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Global citizen is someone who identifies with being part of an emerging world community and whose

actions contribute to building this community's values and practices. Global citizenship believes that

humankind is essentially one and each individual has the power to change things. In our

interdependent world, global citizenship encourages us to recognize our responsibilities toward each

other and learn from each other. Global citizens care about education, disease, poverty, and

environmental issues around the world. Today, the forces of global engagement are helping some

people identify themselves as global citizens who have a sense of belonging to a world community.

This growing global identity in large part is made possible by the forces of modern information,

communications and transportation technologies. Global citizenship aims to empower people to lead

their own action. Along with the knowledge and values that they have gained from learning about

global issues, people need to be equipped with the necessary skills to give themselves the ability

and confidence to be pro-active in making a positive difference in the world.










如今,很多年轻人不再选择" 稳定 " 的工作,他们更愿意自主创业,依靠自己的智慧和奋斗去

实现自我价值。青年创业(young entrepreneurship )是未来国家经济活力的来源,创业者的




Nowadays, many young people no longer choose“ stable ” jobs. Instead, they prefer to start their

own businesses and realize their self-value through their own wisdom and efforts. Young

entrepreneurship is the source of national economic vitality in the future.The success of

entrepreneurs not only creates fortune, increases job opportunities, improves people’ s life also good for the country in the long term. Entrepreneurs are a driving force in upgrading China

economy. Especially for the time being,our country is encouraging people to start their own

businesses and make innovations and giving policy support for medium and small businesses. This

further arouses young people's enthusiasm to start their own businesses.



The American Dream is a national ethos (精神特质 ) of the United States. The term is used in many

ways, but it essentially is an idea that suggests that anyone in the US can succeed through hard

work and has the potential to lead a happy, successful life. Many people have expanded upon or

refined the definition to include things such as freedom, fulfillment and meaningful

relationships. The idea of an American Dream is older than the US, dating back to the 1600s, when people began to have all sorts of hopes and aspirations for what was a new and largely unexplored continent to European immigrants. And the meaning of the Dream has changed over the course of history, including both personal components and a global vision. But not everybody thinks the American Dream is a positive thing. Some people believe that the structure of society in the US prevents such an idealistic goal for everyone. Critics often point to examples of inequality rooted in class, race, religion and ethnicity that suggest that the American Dream is not attainable for everyone.

美国梦是美利坚合众国的民族精神。该词有各种各样的用法,但其根本含义是,在美国任何人都可以通过努力获得成功,都有可能过上幸福而成功的生活。许多人对美国梦的概念加以拓展和提炼,涵盖了像自由、自我实现和深厚的人际关系等方面的内容。美国梦的思想比美国本身更为久远,可以追溯到17 世纪,当时的欧洲移民面对这一新发现的、未经开发的广袤大陆,开始纷纷怀揣希望,追逐梦想。随着历史的发展,美国梦的含义也已改变,既包




实现中华民族伟大复兴(rejuvenation )是近代以来中国人民最伟大的梦想,我们称之为“中国梦”,其基本内涵是实现国家富强、民族振兴、人民幸福。中国梦,是让每一个积极进取的中国人形成世世代代的信念:只要经过不懈的奋斗便能获得更好的生活。人们必须通过自己的勤奋、勇气、创意和决心迈向繁荣,而不是依赖于社会和他人的援助。每个中国人都


Realizing the great national rejuvenation, which we define as the Chinese Dream, has been the greatest Chinese expectation since modern times. It basically means achieving prosperity for the country, renewal of the nation and happiness for the people, thus ensuring that every enterprising Chinese carries, generation after generation, the firm conviction that a better life is accomplished through persistent effort. People should achieve their prosperity through diligence, courage, creativity and determination instead of aid from society or other people. Each individual is a participant and a designer in the cause of realizing the Chinese Dream, for it is a dream not only

for the entire nation but also for every Chinese.



Leonardo da Vinci, one of the greatest minds of the Italian Renaissance, is perhaps the most diversely talented person ever to have lived. A painter, sculptor, architect, mathematician, engineer, and inventor, he is famous for a wide range of accomplishments. His natural genius, which crossed multiple disciplines, won him the title of "Renaissance Master". Leonardo is renowned primarily as a painter. Among his works, the Mona Lisa is the best known and The Last Supper the most reproduced religious painting of all time. What make Leonardo's drawings unique are mainly his innovative techniques and acute scientific mind. Perhaps only 15 of his paintings have survived, partly because his constant experimentation with new techniques made his total output quite small. Although not a prolific ( 多产的 ) painter, Leonardo was a most productive draftsman, keeping journals full of sketches, drawings, and diagrams. These notebooks, often referred to as da

Vinci's manuscripts, recorded his inventions, observations, and theories about everything that captured his attention. Leonard's genius made him a pioneer in almost every field of study he undertook. His paintings, together with his notebooks, have contributed significantly to the history of art.

莱奥纳多 ?达 ?芬奇是意大利文艺复兴时期最伟大的思想家之一,也许也是迄今最多才多艺的人。他是画家、雕刻家、建筑家、数学家、工程师和发明家,因成就广泛而闻名。他的天



15 幅流传了下来,其部分原因是他不断试验新的技巧,所以作品总量很小。莱奥纳多虽然




水墨画( ink and wash painting )是中国独具特色的传统艺术形式之一,是中国国画的代表。




Ink and wash painting, one of the unique traditional art forms of China, is representative of Chinese painting. It began around the time of the Tang Dynasty, and then prospered in the Song and Yuan dynasties. With a history of over one thousand years, it has experienced constant development, improvement and perfection. The tools and materials used to create ink and wash painting, i.e. brushes, rice paper, and ink, are characteristic of Chinese culture and closely related to the features of the paintings. For example, the mixing of water and ink creates different shades of dryness, wetness, thickness and thinness. The integration and infiltration of water, ink, and rice paper enables such paintings to convey rich images, and hence to achieve unique aesthetic effects. Ink and wash painting holds a high status in the history of Chinese painting, and it is even regarded as the criterion to evaluate the artistic level of Oriental paintings.



Venice is the world's famous island city in northern Italy. Founded in the 5th century, Venice became a major maritime power in the 10th century. In the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, Venice was a major center for commerce and trade, and became an extremely wealthy European city, a leader in political and economic affairs. After several hundred years in power, Venice began to decline in the 15th century. Nowadays, it is regarded as one of the world's most beautiful cities and one of the most important tourist destinations in the world. Venice has a rich and diverse architectural style, the most famous of which is the Gothic style. Venice is also known for several important artistic movements in history, especially the Renaissance period. The influence of Venice on the development of architecture and arts has been considerable. Today, it is still playing

an important role in contemporary arts and popular cultures. In 1987, Venice was listed as a

World Heritage Site. In March 1980, Venice became a sister city of China's Suzhou City.

威尼斯是意大利北部一座世界闻名的岛城。威尼斯建立于公元 5 世纪,在公元 10 世纪时成为一支重要的海上力量。在中世纪和文艺复兴时期,威尼斯曾是重要的商贸中心,是当时欧洲极为富裕的城市,在政治和经济事务中居领导地位。几百年的兴盛之后,威尼斯在15世纪开始衰落。如今,威尼斯被公认为是全世界最美的城市之一,也是全世界最重要的旅


大。至今,威尼斯仍对现代艺术和流行文化的发展起着重要作用。1987年,威尼斯被列入《世界遗产名录》。 1980 年 3 月,威尼斯与中国苏州结为“友好城市”。


丽江地处云南省西北部,境内多山。丽江古城坐落在玉龙雪山脚下,是一座风景秀丽的历史文化名城,也是我国保存完好的少数民族古城之一。丽江古城始建于南宋,距今约有800年的历史。丽江不仅历史悠久,而且民族众多,少数民族人口占全区人口的半数以上。随着丽江旅游业的发展,到丽江古城观光游览的中外游客日益增多。1997 年 12 月,丽江古城申报世界文化遗产获得成功,填补了中国在世界文化遗产中无历史文化名城的空白。

Lijiang is a mountainous city in northwest Yunnan Province. The old town of Lijiang, located at the

foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, is a town of scenic beauty and known for its history and culture.

It is also a well-preserved old town with features of ethnic minorities. The construction work of the old town was started from the Southern Song Dynasty about 800 years from now. Not only does Lijiang boast a long history, but also it boasts many ethnic minorities who make up over a half of the total population in the region. With the booming of Lijiang tourism, the old town of Lijiang is receiving a growing number of tourists from home and abroad. In December 1997, the

old town succeeded in applying to be named a World Cultural Heritage Site, filling the gap of lacking a noted historical and cultural city in China on the World Cultural Heritage List.



The English ceremony of afternoon tea dates back to the 1840s. The tradition evolved out of the rituals and routines that surrounded tea drinking in Britain before that time. Tea was first introduced to England in the late 1650s, but for a long time, it was only consumed by the royal family and the aristocracy due to its high cost. The habit of having afternoon tea did not become established until almost 200 years later. In those days, the British ate only two daily meals: a large breakfast late in the morning and a late dinner around 8 o'clock in the evening. Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford, can be credited for creating the tradition of afternoon tea to soothe hunger pangs before supper. She invited friends to join her for an additional afternoon meal at four to five o'clock. The menu included tea and snacks such as dainty cakes and sandwiches. Fine porcelain

(瓷器 ) was used to serve this minor feast. Afternoon tea soon became popular, and is now a symbol of the elegant British way of life. As novelist Henry James wrote, "There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea."

英式下午茶的仪式可以追溯到 19 世纪 40 年代,该传统是由之前英国的茶饮仪式和习惯发展而来

的。茶最初在 17 世纪 50 年代晚期被引入英国,但由于价格昂贵,所以很长一段时间里,只有皇

家和贵族才能享用。直到将近 200 多年之后,英国人才养成吃下午茶的习惯。在




式的一个象征。正如小说家亨利 ?詹姆斯写道的那样:“人生鲜有比全心全意享用下午茶这






China is the hometown of tea and the birthplace of tea culture. Since ancient times, tea has been known as the "national drink" of China. In both the Chinese scholars' seven daily necessities, namely music, chess, calligraphy, painting, poetry, wine and tea and common people's seven ones, namely firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar and tea, tea is listed as one of the necessities. Meanwhile, China is a country with ancient civilization and a land of courtesy. The practice of making and serving tea is essential whenever there are guests or friends. With the development of cultural exchange, commerce and trade between China and other countries, Chinese tea and tea culture spread to the world. Today, a number of countries across the five continents grow tea plants, and many countries import tea from China. Chinese tea, like Chinese silk and chinaware, has become synonymous with China in the world.



Homer's epics are said to be written by an ancient Greek blind poet Homer, who is revered as the greatest of ancient Greek epic poets. The epics include two great works of Greek history: the Iliad

and the Odyssey. The two epics are the earliest works of Greek literature, and are among the greatest treasures of the ancient world, regarded by Westerners as the greatest epics in history. They have had an enormous influence on the history of literature and are of great value for the

study of history, geography, archeology and folklore. Both the epics are divided into 24 volumes,

the Iliad containing 15,693 lines and the Odyssey 12,110 lines. The Iliad is the oldest surviving

work of Greek literature, which tells the story of the 10-year siege of the city of Troy. The Odyssey mainly centers on the Greek hero Odysseus and his journey home after the fall of Troy. Given the concise language, vivid plots and characters, Homer's epics are great masterpieces of literature and occupy an important position in the world literature history.



影响,并对研究历史、地理、考古以及民俗具有重大的价值。两部史诗都分为 24 卷,《伊利亚特》有 15,693 行,《奥德赛》有 12,110 行。《伊利亚特》是现存希腊文学中最早的著作,讲述的是特





《孙子兵法》( The Art of War)是我国古代著名的军事家(strategist)孙武的著作。它既是一





The Art of War was written by Sun Wu, a famous ancient Chinese strategist. A classic work not

only of military value but also of great philosophical significance,The Art of War is a precious

heritage of brilliant ancient Chinese culture. Sun Wu disclosed in his book a series of military rules

and principles, and put forward a complete system of military theory. His theory has been highly

regarded by strategists since the Warring States Period and exerted strong impacts on their thought

and practice. Moreover, it has yielded a worldwide influence in the field of military thought, enjoying

extremely high prestige.



The WTO, established on January 1, 1995, intends to supervise and liberalize international trade. The organization deals with regulation of trade between participating countries; it provides a framework for negotiating and formalizing trade agreements, and a dispute resolution process aimed at enforcing participants' adherence (遵守 ) to WTO agreements, which are signed by representatives of member governments and ratified ( 批准 ) by their parliaments. The process of becoming a WTO member is unique to each applicant country, and the terms of accession are dependent upon the country's stage of economic development and current trade regime ( 体制 ). China became a member of the WTO on December 11, 2001. The admission of China to the WTO was preceded by a lengthy process of negotiations and required significant changes to the Chinese economy. It also meant a deeper integration of China into the world economy. The admission of China to the WTO was an enormous multilateral ( 多边的 ) achievement which marked a clear commitment toward multilateralism from the Chinese perspective.

世界贸易组织成立于1995 年 1 月 1 日,旨在监督和促进国际贸易自由化。该组织负责对成




和现行贸易体制。中国在 2001 年 12 月 11 日成为世贸组织成员国,是在经历了漫长的谈判,





上海自贸区( Shanghai Free Trade Zone)是中国政府于 2013 年设立在上海的自由贸易区。上

海自贸区总面积为 28.78 平方公里,是中国大陆境内第一个自由贸易区,也是进行一系列经济改

革的“试验田”( testing ground )。设立上海自贸区是顺应全球经贸发展新趋势,实行


累新经验。上海自贸区作为试点( pilot project ),是中国经济的“试金石”( touchstone),将为深化改革、促进经济活力起到积极的推动作用。

Shanghai Free Trade Zone is a free trade zone in Shanghai that was launched in 2013 by the Chinese government. Covering an area of 28.78 square kilometers, Shanghai Free Trade Zone is the first of its kind in China's mainland, and is regarded as a "testing ground" for a number of economic reforms. The establishment of the free trade zone is a significant measure taken to actively promote the opening-up strategy under the new global economic and trade situation. It undertakes a major task to explore new ways and accumulate new experience for the deepening of reform and opening up in an all-round way. As a pilot project, Shanghai Free Trade Zone will become a "touchstone" for Chinese economy. It will play an active role in deepening reforms and boosting economic vigor.



The New Year's Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic (爱乐乐团) is a concert of classical music that takes place each year in the morning of New Year's Day in Vienna, Austria. The music always includes pieces from the Strauss family—with occasional additional music from other main Austrian composers. The demand for tickets is so high that people have to pre-register one year in advance in order to participate in the drawing of tickets for the following year. The popularity of

the concerts can be attributed to the creative energy of the compositions of the Strauss Dynasty, as well as their authoritative interpretations. These concerts not only delight the audiences in t he Musikverein(金色大厅 ) in Vienna, but also enjoy great international popularity through the worldwide television broadcast, which now reaches over 90countries. Originating during the darkest chapter in Austria's history, these concerts convey the desire of the Philharmonic not only

to provide musically definitive interpretations of the masterworks of this genre, but at the same

time, as musical ambassadors of Austria, to send people all over the world a New Year's greeting

in the spirit of hope, friendship and peace.


乐会给维也纳金色大厅中的听众带来了愉悦,在全世界也广受喜爱,现在已经有90 多个国家可以通过电视转播收看。维也纳新年音乐会始于奥地利历史上最黑暗的时期,它表达了




中央电视台春节联欢晚会(简称“春晚”)自 1983 年开办以来,已成为中国人文化生活中不



The CCTV Spring Festival Gala (Spring Festival Gala for short), which was started in 1983, has become an indispensable cultural consumer product and a cultural symbol in the cultural life of

the Chinese people. Though it's hard to satisfy the tastes of all the people, it has to be admitted that

the Spring Festival Gala has become a "new custom" for the public that they can't live without.

The Spring Festival Gala is more than a gala; it is a ritual and a symbol, a culture and a label, and an

emotion and a place where people entrust their hearts to. With the development of the times and the

emerging of new media, the audiences are having more diversified choices and demands.

Corresponding, the Spring Festival Gala is also advancing with the times to satisfy the growing

cultural needs of the people.


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