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Although they may not be the world’s fastest or strongest athletes, the 1830 competitions in the XXXX Special Olympics World Winter Games held in Nagano, Japan competed with all their hearts. At the closing ceremony Princess Takamado of Japan m ade a speech .She said, ’The past week was all about smiles, gentleness and peace. I truly hope within my heart that the entire world can learn something here. We can all learn from the examples these special athletes have shown us.’

The aim of the Special Olympics is clear. It is to encourage individuals with intellectual disabilities to become physically fit. They are also encouraged to be productive and respected members of society through sports training and competition. If an athlete wins in competition, it is a bonus. However , in a way everyone wins. Lily Kuhn ,12, a skier with Team USA , could hardly restrain her enthusiasm as the wrote home. She told her parents: I was proud of myself. I am happy not simply for winning, but for winning honestly, loving to compete and working the hardest for the longest time.

The festival ending the games is something to remember. It isn’t complete without the hugs. One event volunteer,while hugging and handing out sweatshirts to some of the athletes held up his thumbs and said, ”All of these athletes are super! I can’t go anywhere around here without getting a hug. I pray for more of this sort of thing. I hope that the spirit with which they have competed might touch the whole world. Watching these young peo ple blossom over the past week has truly touched my life. ”

At the end of the festival, the vice mayor for the city of Shanghai, which will host the XXXX summer games, accepted the flag for the Special Olympics pledging that “the city of Shanghai woul d open its arms to the world and to the Special Olympics”.





Jim Fixx had been a heavy smoker and weighed 214 pounds when he took up running in the 1960s. He soon reaped the benefits from running. His weight decreased by 60 pounds by the time his book, The Complete Book Of Running, was published. His book inspired millions of people. In his book and on television talk shows, he extolled the benefits of physical exercise and how it considerably inc reased the average people’s life expectancy. His readers and audience became more health-conscious. However , to their shock, Fixx died at the age of 52 after his daily run. Many who opposed his beliefs said this was evidence that running was harmful. However, his supporters revealed that the real cause of Fixx’s death was a heart attack. He came from a family where men had poor health stories. His father suffered a heart attack at the age of 35 and died of one at 42. Given Fixx’s unhealthy lifestyle until he took up running, many argued that running added many years to his life.

“Running does have its shortcomings,”Acknowledges heart specialist Paul Thomas, in a recent medical journal. “The impact can be hard on your knees. Runners are more at risk during their training, particularly if they run marathons.However, the news for runners isn’t all bad. Evidence suggests in spite of its shortcomings, moderate amount of running exercise can actually result in a longer, improved life.”

Dr.Dale Macdonald, a certified Strength and Conditioning specialist once summed up a discussion by saying, “As with all athletic endeavors, running comes with both great reward and inherent risk. More than 60% of runners will suffer an injury that causes them to take time off running—each year!” He also said that improving one’s balance can reduce the likelihood of injury.




Hyde was founded in 1966 to provide education based on character development rather than academic achievement. It is a place where well-to-do families can send their children who have difficulty in other educational environments. Many students are there because their parents believe in the educational theory of character before performance.

Although Hyde is typically categorized as a college preparatory school, the school regards its primary purpose as preparation for life. Hyde helps students learn, embrace, and adopt a character compass that will guide them for the rest of their lives.

Emphasis is placed on performing arts and sports. Hyde believes that one needs to expose themselves to group and community interactions as part of the growth process. Competitive sports are played year round and have led to many championships. There are typical high school classes and academics. Many Advanced Placement courses are available and encouraged. Most students are accepted to four-year colleges and universities.

There are “Group Discovery” sessions several times per week. Students are encouraged to counsel each other when they think another student’s actions or thoughts do not correspond to the school’s philosophy. These sessions focus on the individual students and their current issues and problems faced at the school. Students are encouraged to share intimate secrets, doubts and regrets about themselves and their families. These sessions are extended to parents. The purpose of these sessions is to involve the whole family into the Hyde community social structure.

Truth is emphasized over harmony. Students who have difficulty with following the school rules are assigned to perform maintenance jobs and lawn care for the school. The practice is not solely punitive but also serves to illustrate that the transgressor has separated him/herself from the community by their actions. The idea behind it is to earn acceptance by the group, and work back into the trust of the community.






When Henry Ford announced he was going to produce an automobile that would be affordable to the general population, he probably did not realize what a great impact his achievement would have on life in the United States and, eventually,the world. Ford’s use of mass production strategies to manufacture the Model T started a new era in personal transportation. As a result, roads were built for the sake of cars and the greater mobility of people. With cars and the roads, having a business of one’s own became a lot more feasible. Every type of business sprung up. Customers could easily get to the stores no matter where they were in town, provided there was a road, so businesses no longer had to be located at a town’s center.

And what about the family vacation? Families packed into their cars and drove across the country to explore the new frontier, stopping at every possible roadside attraction on the way. There was no limit to where you could go and what you could see. The car offered a sense of independence and, as Americans particularly hated to be restricted, they fell in love with the automobile instantly. On average, each American household owns two or more cars. As the world gets more complicated, driving cars around helps people cope with the demands of modern life.

If you ask people what qualities define Americans, they will probably say that the two dominating characteristics of an American are inventiveness and independence. America is truly the land of cars and car culture.




Aging is a natural process. Although medical advancements have come up with ways to cover signs of aging, there is no stopping the process. During the closing period in the lifespan of human beings, people tend to “move away” from more desirable previous periods, often known as“usefulness”.

Age sixty is usually considered the dividing line between middle and old age. It is the time where you are considered an “elderly”, meaning somewhat old or advanced beyond middle age. Period of decline comes partly from physical and partly psychological factors. The physical cause of decline is a change in the body cells due to the effects of the aging process. The psychological cause of decline has something to do with unfavorable attitudes toward oneself, other people, work and life in general. Senility, a more or less complete physical breakdown, will take place when there is mental disorganization. The individual becomes careless, absent-minded, socially withdrawn, and promptly adjusted.

Due to the unfavorable social attitudes toward the elderly, treatment toward them in American, unlike other cultures, makes them feel no longer useful and unwanted. People who come from countries where respect for the elderly is customary usually treat elder people with more consideration and respect.

In fact, old people are a treasure of experience to society. It is expected that old people will play an increasingly active role in social and community affairs as well as in the business and professional worlds. Because of the reduction in the number of roles the elderly are able to play , it is very likely that they will develop a feeling of inferiority. It is our duty to make them better realize value and help them lead a life of comfort.





Earthquakes have plagued our lives for as long as people have inhabited the Earth. These dangerous acts of the Earth have result in great damage to human beings.

Earthquakes damage depends on what area is hit. If an unpopulated region is struck, there will be low loss of life or property. If it hit a large city which is densely populated, there may be serious injuries and destruction.

Earthquakes have the power to uproot trees and send them crashing into buildings. They can trigger landslides and cause flooding and tsunamis. Buildings and structures are also at risk. It is interesting to note that tall buildings will suffer the least damage if they are located directly at the epicenter. This is because they can withstand the up-and-down motion of P-waves. S-waves, on the other hand, occur far away from the epicenter, and cause the greatest stress by shaking buildings from side to side. These buildings are often knocked off their foundations.

Buildings with thick, heavy walls do not resist shock waves very well. Violent earthquakes often cause structures to collapse, burying people underneath. Brick buildings are the most vulnerable. The shaking of the earth is sometimes not the greatest disaster. It is in the subsequent fires and folds that often the greatest damage occurs.

Predicting an earthquake until now has almost been technologically impossible. With improvements in technology, lives have been saved and many more will. All that remains is to research to what takes place before ,during,and after earthquake,This has been done for years to the point that a successful earthquake prediction is theoretically possible. However, accurate prediction of earthquake may take more years.





job designing video games for Atari, Inc. But, he really had his eye on the commercia l end of the electronics business and persuaded Wozniak to work with him toward building a personal computer.

Job was an orphan adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs in 1955. While still campus for a year, taking classes in philosophy. Early in 1974 Jobs took a Oregon. After dropping out of Reed after one semester, he hung around the in high school, Jobs attended lectures at the Hewlett-Packard electronics firm. There he was hired as a summer employee and met another employee, Wozniak, who had a passion for inventing electronic devices. In 1972 Jobs graduated from high school and registered at Reed College in Portland, an orchard worker in Oregon.

suppliers, they set up their first production line. Jobs camp up with the name of their new company Apple in memory of a happy summer he had spent as They sold everything they had, raising$1300 to start their new company. With that capital base and credit begged from local electronics 在21岁时,和他的朋友Stephen Wozniak,,创立了个人的电脑叫Apple(苹果)。The Apple 改变了除了大的商业和政府能用小体积的电脑外,普通家庭只能用大面积的电脑的想法。没有公司比Apple 做的更流行,更适合人群。创造了the的两年以后,又介绍出the I. 在接下来的5年,The I 在个人用户和小商业中最畅销了。在被认为是最聪明的年轻人,因为它预示了电脑行业的前途发展。Jobs说:“是由70年代的硬件革命创造的,而且未来巨大的变化将来自软件革命”。在1955年的工作是和工作采取的孤儿而直到初中Jobs 参加在的讲座。在那里他被雇佣成夏季的职工,而在那里遇见了另一个职工Wozniak,他就是发明了的热情。在1972年,Jobs从初中毕业,然后到Atari视频游戏。但是,他始终对电子业务的,并说服Wozniak与他一起工作工作造出一台。他们买了他们的所有,攒到了1300来开始他们新的公司。由该,并从当地的电子产品供应商求信誉,他们成立了第一条生产线。Jobs 提出他们的新公司的名字叫苹果,是一种对一个在作为一个果园工人的幸福的夏天的回忆的名字。

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