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1.When the going gets tough, the tough take accounting. When the job market

worsens, many students calculate they can’t major in English or history. (Para. 1)


2.In other words, a college education is more and more seen as a means for

economic betterment rather than a means for human betterment. This is a trend that is likely to persist and even accelerate. (Para. 2)


3.Over the next few years, as labor markets struggle, the humanities will probably

continue their long slide in succession. (Para. 3)


4.Once the dominant pillars of university life, the humanities now play little roles

when students take their college tours. These days, labs are moved vivid and compelling than libraries. (Para. 3)


5.Since ancient times, people have speculated about the mystery of those inner

forces that drive some people to greatness and others to self-destruction. This inner drive has been called many things over the centuries. (Para. 4)


6.The stories of this amazing struggle have formed the basis of cultures the world

over. (Para. 5)


7.These men and women developed artistic “languages”that help us understand

these aspirations and also educate generations. (Para. 5)


8.Studying the humanities improves our ability to read and write. No matter what

we do in life, we will have a huge advantage if we can read complex ideas and understand their meaning. We will have a bright career if we are the person in the office who can write a clear and elegant analysis of those ideas! (Para. 6)



9.Most importantly, studying the humanities invests us with great insight and

self-awareness, thereby releasing our creative energy and talent in a positive and constructive manner. (Para. 7)


10.Perhaps the best argument in favor of the humanities is the scope of possibilities

that are widely open to us. (Para. 8)


11.Famous people who studied the humanities make a long list indeed. It’s easy to

see that the humanities can prepare us for many different careers and jobs we can undertake, whether medicine, business, science or entertainment. (Para. 8)


12.Each one of us needs to become as technically and professionally skilled as

possible to help meet the needs of modern life. In fact, increasingly a pairing of technical knowledge and inner insights is seen as the ideal in the establishment of

a career. (Para. 9)


13.In summary, the humanities help to create well-rounded human beings with

insight and understanding of the passions, hopes and dreams common to all humanity. The humanities, the ancient timeless reservoir of knowledge, teach us to see things differently and broaden our horizons. They are as useful and relevant in our modern age as they have always been. Doesn’t it make sense to spend some

time in the company of the humanities, our outstanding and remarkable treasure of knowledge? Who knows how famous YOU might become! (Para. 10)


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