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Unit 1

1. A very curious boy, Tom, is interested not only in whats but also in whys and hows.


2. Happiness, according to Prof. Smith, is the ability to make the most of what you have.


3. You’d better keep the book where your 15-year-old son can’t get his hands on.


4. The story was very funny and Bill kept laughing while reading it.


5. High-achieving students do not necessarily put in more time at their studies than their lower-scoring classmates.


6. How did you manage to persuade these students to take the speed-reading course?


7. Working hard is important, but knowing how to make the most of one's abilities counts for much more.


8. She asked her students to think for themselves rather than telling them what to think.


Unit 2

1. Referring to the differences between American English and British English, he said, “The United States and Britain are, after all, two different countries.”


2. Prof. Smith encourages his students to think for themselves. “I am just as happy,” he often says, “even if you challenge me or completely disagree with me.”


3. We called on him to take part in our conversation about pop music, but as soon as he joined in, he introduced a new topic and referred to the NBA finals of the previous week.


4. The driver is responsible for this accident. His car knocked down a tree and a man on his bike.


5. Since our production of radios came to a halt, we have switched to the production of mobile phones.

自我们的收音机停止生产后,我们已转产移动电话(mobile phones)。

6. Our original plan was to see such famous sights as the Great Wall, the Palace Museum and the Summer Palace in Beijing.


7. It’s no simple matter to learn a foreign language well. Even though

I have learned English for a few years, I still can’t express myself effectively in the language.


8. I don’t want you simply to agree or disagree with me. I need someone who can give me good advice, ideas, and so on.


Unit 3

1. As far as I know, all they have to do is come and see the child they want to bring up and fill up a form.

据我所知,他们必须做的只是来见一见他们想抚养的孩子,并填写一份表格。2. As he learned more and more about the world, he finally got tired of going after fame and wealth.


3. The little girl’s songs brought sunshine to the old man and helped him

bear the hardships of life.


4. People came one after another to congratulate them on the successful building of another big bridge over the Huangpu River.


5. All the people present were amazed that the 10-year-old boy was playing the violin so skillfully.


6. After the car accident, Stevie reevaluated his goals in life and decided to pay more attention to the world outside.


7. Even in her wildest dreams, Mother could never have imagined that her son would become a world-famous pianist.


8. The students broke into loud cheers when they heard that their teacher had fought back from the shadow of death.


Unit 4

1. Sickly and weak as Grandma is, she has taken on all the housework in the family.(倒装句)


2. The recording company had never been so pleased with any singer. For

them, Stevie Wonder was a real find.

唱片公司从未对任何歌手这样满意过。对他们来说, 史蒂威·旺达确实是个难得的人才。

3. They had no running water where they lived. Nor did they have any conveniences of life such as gas and electricity. (倒装句)


4. Six years passed, then seven and eight, and nothing was heard of that French artist. It seemed certain that he had left the country for only God knows where.


5. He was very ill that summer, but as soon as he felt better in the fall, he resumed his writing and finished his last novel in two months.


6. Driven by a strong will, Alex finally fulfilled the task he had undertaken.


7. With the help of the doctor and the nurses, the patient recovered quickly and in a few weeks was able to stand on his feet once more.


8. It was really sad to watch the old man’s wrinkled face, which spoke

of all that he had borne/endured in his life.



1. They are Mary’s sons Robert and William.One i s named after her father, the other is named after her grandfather.

他们是玛丽的儿子罗伯特和劳伦斯, 一个起的是她父亲的名字, 另一个是她祖父的名字。

2. He is not content with what he has already got. What a pity he never understands that happiness lies in contentment.

他对已有的一切还不满足。他从来不懂“知足常乐”, 真遗憾

3. She is very active in classroom activities. I am sure that she will make

a good teacher .


4. You may have different opinions about it, but I hate the idea of urging people to drink, especially at a dinner party.


5. We are prepared to give way a little to them on minor problems, but we will never compromise with them on major questions of principle.


6. Robert didn’t usually get much exercise during the year, while his wife

Mary was on her feet most of the time. That was why it was impossible, or difficult at least, for them to choose a place they both liked for their holiday.


7. David is a young writer with a high opinion of himself. He thinks that his writing style is unique and refined. But unfortunately, that is not the case.


8. All I want to say is that as individuals we enjoy many different rights but we have no right to do anything harmful to society.


Unit 6

1. The problem lies in how people look at those students dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge.


2. Our government has decided to put a lot more money into education than before .


3. We have to train more first-class engineers to compete

in the technology race with Japan.


4. The intellectually curious and hard-working students should be praised

and held up as examples to other students.


5.Not until we do away with our anti-intellectualism do ,we stand a chance

to remain a world-class power.

直到我们消除排斥知识的现象, 我们才有希望保持世界级强国的地位。

6. We must adapt ourselves to the demands of our times, otherwise we’ll fall behind the other industrialized nations o f the world.


7. The parents are proud of their son who is studying English while the

other children are playing football.

其他孩子在踢足球, 而他们的儿子却在学英语, 做父母的为此感到骄傲。

8. Do you really expect to improve your English without spending more time

studying it?


Unit 7

1. Mr. Smith was viewed as a very liberal person who believed, among other

things, that all men were equal under the law.



2. It is not by chance that he won the prize; his success comes from his hard training.

他获奖并非偶然; 他的成功来自艰苦的训练。

3. The teacher talked a lot with the white kids, trying to convince them that all men are created equal, but nothing much come of it in the first few weeks.


4. As I was a newcomer to that school, I felt lonely and friendless for

a time.


5. Day after day Wei Ming kept talking with Mrs. Wilson, and his oral English became more and more fluent and natural.


6. Whereas ?[hw?r??z ]some of the kids were quite nasty during those first few weeks, a little white girl was especially friendly to me.

尽管在最初那几个星期一些孩子对我很不客气,一个白人小姑娘却特别友好。7. I later came to know that the man who looked old and wrinkled was only about 45.


8. After graduating from university, he soon established himself as a

qualified and responsible teacher of English.


Unit 8

1. No scientist knows exactly where the information highway will lead us in the decade ahead.


2. It is crucial that developed countries and developing countries increase mutual ?[?mjut?u?l]understanding and mutual respect through more communication.


3. From the very beginning, the mass media paid particular attention to this treatise on the personal computer.


4. My nephew had thought that Japanese, which is similar to Chinese in many ways,was easy to learn, but it didn’t turn out that way.


5. You should have known better. The way a college professor teaches is not confined only to telling his students the basic facts. He or she also stimulates discussions and debates.


6. It was originally estimated that the project would take 5 years. But because of the creativity of the workers as well as the engineers, it was finished well ahead of schedule.


7. The process of thinking about and writing his autobiography took the American writer more than three years, during which he ran into many unimaginable difficulties.


8. The doctors ar en’t sure what illness he is suffering from. That’s why he has decided to retire ahead of schedule.


Unit 1

1. There are no simple solutions to the problem of overpopulation.

2. We often ignore advice which we do not wish to hear.

3. Even the doctor couldn’t persuade Tom to give up smoking.

4. The evening newspaper is going to assign a couple of reporters to cover(报道) the Olympic Games in Sydney.

5. “Next Monday is the deadline for handing in this essay,” said the professor to his class. “Be sure to meet it.”

6. I don’t think we can solve the problem this way. We should try a

different approach.

7. Alex bought a map of the world and stuck it on his bedroom wall.

8. He earns $ 200 a week and has little money for anything except the essentials of life.

9. Though she was very busy with her studies, Amanda manage to find time to play tennis regularly.

10. He is very rich, but that does not necessarily mean that he is happy.

11. Short-term memories are those which are retained only for a few minutes.

12. The essay is _ due__ next Monday. I have done a rough draft but haven’t written it up yet.

Unit 2

1. The new approach is truly new —it differs entirely from the old one.

2. I have no _ objection__ to you r becoming a teacher if that’s what you want to be.

3. No one _ challenged____ the theory until 1452, when a

revolutionary thinker changed our understanding of the universe. 4. The Foreign Language School has now expanded to three times its _ original____ size.

5. I agree with you that men and women should be equally _ responsible ____ for bringing up children.

6. Now that their children have all begun to work, the Browns are living

in relative comfort.

7. The marathon (马拉松) runner had to give up halfway because he couldn’t endure the pain in his stomach.

8. Everyone looked startled when Peter challenged the professor’s remarks about Hemingway’s writing style.

9. The true mark of leadership is not simply to support what is popular but to make what is unpopular popular.

10. I was quite startled to see two old men tossing a baseball back and forth in the park.

11. He started to sing a popular song of the 1950s and everyone joined in.

12. Christmas is important in Western countries, just as the Spring Festival is very special to Chinese people.

13. After the storm, I was disappointed to see that all of my t omato plants had been knocked down by the wind.

14. When the film was being shot on location, so many people stopped to watch that traffic _ came to a halt__.

15. __ Even if___ world population growth could somehow be cut by half, there would still be more than 45 million new mouths to feed next year.

16. Their marriage _fell apart___ when she found out that her husband was having an affair with another woman.

Unit 3

1. The films he directed two decades ago still _draw_ large audiences today.

2. Of all the sorrows she had to _bear_, none was so great as her son’s being born blind.

3. He didn’t throw away the stockings until they were so _worn out ____that they couldn’t be mended anymore.

4. He finally _ got tired of___ sitting in the office all day and longed for a more active life.

5. He had a vision (幻想) of a society in which the members of different races could live together in _ racial____ harmony.

6. He _paied____ so little _attention to__ what he was doing that he cut his face while shaving.

7. Although he’s only 16 he has very _ mature______ ideas about life.

8. He told such a funny story that everybody _broke into___ laughter.

9. The concert at which the classical pianist _perform___ was a great success.

10. Although he made a great deal of money, he could never _conquer_ his feelings of worthlessness.

11. We must consider all _aspects__ of the plan before deciding.

12. _As far as__ I know, it is not necessary to buy tickets in advance. They should be available at the door.

Unit 4

1. If you undertake this task, you must be ready to __endure_ hardship.

2. While Mr. Johnson was away on vacation, a lot of letters accumulated on his desk.

3. I was somewhat disappointed with the meal. It was not bad, but not as good as I had expected it to be.

4. Part of a police officer’s job is to protect public property .

5. Have you __informed____your parents of your plan for the winter vacation?

6. The woman was forty, but looked fifty. Her cheeks were sunken and her skin was __wrinkled____ and yellow.

7. Nearly __collapsing____ under the pain, the wounded soldier staggered across the road.

8. All the theaters and cinemas were closed, as a sign of _mourning___ for the dead president.

9. His classmates have _contributed____ a total of 12,400 yuan for the student who had a major operation last week.

10. With a history of over 100 years, the little town _posses___ a unique glamour (魅力).

11. Now that he is quite __recovered___ from his illness, he has decided to resume his college education this fall.

12. Mary’s voice _trembled__ with anger as she told us about her husband’s shamelessness.

13. To fulfill his dream of becoming a professional athlete, Tom kept training for three years.

14. Though Dr. Brown was exhausted, a sense of responsibility _drove__ him back to the hospital to see if his patients were all right.

15. She happened to look out of the kitchen window and saw a man __staggering__ around like a drunk.

16. The wounded soldier _uttered__ a cry of pain as the nurse tried to clean and bandage his wound.

Unit 5

1. Mary found that __ compromise __ was always the best policy when she got involved in arguments with her husband.

2. If you are not _ content__ with your present job, you should find out what you need to do to qualify for a better one.

3. I’d like very much to buy the camera. _ unfortunately__, I haven’t got enough money on me.

4. No one else can tell you what is best for you because every _ individual__ is different.

5. The operation was something of a _ gamble_, but without it it was just

a matter of time before the cancer killed her.

6. The policeman __spin_ his car round and sped after the fleeing criminals.

7. Its charm and mild climate have made San Francisco an _ attractive __ city for both business and residence.

8. If you come to my office about twelve, we can have lunch together and meet the manager __ afterwards___.

9. Egypt has a long cultural _ tradition__ which is deeply rooted in the history of the country.

10. This stamp is __ unique ____: all others like it have been lost or destroyed.

11. The computer science professor promised to help his students if new difficulties _arose__ in their research.

12. The new office boy seemed smart and __energetic__ when he reported for work.

Unit 6

1. People are really _ shocked____ to learn that the intellectually curious and hard-working are called names, such as nerds and geeks, in some parts of the U.S.

2. When questioned, the children __admited__ that their homework remained untouched, as they had idled away their time doing nothing.

3. He has made up his mind to _persue__ his studies abroad.

4. It’s a pleasant surprise to me that my daughter should _prefer_ to read English at home rather than go shopping with her mother this evening.

5. He is so _ intelligent_ that he is not only interested in the whats, whys and hows, but also knows where to find the answers to all of these questions.

6. If you need further qualifications(条件) for the job, check out how

and where you can __acquire__ them.

7. His intelligence is not even up to the _average_ level; therefore, his success is largely due to his hard work.

8. He is keen to _cultivate__ relations with this company because of its good reputation.

9. Spicy (辛辣的) food is _typical__ of Sichuan cooking.

10. We have never seen anyone with such a strong dedication to the pursuit

of success.

11. This wine is __imported__ from France, and it is rather expensive.

12. The guard dog has been trained to _bite__ without barking.

13. The American economy, and its ability to __compete_ abroad, was slowing down according to the report.

14. Students’ attention will not be drawn to their studies if we

_constantly__ put social skills and physical strength over academic achievement and intellectual ability.

15. How can we continue to produce first-class engineers if the most prestigious universities are unable to offer decent salaries to attract

the best professors?

16. In my opinion, high-IQ students are usually intellectually curious and

very good at making use of their time to the fullest extent .

Unit 7

1. Gathering up his courage, Little Tom _crept___ silently into the dark cave.

2. The __presence___ of our professors added much honor to our New Year’s party.

3. Have you ever heard that single women tend to live longer than married women, __whereas__ married men tend to live longer than single men?

4. His natural desire to learn was _spoiled__ by the cruelty of an insensitive teacher.

5. The young Wilkins was a black newcomer in a school that had _previously___ been all white.

6. Though it was about midnight, the football fans were still in high spirits, _roaring__ with laughter as they left the stadium.

7. That hairstyle was __merely__ a passing fad, as no one wears it this year.

8. These young people were so __ignorant___ about things in the U.S. that they thought blacks and whites had always had equal educational opportunities there.

9. The student was not quite __confident___ about his answers as he knew very little about historical figures like Jefferson.

10. Wherever I take on a difficult task, I say to myself, “Nothing _venture___ gain”.

11. The child was truly frightened by the large dog which _chased___ him

all the way home.

12. Traditional as he is in his way of life, the elderly professor is more __liberal_____ than most of his students in accepting new ideas.

Unit 8

1. As the Chinese saying goes, a timely snow_____ a good harvest.

2. In the Information Age, we ought to develop a selective mind to determine _____ sources of information.

3. The big _____ of writing a treatise on communications has made it impossible for the professor to take up other interests.

4. It is freezing cold. My hands have gone numb (僵) and I can _____ feel my toes.

5. If tests are to _____, what will be used to let both the student and the teacher know how much he has learned?

6. The theatre is a unique one because it provides _____ translation in both English and Chinese.

7. when the egg comes before the chicken or the other way round will turn out to be a(n) ________debate with no answer ever to be found.

8. Although research is important, the university exists and operates _____ for the students.

9. Some words, such as “caribou” (北美驯鹿), can only be found in American English. They have no British _____.

10. Technical schools prepare their students for the ________ of practical