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U n i t o n e (1)这个婴儿还不会爬(crawl),更不要说走了。(let alone)

The baby can’t even crawl yet, let alone walk!

(2)威尔声称谋杀案发生时他正在与一群朋友吃饭,但是我认为他在说谎。(claim, in one’s opinion)

Will claimed he was dining with a group of friends at the time of the murder, but in my opinion he told a lie.

(3)一定程度上阅读速度与阅读技巧密切相关;有了阅读技巧,你就可以更好地应对课外阅读了。(to a certain extent, relate …to …, cope with)

To a certain extent the speed of reading is closely related to reading skills; and with reading skills you can cope with outside class reading better.

(4)根据规则他俩都可以参加比赛。(according to)

According to the regulation/rule, they both can play the game/participate in the game.

(5)有些人想当然地认为日语(Japanese)中的每一个词在汉语中都有对应的词语。(assume, equivalent)

Some people assume that there is a Chinese equivalent for every Japanese word. (6)我们已将所有的相关信息告知了警方。(relevant)

We have passed all relevant information on to the police.

(7)关于那件事你问我再多的问题也没用,因为我是不会回答你的。(it’s no use) There is no use asking me any more questions about that matter because I won't answer.

(8)事先没有仔细阅读合同(contract)就签了名是吉姆的错误。(on one’s part)

It was a mistake on Jim's part to sign the contract without reading it carefully.

(9)他们拒绝向我们提供所需要的全部信息。(provide …with)

They refused to provide us with all the information we need.

(10) 这起事故与三年前发生的一起事故极为相似。(similar to)

This accident is very similar to the one that happened three years ago.

(11)这部影片是根据莎士比亚的戏剧改编的。(base on)

The film is based on a play by Shakespeare

(12)如果你的英语和电脑技能都掌握得好,那么你在谋职时就一定比别人更有优势。(have an advantage over)

If you have a good command of English and computer skills, you will surely have an advantage over others in finding a job.

Unit two


Many teachers frowned on this practice.

(2)当我想从草地上穿过去的时候,有位老人在旁边怒视着我。(glare at)

An old man glared at me when I was trying to cut across the lawn


When I mentioned my father, she showed a smile of recognition on her face

(4) 我的大孩子比较听话, 而小的那个非常倔。我现在还常回想起小的孩子在中学毕业后如何执意要出国读书的。(whereas, stubborn, recall)

My first born was quite obedient, whereas my younger child was very stubborn. I can still recall now how the younger child insisted on going abroad to study after he finished his secondary school

(5) 当海啸(tsunami)袭来时,许多东南亚国家遭受了巨大的损失。(sustain) Countries in South East Asia sustained great losses when the tsunami struck the area (6) 每当做母亲的拿弟弟跟哥哥做比较,弟弟就要抗议。(compare with, protest)Every time the mother tries to compare the younger brother with his elder brother, the younger one will protest.

(7) 当他初到这个新学校的时候,发现自己与其他同学格格不入。(fit in with)

He found himself unable to fit in with his classmates when he first came to this school.

(8) 她脸上气急败坏的表情实在把我吓坏了。我再也不敢说个不字。(terrify) The fury on her face terrified me. I dared not say no to her again.

(9) 怪不得你最后闯出祸来,原来你从来不听你父母的管教。(no wonder, end up in trouble)

No wonder you ended up in trouble. You never followed your parents' advice

(10) 他花了整整两年的时间才慢慢适应了这个新环境。(adapt to)

It took him two years to adapt to the new environment.

Unit three


William likes the girl a lot so he tries very hard to impress her and is optimistic that he will win her heart.

(2)他有创造性,对未来也有很好的判断力, 可就是喜欢秘而不宣。(creative)

He is very creative and has a good vision of the future, but he likes to keep things to himself.

(3)他们来自一个贫穷的小山村,那里的人们远离现代文明。(shut off)

They came from a poor village where people were shut off from modern civilization (4)我们要努力工作,争取达到我们所订下的目标。(achieve the goals; make an/the effort)

We must work hard and make an effort to achieve the goals that we have set.

(5) 我们应该满足于我们所拥有的一切, 不该对周围的事情过分吹毛求疵。(be content with; critical)

We should learn to be content with all that we have and should not be too critical about things around us.

(6)他们经常代表学校参加辩论比赛; 今晚我们将聚会庆祝他们的成功。(represent; throw a party)

They often represent our school in debating competitions; tonight we will throw a party to celebrate their success.

(7)通过读书,他不仅开阔了视野,而且学会了不断完善自己的人格。(expand one’s horizons;improve).

Through reading, not only has he expanded his horizon, he has also learned to keep improving his character.

(8) 为把那个女孩从火中救出,两名警察牺牲了他们的生命。(sacrifice)

Two policemen sacrificed their lives in order to save that girl from the fire.

(9) 稳定的无冲突的夫妻关系对家庭中的孩子有好处。(stable, conflict)

A stable relationship without conflicts between husband and wife benefits the children in the family.

Unit four

(1)我们一知道成绩就互相联系吧! (get in touch, as soon as)

Let’s get in touch as soon as we know the results of the test/exam.


The music aroused an intense feeling of homesickness in him


You’ve been working all morning — you deserve a rest now.

(4)我刚躺下,电话铃就响了。(no sooner …than…)

I had no sooner lain down than the telephone rang. Or: No sooner had I lain down than the telephone rang.

(5)医生说我疲劳过度,劝我不要再接受更多的工作。(take on)

My doctor says I’m too tired and has advised me not to take on any more work.


Jenny volunteered to clear up after the gathering.

(7)演讲的题目提前一个星期宣布,但是演讲者的名字不会提前告知。(in advance) The subject of the talk is announced a week in advance, but the name of the speaker is not.

(8)你的考试成绩没有达到所要求的标准,换句话说,你考试不及格。(in other words)

Your performance in the exam did not reach the required standard — in other words, you failed

(9)她病得很厉害,必须停止工作。(leave off)

She was so ill that she had to leave off work.

(10)现在没办法知道结果会怎样,案子的决定权在法官手里,我们所能做的就是等待。(in the hands of)

There is no way to tell what is going to happen. The case is in the hands of the judge, and all we could do is (to) wait.

Unit five

(1)我们是好朋友,可他居然将这么大的一件事瞒着我,实在令我吃惊。(keep sth. from, take sb. by surprise)

We are good friends; however, he kept such an important matter from me, which took me by surprise

(2)考试得不得一百分不要紧。重要的是别失去自信心。(matter, lose confidence in)It doesn’t matter if you can not get full marks for the exam; what matters is not to lose confidence in yourself.

(3)昨天晚上他和我聊天,并安慰我说,这种病并不难治,还没人死于这种病。(chat with, assure,die of)

He chatted with me last night and reassured me that the disease was not hard to cure and that nobody had ever died of it.

(4)她决心用钢铁般的意志来克服生活中的种种障碍。(determined, a will of iron, obstacle

She was determined to overcome all the obstacles in her life with a will of iron

(5)事实是他早就收到我的钱了,却有意不给我回条确认。这实在让我气坏了。(turn out, acknowledge, drive sb. crazy)

It turned out that he had already received my money, but did not acknowledge the receipt of it on purpose. This really drove me crazy.

(6)他是个害羞和沉静的男孩,在走上讲台叙述自己的经历之前,他悄悄地坐在礼堂的一角集思冥想。(gather one’s thoughts)

He is a shy and silent boy. Before he went onto the stage to share his experiences, he sat quietly in a corner of the auditorium, gathering his thoughts.

(7)他当场承认他要出国留学,因为他相信国外的教育会给他将来的研究工作打开大门。(admit, spot, open doors/the door to)

He admitted on the spot that he would go overseas for further study as he believed overseas education would open the door to his future research.

(8)看到自己的侄女几年内就长成了一个美丽的姑娘,玛丽的叔叔的脸上满是笑容。(turn into, light up)

Mary’s uncle’s face lit up when h e saw his niece had turned into a pretty young lady

in just a few years.

Unit six

(1) 直起身来,脚要跟上音乐拍子。(straighten up,keep time to)

Straighten up! Your feet should keep time to the rhythm of the music.

(2) 她将一张纸条悄悄地塞在了他的手中。他看了以后很不高兴,以为她在取笑他(slip into, make fun of)

She slipped a note into his hand. He was very unhappy after reading it, as he thought that she was making fun of him.

(3) 小偷被抓住时,求我们饶恕他。他说他偷食物是因为他的妈妈快饿死了,家里几乎一点吃的都没有了。(plead, barely)

The thief pleaded for our mercy when he was caught. He said he had stolen the food because his mother was starving to death and there was barely any food left in the house.

(4) 既然他们要求更多的电力供应,我们应该满足他们的需要,减轻他们的压力。(request, release)

They have made a request for more electricity supplies, which we should satisfy in order to release them from the pressure they are under

(5) 他们将酒瓶传了一圈,每人喝了一口后,就向森林深处走去。(make the rounds,set out for)

They made the rounds with the wine bottle; each took a gulp and then they set out for the forest.

(6) 我的电视机坏了, 我马上在网上订购了一台新的。网上商店会派人送货上门。(break down, deliver)

My TV set broke down; I have ordered a new one online and the shop is going to have it delivered to the door.

(7) 他的话令所有的人不快,大家都停止了吃饭。过了一会儿,大家继续吃饭,但每个人都看上去心事重重。(resume, weigh on)

His words made everyone unhappy and stop eating. After a while, they resumed eating, but they all looked as if something was weighing on their minds.

(8) 像他这么一个一向温文尔雅的人居然如此粗鲁地打断我们。我们都无法置信地看着他。(interrupt,in disbelief)

We stared at him in disbelief, astonished that someone as gentle as he is could interrupt us so rudely.

Unit seven

(1)我们刚开始一个新的工作,肯定会有很多东西不熟悉。(be bound to)Whenever we start a new job, there are bound to be a lot of things we may not be familiar with.

(2)这种新药已经成功地用在动物身上,但这并不意味着它在人类身上也适用。(be applied to)

This new medicine/drug has successfully been used on animals, but this doesn’t mean that it can be applied to humans.

(3)他这次演讲比赛没能得第一名主要是因为他缺乏信心。(lack of)

His failure to win the first prize in the speech competition is largely due to his lack of confidence.

(4)对于一般人来说,忧郁症(depression)很容易跟压力混淆,因为忧郁症也可以是某些压力的反应。(be confused with)

To the general public, depression can be easily confused with stress, as it may be a response to some types of stress.

(5)世界粮食的生产将越来越难跟上世界人口的日益增长。(keep pace with)

. It is becoming increasingly difficult for world food production to keep pace with the continuing growth of the world’s population

(6)要成功地得到一份工作,需要很多因素一起发挥作用,这些因素包括你的技能、文凭和工作经验。(come into play)

To successfully get a job, a lot of factors need to come into play, including your skills, diploma and work experience.

Unit eight


The judge asked the reporters not to disclose the name of the victim

(2)老师费尽苦心务使我们全都理解他说的话。(take pains to do sth.)

The teacher took pains to make sure that we all understood what he said.

(3)最近学校在学业优秀的学生中进行了一项调查。(conduct, attain)

Recently the school conducted a survey among those students who have attained academic excellence.


He said he would accept the job, so we have

asked him to confirm his acceptance by writing us a letter.

(5)乔治学习很努力,他要尽量利用学习的机会。(make the most of)

George studies very hard. He wants to make the most of his chance to learn.

(6) 我们不能去。第一,天太冷。另外,我们正忙着。(to begin with)

We can’t go. To begin with, it’s too cold. Besides, we’re busy. (7)该是有人公开讲清楚这些基本事实的时候了。(speak up)

It’s about time that someone spoke up for these basic truths/facts. (8)别说长远看会有好结果的(pay off)

Don’t say it is profitless to do this. The effort will pay off in the long run

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