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Choose the best word from the four choices to complete each of the following sentences.

1. There has been much opposition from some social groups, ______ from the farming community.

A. straightforwardly

B. notably

C. virtually

D. exceptionally

2. The ______ view in Britain and other Western countries associates aging with decline, dependency, isolation, and often poverty.

A. predominant

B. credulous

C. inclusive

D. sustainable

3. But gifts such as these cannot be awarded to everybody, either by judges or by the most ___ of governments./ reward rewarding

A. tough

B. demanding

C. diverse

D. benign

4. The foreman read the ______ of guilty fourteen times, one for each defendant.

A. prejudice

B. verification

C. verdict

D. punishment

5. They fear it could have a(n) ______ effect on global financial markets.

A. sizeable

B. adverse(negative)

C. beneficial

D. consequential

6. The UN threatened to ______ economic sanctions if the talks were broken off.

A. engage

B. pursue

C. abandon/ abundant

D. invoke

7. There are at least four crucial differences between the new ______ and the old government.

A. regime

B. hegemony

C. complex

D. federation/ fedal<->federal, confederate)

8. These questions ______ a challenge to established attitude of superiority toward the outside world.

A. evolve

B. Constitute形成

C. tolerate

D. aroused

9. Because of this, a strong administrative ______ was needed to plan the use of scarce resources, organize production and regulate distribution.

A. apparatus

B. constitution

C. insistence

D. promotion

10. I learnt that there are no genuinely ______ animals in this area, all the animals were brought here from other places.

A. endangered

B. domesticated

C. indigenous

D. extinct

1. As the year progressed, the war in Vietnam undermined national unity, compelling the president and his advisers to spend much of their time explaining U. S. policy in Asia.

A. weakened

B. stressed

C. broke

D. split

2. The picture was different from all the others. It consisted of a lot of discrete spots of color.

A. mysterious

B. surprising

C. separate

D. bright

3. The preparation for the great military overseas operations entailed months of careful planning and preparation.

A. entitled

B. required

C. provided

D. deprived

4. It was reported that a 19-year-old college student at Berkeley was taken from her apartment. And two days after the abduction a tape recording was sent to a local radio station.

A. burglary

B. murder

C. hijack

D. kidnapping

5. Mott suffers financially and emotionally as his series of delusional get-rich-quick schemes goes bad.

A. expected

B. extravagant

C. dreamed

D. drained

6. Then for a number of African Americans the strategy of the Civil Rights Movement was beginning to appear demeaning and even irrelevant.

A. degrading

B. destining

C. deviating

D. descending

7. The member countries of the organization would act only with the sanction of United Nations.

A. punishment

B. sustenance

C. approval

D. authorization

8. Miracles are instantaneous they cannot be summoned, but come of themselves, usually at unlikely moments and to those who least expect them.

A. evident

B. immediate

C. inevitable

D. hidden

9. The Environmental Protection Agency estimated that the cost to industry of compliance with the new rules could be as high as $ 1 billion a year.

A. following

B. execution

C. accomplishment

D. agreeableness

10. On the basis of the law, the woman's right is absolute and that she is entitled to terminate her pregnancy at whatever time, in whatever way, and for whatever reason she alone chooses.

A. pause

B. complete

C. expire

D. stop

1. The demise (death) of the industry has caused untold misery to thousands of hard-working (diligent) tradesmen.

A. size

B. expansion

C. development

D. termination

2. There were difficulties for her about making the whole surgery financially viable (feasible) and eventually (finally) she left.

A. practicable

B. sufficient

C. deficient

D. impractical

3. Learning some basic information about preparing and delivering (~ a speech) formal presentations can help allay (relieve/ reduce) some of the fear involved in public speaking. [oral presentation]

A. ease [(1)n. feel at ~; (2)to relieve pain]

B. express

C. prevent

D. dispose (get rid of)

4. Whatever the cause (may be), the incident could easily cripple (damage/ paralyze) the peace talks.

A. influence

B. damage

C. end

D. complicate (a./ vt.)

5. Government can and must provide opportunity, not smother it; foster (develop/ cultivate) productivity, not stifle it.

A. retain

B. repress (suppress)

C. crash

D. abandon (abundant: a. enough)

6. He listened keenly to his guests, treated what he heard with complete discretion and never said a malicious word. [malice: n.->malicious: a.] [be keen on sth.]

A. disheartening (discouraging<->encourage)

B. sympathetic [sym-: same; pathy: feeling

C. harsh (severe)

D. polite [be sympathetic with sb./ sympathize with sb.]

7. After the summit (peak) meeting, peace reigned throughout the region once more (again).

A. emerged (appeared)

B. continued

C. dominated

D. resumed (restore)

8. There are many people who still find the act of abortion abhorrent (disgusting/ horrible/ terrible).

A. shocking (=surprising)

B. (tolerate->)tolerable

C. uncontrollable [high ~<->low ~]

D. distasteful (disgusting)

9. The police have got the evidence to sue him, which is shot with a miniature (hidden) camera.

A. small

B. digital

C. concealed (hidden)

D. sophisticated [shoot, shot shot/ gun shot]

10. The chief [chef=cook] has assembled (collected) 300 tantalizing (attractive) recipes for all occasions and

lifestyles, plus down to earth (=practical) advice on matching food with wine.

A. disturbing

B. tempting

C. promising

D. offending (=offensive/ ~ talk)

1. In July he issued a decree (law) ordering all unofficial armed groups in the country to disband.

A. end up

B. come up

C. stand up

D. break up

2. The Amazon ant carries out forays (attack) against other ants and brings back some of them to the home nest to

serve as slaves.

A. (invade->)invasions

B. fights

C. wars

D. missions (task)

3. The flu virus that are most (prevail->) prevalent one year differ from those that bedevil humans the next year.

A. kill

B. worry

C. frustrate

D. trouble

4. He correctly predicted that the policy against their neighboring countries would goad (force) them into economic nationalism.

A. assist (help)

B. press

C. drive (make)

D. aid (help)

5. The King made (declare ~ on country) war on the state of Kalinga, and conquered in 261 B.C. When he saw the suffering he had caused, however, he was overcome (overwhelmed) with remorse.

A. regret

B. revenge

C. hatred (n.)

D. emotion

6. When she first visited South-West Africa in 1947 as an investigative journalist, she helped reveal the appalling (surprising/ shocking) conditions under which blacks were obliged to work.

A. startling

B. exotic (foreign)

C. (terror->terrible/) terrific (wonderful)

D. (amazing->)amusing (interesting)

7. In his book the Iliad, Homer describes Thersites as the ugliest and most impudent (rude) of the Greeks.

A. tough

B. ill-famed (notorious)

C. rude

D. harmful

8. Apprehensive (Fearful) of their enemy's encirclement, the country enhanced its foreign contacts with its neighbors in Europe.

A. Scornful

B. Fearful

C. Regardless

D. Careless

9. The slave-owners grudgingly (reluctantly) accepted the (abolish->) abolition in 1888, rather than face the massive slave unrest (rebelling) and flight (escape).

A. slowly

B. gradually

C. unwillingly

D. eventually (finally)

10. They (swear->) swore their allegiance to the nation and received their naturalization papers.

A. contribution

B. loyalty

C. immensity (greatness)

D. epithet (scoring)

1. The company began aggressive advertising campaigns, increased its variety (categories) of beers, and further expanded its markets. By 1991 Coors beer was available (=on sale) in all 50 states. It also worked to improve its image and quell(制止, 结束, 镇压)ongoing (ever-lasting) boycotts.

A. investigate

B. condemn

C. crush

D. forbid

2. With his strong right-wing views, and close affiliation(联系,隶属)to the military, he'd long been regarded as

a (swear) sworn enemy of the people.

A. emotion

B. association

C. communication

D. reaction

3. Adams supported what became known as the Boston tea party, and thereafter he firmly supported the patriotic (爱国的)measures that led step by step to American independence.

A. passionate

B. moderate

C. radical

D. nationalistic

4. The best hope is that we will have a rapid mobilization(动员)of international opinion in

support of the movement.

A. calling up

B. bringing up

C. catching up (with)

D. getting up

5. When he was there (be present), he often gave food and coins to the destitute(贫苦的)children who lived on the street.

A. deserted

B. poor

C. homeless

D. despaired (->desperate: adj.)

6. Combining social commentary with rhythmic lyrics(词), heavy bass beats, and remixed or original melodies, rap is one of the most controversial of black musical forms.

A. words

B. music

C. band

D. dance

7. The history of newspapers, magazines, and other publications in the country has varied, depending upon the

level of censorship(书报审查制度) in the ruling government.

A. support

B. sponsor

C. control

D. restoration

8. The cause of the incidence has been kept off the air in the radio by the administration.

A. secret

B. not broadcasted

C. publicized

D. not known

9. He took out a court injunction (法令,判决) against the newspaper demanding the return of the document.

A. sentence (sb. to death)

B. bias

C. suspension (bridge)

D. order

10. A great cheer went up from the crowd as (=when) they caught sight of (noticed) their idol(偶像).

A. figure

B. idea

C. hero

D. foe(敌人)

1. If it continues to _____ its responsibilities then the British government must act immediately in its place. (substitute)

A. testify

B. proceed (continue)

C. discipline(n. vt.)

D. abdicate

2. Just as you do not wish others to _____ their desires upon you, you must leave it to them to be free to follow their own direction in life. (ask for sick leave)

A. inflict (impose sth. on sb.)

B. dispute

C. ridicule

D. antedate (go to an earlier time)

3. She was a tough girl -- determined, arrogant and _____, with light brown hair and quick, sharp eyes.

A. genuine

B. hideous

C. undermining(destructive)

D. opinionated (stubborn)

4. I think feminism is about liberating women from enforced domestic and maternal (distaff, of mother/ related to mother) _____.

A. dissent (<->consent)

B. propaganda

C. drudgery

D. mutuality

5. The children have a more _____ view (opinion), only taking in consideration what will work. (take sth. into consideration)

A. pragmatic (practical, feasible)

B. dreary

C. marital

D. dominant

6. While a quarter of men wash their cars once a week, fewer than one in five women carry out the _____.

A. attribute (features/ character)

B. chore

C. repast(meal)

D. jargon

7. If she were rich, that wouldn't stop her (from) caring for children, but she could charge only a(n) _____ fee (fare) to the mothers who badly needed to work.

A. intuitive

B. nominal

C. depressing

D. juvenile

8. We intend to remove the _____ rules and regulations that are discouraging foreign investment in our country.

A. onerous

B. henpecked

C. greasy

D. unmitigated (complete/ thorough)

9. He was a lonely, miserable _____. alone->lonely (adj.)

A. feast

B. spouse

C. wretch

D. dignity

10. This newly established institution has to face a whole range of crimes and _____. (institute: n./ vt.)

A. femininity

B. prescriptions

C. delinquencies (offense)

D. authenticity (reliability)

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