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Describe a (long) car journey you went on

You should say:

where you went

what you did at this place

who you went there with

and explain why you went on that journey by car


Why do people like to have private cars?

What are the differences between bicycles and private cars?

Is it a good thing that ever3tone has their own cars?

How to buy private cars in China?

What' s the difference between men and women' s preference on cars?

What will cars be like in the future?




Well, I would like to go Las Vegas. The city is around 125 kilometres away from my town, Bullhead City in Arizona. So if I could go there, I think by car is a second-to-none choice. Las Vega is mostly famous for the colourful nightlife. This is a resort town located in the Mojave Desert in Nevada. The town has some specialties and during the night times, it looks best. The entire city is well decorated and illuminated. The most amazing feature of the city is the musical fountain. It is synchronised with music. Besides, the Strip is also another attractive issue at the town. The replicas like Eiffel Tower; Egyptian Pyramids etc. are also some adorable things here.

I am a student at Everest College and having an undergrad course in economics.

I have a group of six members in the college. We love to be together always like having a group study, moving for a theatre, joining at any ceremony and more. Sometimes we make some short trips in some less distant areas. Now we are planning to have a trip in Las Vegas. Though I went there for several times with my dad to meet my uncle who owns a small pub there, I did not have the chance to move on my own. Dad always was with me lest I get into any bar or pub and have a drink. In fact, my parents are conservative in some aspects.

I would like to go there by car because it is a long journey. Las Vegas is around 125 kilometres away from my home. Moving such a distance alone is not preferable for me. Go there with your good friends will be much better. If I become a victim of an accident, there is none to look after me on the highway to Vegas. Even there are some risks to move alone in the city until you are matured enough to protect yourself from any sudden invasion. Considering all the issues, I have decided to make the trip with my friends. Moreover, it would be great fun for us. A wonderful sightseeing journey! All of us have visited the town but we lack the experience to stay at night there. So, I am going there on the car that will be driven by David.



Describe a dream home you would like to have

You should say:

Where this place is

What it is like

When you want to live in there

and explain why you want to live in such a place


Do most Chinese people live in an apartment or house?

Do young people in your country like to live with their parents or by themselves?

Do Chinese people like to rent a place to live?

Would you live in a foreign country in the future?

How is modem home design (both inside & outside appearance) in your country different to that of the past?

ln your country, what type of home do most people live in?


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填空 10 内容概述:一个女性在反馈酒店宣传册印制情况。标题是W* Printer Ltd …填空10:

1. Name of the hotel:central hotel

2. Make the address bigger so that they can be more eye-catching

3. to remove the reference to pool to the hotel

4. use the photo view of the hotel

5. change the label (laundry) to: “reception”

6. All materials will be translated to: Spanish

7. last page:prices to be printed in red colour

8. dealine for delivery: last week of July

9. manager’s name: Cliffton

10.telephone number: 903036602

Section 2






分类配对6, 配对4


A. Everyone should do

B. Members have the option to do

C. The organizer will do

10. The tents 学校原本有但是被借了 A

11. Booking campsites 统计人数统一预定位置 C

12. Bring bicycles 目的地无处可借所以自己带 A

13. Book train tickets 团队有优惠故 C

14. Buying football match tickets B

15. Looking for the information package 组织者还没有时间去做B?

配对 4

16. 位置1 —— it’s an old town 选: old ruins

17. 位置2 Cluny 选:

18. 位置 3 Pennerley 介绍附近居民自己做的各种食物东西选:buying local foodfarming museum

19. 位置4 M…介绍多种交通媒介选:TransportationMuseum

20. 待补充

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选择 6,填空4 选择 6

21 少数民族1: A knows the location of stars

22 少数民族2: B 相信自己可以通过 assisting others 来变富有

22. 少数民族3: Cachieved in develop methods of using the land

23. 少数民族4: ?

24. 少数民族5:

25. 少数民族6: C?能以原来的生活方式生活了,因为政店的帮助项目

26. 少数民族7: B they have bad internationalfame (because of mining disputes )



27. put importance in: sharing

28. are influenced by government education plans

29. are required to settle in a particular area

30. pay attention to: gifts

Section 4






填空10 填空10:

31. To identify the line of same length

32. Most of the participants gave untruthful

33. Even real people agreed with the idea

34. Researchers build a website for their study

35. Believe ?

36. describe the movement of light

37. incorrect ?

38. people have a habit to copy other’s behaviour

39. participants stay in a room full of smoke

40. some researchers think this is not unbiased because participants may think they are not in an emergency





The table shows information about the numbers of Australian people who visited the seven most popular destinations in 1999 and 2009.




Some people think that any money spent by the government in supporting artiest (such as painters, musicians and writers) is better than other more important things. To what extant do you agree or disagree?


Passage 1


Ambergris – whatis it and where does it come from?





A. amber

B. ambergris

C. BothAmbergris

D. Neither of amber or ambergris

1. Expensive C

2. Food spice B

3. Transparent A

4. Hemind William (一个作家写到了两者的区别) C

5. Used as a currency D

6. Sweet smell A

填空题 7

7. Ambergris 如何形成的? Step 1 Whales’ beaks

8. Step 2: a dark liquid is vomited

9. The liquid hardens when exposed to the air.


10. T In the 20thcentury, most of the ambergris are produced through process whales.

11. NG The value of ambergris has increased recently.

12. N Ambergris are still in use in today’s perfume.

13. NG New use have been found in ambergris

Passage 2


Should companies hire “stars”? Or should they develop their own?


段落细节配对题5,填空题4,判断题 4



14. G an exampleof the importance of system in a non-business context

15. I 最后一段:advice on how to acquire great employees

16. E A medical analogy to a star joining a new company (比成器官移植)

17. D 提到了明星员工不愿意为新公司作出适应 (they are not willing to learn or taught by new team)

18. B an example of a company that had displaced belilef in stars but not in systems


19. The study is conduct on the career of Top analysts

20. Working environment makes stars successful.

21. Star managersusuallyleavetheir new companies with a higher salary to their next company.

22. Star mangers have negative impact on their new team.


23. NG The Warof Talent has a greater impact than the writer had expected.

24. YES The economic conditions in some certain countries push the companies to attract talents from overseas.

25. NO Euron (a big company)failed because of misfortune not poor management

26. YES It is more effective for companies to develop their own star managers.

Passage 3


lower Power


小标题 7,配对题 4,填空题3 文章主旨:文章介绍了花的各种功能。


27. v various social functions of flower

28. vii first study to show people have strong emotion reaction towards flowers and open themselves to personal topics

29. ii the second study to show flowers make people more willing to get closer to others in a small space like an elevator.

30. Third study shows surprising outcomes than researchers had expected




Describe a piece of good news you heard from others

You should say:

What it was

When you received this news

How you received the news

And explain why you thought it was a good news


How do people share good news?

How does modern technology affect the delivery of information?

When do people share good news?

What kinds of good news have you received before?

What kinds of good news do people like to hear?

Why do some people share news in social media?




The exciting news that I heard over the phone was the birth news of my nephew. My mother called me on my cell phone when I was away from my hometown and that’s one of the most exciting news I have ever got in my life. I was in the second year in my university and because of that I was away from home. One day my mother called and gave me this happy news. I had an exam ahead of me and after getting the news I was so happy and thrilled that I forgot everything and came to my hometown at that very night to see the newborn baby. I have two sisters and I am the youngest son of my parents. My sisters got married and soon she was pregnant and would have a baby.

Having a baby at our home was a much-desired dream of ours and I often fantasised to have a beautiful baby at our home. So we were counting days for the baby to come to this world. At the last few days of my sister’s pregnancy, she became very ill and some complexities appeared as the doctors reported. Naturally, we were very anxious for the mother and the baby who is yet to come. When I got the call from my mum that my sister has become the mother of a beautiful baby and both are fine, I was in one hand very happy and on the other hand relieved from the tension that I was going through for the last few days.



Describe an activity near water

You should say:

What it is

When you did this activity

How you did it

And explain how you felt about it.


Why do some people like water sports?

Do you think the government should invest money in developing facilities for water sports?

What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of travelling on the ocean?

Why do people love to play near water?

Should kids learn how to swim?


Section 1




Newspaper Photo Reprint Request Form


填空 10 Example:

Newspaper Date: March 10th

1 newspaper front page, 干扰为back

2 newspaper story: student athlete of the week, 干扰为month

3 student Name, James Parkhurst

4 personal use, 干扰为 business和promotional

5 type colour, 干扰为black-and-white, 可以写美式拼写color

6 $ 80, 干扰为15, 15是加急

7 normal speed, 干扰为rush

8 delivery method mail, 原文说不方便stop by

9 payment cheques, 干扰为credit card, 可以写美式拼写checks

10 read newspaper every day, 干扰为weekend,

Section 2




Western British Columbia, Canada


填空内容概述:讲述加拿大 4个旅游景点

Tumbler Ridge

11 see the oldest bones in the western Canada

12 see 170 dinosaur footprints

13 night tour is specially recommended, 含有的artificial light很好看Exploration in Science Center

14 talk about the early history of the country

15 mineral resources, 题干resources替换为了wealth

Bear Glacier

16 stop by the rest area to sea the view

17 blue glacier, 干扰为white和gray

Tikine River Park

18 one of the cleanest rivers

19 travel on a horseback (need a permit)

20 by boat

Section 3




History Project


单选5 + 配对5 21 Tina thinks the local history project has become more popular C because students can find information more easily

22 In the second week of the project, students

A have to decide on their group responsibilities,替换为 tasks和roles

23 Feedback of the project will be given

C on a mark sheet

24 Tina thinks which part of the Going Public project is important?A supervisors can access it

25 Henry thinks that students nowadays

A have posses different strengths from students in the past, 这个strengths 特指的是information gathering skills,在配对题还有呼应


26 Students in the project C develop IT skills

27 Local council staff G relate history to the present

28 supervisors of the project A benefit the government

29 students from other universities E view things from varied perspectives

30 potential students F it is unique

Section 4




What Do Your Dinners Do to Climate?


填空10 内容概述:人的饮食对气候变化的影响

31 eating produces as twice CO2 as driving does

32 100 g of coffee produces 140 g of CO2

33 produces including meat emits GHG

34 the packing and 35 transportation of food

36 manufacture the chicken’s food

37 cooking of the chicken by the consumer

38 loss of forests

39 method of farming, method替换为practice

40 organic food is good (except for fish)





The chart shows the amount of wind power generated in four countries between 1985 and 2000




An increasing number of people change their career and place of residence several times in their lives. Is it a positive or negative development?


Passage 1


Man or Machine


段落配对6 + 填空7



1 different ways of robots in helping people E

2 the name of a robot whose limbs are of the same size of an adult C

3 a contrast between ASIMO and other robots D

4 robot use in artistic works G

5 argument for and against robots F

6 people’s reaction to robots in an exhibition A


Scientists in Honda 7 company developed ASIMO. It receives instructionvia technology in its 8 backpack. Kismet made in MIT manages to 9 interact with people and can change its 10 behaviour. 11 Cog, alsodeveloped in MIT, is for the development of 12 intelligence and cansense its 13 environment

Passage 2




观点配对5 + 填空4 + 判断4

14 1700 died from the 12thto the 18thof December in 1991

A Government

15 London results are similar to those in other urban areas

E Douglas Dockery

16 The 1991 smog episode is rare F John Bower

17 The 1991 episode may happen again F John Bower

18 A cleaning warning will be issued if NO2 level reaches 600 ppbC Advisory Group on Medical Aspects of Air Quality Episodes


The first factor for the smog was 19 traffic fumes, which were clearedafter 20 four days. The latter’s effect on 21 breathing was weak. Itaffected people with respiratory problems and 22 heart diseases


23 Anderson’s research is conclusive on the fatal event NO

24 10 per cent increase was caused by some unexpected events YES

25 NO2 caused more deaths than particulates NO

26 Government failed to set an upper limit on particulates NOT GIVEN Passage 3


Language or Philosophy




27 In the first paragraph, grammar classifications

C are not enough for analyzing language-related acts

28 In the second paragraph, scientific hypothesis

B are examples of true and false

29 Football is used to

B demonstrate the capability of language to carry out actions

30 Part of Austin’s aim is to

A find right and wrong of the sentences used

31 A promise can be descriptive only

D the speaker’s thoughts are known

32 A reason for the complete failure of performative sentence is

D the speaker may not take the action


33 Indicative sentences F serve more functions than other sentences

34 Austin’s claim A langue is similar to other activities

35 Constative utterances D


36 Interrogative sentence can be used to tell people what to do YES

37 Language is the most interest field of philosophy NOT GIVEN

38 Philosophers paid little attention to what is right or wrong NO

39 Moral judgment is best assessed on right or wrong questions NO

40 Science and Law should have different assessment methods YES




Describe a TV series or drama you enjoy watching

You should say:

What it is

What it' s about

When did you first watched it

And explain why you like watching it



Describe a big company or organization you know

You should say:

What it is

How you knew about it

What this company does

And explain how you feel about it



Describe a thing that a wise person did/a person who gives a clever solution to a problem

You should say:

Who he/she is

When he did it

Where he did it

And explain why you think he is clever



Describe a time when you moved to a new home or school

You should say:

When did you move

Where did you move

Why did you move

And explain how you felt about the moving



Describe an important invention which has changed our life