情的结束,但随后的事件证明我错了。 9. Having practiced for so long, the New York baseball team stands a chance winning the World Series this year. 经过这么长时间的练习,纽约棒球队赢得了今年的世界系列赛的机会。 10. At the trial , Bob’s teacher, who was called as a character witness, said he was a quiet boy who had never been in trouble before. 在审讯中,鲍伯的老师,被称为证人,说他是个安静的男孩以前从未惹过麻烦。 Unit 2 11. We’ve just had a very fruitful meeting with the management and we’re now much more hopeful about the pay rise. 我们刚刚与管理层有了一个非常富有成效的会议,我们现在对加薪的希望更大了 12. The book I’m reading explains the evolution of plant and animal life on earth. 我读的这本书解释了地球上动植物的进化


BOOK TWO Unit 5 丝绸之路(Silk Road)是我国古代一条连接中国和欧亚大陆(Eurasia)的交通线路,由于这条商路以丝绸贸易为主,故称"丝绸之路"。作为国际贸易的通道和文化交流的桥梁,丝绸之路有效地促进了东西方经济文化交流和发展,对世界文明进程有着深远影响。当前,在新的历史条件下,我国提出了"一带一路"(One Belt, One Road)(即"丝绸之路经济带"和"21世纪海上丝绸之路")的战略构想。"一带一路"以合作共赢为核心,强调相关各国的互利共赢和共同发展。这一战略一经提出即受到沿线各国的积极响应。 The Silk Road is a traffic route in the ancient times connecting China and Eurasia. This trade route focuses on the trade of silk, hence the name "the Silk Road". As an international trade channel and a bridge of cultural exchanges, the Silk Road effectively improved the economic and cultural exchanges and development between the East and the West, exerting a profound impact on the progress of the world civilization. Nowadays, under the new historical circumstances, our country proposes the strategy of "One Belt, One Road" (namely the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-century Maritime Silk Road). The strategy of "One Belt, One Road" focuses on cooperation and mutual benefits, emphasizing mutual benefits, win-win, as well as common development of the related countries. Once proposed, the strategy has received positive responses from the related countries along the road. Unit 6 国民幸福指数(National Happiness Index,NHI)是衡量人们幸福感的一种指数,也是衡量一个国家或地区经济发展、居民生活与幸福水平的指标工具。随着中国经济的高速增长,中国政府越来越重视人民群众生活质量和幸福指数的提升。政府注重改善民生,努力改善人民群众的经济状况,满足人民群众日益增长的物质文化需求。当前,中国政府提倡释放改革红利,让人民群众得到更多实惠。所有这些都将有效促进我国国民幸福指数不断提升。 National Happiness Index (NHI) is an index that measures how happy people are. It is also a tool that measures the levels of economic development and people's livelihood and happiness in a country or region. With the fast growth of Chinese economy, the Chinese government has been paying more and more attention to people's living quality and the increase of happiness index. The government stresses improvement of its people's livelihood, striving to improve their economic conditions and meet their growing material and cultural needs. Currently, the Chinese government advocates the unleashing of more reform dividends, with the aim of offering more real benefits to its people. All these measures will combine to effectively increase the NHI of our people.


全新版大学英语第三册课后练习答案及课文翻译 《全新版大学英语综合教程3》课后练习答案 Unit 1 Part II Text A Text Organization P.10 1. Parts, Paragraphs and Main Ideas Part One Paras 1-3 The writer views his life in the country as a self-reliant and satisfying one. Part Two Paras 4-7 Life in the country is good yet sometimes very hard. Part Three Paras 8-11 After quitting his job, the writer's income was reduced, but he and his family were able to manage to get by. Part Four Paras 12-15 A tolerance for solitude and a lot of energy have made it possible for the family to enjoy their life in the country. 2. Happy Moments and Events: 1) growing nearly all their fruits and vegetables 2) canoeing, picnicking, long bicycle rides, etc. 3) keeping warm inside the house in winter 4) writing freelance articles 5) earning enough money while maintaining a happy family life Hardships: 1) working hard both in winter and in summer 2) harsh environment and weather condition 3) anxious moments after the writer quit his job 4) cutting back on daily expenses 5) solitude Vocabulary P.14 I


Vocabulary I. 1. 1)on balance 5)illustrated9)involved 2)resist 6)budget 10)economic 3)haul 7)lowering11)blasting 4)wicked 8)boundary12)just about 2. 1)cut back/ down2)pick up 3)get by 4)get through 5)face up to 6)turn in 7)making up for8)think up 3. 1) pursued his mathematical studies and taught himself astronomy 2) often generate misleading thoughts 3) attach great importance to combining theory with practice in our work 4) be suspected of doing everything for money 5) before he gets through life 4. 1) their indoor, a profit, to invest in 2) device, the improvement, on a global scale 3) stacked, temptation, never dined out II Confusable Words 1. 1) house 2) Home 3) home, family 4) household 2. 1) doubt 2) suspect 3) doubted 4) suspected 5) suspect III. Word Formation 1)rise2)final3)regular4)cash5)hows, whys 6)upped7)yellowed8)bottled9)lower10)search Comprehensive Exercises I. Cloze 1. Text-related 1)get by2)temptation3)get through4)improvements 5)aside from6)suspect7)supplement8)profit


Unit1 翻译 1) 发言人(spokesman)明确表示总统在任何情况下都不会取消(cancel)这次旅行。 The spokesman made it clear that the President would not cancel the trip under any circumstances. 2) 杰克对书架上那些书一本也不了解,所以他的选择是很随意的。 Jack didn't know anything about any of the books on the bookshelf, so his choice was quite arbitrary. 3) 随后发生的那些事件再次证明了我的猜疑(suspicions)是对的。(confirm) The subsequent events confirmed my suspicions once again. 4) 我认为我们应该鼓励中学生在暑假找临时工作。 I think we should encourage high school students to find temporary jobs / employment during their summer holidays. 5) 令我们吃惊的是,这位常被赞为十分正直的州长(governor)竟然是个贪官(corrupt official)。 To our surprise, the governor who had often been praised for his honesty turned out to be a corrupt official. 6) 少数工人得到提升(be promoted),与此同时却有数百名工人被解雇。 A few workers were promoted, but meanwhile hundreds of workers were dismissed. 7) 如果有机会,约翰也许已成为一位杰出的画家了。(given) Given the chance, John might have become an outstanding painter. 8) 数小时后,有人看见那个男孩在林子里瞎转。 Several hours later, the boy was found wandering around in the woods. Unit2 翻译 迅速方便地获得信息是很重要,但学会以新的方式看信息甚至更为重要。医学上一次重大突破也许能说明这一观点。科学家本想寻找一种治天花的特效药,但他们没有成功。英国医生爱德华·詹纳放弃寻找特效药,而是通过找到一种


V ocabulary Unit 1 1. My job varies between the extremely tedious and the annoyingly busy. On balance I think I’m happier during the really busy times; no time to think about how bored I am. 2. It is the nature of the wise to resist pleasures, but the foolish to be a slave to them. 3.I figure out a good team of dogs ,hitched to a light sled, can haul 1000 pounds of goods. 4. In the story, the little girl has a wicked stepmother, who makes her life a misery. 5. Nothing has become a real till it is experienced –even a proverb is no proverb to you till your life has illustrated it. 6. Nowadays almost all libraries are finding it increasingly difficult to remain within their budget. 7. You can increase a tyre’s grip in winter by slightly lowering its pressure. 8. Lake superior, Huron Erie and Ontario are shared by united states and Canada ,and from part of the boundary between the two countries. 9. The police are investigating the three men allegedly involved in organizing and carrying out the bank robbery. 10. I do not doubt in the least that inflation leads to economic decline. 11. A blizzard was blasting great drifts of snow across the lake. 12. Tim says just about everybody will be affected by the tax increases, but I am sure he’s exaggerating . 1. In an effort to feel better, I started to make small changes in my life and cut back / cut down from 20 cigarettes a day to a mere three or four. 2. If I wasted electricity as you do at home, my dad would make me pick up the bill. 3.We can get by with four computers at the moment, but we'll need a couple more when the new staff arrive. 4.It is impossible to get through this course just by working hard around exam times. 5.Unless they quickly face up to their mistakes, they will miss a unique opportunity to settle the problem once and for all. 6.The students were instructed to do the experiment carefully and to turn in their reports at the beginning of next week. 7. I didn't travel much when I was younger, but I'm certainly making up for lost time


Unit1奔向更加光明的未来 1 下午好!作为校长,我非常自豪地欢迎你们来到这所大学。你们所取得的成就是你们自己多年努力的结果,也是你们的父母和老师们多年努力的结果。在这所大学里,我们承诺 将使你们学有所成。 2 在欢迎你们到来的这一刻,我想起自己高中毕业时的情景,还有妈妈为我和爸爸拍的合影。妈妈吩咐我们:“姿势自然点。” “等一等 , ”爸爸说,“把我递给他闹钟的情景拍下来。” 在大学期间,那个闹钟每天早晨叫醒我。至今它还放在我办公室的桌子上。 3 让我来告诉你们, 一些你们未必预料得到的事情。你们将会怀念以前的生活习惯,怀念父母曾经提醒你们要刻苦学习、取得佳绩。你们可能因为高中生活终于结束而喜极而泣,你 们的父母也可能因为终于不用再给你们洗衣服而喜极而泣!但是要记住:未来是建立在过 去扎实的基础上的。 4 对你们而言,接下来的四年将会是无与伦比的一段时光。在这里,你们拥有丰富的资源:有来自全国各地的有趣的学生,有学识渊博又充满爱心的老师,有综合性图书馆,有完备的运动设施,还有针对不同兴趣的学生社团——从文科社团到理科社团、到社区服务等等。你们将自由地探索、学习新科目。你们要学着习惯点灯熬油,学着结交充满魅力的人,学着 去追求新的爱好。我想鼓励你们充分利用这一特殊的经历,并用你们的干劲和热情去收获 这一机会所带来的丰硕成果。 5 有这么多课程可供选择,你可能会不知所措。你不可能选修所有的课程,但是要尽可能 体验更多的课程!大学里有很多事情可做可学,每件事情都会为你提供不同视角来审视世 界。如果我只能给你们一条选课建议的话,那就是:挑战自己!不要认为你早就了解自己对什么样的领域最感兴趣。选择一些你从未接触过的领域的课程。这样,你不仅会变得更加博学,而且更有可能发现一个你未曾想到的、能成就你未来的爱好。一个绝佳的例子就是时装设计师王薇薇,她最初学的是艺术史。随着时间的推移,王薇薇把艺术史研究和对时装的热爱结合起来,并将其转化为对设计的热情,从而使她成为全球闻名的设计师。 6 在大学里,一下子拥有这么多新鲜体验可能不会总是令人愉快的。在你的宿舍楼里,住在你 隔壁寝室的同学可能会反复播放同一首歌,令你头痛欲裂!你可能喜欢早起,而你的室友 却是个夜猫子!尽管如此,你和你的室友仍然可能成为最要好的朋友。如果有些新的经历让你感觉不那么舒心,不要担心。我保证快乐的经历会多于不快的经历。而且我保证几乎所有这些经历都会给你带来宝贵的经验教训,从而使你的生活更加丰富多彩。所以,带着热切的目光和欢乐的心情,勇敢向前去拥抱这些新的体验吧! 7 我们相信,你们的自我发现之旅和对爱好的寻求带给你们的将不仅仅是个人的进步。我们相信,当你们成为我们的学者群体中的一员时,你们很快就会认识到,大学不仅提供大量自我充实的机会,同时也带来了责任。一位智者说过:“教育代代相传,它就是社会的灵魂。”你们是你们家庭辛勤劳动成果的传承者,也是无数前辈辛勤劳动成果的传承者。他们积累了知识,并把知识传递给你们,而这些知识正是你们取得成功所必需的。现在轮到你们了。你们会获取什么样的知识?你们会发现什么样的兴趣爱好?你们怎样做才能为你们的子孙后代创造一个强大昌盛的未来? 8 我们很高兴能为你们人生旅途中这一重大阶段开启大门。我们很高兴你们将获得许多机会,也很高兴你们将作为社区、国家乃至世界的公民承担起应有的责任。欢迎你们!

大学英语精读第三册 翻译答案

大学英语精读第三版(上海外语教育出版社董亚芬主编) 第三册Book3 Unit1~Unit10 翻译答案 Unit1 翻译 1) 发言人(spokesman)明确表示总统在任何情况下都不会取消(cancel)这次旅行。 The spokesman made it clear that the President would not cancel the trip under any circumstances. 2) 杰克对书架上那些书一本也不了解,所以他的选择是很随意的。 Jack didn't know anything about any of the books on the bookshelf, so his choice was quite arbitrary. 3) 随后发生的那些事件再次证明了我的猜疑(suspicions)是对的。(confirm) The subsequent events confirmed my suspicions once again. 4) 我认为我们应该鼓励中学生在暑假找临时工作。 I think we should encourage high school students to find temporary jobs / employment during their summer holidays. 5) 令我们吃惊的是,这位常被赞为十分正直的州长(governor)竟然是个贪官(corrupt official)。 To our surprise, the governor who had often been praised for his honesty turned out to be a corrupt official. 6) 少数工人得到提升(be promoted),与此同时却有数百名工人被解雇。 A few workers were promoted, but meanwhile hundreds of workers were dismissed.


NNCE Book3课后翻译参考答案 Unit1 英译中原文:Global citizen is someone who identifies with being part of an emerging world community and whose actions contribute to building this community's values and practices. Global citizenship believes that humankind is essentially on and each individual has the power to change things. In our interdependent world, global citizenship encourages us to recognize our responsibilities toward each other and learn from each other. Global citizens care about education, disease, poverty, and environmental issues around the world. Today, the forces of global engagement are helping some people identify themselves as global citizens who have a sense of belonging to a world community. This growing global identity in large part is made possible by the forces of modern information, communications and transportation technologies. Global citizenship aims to empower people to lead their own action. Along with the knowledge and values that they have gained from learning about global issues, people need to be equipped with the necessary skills to give themselves the ability and confidence to be pro-active in making a positive difference in the world. Keys:世界公民是指一个人承认自己是新兴的全球社区的一分子,而且其行动对全球社区的价值打造和实践活动有所贡献。世界公民相信人类从本质上来说是一个整体,任何个人都有改变事物的能力。在我们这样一个相互依赖的世界中,世界公民意识鼓励我们认识到对彼此的责任,并从对方身上学习。世界公民关心全球的教育、疾病、贫穷和环境问题。在当今,全球合作的力量在使一些人萌发世界公民的意识,让他们拥有对全球社区的归属感。这种不断发展的世界公民意识在很大程度上来讲,要归功于现代信息、通信和交通技术的力量世界公民意识致力于给予人们力量,让他们付诸行动,世界公民除了要从世界问题中学习知识和价值观,还要拥有必需的技能,使他们拥有能力和自信,积极推动世界的发展。 汉译英原文:如今,很多年轻人不再选择" 稳定" 的工作,他们更愿意自主创业,依靠自己的智慧和奋斗去实现自我价值。青年创业(young entrepreneurship)是未来国家经济活力的来源,创业者的成功不但会创造财富、增加就业机会、改善大家的生活,从长远来看,对于国家更是一件好事,创业者正是让中国经济升级换代的力量。尤其是在当前,国家鼓励大众创业、万众创新,在政策上给予中小企业支持,这更加激发了年轻人的创业热情。 Keys:Nowadays, many young people no longer choose "stable" jobs. they prefer to start their own businesses and realize their self-value through their own wisdom and efforts. Young entrepreneurship is the source of national economic vitality in the future. The success of entrepreneurs not only creates fortune, increases job opportunities, improves people's life, but it is also good for the country in the long term. Entrepreneurs are a driving force in upgrading China's economy. Especially for the time being, our country is encouraging people to start their own businesses and make innovations and giving policy support for medium and small businesses. This further arouses young people's enthusiasm to start their own businesses.


Unit 1 这样,我的履历上没有留下犯罪的记录。但当时最令人震惊的,是那些显然导致宣布我无罪的证据。我讲话的口音“表明我受过良好教养”,到庭的有体面的中产阶级的双亲,有可靠的证人,还有,我显然请得起一名很好的律师。从对我指控的这种捕风捉影的做法来看,我肯定,如果我出身在另一种背景的家庭里,并且真的是失了业的话,我完全可能被判有罪。当我的律师要求赔偿诉讼费时,他公然把辩护的证据建立在我“学业优异”这一事实上。 Unit 2 毫无疑问,这里正发生着什么事儿。这事儿比争抢食物还乱,比西红柿是水果还是蔬菜还要重要。哥白尼把太阳视为宇宙中心,重新调整了地心说这一长达数世纪的范式,我的孩子们正做着哥白尼当年所做的事。鲁宾·马修斯把他的布朗克斯冰激凌改名为哈根达斯,在不变换产品的情况下提高了价格,我的孩子们正在做着鲁宾·马修斯所做过的事。爱德华·詹纳放弃了寻找治疗天花的特效药,从而发现了能预防这一疾病的疫苗,我的孩子们正做着爱德华·詹纳所做过的事。 他不去研究得了天花的患者,而是去研究接触天花却从未染上此病的人。他发现他们都患了一种类似天花但比较轻微的疾病:牛痘;这使得他们对致命的天花得以免疫。 Unit 3 这些在我眼前成长、变化的人,便是我要当教师的真正原因。当一名教师意味着是创造的见证人,他目睹人体开始呼吸,开始了生命 “提升了”,不再教书了,也许会给我带来金钱和权力。可是我现在也有钱c我拿了薪金去做自己乐意做的事:读书、交谈、提问,比如问:“做个富翁有什么意思呢?” 我现在还有权呢。我有权启迪,有权激发才智9有权开出书目,有权指矽支迷津。还有其他什么权力更值得考虑呢? 但教书还会带来金钱和权力以外的东西:那便是爱。不仅是爱学习、爱书本、爱思想,而且还有老师对出类拔萃的学生的爱。这样的学生走进了老师的生活,自己也开始成长了。爱这个字也许用得不恰当:说是魔力可能更为贴切。 我教书,是因为与开始戚长的学生朝夕相处,我有时感到自己也和他们一起开始成长了。 Unit 4 我从太阳光下走进去,打开一扇破烂的屏门,走进了阴暗的棚子,棚子里蜷缩在轮椅上的是一个87磅重的躯体。 她的四肢扭了一扭。她的头转了一转。我们无法拥抱,甚至也无法握手。她只能张大眼睛看我,向我微笑。可她那微笑里充满了光芒!它穿透了由破烂的木地板、旧躺椅和结满蜘蛛网的窗户围起来的黑暗空间。 我不忍心看别的任何东西,所以我的眼睛只盯住她那微笑,它是那么清晰,那么自信,它甚至令我的多数怀疑一扫而光。但我还是要问,这就是莎拉·莫里斯吗? Unit 5 星期三,当发现妈哭时我所感到的震惊和窘迫,完全表明了我对妈所承受的压力是多么的不理解。我坐在她的身旁,慢慢开始理解了。 “我想我们都不免有失败的时候,”妈平静地说。我可以感觉到她的痛苦,也感觉到她在极方抑制着由于我闯进来而被打断的强烈情感的发泄。突然,我心里一酸,伸开双臂,把妈搂在怀里。 妈再也控制不住了。她把脸贴着我的肩膀,抽泣着。我紧紧抱着她,没有说话。我明白我是在做我应该做的和我所能做的,这就够了。妈非常激动,我感到她的背在颤抖。就在那一时刻,我第一次明白妈也有弱J点。她还是我的妈,但又不仅如此:她和我一样也是一个普通的人,会害怕,会受到伤害,会遭到失败。我感觉到她的痛苦,就像我千百次在她怀里寻求安慰时,她感到我的痛苦一样。 Unit 6 “你为什么不睡一会儿呢?到吃药时,我会叫醒你的。” “我宁愿醒着。” 过了一会儿,他对我说:“你不必呆在这里陪我,爸爸,要是这事令你烦恼的话。” “没有什么可烦恼的。” “不,我是说,要是这事终将给你带来烦恼的话,你就不必呆在这里。” 我想,或许他有,点儿神志不清了。11点钟,照规定给他服药后,我便出去了一会儿。那是个晴朗而又寒冷的日子,地上覆盖着一层已结成冰的冻雨,就像那光秃秃的树木,那灌木丛,那砍下的树枝,以及所有的草坪和空地都用冰漆过似的。我带着我那条幼小的爱尔兰猎犬,沿着大路和一条冰冻的小溪散步。但在这玻璃般平滑的地面上站立和行走是很因难的。红毛狗一路上连跌带滑,我自己也摔倒了两次,都是挺重的。一次猎枪也摔丢了,在冰上滑出去老远。 高高的土堤上长着倒垂下来的灌木丛,我们从那下面撵起了一群鹌鹑。当它们快要从堤岸上消失时,我击落了两只。有几只鹌鹑停落在树上,但大部分飞散了,钻进了灌木丛。你得在这些被冰裹着


The land of the lock 1. Years ago in American, it was customary for families to leave their doors unlocked, day and night. In this essay, Greene regrets that people can no longer trust each other and have to resort to elaborate security system to protect themselves and their the author is writing his opinion, he uses many examples to reinforce his ideas and to prove his thesis. 几年前在美国,许多美国家庭的门通常都是日夜不上锁的。在本文中,格林遗憾地指出人们已经不再彼此信任,不得不求助于各种复杂的安全设备来保护自身及其贵重物品。作者在提出自己观点的同时,举出了大量的事例来证实和强调自己的观点; 2. In the house where i grow up, it was our custom to leave the front door on the latch at night. I don't know if that was a local term or if is universal;"on the latch"meant the door was closed but not locked . None of us carried keys the last one in for the evening would close up,and that was it. 在我长大成人的家里,我们的习惯是晚上把前门闩上。我不知道这是个地区用语还是普遍的说法;“闩着门”的意思是关着门但却不上锁。我们都不带钥匙;晚上最后进来的人会把门关上,如此而巳。 3 .Those days are over. In rural areas as well as in cities, doors do not stay unlocked,even for part of an evening. 那样的日子已经一去不复返了。现在不管是城市还是乡村,门不再是不上锁了,甚至天一黑门就要上锁。 4 .Suburbs and country areas are, in many ways, even more vulnerable thanwell-patrolled urban streets. Statistic show the crime rate rising more dramatically in those allegedly tranquil areas than in cities. At


大学英语3第3版课后题翻译答案 Unit1 1 Shyness can vary from feeling mild discomfort to high levels of anxiety (从感觉轻微的不适高度的焦虑) that impact us in almost everything we do. 2 Despite his stubbornness, he knew in his heart that he should avoid arousing any suspicions(避免引起任何怀疑). 3 It will be interpreted as criticism no matter what you say. promised faithfully that she would never tell. you deliver this letterto the accounts department? well offered a selection of milk and plain chocolate. the children to keep out of behave/mischief themselves. could hear the sound of distant thunder. project has now received approval form the government . loved her husband in spite of the fact that he drank too much. seem unable to


一单元: 1.我们的计算机系统出了毛病,但我觉得问题比较小。 We have a problem with the computer system, but I think it’s fairly minor. 2.父亲去世时我还小,不能独立生活。在那时,家乡的父老接过了养育我的责任。My father died when I was too young to live on my own. The people of my hometown took over (responsibility for) my upbringing at that point. 3.这些玩具必得在达道严格的安全要求后才可出售给给儿童。 The toys have to meet strict/ tough safety requirements before they can be sold to children. 4.作为新闻和舆论的载体,广播和电视补充了而不是替代了报纸。 Radio and television have supplemented rather than replaced the newspaper as carriers of news and opinion. 5.至于这本杂志,它刊载世界各地许多报纸杂志上文章的摘要。 When it comes to this magazine, it is/ carries a digest of articles from many newspapers and magazines around the world. 二单元: 1.虽然受到全球金融危机后果的巨大影响,但是我们仍然相信我们能够面对挑战,克服危机。 Though greatly affected by the consequences of the global financial crisis, we are still confident that we can face up to the challenge and overcome the crisis. 2.在持续不断的沙尘暴威胁下,我们被迫离开我们喜爱的村庄,搬迁到新的地方Under threat of constant sand storms, we were compelled to leave our cherished village and move to the new settlement. 3.根据最近的网上调查,许多消费者说他们也许会有兴趣考虑购买电视广告中播放的产品。 According to a recent online survey, a lot of consumers say they may be motivated to consider buying products shown in TV commercials. 4.看到卡车司机把污染的废弃物倒在河边,老人马上向警方报告。 Having spotted a truck driver dumping contaminated waste alongside the river, the old man reported to the police at once. 5.一些科学家坚信人们总有一天会喜欢转基因农作物的,因为他们能够提高产量,帮助发展中国家战胜饥荒和疾病。 Some scientists hold to the firm conviction that people will come to like genetically modified crops someday since they can increase yields and help combat hunger and disease in the developing world.