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1. 多尔蒂先生和他的家人目前正在农场忙于秋收。

Mr. Doherty and his family are engaged in autumn harvest on the farm. 2. 我们不能低估敌人,他们装备了最先进的武器。

We can’t underestimate enemies, they have been equipped with the most advanced weapons.

3. 菲尔已三个月没有找到工作了,正变得越来越绝望。

Phil is becoming more and more desperate, because she has been out of work for 3months.

4. 作为项目经理,山姆办事果断,工作效率高,且判断准确。

As a manager of project, Sam is decisive in action ,efficient in work, and accurate in judgment.

5. 既然已证实这家化工厂是污染源,村委会决定将其关闭,为此损失了一百个工作岗位。Since it has been proved that this chemistry factory is the source of pollution, the village neighborhoo d committee decides to close it at the cost of one hundred jobs.


1. 空气中有一种不寻常的寂静,只有远处响着大炮的声音。

There was an unnatural silence in the air, only with the cannon undering far off.

2. 在某些非洲国家城市的扩展已引起生活水平相当大的下降和社会问题的增多。

The expansion of cities in some African countries has caused a considerable in living standard and inc rease in social problems.

3. 研究表明大气中的二氧化碳的含量与全球温度密切相关。

Studies have shown that atmospheric carbon dioxide levels correlate with global temperature.

4. 最近公共汽车的车辆行驶频率已有改善,从15分钟缩短到12分钟一班。 Recently, the frequency of bus service has been improved, reduced from 15minutes to12minute s every run.

5. 那位跳水运动员立在跳水板边沿,只等教练发出信号便会立刻跳下。

That driver standing on the edge of the diving board, and is poised to dive as soon as the coach sends out the signal.


1. 尽管在此次紧急迫降中,飞机跑道不够长,但经验老到的飞行员还是让飞机滑行了一段时间后就停了下来。

Although the airstrip is not long enough in the urgent landing, the veteran pilot still stopped the plane after it slipped for some time.

2. 在记者反复追问下,该影星终于说漏了嘴,承认自己做过两次整容手术。 Grilled by the reporters, the movie star blurted that she had took plastic surgeries twice.

3. 我们有技术,我们的合伙人有资金。一起干,我们就掌握了未来。

We have technology our partner own funds. The future is in our hands if we work together.

4. 要是我事先知道你会带这么多朋友回家,我会好好准备的。你看,我现有的食品和饮料连小吃一顿都不大够。

If I knew you would bring so many friends home beforehand, I’d make full preparation .You see, the foods and drinks I have now is not enough even for a snack. 5. 当人们得知地震灾区将要建造结构更牢固的新校舍时,纷纷慷慨解囊。

When people knew that new school dormitories would be soiled built in the earthquake-stricken area, they donated money generously.


1. 因为约翰不看好欧洲经济,所以把资产转移到了欧洲以外的其他地方.

Due to his pessimistic outlook on European economy, John has moved his assets from Europe to els ewhere.

2. 我喜欢雇用年轻人。他们愿意学习,而且忠于职守。

I like hiring young people. They are earnest learners and committed to work. 3. 玛丽和她那些以自己孩子为中心的女友们不同,更在意个人成长。

Unlike her girl friends who center their lives on their children. Mary center more about her personal g rowth.

4. 有一大批同事和你意见不合,这是怎么回事?

Why is that a considerable number of colleagues are at odds with you ?

5. 中国政府出台了一系列政策以加强同发展中国家的合作。

The Chinese government has introduced a variety of policies to strengthen cooperation with developi ng countries.


1. 我的直觉是亨利会设法参加这次探险,因为他有一点冒险家的气质。

I have an instinct that Henry will seek to join the expedition, because he is something of an adventure r.

2. 即使置身于一个嘈杂的环境中,他也能坚持做手头的工作。

He is capable of sticking to the task at hand, even if he is exposed to noises. 3. 这个商标是依据迄今有效的法律注册的。

The trademark was registered in accordance with the laws hitherto in force.

4. 奇怪的是,许多人自愿帮助组织会议,但是只有少数几人到场

Oddly enough, many people volunteered to help organize the meeting, but only a few turned up. 5. 老师那充满关爱的话语,以及坦诚的评价改变了迈克对于社会和他自己的看法。

The teacher’s affectionate words, along with his candid comments, changed the way Mike perceived the society and himself.


1. 他们正在探索医学研究的新领域,试图治疗那些目前还无药可救的疾病。 They are exploring the new frontiers of medical science in an attempt to find remedies for incur able diseases so far.

2. 我的数学老师威尔逊女士不仅教学方法独特,而且她从不试图往我脑子里硬塞知识。Her unique teaching methods apart, MS Wilson, my math teacher, never tried to cram knowledge into my mind.

3. 中央电视台的定时天气预报使得我们旅行时不管走到哪儿都能知道天气的变化。

The regular weather forecast by Central TV Station keeps us up with the changes of weather wherever we go on a trip.

4. 可怕的爆炸引起了一场大火,并造成这幢大楼部分倒塌。

The appalling explosion started a big fire and caused the partial collapse of the building.

5. 在现代社会里,浪费时间的方式比以往任何时候都要多,各种各样的娱乐消遣正在吞噬我们宝贵的时间。

In the modern world, there are more ways than ever to waste time, and all kinds of distractions are eat

ing into our precious time.

①Imagine weather as a weapon.Instead of bombing enemy troops, the Air Force creates immense rain storms that make ground movement difficult. Bridges wash out, roads flood, and even railroads become impassable. Long-lasting storms mean fields too muddy to plant in spring, or crops rotting at harvest. Or perhaps the Navy requires fog to mask covert operations, or gales to keep enemy ships in port. Maybe the Army needs sandstorms to keep enemy helicopters grounded, or clear weather so satellite cameras can track enemy positions. Nothing far-fetched skews such scenarios. Weather has always shaped military activity and thinking, and lately the military considers shaping the weather.

At US military academies, cadets learn that battles and even wars sometimes turn on weather. Napoleon and Hitler both invaded Russia, and severe winters hampered their armies.Nowadays cadets and enlisted personnel learn not only the great lessons of past wars and battles, but also bits and pieces of immediately useful data. Warm snow is slippery, not only hard to walk on but capable of stopping trucks and other wheeled vehicles. Very cold snow affords traction. A wise soldier waits until nightfall, when dropping temperatures make travel over snow more certain. Sailors learn that fog plays tricks with sound, often carrying faint noises long distances. Now and then even modern warships roll gently in fog-shrouded seas, their engines and other mechanical equipment shut off, their crews simply listening for noise-making sources invisible on radar. Military service, like any other, benefits from knowing the tricks of the trade, and weather offers its own tricks. JMFGA HLBDO

②I believe that for a long period after 9/11,a large proportion of the U.S. Citizenry remained locked in a form of post-traumatic shock over what had G、happened that day . it was understandable. GBCIK FLHEO

G、happened B、planned C、shattered I、invulnerable K、circumstances

F、rage L、systematically H、called E、meet O、effectively

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