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Translate from English to Chinese.
1. Don't cross the bridge till you get to it.
2. At this stage there is only soft intelligence about the enemy intention. We should not shoot him from the hip.
3. Cheerful, efficient and warm-hearted, they will do everything to make your journey smooth and comfortable.
4. The Chinese are justifiably proud of their economic achievements in recent years.
5. He talked with understandable pride of his daughter's achievements.
6. The sight and sound of the army jeeps filled the little boy with special longing.
7. Stubbornness has always characterized her way of negotiating.
8. They signed two agreements that served to warm up the relationship between their two countries.
9. His very appearance at any affair proclaims it a triumph.
10. He was snuffed by the top-ranking officials there.
11. On many occasions top executives devote more time to screening potential partners in financial terms than in human terms.
12. It is the university, with its 15,000 students, dozens of colleges, and its large numbers of museums, churches, libraries, gardens, and offices, that dominates the look and temperament of the city of Oxford.
13. As we discuss our differences, neither of us will compromise our principles. But while we cannot close the gulf between us, we can try to bridge it so that we may be able to talk across it.
14. All she had to do was sweeping, dusting and cleaning and could get 2 pounds for one hour.
15. Everything was a on a larger scale for him, the highs were higher, the lows lower.
16. Thus he grew in body and soul.
17. My grandfather used to tell me that one got more enjoyment out of one hour's fruitful work than out of ten hours' meaningless recreation.
18. She opened her eyes. They were filled with tears.
19. The university is full of people having four-star abilities with five-star ambitions.
20. Instead we continued to embellish (v.修饰)the cover story, walking blindly into his trap.
21. After years of working as an accountant in a small company, she now decided to quit the job and immigrate to Australia, where she hoped she could start again.
22. The decision to veto against the proposal was not taken lightly.
23. He was regarded as a strong candidate in the coming general election, even though he had not made up his mind yet whether to take part in the election or not.
24. Modern skyscrapers began to appear in the city, / taking away much of its ancient charm and mystery, / which was considered as a great pity by many people.
25. Everybody took it for granted that after what had happened, he would surely take the blame and resign.
26. Such a chance was denied her simply because she was a married woman.
27. Such things couldn't long escape notice.
28. He thinks he's the bee's knees.
29. He made the sound of sympathy which deeply hurt her because it was the kind of sound that came too readily from those who never knew what hardship

30. Occasionally there would be days when both of them were free and would together spend a day in their cottage on the edge of the moors.
31. After dinner, the four key negotiators resumed their talks, which continued well into the night.
32. She had talked to the Head of the Department about her worries, who assured her that nothing could possibly go wrong.
33. He took the idea to the manager, who liked it and ordered an investigation to see if it could be applied to their auto production.
34. Because we are both prepared to proceed on the basis of equality and mutual respect, we meet at a moment when we can make peaceful cooperation a reality.
35. So while I have sympathy for these fellows who reacted against the formality of their predecessors, I think they went too far.
36. British newspapers-all of them some of the time, and some of them almost all the time-behave badly in two ways. They intrude unnecessarily into people's privacy; and they publish inaccurate, sometimes made-up stories.
32. 不必担心太早。(不必自寻烦恼。)
33. 在目前,关于敌人的意图还只有不太充分的情报,我们不能卤莽行事。
34. 他们愉快、能干、热情,会想方设法使你一路上顺利舒适。
35. 中国人为他们近几年来在经济上取得的成就而自豪,这是理所应当的。
36. 他骄傲地谈起女儿的成就,这是可以理解的。
37. 看到那些军用吉普车,听到它们隆隆的轰鸣,这个小男孩的心里充满了向往。
38. 固执是她的谈判方式的一贯特点。
39. 他们签定了两个协定,目的是使两国之间的关系升温。
40. 无论什么事情,只要他一露面,就算是成功了。
41. 他受到那边高级官员的冷遇。
42. 在很多时候,一些高层经理人员花费大量时间以财礼大小而不是人员素质为标准来取舍合作伙伴。
43. 拥有15,000名学生,数十个学院以及众多的博物馆、教堂、图书馆、花园和办公楼的牛津大学,在牛津城里最引人瞩目,同时也最体现该城的风貌。
44. 在我们讨论我们的分歧的时候,我们哪一方都不会在我们的原则上妥协。但是,虽然我们不能弥合我们之间的鸿沟,我们却能够设法搭一座桥,以便越过它进行会谈。
45. 她要做的是扫地、除尘、收拾房间,报酬是一小时两个英镑。
46. 他总是喜欢夸大事实,高的说得更高,低的说得更低。
47. 这样,他在身心两方面都成长起来了。
48. 我的祖父曾跟我说过,一个人从一个小时的有成效的工作中得到的快乐比从十个小时 的无聊的娱乐中所得到的快乐还多 。
49. 她睁开眼晴,眼里充满了泪水。
50. 大学里充斥着眼高手低之辈。
51. 而事实不然,我们却仍然对那个掩盖真相的假情况添油加醋,大肆渲染,从而盲人骑瞎马地陷入了他布置的圈套。
52. 她在

53. 否决提案的决定不是轻易做出的。
54. 所有的人都把他看作下届大选的强有力竞争者,尽管他还未拿定主意是否参加竞选。
55. 富有现代化气息的摩天大楼开始出现在这座城市,使得这座古城失去了不少古老的风韵和神秘,许多人叹为可惜。
56. 大家都想当然地认为发生了这样的事,他一定会引咎辞职的。
57. 这一机会没有给她只因为她是一个已婚女人。
58. 这种事情迟早会被人发觉的。
59. 他以为自己高人一等。
60. 他发出了同情之声,这深深地刺伤了她,因为这是一种那些从不知苦难为何物的人最容易脱口而出的同情声。
61. 偶尔也有这样的日子,他们俩都有闲暇,就一起往荒园边上他们的小屋呆上一天。
62. 晚餐后,四个主要谈判人物继续进行会谈,一直谈到深夜。
63. 她向系主任谈起她的担忧,主任向她保证说不会出什么差错。
64. 他把这种想法向经理作了汇报,经理对此很感兴趣,指示进行一次调查,看是否可将其用于他们的轿车生产。
65. 因为我们双方都准备在平等互尊的基础上行事,我们此时的会晤就能够使和平合作成为现实。
66. 因此尽管我对这些反抗祖先的条条框框的家伙怀有同情,我还是认为他们做得太过了。
67. 英国的报纸有两种恶行:- 是无端侵犯别人的私生活; 二是刊登失实的有时甚至是无中生有的报道。所有的报纸都无一例外,有的偶尔为之,有的则几乎天天如此。
Translate from Chinese to English.
68. 不愛紅妝愛武裝
69. "情人眼中出西施"
70. 一日之计在于晨
71. 从母亲的手势中我模模糊糊地猜测到有件不寻常的事情就要发生了。
72. 在我的记忆中,我的老师来到我身边的那一天是我生命里最重要的日子。
73. 跟别人不同,他选择呆在电脑前迎接新千年的到来。
74. 许多中国人一个细节都不漏地观看了交接仪式。
75. 我们提着一口袋玩具和书籍,在晨曦中穿过了花园。
76. 这家报纸的社论说,试图用武力解决该地区的危机违反《联合国宪章》。
77. 当他感觉到这个年轻人对自己的婚姻可能造成威胁时,就本能地想尽快摆脱他。
78. 我就是这个性格,怎么改也改不过来。
79. 他耸耸肩,摇摇头,两眼看天,一句话不说。
80. 他是一个性格复杂的人,有时很好相处,有时不可理喻。
81. 以往我从未想过,我会对一部电影感兴趣,看了三遍还不腻,但这次情况确是如此。
82. 她看起来比实际年龄要年轻一些,因为她一直过着安逸的生活。
83. 听人说,他很小就失去了父亲,完全是靠自己的努力才取得今天的成就的。
84. 无知是羡慕的根源 ,也是恐惧

85. 1999 年 12 月 20 日,中国恢复对澳门行使主权。
86. 他甚至不愿掩饰对她的浓妆艳抹的厌恶。
87. 他们一旦被这一组织接收,就没有任何办法摆脱它的控制。
88. 我告诉他工作完成之后,不管有多晚,都要向我汇报。
89. 他对上级格外殷勤,生怕档案里记上对他不利的东西。
90. 我们中没几个人愿意承认过得很开心,生怕别人当我们是傻子。

91. To face the powder and not to powder the face.
92. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
93. An hour in the morning is worth two in the evening.
94. I guessed vaguely from my mother's signs that something unusual was about to happen.
95. The most important day I remember in all my life is the one on which my teacher came to me.
96. Not like others, he chose to stay in front of his computer to welcome the New Millenium.
97. Many Chinese people watched the handing over ceremony without missing a single detail.
98. Then with a bag of toys and books, we walked across the garden in the gray light of the dawn.
99. The paper said editorially that it is against the United Nations Charter to attempt to solve the crisis in the region with military force.
100. When he felt the potential threat this young man might pose to his marriage, his instinct was to get away from him as soon as possible.
101. This is the way I am, and try as I might, haven't been able to change.
102. He shrugged shoulders, shook head, cast up two eyes, and said nothing.
103. He is a complicated man in character, sometimes easy going, sometimes unreasonable.
104. I had never thought I'd got so involved in a movie and didn't feel bored after watching it three times. But this time I was.
105. She looked younger than her age, for she had had an easy life.
106. They say he lost his father at a very early age. He has achieved what he has got today all through his own efforts.
107. Ignorance is the mother of fear as well as of admiration.
108. On December 20,1999,China resumed the exercise of sovereignty over Macao.
109. He didn't even try to conceal his dislike for her heavy make-up.
110. Once they had been accepted by the organization, there was no way they could get rid of its control.
111. I told him to report to me after the job was completed, no matter how late it was.
112. He was extra polite (extra polite adj.非常客气的, 非常有礼貌的)to his superiors lest something adverse might be written into his records.
113. Few of us are prepared to admit to being happy for fear that we will be thought stupid.
Translate English paragraphs into Chinese.
1. On the afternoon of that eventful day, I stood on the porch, dumb, expectant. I guessed vaguely from my mother's signs and from the hurrying to and fro in the house that something unusually was about to happen, so I went to the door and waited on the steps. The afternoon sun penetrated the mass of honeysuckle (n.[植]忍冬) that covered the p

orch, and fell on my upturned(adj.朝上的) face. My fingers lingered (v.逗留,游移) almost unconsciously on the familiar leaves and blossoms which had just come forth to greet the sweet southern spring.
2. True words are not embellished (embellish v.修饰),
The embellished words are not true.
A good man does not quibble (vt.对...诡辩);
He who quibbles is not good.
A man of true learning does not show off (show off v.炫耀, 卖弄, 使显眼)his learning.
He who shows off his learning does not have true learning.
The sage does not store up(store up储藏).
Helping others as best as he can.
He is helped even more.
Giving others as much as he can,
He becomes richer and richer still.
3. No young man believes he shall ever die. There is a feeling of Eternity in youth, which makes us amend for every thing. To be young is to be one of the Immortal Gods. One half of time indeed is flown-the other half remains in store for us with all its countless treasures; for there is no line drawn, and we see no limit to our hopes and wishes.
1. 是个不寻常的下午,我一声不响,怀着期待的心情站在门廊里。从母亲的手势和屋内人们匆匆的走动中,我模模糊糊地预感到有什么特别的事就要发生了。我来到门口,站在台阶上等着。午后的阳光透过门廊上覆盖着的一层厚厚的忍冬,照在我仰起的脸上。我的手指几乎是无意识地停留在我所熟悉的叶片和花朵上,这刚刚迸出的叶片和花朵迎来了芬芳的南方的春天。
2 信言不美, 美言不信。善者不辩,辩者不善。知者不博, 博者不知。
圣人不积, 既以为人己愈有,既以与人己愈多。

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