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大学英语2 翻译

大学英语2 翻译
大学英语2 翻译

Unit one

A、1) 约翰同时干许多事情。我觉得他应当休息一下。(work on, all at once, take a break) John works on many things all at once. I think he should take a break.

2) 杨教授说的话有着神奇的力量。许多同学接受他的忠告,开始专注学业了。(what, magical, advice, focus on)

What Prof. Yang said has magical power. On his advice, many students began to focus on their schoolwork.

3) 由于星期天晚上汤姆没有提示他将做何种选择,我无法弄清楚他会如何完成这项任务。(clue, option, figure out, accomplish)

As Tom gave no clue Sunday night about which option he would choose, I can’t figure out how he will accomplish the task.

4) 我的父亲是极负责任的人。虽然他总是很忙,但他设法每天都给家庭留出一些时间。(responsibility, on the go, set aside)

My father is a man of great responsibility. Though he is on the go all the time, he manages to set aside some time for the family every day.

5) 这个项目的成功与否取决于我们如何确定轻重缓急。(project, depend on, priority)

The success of the project depends on how we set our priorities.

6) 在计算机商店里,我的朋友建议我们先试一下光碟播放机再决定买哪个。(try out, settle on)

At the computer store, my friend suggested that we try out the video players before we settle on any one of them.

7) 我觉得在确定轻重缓急前,把要做的事情全都写下来,是有道理的。(make sense, write down, set)

I think it makes sense to write down everything we need to do before we set priorities.

8) 如果我们不及时交论文,会有什么后果?(turn in, on time, consequence)

If we do not turn in our papers on time, what will be the consequence?

B、1)Although Magellan didn’t live to celebrate,he is remembered today as the leader of the first around-the-world journey in history.


2)Around 90% of the scientific journals are written in English.


3)How much will you be paid for delivering them(newspapers)?


4)If a price is set too high, though, many people may refuse to buy a product.


5)In July 2005, London was chosen as the host city for the 2012 Olympic Games.


6)Smoking is known to increase a person’s risk of developing lung cancer.


Unit two

A、1) 文章交上来之前,务必仔细检查一遍。(make sure, review, hand/turn in)

Make sure you review your paper carefully before you hand/turn it in.

2) 自从我最后一次见到他,5年过去了。他已长成一个高大的小伙子了。(go by, grow into)

Five years have gone by since I last saw him. He has grown into a tall young man.

3) 老师要求学生们详细描述他们在展览会(exhibition)上看到的一切。(require, in detail)

The teacher required the students to describe in detail what they saw at the exhibition.

4) 坐在我前面的两个学生窃窃私语,我很难把注意力集中在老师身上。(whisper, pay attention to)

It’s hard to pay attention to the teacher when the two students sitting in front of me are whispering to each other.

5) 他对篮球的喜爱至少可以追溯到1970年代。在他十几岁的时候,他就表现出对这项运动强烈的兴趣。(go back to, show interest in)

His love of basketball goes back at least to the 1970s. When he was a teenager, he showed intense interest in the sport.

6) 杰克打定主意创办自己的公司。然而,要筹集足够的款项在某种意义上讲是一件麻烦事。(make up one’s mind, something of a, struggle, raise money for)

Jack made up his mind to start his own business. However, it has been something of a struggle to raise enough money for it.

7) 小男孩费力地把礼品盒打开。当他看到里面的玩具汽车时,兴奋地大叫起来。(take pains, exclaim)

The little boy took great pains to open his gift. When he saw the toy car inside, he exclaimed with excitement.

8) 出色的老师能对学生的生活产生很大的影响,无论学生本身多么可厌。(excellent, make a difference, unpleasant)

Excellent teachers can make a big difference in the lives of their students, no matter how unpleasant the student may seem.

B、1)None of the ships had accurate maps or clocks.


2)But installing a green roof can’t be done without a lot of planning and information.


3)Working is not always convenient, and there will be times when you’d prefer to be doing something else.


4)There’s nothing unusual about this man’s appearance.


5)The teacher didn’t think that was a realistic dream for a young boy.


6)The blow is more than words can tell.


Unit three

A、1) 就我看来,现在的房地产问题不会给该国的经济带来太严重的影响。(as far as…, impact)

As far as I can see, the current real estate problems won’t have too large an impact on the country’s economy.

2) 每次我们队遇到问题,我们的队长都能很快想出解决的办法。(every time, come up with, solution)

As far as I can see, the current real estate problems won’t have too large an impact on the country’s economy.

3) 他不但不觉得开心,反而说晚会上喧闹的人群让他厌烦。(rather than, be fed up with)

Rather than feeling happy, he said that he was fed up with the party’s noisy crowd.

4) 这些年他真心实意地做出了很多努力,现在当然也应该成功了。(sincere efforts, deserve) He has made a lot of sincere effort over the years and certainly deserves to succeed now.

5) 家族传统教育他要客观合理地看待人生,所以他很少感到沮丧。(tradition, in perspective, depress)

Family tradition has taught him to put life in perspective and thus he seldom feels depressed.

6) 他已经仔细地观察了这两个人,相信不能把问题责怪到他们任何一个人头上。(observe, carefully, blame)

He has observed the two men carefully and believes that neither of them is to blame for the problem.

7) 当史密斯先生用我们日常生活中的一些实例来阐明他有多正确后,我的疑惑也就没有了。(dissipate, illustrate, evident)

When Mr. Smith illustrated his point with examples from our daily life, which made evident just how right he was, all my doubt dissipated.

8) 并不是所有董事会(board)的成员都对罗切斯特先生的提议抱积极的态度。所以他们决定投票。(positive, proposition, vote on

Not all board members had a positive attitude towards Mr. Rochester’s proposition. So they decided to vote on it.

B、1)That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a credit, but it does mean you should be careful. 这并不是说你不该有一张信用卡,但这确实是说你应该谨慎。

2)They said it was because of my new physical condition that I would never work again.


3)It was my secretary who sent the bill to Mr.Harding yesterday.


4)The only thing I remembered was that I was walking down the street, when I saw my friend George approaching.


5)I did the lock. I ‘m absolutely sure.


6)But, Herman, how on earth could you possibly know that?


Unit four

A、1) 自从他的未婚妻被诊断患有癌症以后,他便承诺放慢生活,多花点时间陪她。(fianc ée, diagnose, commitment, slow down)

Since his fiancée was diagnosed with cancer, he had made a commitment to slow down and spend more time with her.

2) 这位年轻的企业家正在寻求与《财富》500强中的一些公司合作制造车辆。(entrepreneur, seek, partner with, vehicle

This young entrepreneur is seeking an opportunity to partner with some Fortune 500 companies to produce vehicles.

3) 目前的情况不允许我们采用激烈手段,因为机械随时可能出故障,造成灾难性的后果。(circumstance, drastic, go wrong, disastrous)

Current circumstances don’t allow us to take drastic measures, because the equipment could go wrong any minute, with disastrous effects.

4) 建筑工地急需水泥。此外,先前订购的木材(lumber)也不够。(construction, cement, in

addition, previously)

The construction site is in bad need of cement. In addition, the previously ordered lumber is also lacking.

5) 医生最后总结说信心对治愈疾病至关重要。(conclude, critical, cure)

The doctor finally concluded that faith was critical to the cure of the disease.

6) 每当我感到不安或经历情绪波动的时候,我就听音乐,直到找回正常的感觉。(uneasy, swing, feel oneself)

Whenever I feel uneasy or experience mood swings, I listen to music until I feel myself again.

7) 通过普及对各种疾病症状的认识,健康协会希望能帮助人们更好地监测(monitor)自己的身体状况。(awareness, symptom, association, physical)

By spreading awareness of various disease symptoms, the Health Association hopes to help people better monitor their physical condition.

8)我们刚要去机场,司机告诉我们说车坏了。(be about to, break down)

We were about to leave for the airport when the driver told us that our car had broken down.

B、1)If so, your homework is going to take a lot of longer than it should, and you won’t do your best.

如果是这样的话,你用在作业上的时间就会比该用的时间多很多,而你也不会尽最大努力。2)After few mouths, she found that college was harder than she had anticipated.


3)These do not rate as high as the first group, but they’re still important.


4)The more she encouraged him, the faster he responded.


5)Green roofs can be more than just energy savers, too.


6)If you tired as hard as you could and didn’t become a doctor, world that mean your whole life was a failure?


Unit five

A、1) 如果你想在紧急情况下救人一命,关键是要保持冷静。(emergency, stay cool)

If you want to save a life in an emergency, the key is to stay cool.

2) 因为紧急情况在日常生活中经常可见,所以除了预防很重要,为任何紧急情况做好准备也是必须的。(prevention, essential, be prepared for)

Emergencies regularly occur in daily life, so while prevention is important, it’s essential to be prepared for any emergency.

3) 她的邻居识别她的急症并采取了适当的行动,她现在完全康复了。(take action, appropriate, recover

Her neighbor recognized her medical emergency and took appropriate action. She has now fully recovered.

4) 虽然急诊医士要面对很大的精神压力,但是他的服务拯救病人的生命,因而非常有价值,让人有成就感。(face, worthwhile, fulfilling)

Though an EMT faces high stress, his service is highly worthwhile and fulfilling because it saves patients’lives.

5) 一般来说,学习外语时犯错是常事,但我们必须正确对待错误。(in general, all in a day’s

work, respond

In general, making mistakes is all in a day’s work for a foreign language learner, but we must respond to those mistakes appropriately.

6) 如果你发现了一个失去知觉的人,除非受过专业的训练,否则不要实施任何治疗,应立即拨打911寻求帮助。(unconscious, procedure, unless)

If you find an unconscious person, never perform any medical procedure unless you have had professional training. Call 911 for help.

7) 定期检查身体可以有助于防止疾病的恶化。(on a regular basis, prevent, worsen) Receiving physical examinations on a regular basis can help prevent an illness from worsening.

8)该由谁来负责这个急救部门很快引起了热烈的争论。(in charge of, trigger, before I knew it)

Who should be in charge of the first-aid course triggered a hot debate before I knew it.

B、1)Every day, you tackle things that are very important to you.


2)Now think of anything that will help you in your job search.


3)Then he drew a detailed floor plan for a 4,000-square-foot house that would sit on the 200-acre dream ranch.


4)There is a woman upstairs who is badly injured.


5)He does not remember his parents, who died when he was young.


6)I am going to conduct an experiment that will prove that theory wrong.


Unit six

A、1) 他把正常收入的五分之一用来买书。一个月买10本书,不久就积累了一个像样的图书馆。(set aside, regular income, accumulate)

He set aside one fifth of his regular income for books. By buying ten books a month, he soon accumulated a good library.

2) 在认识到自己不适合教书以后,他认真考虑改变职业一事。(be suited for, give thought to After realizing that he was not suited for teaching, he gave serious thought to changing his career.

3) 他拥有进取心的性格类型,喜欢分析问题和探索新事物。(enterprising personality type, analyze, explore)

With his enterprising personality type, he enjoys analyzing problems and exploring new things

4) 与不同背景的人互相影响之后,他似乎改变了自己的人生观。( interact with, background, perspective on life)

After interacting with people of different backgrounds, he seems to have changed his perspective on life.

5) 他现在欠债很多,无法摆脱,所以任何不必要的开支他都免了。(feel stuck, refrain)

He is now deep in debt and feels stuck, so he refrains from any unnecessary expense.

6) 我哥哥因为不得不对付一帮他确实不喜欢的人而感觉很痛苦。( miserable, deal with, a bunch of )

My brother feels miserable because he has to deal with a bunch of people that he really doesn’t like.

7) 很多人大学毕业以后还感觉到有压力需继续学习。这样的生活也使人有成就感。(feel pressured, fulfilling)

Many people feel pressured to go on learning even after graduating from college. Such a way of life is also fulfilling.

8) 你不可养成每天玩电脑游戏一小时以上的习惯,否则你会让老师和父母恼火的。( make it

a practice to…, aggravate)

Don’t make it a practice to spend more than one hour per day playing computer games. You will aggravate both your parents and your teachers.

B、1)What they have is a goal-setting habit.



3)It was impossible that anybody could catch this girl.



5)What is high priority to you may not be high priority for your best friend.

6)We can find no evidence that this question has been addressed.


7)I could not believe the fact that they had chosen me.


8)It’s also a fact that I recently purchased a new Pontiac and since then my trips to the store have created a problem.