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Susan lost her legs in a car accident.For a time,she didn't know how to face up to the fact that she would never (be able to) walk again.

One day,while scan ning (through) books,a true story caught her eye.It gave a vivid description of how a disabled girl became a writer.Greatly inspire d,Susan made up her mind to read as much as she could,and what's more,she wanted to write stories about her own childhood.Susan began to feel that she,too,would finally be able to lead a useful life.




It is not easy to keep in touch with friends when they are far away.This is certainly true in my case.

It has been a couple of years since I left my old neighbourhood and all the friends I had there.I've been meaning to write to them but something or other comes up and I just don't seem to find the time.Now I have kind of lost touch with them.They are always on my mind,however,and I think I will certainly make an effort to keep up correspondence with them in future.


很难想像我们的先辈们(forefathers)没有现代技术带来的那么多方便(conveniences)那日子是怎么过的。那个时候只有一小部分人享受一些舒适条件(comforts)。大部分人连饭都吃不饱,更不要说(not to speak of)接受教育的特权了。然而,许多人责怪现代技术,说它带来了很多问题。他们想减慢进步的速度。但是谁也不能阻止时代的前进。我们能做的是就技术向哪个方向发展做出明智的决定。

It is hard to imagine how our forefathers could do without so many conveniences that modern technology has brought about.Back then only a small proportion of the population enjoyed come comforts.The majority didn't even have sufficient food,not to speak of/let alone the privilege of being educate d.However,many people blame modern technology for the problems it has created.They want to slow down the rate of progress.But no one can put the clock back.The best we can do is to make

inform ed decisions as to the direction in which technology is to develop.


托尼大学毕业后决定自己开业。一开始好多家银行都拒绝了他的贷款要求。但他毫不泄气,继续一个个拜访银行家寻求帮助。有一位银行家被他的决心和乐观精神所打动,最终答应贷款给他。如今他成了一位富商。在谈到所取得的令人惊奇的成就时,托尼强调(put emphasis on)了创造机遇而不是等待机遇的重要性。

After graduating from college,Tony decided to start his own business.At the beginning,many a bank

turned down his request for a loan.But he was not a bit discouraged,and continued to call on one banker after another seeking help.Impressed by his determination an optimism,on banker finally agreed to loan him the money.Now he has become a wealthy businessman.Talking about his great achievement,Tony puts great emphasis on the importance of creating,rather than waiting for opportunities.


李大伯自己并不富裕,但在别从需要帮助时他从不犹豫。退休前他从希望工程(Project Hope)那里得到两个家境贫穷但渴望求学的农村孩子的地址。此后他定期给他们汇款。这两个孩子后来都考上了大学,还获得了海外留学的机会。他们常常思念李大伯,一直跟他通信。每次重读他们的来信,李大伯就会脸绽笑容。他觉得这是自己一生最理智的投资。

Not rich himself,Uncle Li never hesitate s to help others.Previous to/Before his retirement,through Project Hope he located the addresses of two country kids who grew up in poor families but had a keen desire to study.From then on he sent them money https://www.sodocs.net/doc/975817006.html,ter the two made their way to college,and even got a chance to study overseas.They often thought of Uncle Li and kept correspond ing with

him.Whenever he read their letters,Uncle Li's face would broaden into a smile.He felt this to be the most sensible investment in his life.




When I was young I developed a keen interest in animals.So I often visited the zoo in my hometown.There what attracted me most was a couple of tigers,especially the male.They were kept in a huge cage at first,but later was release d from it and put in a place called Tiger Hill.The hill was separated from the visitors by a very wide and deep ditch.What's more,it was also surround ed by a high iron fence along the ditch.

Twenty years later,I revisited the zoo and was relieve d to find the Tiger Hill was still there but greatly extend ed.Moving around now were six tigers,old and young,instead of two!



The instant the professor entered the classroom,the words on the blackboard "Welcome Back Professor" drew his attention.He had been injured in a car accident,and had had several operations in a nearby hospital.The doctor calculate d his chances of survival to be on more than 10%.Now not only had he recovered from his injury,but he was also able to resume teaching.Every student felt excited at the sight of him,and minutes passed before the class cooled down.



This morning I heard an interesting piece of news over my portabl e radio:a man of 36 and his son of 10 attend the same class competing with each other for high marks.The story goes like this:

The man,Li Wei by the name,was too idle to learn anything when young.With little education,with no useful skills,he could hardly earn an adequate living wage.His life experiences drove home to him the point that he had to acquir e knowledge before he was able to accumulate wealth.So Li Wei swore that he would go to school with his son,determined to learn.

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