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一单元C.She graduated from college at a very advanced age.

A.pursue a higher degree.

D.the link between loudness and hearing loss.

D.about half of them listen to music above safe sound levels.

B.she is driving to visit her relatives.

B.the radiator is too hot.

C.the water level is too low in the radiator.

A.keep a bottle of water in her car at any time.

D.It was a terrible experience in some ways.

C.she thinks the man better than her as a tourist.

A.the travel agent didn't warn him of the hot weather.

D.the foreign food didn't agree with him.

D.he was a professor of engineering.

A.he invented the refrigerator.

C.he clearly knew what he wanted for himself.

C.some young Japanese's different lifestyle.

D.they are willing to choose short-term,part-time jobs

D.people will have no money to support retirement.

C.she like she brother was not as english

A.those creative in their work

B.She graduated from universities with high standards

C.She actually said nothing to him but thanks


D.. He gives students in using proper techniques for their study

B.more students have chosen to stay in school

B.write about their past,present and future lives

A.the students were all making good progress in their study.

C.minority people are not as rich and educated as those in the majority 二单元B.the salaries for-profit private college graduates can earn


D.they are not emotionally ready for college

C.how to deal with social and life challenges

B.he went to train for tennis

B.basketball is not his favorite sports

C.he accepted his son’s decision with reason

D.watch his former teammates play


C.both men and women have this problem

B.something exciting

A.by self-questioning

C.a possible reason for decision-making styles

D.she gives them responsibilities

A.they can’t make their own decision

D.he will surely have no points for the exam

A.students should ask questions and join discussions

C.once a week

A.he didn’t want children because he didn’t think they could bring happiness

B.his son is from his wife’s previous marriage

A.they had a very bad taste for music

D.he believes he’s being punished as a father missing his son now D.he is sad and disappointed that my son does not show up

B.he had to plan his own time for his life and study

D.quite similar socially to living back in china

B.the number has increased about ten times compared with six years ago D.trying new learning and cultural experiences

A.whether chinese students are experiencing something new is questionable

三单元C.he saved the lives of 699 mostly jewish children from the nizis B.through a BBC TV program

B.the sufferings of children in war

D.the governments will consider using money for wars

D.she cannot keep up with the course

A.he tries to be helpful to her

C.it wasn’t done as well as expected

D.talk to her professor

B.he is open to ideas and picks the one that works

A.to hire a new manager


B.when he needs to do writing

C.everyone should take exercise regularly

B.we think the quality of food is important

A.many of us are willing to pay more for health food


D.they feel they are members of the same group

C.slang comes and goes after trial period

B.it was written by a little girl hiding away during the nizi occupation A.it was caused by the unreasonable opinion of some murderers

C.they are like people he feel comfortable with in his life

B.living every day with hope

B.believing in the goodness of human nature

A.war has become more destructive with modern weapons

D.the targets of war have changed form soldiers only to civilian as well D.the sufferings of children

A.the money was spent at the cost of education services

C.it can affect the quality of life for many years and generation.

四单元C.Progress in bringing a climate agreement into effect.

B.To take actions for low carbon development.

C.It has suffered the worst election losses.

B.The opposition party used Mandela to win trust.

A.Planning an overseas trip

D.In July.

B.Eating out

D.Visiting rural Italy.

B.To find a summer job

A.He checked some websites.

C.It's a bit risky to work there

C.A ski school

C.Foods that can help to improve health.

D.It helps a child's brain develop

D.Most children had healthy iodine levels.

C.His life experiences.

B.He could get away from the war.

A.He gave lectures around the country.

C.we all can develop leadership skills like these people

A.They share, listen and improve their ideas for a better society D.It makes a difference in achieving group goals

C.people need to work as a team for help and support

A.He should be able to motivate others for a common goal.

B.he viewed this offer as special treatment for him


C.a man who cares a lot about his appearance

B.he wanted to challenge the court as a black African

D.the supporters were in low spirits and felt hopeless

五单元C.Water is linked to creating jobs and conditions of work.

D.Unequal water resources.

A.A study of Asia's water problems and their causes.

D.Human and natural factors.

C.His computer is not back as expected

B.a customer service representative

B.there is a delay in their service

C.to have his computer returned soon

A.his future plan

C.to live comfortably ang freely

D.they will have accent training and cultural learning

A.he needs to go and study hard

A.teaching to encourage active learning

D.by working with and observing kids

B.Direct experience is what students truly need

C.People do not experience local culture.

D.It allows a free stay to travel around the world.

C.He considers meeting friendly people the best part.

C.people can do anything to water but destroy it

B.drought caused the soil to turn to waves of dust

D.the passage of the Clean Water Act

B.there was a nationwide movement for water protection B.whether to increase supply or to use water responsibly

D.A drought is taking place as a heat wave hits the vast areas.

A.Groundwater levels in northern India fell.

D.They have supplied sand for construction projects.

A.prioritize the country's water needs in his development plan 六单元C.They are hit by vehicles in streets in surging number

A.Putting up warning signs

B.Too much social media use harms children's mental health.

D.They can't tell online worlds from the real world.

B.they have been working hard.

C.to finish reviewing

B.it is a new funny movie

D.to study the last topic left


A.By using social

D.For getting to know the other person.

A.To be more understanding.

A.Learning by playing games.

D.It was not fun but painful.

B.Goal-driven effort is needed for fun.

C.He used natives cruelly for his business.

A.A mapmaker used it in memory of an explorer.

D.Leif Erikson.

D.texting reduced course grade by half a letter on average

A.students using their cellphones could lose one point

C.it works for a short while before most students but not with others B.they had faster heartbeat when unable to answer the phone

A.students are allowed to check their phone every 15 or more minutes D.talking to people and improving social skills

B.Taking risks and having courage to communicate

D.Having more time for what to say.

A.It is highly personal and scary.

C.teens will grow up not knowing how to talk in person

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